[crying continues]

i think a lot about how kaz brekker, this monster, this bastard of the barrel, this crook with dirtyhands…offered to give himself up to let everyone else go free. the odds would have been stacked against him yet he stubbornly stood by his choice and said, “i’m giving you a way out. take it.” i want to cry, this boy, he was e x p o s e d in crooked kingdom. coldhearted my ass.

Aztec burial of a sacrificed child at Tlatelolco. The exact ideologies behind child sacrifice in different pre-Columbian cultures are unknown but it is often thought to have been performed in order to placate certain gods.

The Aztecs believed that, if sacrifices were not given to Tlaloc (a rain god), the rain would not come and their crops would not grow. Archaeologists have found the remains of 42 children sacrificed to Tlaloc. In every case, the 42 children, mostly males aged around six, were suffering from serious cavities, abscesses or bone infections that would have been painful enough to make them cry continually. Tlaloc required the tears of the young so their tears would wet the earth. As a result, if children did not cry, the priests would sometimes tear off the children’s nails before the ritual sacrifice. (Source)

  • Keith: * infiltrates a Galran colony * Okay, Allura.. I'm in.. What now?
  • Allura: You need to get to their headquarters to shut them down!
  • Keith: * hears a cry *
  • Allura: Keith are you there? Keith!
  • Keith: * sees an abandoned Galra child *
  • Keith: * puts away his Bayard * Hey little guy...
  • Galra child: * backs away sniffling *
  • Keith: No.. No.. Its okay... *crouched down* Are you lost? Where are your parents.
  • Galra child: * continues to cry *
  • Keith: * picks up the child * Where are your parents?
  • Galra child: * shakes his head *
  • Keith: You dont have any?
  • Galra child: * nods his head *
  • Keith: You can't be in a place like this... You're coming with me, alright...?
  • Galra child: * nods *
  • Keith: Do you have a name?
  • Galra child: * shakes his head *
  • Keith: Hmm... How about I give you a name?
  • Galra child: * his eyes light up and his ears perk up *
  • Keith: * chuckles * How about Takashi?
  • Galra child: * smiles *
  • Keith: You like it, huh?
  • Galra child: * nods *
  • Keith: Haha... So do I...

iconic f(x) performance: ‘started from the bottom’ - LA chA TA in the rain 


Winner exists because Inner Circle exists  Inner Circle exists because Winner exists


The Wicked + The Divine Aesthetics → 4. Persephone

“The plasma in my head cracks my skull. It flows out of me, and I don’t understand it and I don’t know where it’s from, but it’s there and undeniable and mine and I get to share it. I get to share it with everyone.”

If Ringo’s not going, then neither am I. You can find two replacements.
—  George Harrison, when Ringo was replaced my Jimmy Nicol while he was in the hospital for tonsillitis. It took Brian Epstein a lot of persuasion to convince George to stay.

TDM filming starts this week. THIS WEEK. This week the actors and actresses that we’ve seen come together right before our very eyes are going to become our favorite characters. They’re going to act out the scenes that we’ve read 100 times. They’re going to say the lines that made us laugh and cry and scream.

My best friend and I went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them
  • *Warner Brothers Logo comes on the screen*
  • *Me tears up*
  • Me: Ohhh...I love this movie so much. It's so good.
  • *Best friend turns to look at me and gives me a weird look*
  • Bf: the movie hasn't even started yet
  • Me: please, let me have my moment *Me continues to cry through out the feels of the movie*