[crying continues]

Murata stream update: alright, so I’ve been studying the streams trying to figure out WHAT happened to Genos, and the proof is in the page numbers (and there’s hope)! Major spoilers under the cut:

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The The Adventure Zone Lady Zone, Day Five: Angst! Julia did die, her husband did live.

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The history of the destruction of Steven’s TV and the difference between the designs of each new TV. The designs are beginning to look the same in later episodes. Perhaps the Crystal Gems found their favourite analog TV dealer.

This infographic is a part of the ongoing series of showing the continuity of the lasting damages that have occurred in the show.

Made by request for the Steven Universe subreddit.

what taylor’s voice does in the background vocals on Don’t Blame Me from 3:38-3:45 is what we, as human beings, have ears for. that is literally the only reason we have ears is just to hear her voice do exactly that on that one part of that one song because my goodness i think i just felt this woman’s whole entire heart bleed onto this track through her red stained lips with that exact note. that particular gut-wrenching vocal expression of deep and excruciating pain in a very good way. this is some religious love and this song sanctifies it.

i am so quaked by reputation please send help.

good luck leading your team to victory, captain (and happy birthday)

i think a lot about how kaz brekker, this monster, this bastard of the barrel, this crook with dirtyhands…offered to give himself up to let everyone else go free. the odds would have been stacked against him yet he stubbornly stood by his choice and said, “i’m giving you a way out. take it.” i want to cry, this boy, he was e x p o s e d in crooked kingdom. coldhearted my ass.


You may think what you want of me. I will draw comfort in the knowledge that you’re alive to think it.