[clears throat loudly]

Infatuation (pt6)

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“As shook as I was, being this close with him was oddly calming. I felt my eyes close, and my body relaxed, just in time to hear someone clearing their throat loudly in the doorway. “What do we have here?””

Anon: Random idea for a later Infatuation part - while the rest of the guys are talking at the lunch table, reader finally gets enough guts to start talking and ask what some odd football term means, and Tae goes “You really don’t know what that means?”
“No… I’m more of a basketball person” Then Tae tries to explain everything about football to prove that it’s better than basketball.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3321

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Strokes Like Speech - Jughead x Artist!Reader

This was requested so here you go! Hope you enjoy! :)

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Your eyes flit up to Jughead, who’s seated a few tables away from you at Pop’s. You take in the tousled black hair that escapes his grey beanie, roving your eyes over his face and torso before looking back down at the sketchbook in your hands. You start to map out his features, hoping that you’ll be able to do him justice, humming to yourself quietly. You carry on in this manner for a few minutes, your pencil moving across the page with practiced ease, at least, until you look up and see Jughead looking straight at you. His frown deepens as he narrows his eyes, and you drop your gaze back to your sketchbook on the table.

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So does anyone else make it a habit of annoying shoplifters when you're out and about shopping? Like if I'm shopping and I see someone trying to open a product or just being shady. After working retail for 10 yrs you get a spider sense about these things. I'll like clear my throat loudly and make it obvious that I'm watching what they're doing. For shits and giggles I'll follow them around sometimes.

I haven’t til now, but this sounds like my new favorite hobby. -Abby

a day in december: carolers

on ao3

wow that yoi episode left me feeling super great and happy!!!

i was really busy yesterday and today so i just needed something quick to write. and that turned into my personal miraculous team’s (fox!alya, turtle!nino, bee!chloe) dynamic. ah well i like it


Marinette looks up from her homework and glares daggers at Adrien. He’s sitting on the floor against her chaise and being more irritating than she actually thought possible. And she’s heard him try to outpun himself.

Adrien might not be four and a half years behind in physics and struggling, but Marinette is and she needs him to be quiet for two minutes.

She stares him down for a few more seconds before she clears her throat loudly.

Nino looks up from his phone. “Yeah?”

“It’s Adrien,” she says. “I need him to stop singing under his breath for like…ten minutes max. That’s all.”

“Yo, bro.”

Adrien’s gaze doesn’t move from the papers he’s looking at.

“Adrien,” Marinette says. “Adrien.”

“He’s in the zone.” Alya reaches over from where she’s sprawled across Nino’s legs with her laptop to pat Marinette’s knee. “You might need to be louder.”

Marinette rolls her eyes. “Adrien!”

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Play Date | Enoch O’Connor X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

A/N: I’m kind of busy with school these days, so I decided to post something short that I wrote during my classes.

Characters: Movie!Enoch/fem!reader, Millard, Hugh.

Warnings: has a very subtle mention of sexual stuff

Word Count: 1039 words.

(Y/N) snuggled her head against the pillow when she felt herself start to Wake up, slowly opening her eyes, seeing herself in bed. The girl frowned before finally yawning, finally sitting down. She managed to get a better view of the room, seeing Enoch sitting at his desk while doing something on his dolls, without looking up at the girl. (Y/N) cleared her throat loudly to try to catch his attention, which didn’t seem to have worked, since he didn’t react at all.

“Good Morning.” she said, trying to get his attention once more.

“Morning” he murmured, still looking closely at what he was doing.

(Y/N) watched him for another few seconds, waiting for him to stop to talk to her, which didn’t happen, making her feel frustrated. She glanced quickly across the floor of the room.

“Where are they?” she asked, searching the covers.

“They what?”

“My clothes.”

“I don’t know.” he shrugged. “They’re yours, aren’t they?”

(Y/N) grimaced, but she didn’t have much time to feel affected by the boy’s words since she was already looking for her clothes again, which she found under the bed. The girl dressed them quickly, returning to sit on the bed and looking at Enoch, hoping he would show a little interest in her. Nothing.

(Y/N) stood up, walking slowly around the room. “I think I’ll be going.” Enoch had responded with a murmur of agreement, making her growl low, feeling her heart ache lightly and walking toward the door, stopping when she reached it and turning to the boy when he spoke again.

“The others are going to go out for that walk in the afternoon, wouldn’t you like to pay me a visit during this?” he hadn’t even looked up at her.

“Are you kidding me?” her voice rose, and (Y/N) was almost sure it was the loudly she had ever spoken in Enoch’s presence ever since they met. That finally seemed to have caught his attention. “I really tried, Enoch. I like you and you know it.” she moved closer to his desk, leaning toward him. "And it’s not cool the way you’ve been playing with me. Sweet at night and an asshole in the morning. Either you start to treat me the right way or I’m going to get out of that door and never come back!”

The boy stared at her for a few more seconds, opening his mouth slightly, seeming to decide carefully what his next words would be. “Close the door when you leave.” he said, looking back at his doll.

(Y/N) stared at him for a few seconds, not sure how to react. He had just rejected her in her face. She had thought that if she called his attention to this issue, he would make an effort to fix things up. It seemed she was wrong.

The words continued to haunt her for the rest of the morning while she was outside, leaning against a tree, watching the other children have fun together. What the hell was that boy’s problem? Images from the night before began to go through her head.

How much Enoch had made sure to be kind to her. How his hands alternated between holding firmly around her hips and stroking them when he knew he was being too rough. His lips kissing her all over lovingly, making her feel beautiful, loved. How Enoch seemed to care as much about her pleasure as his. Or his husky voice moaning her name as he neared his climax. How he had held her close to him after they had finished, a rare little smile on his lips.

So why couldn’t he continue the same way the next morning? Why did he seem to care about her in one moment and not anymore right after?

(Y/N) frowned, her eyes unconsciously searching for the boy’s window. Enoch stood there, looking directly at her. His expression showed discomfort and indecision. His eyes lowered before he looked at her one last time and close the curtain.

The girl sighed, leaning more against the tree, watching Hugh and Millard as they played ball, complaining to each other that they were cheating. Suddenly, a movement near the door of the house caught her attention. Enoch was going outside, which wasn’t exactly usual for him. (Y/N) looked away, watching the other two boys playing, pretending not to notice the O'Connor boy heading toward her. But that made it difficult when he sat next to her.

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes, the two sitting side by side in a silence that was, in a way, comforting. (Y/N) felt Enoch’s finger brushing against hers, sending chills all over her body. He slowly and gently took her hand in his, awkwardly entwining their fingers.

"I didn’t mean-” he started, making her turn her head to him. “I’m not good at it-“ the boy seemed to be struggling with his words. "I’m sorry, I-” Enoch took a deep breath, looking directly at her. “I like you, (Y/N). I really do.” an involuntary smile appeared on her face. "I’m just not used to it yet.”

(Y/N) nodded slightly at him, squeezing his hand. "You’ll try to be nicer, won’t you?”

Enoch gave her a little smile, nodding. “If you allow me.”

Her smile widened, giving the answer the boy needed. He moved his hand away from hers, hesitantly wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. (Y/N) leaned her head on Enoch’s shoulder.

“Oh, would you look at that.” Hugh’s voice was heard, making the couple notice that they were being watched by him and Millard.

“Get out of here, will you?” Enoch murmured against her hair.

“Just don’t snog in public, please.” Millard warned before he and Hugh left to continue playing, and though he couldn’t be seen, it was clear that he had a smirk on his face.

As if only for the boy to have said it and for Enoch’s need to not to follow what the invisible boy said, Enoch lifted (Y/N)’s chin gently, pressing his lips against hers several times, in passionate kisses, he pressing his forehead against hers. “So you’re going to stay here while the others are on the walk?”

  • Aoba: *clears throat loudly* EGGS, BACON, GRITS-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Aoba: I got a nice ass and I get that-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Clear: I’m a robot but I still get the-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Koujaku: All my fan girls wanna get my-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Noiz: I don't give a fuck so you can bite my-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Ren: I may be a dog but I still want that-
  • Everyone: SAUSAGE!
  • Mink: you better fuck off before i cut your-

“Hey Buck…” I look over to Bucky with a smile, and he looks up from the book he’s reading.
“Yes?” He asks with a curious look, while I try to hold in laughter.
“Do you why Dr. Pepper comes in a bottle?” I ask, my smile growing.
“Um… I can’t say that I do.” He quirks an eyebrow at the question, looking around aimlessly.
“Because his wife died.” I try to keep my tone serious, but burst into laughter!
“(Y/N)!” He exclaims loudly, covering his mouth in pure shock. “That was awful!”
We both start laughing, but someone clearing their throat overly loudly from across the room interrupts us.
I look over and see Steve standing there, Bucky and I forcing ourselves to stop laughing quickly.
“(Y/N)…” He sighs, shaking his head. “Why can’t you tell nicer jokes?”
“Because that’s boring.” I jokingly whine at him, rolling my eyes.
“You two are strange.” He scoffs at Bucky and I, then turns around to walk out. “I’m leaving now.”

Breathing the Same Air

Request:  Bucky and the Reader are on an undercover mission with a few other members and have to share a bed in the crappy motel, but they end up cuddling during the night.

Word Count: 1,361

Warnings: None.

Bucky and you stare at the bed you will be sharing almost miserably, simultaneously screaming inside your minds and trying to figure out how this will work considering that it’s a small bed and Bucky is as big as he is.

And suddenly you’re imagining yourself ensconced by his arms, breathing the same air he is and hearing him sleep peacefully next to you. Because there is no other way you’re going to sleep comfortably together unless you actually cuddle because the bed is that small and you’re clearing your throat and loudly cursing at the others for leaving you both in this predicament.

Bucky agrees.

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Love Me Always | Chapter 1

Reader(You) x G-Dragon 

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Violence

Rated: Somewhere between PG13 & R 

A/N: Bold italics are your thought & Regular italics are Jiyong’s thoughts.

You leaned against the door frame holding a pair of panties that didn’t belong to you. You watched silently from the door frame as he thrust into her over and over. The last pieces of your heart broke and spiraled into your stomach. Clearing your throat loudly all movement stopped. He slowly eased out of her whispering something to her before turning to face you. He openly stared at you then at the panties you held on your finger then back at you. Was he waiting for me to lash out at him and her. To cry and ask him why over and over like I’ve done so many times before. Not this time. I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of know exactly how he’d destroyed me. Sighing loudly, I turned my back on him and walked out the door.

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MM Characters As Your Pet Peeves
  • Jumin: he scratches his stuff in public settings like some preteen boy
  • Jaehee: she clears her throat <em>really</em> loudly everyone, making her sound like she's got a dying lung
  • Zen: smokes cigarettes at any time, often chain smoking
  • Yoosung: always complaining and whining, mainly about the weather or himself
  • 707: cracks his knuckles really loudly and begins to slam down harshly on his keyboard like he's some '80's movie hacker

“You’ve aged gracefully so far, Y/N.”  Klaus complimented, engulfing you in a hug as he opened the door to you.  Laughing lightly you hugged him back, taking note of the man standing just behind Klaus’ left shoulder.

“Not all of us can age as beautifully as you seem to do, Klaus.”  You teased, pulling away enough to study the vampires face.  “Why it doesn’t even look like you’ve aged a day since I saw you last.”  Klaus chuckled, finally remembering Elijah when the other man cleared his throat loudly.

“Y/N, this is my brother, Elijah.  Elijah, this is Y/N.”

“The only human that seems to be able to keep up with him.”  You interjected with a teasing smile.  Elijah stuck his hand out to shake yours, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips at the spark of fire he saw in your eyes.  Having you around would certainly prove to be interesting.

yoongio & holiet
  • jimin: can you wake up ur crush
  • yoongi: ok
  • yoongi: *clears throat loudly*
  • yoongi: but soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
  • jimin: what
  • yoongi: it is the east, and hoseok is the sun—
  • jimin:
  • yoongi: arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, *dramatically clutches chest* who is already sick and pale with grief—
  • hoseok: *yawns*
  • jimin: the fuck
  • kled: (reading from a sheet of paper) An'I admit that I've been referrin' to Heimerdinger as a "Stupid bloody hippy", on occasion. An' I've also made fun an'compared his hair to a wasps nest before. As well as pokin' fun at his grossly oversized neck.
  • Heimerdinger: (nodding his head sagely)
  • kled: (resumes reading letter) Now I publicly retract them statements; sayin' that there's nothin' at all untoward Heimerdinger's ... voluminous... hairstyle. An'the width of his neck is perfectly proportionate to the rest of his body (under his breath) if he was a hippo...
  • Heimerdinger: (LOUDLY CLEARS THROAT)
  • Heimerdinger: You will read the apology or you will get the hose again
Aquarius & Cancer
  • Cancer, blushing:
  • Aries, smirking: So is it true? THAT YOU LIKE SOMEONE IN THIS CLASS?
  • Cancer, hitting Aries: Shut up!!
  • Aquarius, turns around: What if Cancer does? Does it matter to you? Don't you know it's rude to do things like blasting people's privacy out like that?
  • Cancer, avoiding eye contact w/ Aquarius: T-thanks
  • Aquarius: And you, crab legs, stick up for yourself. Aries is the one who has a crush on Pi-
  • Aries, laughs loudly & clears throat:
To Athena: Did you accept Percy when he said he wanted to go to college for Annabeth?
  • Athena: As long as he doesn’t hurt her, he’s safe. I still don’t approve of him, he’s sea spawn -
  • Poseidon: *clears throat loudly*
  • Athena: Something you want to say, fish-face?
  • Poseidon: Just because you don’t like me, doesn’t mean you can hate on my son
  • Athena: The apple never fails far from the tree. It is wise to keep an eye on someone sired by you. If he hurts her, I destroy him
  • Poseidon: Try it, lady, and it won’t just be spiders coming after your kids
  • Percy: Woah woah woah. Chill. No one’s gonna hurt anyone
  • Athena: Wanna bet?
  • Annabeth: Mom, chill. If he were gonna hurt me then why would he have gone to Tartarus with me?
  • Poseidon: *raises eyebrows* Yeah, Athena, why?
  • Sally: He did WHAT?!?!
  • Percy: Nothing
  • Sally: Why didn’t you tell me?!
  • Poseidon: Yeah, P-
  • Sally: Shut it, Poseidon! You didn’t tell me either
  • Poseidon: Yes ma'am *retreats into shadows*
  • Zeus: How come you’re scared of a mortal?
  • Sally: *gives Zeus a death glare*
  • Zeus: *stumbles* Never mind. I get it *retreats into shadows with Poseidon*
  • Athena: It’d be wise for me to um…. go over there. Yeah, over there to that Sally-free corner
  • Sally: *looks at Percy* I’m waiting
  • Percy: ……………… Tyson didn’t tell you either
  • Tyson: *cowers in corner*
  • Sally: He doesn’t understand what’s going on
  • Percy: *runs*
  • The rest of Olympus: You know, that’s not a bad idea *runs

weirdly-wise  asked:

In response to your adorable stafou headcanon I have a lumiere/cogsworth one in return: Lumiere loving all that disgusting romantic shit but cogsworth being kinda iffy about it at first cuz hes dignified and has a rep. Lumiere pretty much just goes all out with the schmoopy stuff until he's not embarrassed by it anymore. However at that point they might not be embarrassed but everyone else sure is

I love that you keep sending me Lumiere/Cogsworth stuff because you know I like that ship and that being said everything you’ve sent me for them is so super A+.

AS FOR THIS, OH MY GOD. I can see it so perfectly. Lumiere made his boyfriend all in love with the PDA stuff so now he’s all for it and they’ll forget where they are like one time they went out to get more supplies for the castle and started shamelessly flirting right in front of the baker who had to clear his throat loudly several times before they snapped back into reality and Cogsworth was so red because it was the first time he really lost track of place and time in public and Lumiere is so pleased

Preview of a transmale!Seamus fic I’m working on in my spare time

“You don’t have to be shy, you know,” Parvati said, smiling gently at Siobhan Finnigan as she slipped her robes on. “We all have the same parts.”

Siobhan paused on her way to the bathroom, where she’d been changing for the past two months.  Her grip tightened on the robes in her hands, and her heart beat a little quicker.

“That’s the problem,” she mumbled.

“What’d you say?” Lavender asked.

Siobhan’s heart was beating in her throat now.  She cleared her throat and answered loudly, “I said, that’s the problem.”

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