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Infatuated (M)

Warning; Explicit language & Smut & contains descriptive sexual references e.g fingering 

Pairing: University!au Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst, smut, romance & fluff

Word count: 18.7k


Inspired by a fic by: @exobtsmut link to her story: here

please check her story out!! it is amazing!! <3

I give full credits to her for the content & ideas used in this one-shot! 

A/N: *proceeds to dunk myself in holy water* I hope y’all are ready for some fuck boy Jungkook. 


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Your eyes were wide open watching them frantically rush to their classes. Them, as in students. You held your breath as your eyes danced from person to person. Students hurriedly walk past you in all sort of directions, cascading around you. 

You sighed quietly to yourself as you checked your timetable for the tenth time that morning. “Criminology building 17.1.45… building 17.” You whisper to yourself as you try to mentally burn your timetable into your head. Your eyes squint as you read your schedule repeatedly.  "Period 1. Crime & Criminal Justice unit: Criminology; Lecture room 17.1.45 at 9.00am.“ You sigh with one last reluctant look of the small paper. Your eyes shift towards your wrist and you almost let out a gasp at reading the time display on your analog watch.


"Fuck." You groaned folding the paper and hastily shoved it back into the front pocket of your denim jacket. You clear you throat and then proceeded on making your way around the University. Your anxious eyes scanning the spacious area for building 17. You stop dead in your tracks, pausing your search for a few seconds to reach back into your front pocket for your schedule once again.

“It would say 17 on the building wouldn’t it? it would right?” You say more to yourself than anyone else. You pull the sheet of paper back up to your face falling deep in thought.


"You better not be late again today, Jeon.”

“Of course not Ms. Park! What do you take me for?” He scoffs, face displaying some emotion. He’s acting like anything the professor said actually hurts him. When it couldn’t be further from the truth. He didn’t give a shit. He never did and never will.  

“I am being serious here, Jeon.”  She empahsises his name in distate, her eyes glaring into his own. His face displaying disinterest as he scans each girl walking past him. Girls either giggle, wink or blush as they meet his lewd eyes. The professor clears her throat obnoxiously loudly, trying to get his attention back on her. Jungkook almost rolls his eyes but holds himself back as he sluggishly places his hands into the pockets of his black, ripped skinny jeans. 

“And so am i.” Jungkook replies casually, finally meeting her gaze. Ms. Park scrunches her face in anger and ignores his snarky comment. She sighs, before strutting off. Her black red bottom stilletos clacking against the corridors of the University. Jungkook chuckles to himself as he watches her hips sway down the corridor. He rolls his eyes in annoyance. He yawms and stars turning to make his way to his morning lecture. “So, fucking annoying-"  

His eyes land on your figure. He pauses and watches you look down at something in your hands, before lifting your head to scan the area. He chuckles to himself in amusement. His eyes cannot help but shamlessly check you out. "Damn.” He whispers, a smirk plastered on his face, before he makes the decision to slyly stride over to you. 

You were so focused on your timetable that you do not notice a boy halting to stand directly behind. His tall frame creating a shadow of you with his body towering over yours. He bends down slightly to read the sheet of paper in your hands. He cannot help but breath in your sweet scent. 

“Oh, a Policing student.”

He says casually. You almost drop your schedule in shock his voice coming from proximity behind you. The particularly attractive smooth voice echoed in your ears. The boy flinches when you turn around swiftly to face the stranger. You felt heat rush to your face as you stare in awe at the seriously handsome boy in standing in front of you. He stares back at you. Admiring your features, lips tugging into a small smirk.


The boy chuckles as he peers down at you in amusement. His perfectly shaped lips pulling into a beautiful grin before looking back up at you with a soft gaze. You shyly bite your bottom lip and you shuffle on the spot in nervousness.

You curse yourself in your head as you try to gather your emotions and calm yourself. The expression on his face is one of amusement and your face flushes in embarrassment. Watching anxiously as the attractive stranger step a little closer towards you. 

The boy covers his mouth with his hand, his perfectly shaped almond eyes crinkle up on the sides oh, so, adorably as he bites back a laugh. “Sorry did I scare you?” Your heart sways at the sound of his smooth voice. The boy creeping all sorts of scenarios in your head that you almost forget to reply. “uhh No! Um actually I am kind of um lost.” You clusmily reply, forcing yourself to hold your uncertain gaze with his. 

His grin quickly falls into a smirk and you almost felt yourself fall into dismay, as he reaches his hand out towards you. You stare at the outstreched palm of his hand in front of you completely puzzled. You hear him chuckle which makes you even more confused and embarrassed. “Wha-” He smirks once again and reaches forward grasping onto your timetable. He gently takes it out of your hands to read it himself. “Sorry, please let me take a quick good look at this.”

Your face flushes in embarrassment and you nod in haste, before motioning him to read it. He smiles as his dark eyes leave yours temporarily to scan over your schedule.

You take this opportunity to admire his features. He was tall, you were guessing about 178cm tall. He was fit and built to perfection. His hair swept to side and was exposing his beautiful forehead. He wore street casual style and you didn’t miss the earrings on his ears or the beauty spot under his lip or the slight scar across one of his cheeks. “He is so out of my league.” Your eyes glaze over in admiration, as you felt your heart race as he finally meets your eyes again with an amused expression painted on his face. 

“I know where this building is. I’ll take you there ____. Since were going the same way anyways.” His velvety smooth voice rings deliciously in your ears as you nod eager for help, especially from this attractive stranger. You try to relax your already pounding heart as the sound of him saying your name sounds better than it should, you stop mid nod as you want nothing more than to take him up on his offer.

“If it’s okay with you. Thanks." He watches you closely and you do not miss the way his eyes scan down your body from your hair to your toes. He smiles genuinely at you as he steps forward swiftly and ruffles your hair affectionately. You look up at his gorgeous face in front of you and felt adrenaline shoot through your veins. 

“Of course, ____. I have class now too so just follow me. We are actually in the same lecture this morning”. You wanted to hold your breath the entire walk to the lecture but the need of oxygen, the necessity of air, ruined that thought. You wanted to die of embarrassment at the loudness of your breathing. What’s wrong with you?  You could practically feel the smugness in his voice as he spoke to you and you never once took your gaze off his broad back. He seemed popular, as you observed him on your way to the lecture in dead silence, not trusting your voice. 

He knew a lot of people or did they know him? You had no idea but the one thing you did know was that you felt uncomfortable at the envious stares being pointed your way, as thristy women glare on the side lines. It is almost like people make a path for him. Women squeal when being in his presence and boys are glaring in jealousy. You only hum or nod when answering his questions and almost faint at how beautiful he looks as he turns back at you every now and then to smile at you or wait for your response to his questions. He seems to notice your nervousness so he starts to make jokes to ease your tension. You do not miss the cocky aura that followed him though. 

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Kissing, Interrupted.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the reader are getting pretty steamy and someone decides it’s the perfect time to interrupt. Talk about cockblock, amiright?

Warnings: language, kissing, fluff, Star Wars, makeout sesh (holla). (Let me know if I missed any).

Word Count: 1,479

A/N: For the amazing @literallyrozie812, thanks for the request! I hope this fic gives you guys all the Peter feels. Also, I apologize if it sucks ass lol. I’m not experienced in this part of writing, so bear with me as I slowly dig my way into it! Let’s hope I did at least a 4/10. Thanks for all the never ending support, guys! As always, feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Being raised as a Stark definitely has its perks, but let’s not forget about the downsides.

For instance, not being able to try out the Iron Man suit because of one accidental mistake of you blowing one up. 

Hey, it happens… right?

Or not being able to join the team on missions because it’s “too intense” or “not safe.”

Like, hello? I’m an Avenger? I deserve to participate, Dad.

And don’t even get started on boys.

Oh, lord. If he knew about Peter and you, well, let’s just say Tony’s suit isn’t the only thing that would be blown up.

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In [Harry Potter’s] Heartbeat

“Hi, Harry!” Hermione said brightly as she slid into the seat across from Harry at his table in the library.

“Hey, ‘Mione,” Harry responded absently, not breaking his gaze away from where Draco Malfoy sat, a few tables over. His Transfiguration essay lay forgotten on the table in front of him. Hermione rolled her eyes when she noticed that Harry had only written down two sentences.

“Listen, Harry, I was wondering if you could help me with some of my homework,” Hermione put forth.

Harry didn’t bother to reply this time. He probably wasn’t even listening, as he was far too distracted watching Draco saunter out of the library.


Harry abruptly turned his head to face Hermione.

“Oh, did you say something? Sorry, I was…” Harry paused and blushed an intense shade of puce. “Daydreaming,” he finished quickly and coughed. “What were you saying?”

Hermione shook her head in amusement at Harry’s obvious crush on Draco.

“I asked if you’d like to help me with an assignment for my Ancient Studies class,” Hermione said and Harry gasped.

“Hermione Granger is asking Harry Potter for help with an assignment? I never thought this day would come. Well, go on. What is it you need my brilliant mind for?”

Hermione chuckled and answered, “Lately we’ve been studying ways to invent new spells with theories and techniques from Ancient Magic. This assignment was to create a spell that would make an emotion sentient. For example, you could cast a spell to make someone’s anger  sentient and a fireball or something would show up and lead the person to things that made them angry. Anyways, I need you to be a test subject for my spell.”

Harry frowned. “So you don’t need my brilliant mind after all.” Then he asked, “Why isn’t Ron your test subject?”

“Oh, Ron’s too busy.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Doing what? Last I saw him, he was playing Wizard’s Poker with Dean and Seamus.”

“He’s busy now. Helping Ginny with Quidditch strategies for the match next week.”

“Funny. I wouldn’t think Ginny would need any help-”

Hermione cut him off by clearing her throat loudly. “The point is, I’m in need of a test subject and you’re available. Are you willing to help me?”

“Sure, I guess. Which emotion did you decide to do?” Harry said.


Harry suddenly looked very nervous. “What kind of love?”

Hermione shrugged. “I was aiming for romantic love, but the spell’s a work in progress. Could turn out to be any kind of love.”

“So the spell will lead me to who I love.”

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okay i know Hardeen was a Terrible arc for everyone involved, but what if Obi Wan had told Anakin about faking his death? Anakin’s like no worries dude I Got This, except he really. does not,,

the only reason his “acting” is remotely believable is because almost no one has seen him like this before, so it must be due to all the grief and loss and heartbreak and anger and whatnot

he starts by sobbing over Obi Wan’s supposedly dead body for a solid two hours when Obi gets shot down. “LOOK at him, so cold and Lifeless. D: HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM AND FULL OF LIFE, SNIPS. I know last week I checked his pulse because he was meditating so calmly I thought he passed away in his sleep, BUT HE’S USUALLY SO WARM AND FULL OF LIFE.”

It goes on until Anakin has finished everything on his painstakingly written Outline from last night. At least half of Coruscant hears part of this speech. Mace sends Obi the security footage later, at a time he knows Anakin will be there to sit through it with Obi, because if we had to suffer then you do too, Obi Wan. 

then at the funeral, Anakin pulls out a twenty foot scroll of real actual paper, because he would appreciate this, I think, and clears his throat loudly and messily before telling the council that he has prepared a few words for the greatest jedi this order, nay, this GALAXY has ever seen, and will ever see, no matter how long any of us live—

five hours later,, he’s still going strong. half the eulogy is Terrible and V Cringeworthy, but the other half is actually v heartfelt and moving. even Mace and Yoda have to blink away some tears. 

it becomes easier after Anakin starts going into Unnecessary Details about obi wan’s life, like how he’ll miss holding onto those heavy 327 thread count woolen robes when he’s saving obi’s ass (curvature 48.5 degrees) for the 23094th time, and how he’ll never see a more sincere expression of Compassion than he saw when reading line 83 of Obi Wan’s eighth letter to Duchess Satine last month, quoted now as follows— 

Ahsoka enlists Plo Koon’s help and they finally shuffle him over to the side, promising him they can finish his fake eulogy at the council dinner tonight. Obi Wan’s death may be fake, but MY WORDS ARE REAL, SNIPS, HOW DARE YOU. says Anakin, before he (a little gleefully) starts destroying the walls to show how Emotionally Compromised he is over this 100% real death. 

he takes the 212th drinking, after having told all of them, too. so now there are 293637 men crying about Obi Wan (relatable af, y/y), all of which have the acting talent of a wilted blade of grass. there are 283747 toasts, and every single person there cries for each and every one of them, despite everyone knowing obi is still alive

I’m only 13 weeks but I’ve already got a little bump growing and you can kind of tell I’m preggo, and today at work this sweet little old lady notices and starts talking to me about her pregnancy and giving me advice and things.

She asks me if I’m going to breastfeed and I say that I’m going to try, and she tells me to take a washcloth and rub it over my nipples to help toughen them up because it’s going to hurt a lot. I nod along and she tells me about breastfeeding her son and it’s just a really nice conversation.

Anyway, a man is standing behind her in line and my coworker takes his check and starts cashing it while I’m still talking to the nice lady. The man gives us both mean looks but I ignore him and continue to listen to this sweet woman tell me about how she’s had four children and breastfeeding each one was different but the washcloth trick made it much easier. Finally, the man clears his throat INCREDIBLY loudly and me and the woman turn to look at him.

“I don’t really want to hear about what you’re talking about.” He says and I’m instantly embarrassed. But, without missing a beat the woman reaches out and puts her hand over mine and glares at the man over her glasses.

“Then don’t listen to other people’s conversations.” She says, and it’s so hard not to smile even though the man got really pissed off. Thank you kind little old lady, for the advice and for reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with talking about breastfeeding. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I need to remember that.

something borrowed // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles lets Y/N borrow something of his & unexpectedly gains something in return

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Clutching the plastic lunch tray she navigated her way through the crowded cafeteria and back to the lunch table. The stress from the first four periods of her day slowly melted away as she spotted her group of friends across the cafeteria, sitting at the same table they had since the start of their freshman year.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as Lydia waved over to her. Picking up her pace, Y/N maneuvered her way through the crowds of people who were too engaged with their conversations with one another to pay any sort of attention to the small girl.

Then, a familiar boy caught her attention.

The sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski.

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The Incredibly Moronic Prat Who Lived

Harry frowned when he looked down at the counter and was faced with his own biography, Harry Potter, The Incredibly Heroic Boy Who Lived (Twice!). When he accepted the job at Flourish and Blotts he never considered that he might have to sell books that were written about himself. Harry’s frown turned into a grimace when he realized that the customer buying this book would probably be starstruck when they realized that the one and only Harry Potter was standing on the other side of the counter.

But when Harry looked up to see the customer, he was the one who was starstruck. Because standing in front of him was Draco Malfoy. Unbearably attractive, adorably flustered Draco Malfoy.

“Potter,” Draco said, shocked.

Harry was too busy staring at the blond, memorizing every perfect detail of his face, to respond. He hadn’t seen Draco since his trial two years ago, and the last he heard Draco was in France studying to be a Healer. France has been good for Draco, Harry thought as he admired Draco’s no longer skinny, but fit body. Draco was also silently appreciating Harry’s appearance, but the blond had been taught that it was impolite to stare, so he broke the silence by clearing his throat. Harry’s eyes immediately flew to Draco’s face.

“Malfoy,” Harry said, his voice hoarse. “How have you been?”

“Spectacular as always,” Draco answered dryly. “And you?”

“I’ve been…” Harry searched for a casual way to say completely lost. “Fine.”

Draco nodded. Both boys seemed at a loss for words and Harry looked back down at the book on the counter. The book about him. That Draco was buying, for some reason.

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When Bucky comes home, the apartment is empty, which, admittedly, isn’t exactly what he had been expecting.

For as long as Bucky’s known him, Steve has never once failed to greet him when he’d get home on his birthday. Not back in Brooklyn, and certainly not since Bucky came back to live with the guy here in the Twentieth century.

Steve takes birthdays very seriously. Even when he shouldn’t – something Bucky has experienced first hand, more than once. Like that time Steve had insisted on baking him a birthday cake, despite the fact that Steve’s the kind of guy who can’t even boil water successfully. The mere memory makes Bucky’s throat constrict, and he quickly pushes the thought away before it can grow all too vivid.

He sets his bag down by the door and toes off his shoes. It’s a weird rule, but he knows that Steve will throw a minor fit if Bucky walks in with his boots on – especially seeing as it has been pouring rain all day long.

Bucky’s jacket is still dripping a little as he hangs it up. He pulls his metal fingers through his hair, knowing that it’s wet, even though the sensation registered by his nerve endings doesn’t translate exactly the same way as it would have with his other hand. It’s still an odd feeling. Tony’s been working hard on this new sensory module for his arm, and so far, Bucky is now able to actually feel a whole range of different things compared to what he had been before. Heat, cold, and pressure had always been there, but the little things… Those are what throw him off, still.

Like being able to feel the rain, for example. Which had been the reason why he’d decided to walk home in the first place, rather than take a cab – with the left sleeve of his jacket pulled up all the way to the elbow, just because he could.

The rain is his favorite sensation so far, and he’s already relishing in the thought of the similar, falling water in the shower he’s going to take in a matter of minutes, when he spots the Post-It note that’s been stuck to the center of the hallway mirror.

It’s in Steve’s handwriting – soft and curvy – and Bucky tugs it from the mirror with a curious frown. The note says a single word.


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We’re Not Friends

Overview: That’s why friends should sleep in other beds. And friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,500.

Warning(s): Mentions of nightmares (not in depth, though), cuddling, and shirtless Sirius.

Author’s Note: In which both the reader and Sirius have nightmares only the fire can soothe. Based on Ed Sheeran’s, “Friends.” Listen below. :)

You weren’t friends.

Not exactly, at least. You smiled at him when you passed by in the halls, he chatted you up during Charms lessons, you even asked him for help on an essay. Despite Sirius’ notorious reputation, you were civilized around each other. You would go as far as to consider yourselves acquaintances.

But you weren’t friends.

There was no way you could be friends with someone who broke your friend’s heart with no sign of remorse. Sirius was cocky and arrogant–someone who walked around as if he expected others to bow down before him. He was entitled. He was trouble. He was fire and you were determined not to get burned.

But at night was when his facade fell apart.

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Black Magic (Harry Hook X Reader)

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Requested: Yes!
Words: 4210 (I didn’t even realise how long this was - oops I guess)
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Angst

Hi can I put in a request for a Descendants imagine where Harry Hook and Anastasia oldest daughter are dating and Uma honestly hates her so she spells Harry instead.

You had a habit of ignoring red flags. Period. In fact not only were you completely oblivious to them but it seemed you were often drawn to the sense of danger, almost always landing yourself in sticky situations. Try as you might, you couldn’t stop yourself. Everybody told you Harry Hook was trouble, from the moment he arrived in Auradon you were advised to stay as far away from the boy as possible, distance yourself from his antics and don’t get involved with him under any circumstance. Any circumstance at all. It was safe to say you ignored that perfectly rational advice.

Being the daughter of Anastasia you were expected to be as kind and level headed as your mother but your courageous, curious nature always lead you to find the excitement in life. Unfortunately for you, excitement seemed to come hand in hand with danger.

You were in the cafeteria, the first time you saw him, eating your lunch over a text book, studying for the exam you had the following period. At first you didn’t even notice he had joined you, far too absorbed in your chemistry equations to acknowledge the pirate that had slumped down opposite from you, staring at you intently. Harry soon grew impatient and cleared his throat loudly, enough to snap you out of your thoughts. You jumped a little
“How long have you been sat there?” You asked, suddenly alarmed at how long the smirking pirate had been watching you.
Harry beamed at you, a hint of insanity in his grin.
“Enough to know ye stick yer tongue out when yer concentrating. I find it very endearing”.
He smirked at you.
You set down the pencil and looked the boy up and down. He was leaned back in his chair, his legs crossed and resting on the table. You ignored his comment
“Do I know you? You don’t look familiar?” You said, chewing down on your lips slightly as you racked your brains, trying to work out if you had seen him before.
“I’m offended sweetheart,” Harry said, swivelling his legs around so he as sat back at the table, crossing his arms “Ye sure ye don’t recognise me?”
He leaned forwards across the table so his face was only inches from yours. His eyes searched your face for some flicker of recognition, their iciness making you shiver slightly. They were seriously blue, almost sickeningly so, full on Prince Charming, field of forget-me-nots, perfect cloudless sky blue, that seemed to mimick the ocean. Yet the boys eyes had a harsh quality to them, encased a thick smear of dark black eyeliner, a brooding stare that was different to any you had seen in Auradon. Then it clicked, this was no prince. This was a pirate.
“Hook?” You questioned, presuming the boy you were face to face with was the son of the infamous captain himself.
Harry started to laugh, clapping his hands as he pulled away from you.
“Surprised it took you so long, this kind of gives it away sweetheart”, he sniggered, tapping the tip of his silver hook on the table “Get lost in my eyes did ye?”
The cocky smirk had returned, the corners of his mouth turned up into a mischievous grin
You ignored him again, raising a single eyebrow as the hook got closer and closer towards your hand.
“They actually let you keep that?” You said in disbelief nodding towards the silver weapon , as you reached into your bag to pull out a cupcake.
Harry shrugged
“I’d like to see them take it off me”
“Fair enough” You said before taking a bite of the cake in your hands. Smacking your lips together, you cocked your head at Harry, confused as to why he was staring at you.
“What?” You whispered softy.
Harry once again closed the distance between the two of you as he reached his hand towards your face. You gazed at him with confusion as he started to caress your cheek slightly with his thumb. You pulled back a little but he steadied your head causing you to stop and look at him again.
“I just wanted to tell ye that…” Harry breathed, still rubbing your cheek, a soft burn threatening to turn them red. Now you were perplexed, baffled as to how this complete stranger had paralysed you with a single sentence. He leaned in even further, making you feel slightly uncomfortable in his presence, yet for some reason you didn’t want him to back away. After an agonising silence he finished his sentence
“… Ye got fosting on ye nose”
“Wait what?”
Harry pulled away from you immediately a smug look on his face. In one movement he swiped the chocolate icing from your nose and licked his finger, raising his eyebrows innocently at your scowl.
“Harry Hook, you fucking little tease. I’m goi-”
“Harry! We’re going! Now!” You were cut off by Uma, who strutted from the other side of the cafeteria, grabbing his arm and hoisting him upwards. She glared at you, making her immediate dislike towards you obvious.
Harry obeyed, standing up and tucking in his chair. Blowing you a kiss, he started to walk away.
“See ye around Y/N” he called, waving his hook at you.
You wrinkled your eyebrows.
“How did you? Wait? I didn’t tell you my name? How did yo-”
Harry chuckled again.
“It’s says on your credit card” the pirate grinned, waving the purse he had snatched from you in the air, before vanishing with his Captain down the hallway.
“Get back here you thieving little git!”

The next time you saw Harry’s eyes light up in the same way was months later. Over the passing weeks you had made a strong bond with the pirate, attempting to keep him out of as much trouble as possible. But it had gone much further than that. Both of you had started to fall into a mutual obsession with each other, a weird chemistry forcing the two of you together. Neither of you would admit the obvious, you were falling in love. It wasn’t practical, hell, it wasn’t even planned, yet slowly but surely you and the pirate became in-separable. You loved him. You loved the way his eyes sparked or he’d lick his lips when he’d tell you a story, you loved the way he ruffled his hair on the rare occasions where he was nervous. He loved you more than he wanted to admit. He loved the way you snorted when you laughed, he loved watching you mouth the words silently to yourself when you read. Then everything changed. Everything changed because of her.

Pssst sleeping beauty. Wakey wakey”
You were woken to a soft voice whispering close to your ear. You slowly opened one eye, looking around to see who the mystery speaker was. You had fallen asleep on your window sill again, the glass pane opened slightly, creating a small breeze. Unsurprisingly it was Harry crouched outside your window, perched on the a small section of castle wall. His eyes blinked widely at you through the glass of the window, the corners of his mouth turned up into a grin.
“I told you not to come” You sighed, rubbing your eyes as you woke up.
“Ye left yer window open” he sniggered “Come on princess, ye know ye want to”
You groaned but gave the boy your hand, slipping out of your window before your roommates, Evie and Mal, would notice you were gone.
“We really need to stop sneaking out like this Harry,” you grumbled as you landed on a small pile of gravel.
“Oh Y/N,” laughed the pirate, “Why we would we when it’s so much fun”
With that he threw you over his shoulder, running around in circles with you while you giggled, pounding on his back and demanding him to put you down. He didn’t.
“Hook! Put me down! Where are we even going?”
“That’s for me to know and ye to find out” he whispered in the moonlight, a hint of madness in your eyes.

The lake. The two of you walked across Auradon Prep’s playing fields until you reached the salt pool at the very bottom of the grounds.
“Night swimming Harry? How very pirate of you,” you joked, amused by the boys obsession with water as he started to pull off his shirt.
“Ye saying that yer don’t want to see me topless?” He said, catching you staring at his muscular chest.
You playfully swatted his arm.
“You know full well that wasn’t what I was saying”
Giving you a quick wink, he dived into the water, bobbing up and down, motioning for you to follow. You rolled your eyes, but pulled off your clothes until you were left in your underwear. Harry swam towards you grinning like the Cheshire Cat, grabbing you by the waist and lifting you into the lake.
“It’s freezing!” You shrieked, clinging to Harry, trying to scramble up his body to escape the cold. He just laughed heartily at you.
“Yer a big wimp ye know”
“Shut up Hook” you joked, your teeth chattering as you splashed water at the pirate before ducking and swimming under the water. Harry did the same, grabbing your hand as you both cut through the gentle waves. You eventually resurfaced, wrapping your arms around Harry’s neck and spluttering with laughter. Unexpectedly, his hand drifted to your hip, settling there and pulling you closer. You inhaled sharply. The mood suddenly became serious as you fell against Harry’s warm torso. You splayed your hand against his bare chest, intending to push him away but instead you left it there. Harry’s breathing quickened along with yours as he began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses. You urged yourself to push away, you knew he was trouble, but you couldn’t. He took a chance, angling his head slightly to the side so that his lips came closer and closer to yours. You were surprised to find your own lips parted. Your breaths mingled, hearts fluttering inside of your chests as his arms encircled you. It was a delicate butterfly of a kiss, droplets of water resting on your lips. Finally the two of you pulled away, your eyes still closed for seconds afterwards before you both opened them simultaneously, breaking out into more gentle laughter.

That was the memory that came to mind as you sat on the uncomfortable rock beside the lake where you and Harry had first kissed.
“Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me,” you sung glumly to yourself, picking up a handful of stones from the river bed.
“Happy birthday dear Y/N” you continued, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.
“Happy birthday to me”
You threw the stones as hard as you could into the lake, spitting water in all directions as they plummeted to the surface, releasing all the anger and hurt that was rippling through your body.
Why wasn’t he here? Surely, he wouldn’t have let you come if he wasn’t planning to. He wouldn’t leave you, he promised you he wouldn’t leave you. Where was he? You were soaked and embarrassed and alone, on your birthday. He stood you up on your fucking birthday. He was probably with her, that was always the excuse, with Uma. Your throat let out a small croak. That’s when you broke down for real. You started to bawl crying, digging your fingers into the river bank and clawing at the mud. It had been torrentially raining for the last four hours you had been sat there waiting for Harry to never show up, so you were completely sodden, your limp body beginning to tremble. You kicked the water a final time before sobbing all the way back to your dorm room.

“Oh honey come here,” cooed Evie, running towards you with open arms when she saw you stop in the doorway of your door room, soaking wet and with mascara running down your face.
“What happened Y/N?” Mal asked soothingly as you wrapped a blanket around your shoulders and squeezing you like Evie.
“He never turned up,” you spluttered “I just sat there and waited and he never turned up”
“Y/N please don’t tell me you’ve been sat out there all afternoon in this weather” Evie said, glancing at Mal with concern
“He told me he’d be there,” you said so quietly they almost didn’t here you.
“I’ll kill him. The next time I see him I’ll-” Mal growled.
She was interrupted by a knock at the door.
Evie, sprung up to answer it, half knowing who would be at the other side. She undid the lock and swung open the door, only to be greeted with a panic stricken pirate. Before she could slam the door in his face, he put his boot in the door frame.
“Mal, I think we should leave them alone” she whispered, pulling her purple haired friend, who was already sending Harry death stares, away so that only you and Harry were in the room.
“Y/N I’m so sorry, I can explain I-”
“Let me guess you were with Uma” you spat coldly, taking Harry by surprise.
“Yes but-”
You let out a sad laugh.
“I’m so done with this. You always put her before me always. Do you know how that feels?”
He tried to hug you but you pushed him back, making him clench his jaw.
“Y/N! She’s my captain!”
“And I’m your girlfriend Harry, unless you want Uma to be. Is that it huh? Do you love her?”
“Now ye just being stupid! She’s like my sister!”
“I’ve seen the way she looks at you, she loves you I’ve always known that. But now I’m starting to think you love her too”
“Yer over-reacting!”
“YOU LEFT ME ON MY OWN IN THE RAIN ON MY BIRTHDAY!” You screamed, your voice cracking mid-sentence.
“I know and I’m sorry and I’m trying to explain why I-”
“Just get out” you said motioning towards the door with your hands.
Harry grabbed your arm but you snatched it away.
“Y/N I love y-”
“I don’t want to hear it”
“ Ye know I love y-”
“JUST GO AWAY HARRY!” You yelled, tears threatening to spill as you pushed the pirate out of the door, slamming it behind you. You were being harsh on Harry, you knew, but he’d hurt you and you were still trying to wrap your head around the fact your birthday had been a complete disaster.

Even though it was the worst place that Harry knew he could have gone, he was out of options. He had no one else to talk to about this, so he went to the one person who he thought would understand. Uma.

Your mother used to tell you that a good nights sleep could make a situation seem a thousand times better and as the case usually was, she was right. When you woke up the next morning you had gained a new perspective on the issue, realising something you hadn’t the night before.
“I never gave him a chance to explain,” you thought to yourself, “He was trying to but I just exploded on him”
A guilty pang erupted in your stomach. Determined to put things right, you got up early, making breakfast for you and the girls before heading to find Harry who you hoped would be in one of Auradon Prep’s common rooms
“So you’ve forgiven him?” Asked Mal completely baffled that you wanted to talk to him again.
“Not exactly, ” you corrected “I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt”
“Why?” She continued, unable to hide her distrust of the boy.
Evie swatted her arm to make her shut up.
“Because I love him Mal” You said eventually, unable to find any other way to put it.
“And he loves you,” Evie added “He may be a complete and asshole, b-u-u-t, he loves you”. Soon the three of you were giggling your way through the hallways, your arms linked, trotting to where you knew Harry would be. You were about to walk into the common room, a familiar Scottish accent bouncing across its walls, when you were brought suddenly to a stop.
“Oh hey Y/N!” Said Carlos awkwardly a nervous, fake looking smile painted on his lips. He was blocking the doorway, Jay stood behind him.
“I’ve just remembered I…. Uh…. left Dude’s leash in your room. Will you run up and get it for me… Like uh…now?”
You looked at your friend, slightly alarmed by his odd behaviour but put it down to the fact it was still early in the morning, and laughed.
“Sure!” You took a step forwards “I’ve just got something I need to do fir-”
“No! You don’t want to go in there!” Shouted Jay loudly, making your jump a little “I mean, we should really go up now”.
He offered you a weak smile and you just giggled at them, pushing past them a little so you could find Harry.
“Y/N! Wait!” Said Carlos, but you ignored him
“Why is everybody acting so weirdly this morni-”
“Oh no” said Jay under his breath.

You found Harry alright. In the middle of the room he was sat on a table top, his arms tangled around Uma, kissing her hand. They were laughing at something, their foreheads pressed together, their hands interlocked
You made a sound closely resembling a small animal being kicked and stumbled backwards. You felt a physical pain in your chest, as if somebody had just pulled your heart straight out of your chest and smashed it on the floor in front of you. You caught Uma’s eye.
“Oh Y/N!” She said with mock kindness “How lovely to see you!”.
Instead of springing away from Uma as you thought he would, Harry turned his head towards you and smiled sweetly, before continuing to hug her.
“What?” You whispered under your breath, starting to become dizzy.
“Y/N come on we’ll go now, we’ll figure this out, come on,” Evie whispered in your ear, trying to drag you away.
You resisted, planting your feet to the spot where you were stood.
“WHAT IS GOING ON!” You shouted, your hurt suddenly turning to anger as you struggled to comprehend what you were seeing.
Harry rushed towards you, still hand in hand with Uma.
“I’m sorry, this all happened so fast,” Harry said, making complete eye contact with you, an odd formality in his voice.
You were completely speechless, your mouth opening and shutting without any noise coming out, like a goldfish. Jay put a hand on your shoulder for reassurance, the only thing keeping you from passing out.
“Something happened to me when you kicked me out of your room last night Y/N” he looked back longingly at his Captain “A connection, with Uma”.
Yep, your heart was completely and utterly shattered.
You looked as though you were going to throw up. Evie and Jay looked as though they were going to throttle the two pirates. Carlos looked as though he wanted to cry. But it was Mal’s expression that was the most telling; she looked scared.
“What are you saying?” You stammered out, eventually, your eyes begging Harry to say something redeeming.
Uma answered for him.
“He’s saying it was love” She let out a little giggle, before melting into Harry, pulling him away a little.
“Now I understand why ye wouldn’t let me tell ye, I loved ye. It was because ye could see the potential for me and Uma” Harry continued, making you feel smaller and smaller with every word.
“No,” was all you could squeak out, before he was pulled further away.
You were so close to throwing up.
“Something’s wrong here,” Mal hissed, trying to be discrete.
“You’re telling me,” spat Jay, staring daggers at the pair.
“No,” Mal continued “Look at Harry. Look at his eyes”
Wiping away a few bleary tears you did as your friend demanded. She wasn’t wrong, Harry’s eyes didn’t seem like his own, a weird blankness painted over them. The more you watched Harry the more you realised how strange he was acting, the mannerisms that made him Harry were no longer there. He moved completely wrong, his signature mischievous grin replaced by a passive half smile. It was as if Harry had been replaced by an empty shell of himself. Sure it looked like him, but the pirate you saw in front of you was in no way Harry. And then it hit you, all five of you at once.
“You don’t think that Uma could have-” Evie started.
“I know she could have” You cut in
“He’s been spelled!”

As soon as the words left Mal’s mouth, you ran forwards to the boy you loved, placing your hand on his shoulder. He had to know, there had to be a little bit of him deep down there that still loved you, a little bit that hadn’t been corrupted by black magic.
“Harry, listen to me,” You said softly.
“No! Get away from him!” Yelled Uma, pushing you away. Jay was suddenly behind her, restraining the daughter of Ursula and stopping her from moving.
“You’re going to shut your mouth” Mal spat at her.
“Harry,” you tried again “Please look at me”
The pirate obeyed, staring down into your eyes.
“Y/N, I can’t help it, I’m in love with-”
“With me Harry! You’re in love with me”
His eyes shifted a little so you continued.
“You loved that you could never figure me out but you’d still try to guess what I was thinking anyway. You loved that I’d hold your hand whenever you got angry or mad or frustrated.”
You reached out and grabbed his hand and for a second the spell faltered, you could see it, but then the sea witch chimed up again.
“Harry! You know you love my smile”
He looked back at Uma, who Jay was still holding, nodding his head and dropping your hand. You had to keep trying.
“Harry! Can you remember the look on my face when we first met”.
Harry chuckled to himself lightly, returning for just a second.
“Of course I do, ye were concentrating on your school work and yer tongue was stuck out of the corner of yer – No, no I don’t, the only face I can remember is Uma’s”
You were getting through with him bit by bit, there was no way you were going to let him slip from you now. Evie joined in next.
“Harry who’s the last person on your mind before you go to sleep?”
“Y/N” he replied.
“Why did you decide not to try to destroy the school when you first got here” added Jay
“What would you say if I told you Y/N has two sugars in her coffee?” Said Carlos
“I’d tell ye that’s the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever head. Anything less than three and she’ll spit it out”
You smiled a little, the spell was wearing off, he was nearly back to you.
“Harry, can you remember the beauty spot at the side of my neck. The hidden one. It was always your favourite because it was on a secret bit that nobody else can see”
“Y/N I-”
“I love you Harry Hook. I bloody love you. Even if you are a flirt. Even if you do scare small children for fun if I forget to remind you not to. Even if you are a little insane.I love you okay and I-”
Harry cut you off by crashing his lips onto yours and for the first time since you entered the common room, you breathed deeply. You threw your hands around his neck as you felt his lips smile under yours. He was back, your crazy, overly-dramatic pirate was back and you had not intention of letting him go.
You heard the core four cheering and the sound of Uma screeching but you ignored them all, refusing to pull away until you needed air.
“So ye love me eh?” Harry grinned, brushing his nose against yours.
“Oh look the cockiness is back! You know maybe the robot Harry wasn’t so bad. I’ll get Uma to teach me the spell later,” you laughed before pausing to clarify “I’m joking”
“Just you wait till I get my hands on that Captain of mine, I swear-”
“Harry, chill. I think Mal and Evie have got this one covered”
You both glanced at Uma, who was being dragged out of the common room by your roommates, their mouths a blur of lectures and threats to chop all of her hair off in the night. You couldn’t help but snigger. So much for being dignified civil members of Auradon’s society.
“I think ye might be right there sweetheart” Harry chuckled, “Any chance of a second try at yesterday, I was genuinely caught up, but I still prepared the picnic and ye know, it’s not raining today,” He looked at you with hopeful eyes.
“Harold James Hook” You giggled, stealing the pirate hat from his head and placing it on your own “You had me at sweetheart”

100 Dollars

Justin’s texts in bold. Yours are normal. You’ve been texting this guy for a while now and little do you know that your actually texting THE Justin Bieber.

Originally posted by forame

Are we ever ever going to meet?

Not yet

Why not?

My mom doesn’t let me

What? Justin your a grown ass man that’s a lie.

Alright fine. You got me I’m actually 12

I knew it since the beginning, you know


No but seriously why not?

Can we not do this right now, I’m eating out with my friends for my birthday.
I’m just not ready.

But we’ve been texting for 7 months, what do you mean your not ready?

I just don’t wanna meet you yet
It’ll change everything

Hell yeah it will!
It’ll be so freaking fun!

No Y/N not like that
I mean in a bad way
You’ll treat me differently

100 dollars says I won’t

Don’t make that bet unless you have a hundred to spare

…If you didn’t wanna meet me you could have just said so

No Y/N it’s not like that
Cmon don’t be like this

Read at 5:36 pm


With a loud and agitated sigh, I shut my phone off and threw it down on my white bed sheets besides me. I’m beginning to get sick of Justin’s excuses - they’re beginning to make me a little claustrophobic. I need a break. 

With yet another loud sigh and the rub of my face, I decided It was time I actually left the house and began my decent down the stairs, into the kitchen where my mother stood wiping the marble bench top.

Not having the energy to converse with her at this moment, I grabbed the keys right off the exact bench she was currently rubbing at and made a dash for the door. “I’m leaving.” I informed her on my way out.

“Alright sweetie!” Mom replied with no fuss and at the approving comment, I was out the door.

I need something to get my mind off things. Just me. No phone, no parents and no Justin. Quickly darted out the house and towards my new white Range Rover which my father bought for my birthday that just passed recently.

As I settled inside and switched on the ignition, I sat for a second debating on where I should go and escape the rest of the day  and at the thought, my stomach made a loud gurgling noise. Guess I’m going out to eat.

With no hesitation, I finally mustered up the perfect place to go and began backing up out of the driveway, beginning my decent down towards a close friend of mine’s shop. Cassy owns a big fancy restaurant down the road from me and always gives me discounts on my food. 

The people there despise me considering I always rock up in sweat pants and an Adidas shirt while they all practically parade around in designer dresses and expensive pearls.

Once I arrived, I jumped out of my car and threw the keys to the valet employee. I don’t know why but every time I come here I seem to act like queen shit. It’s honestly kind of hilarious.

I stepped through the large, grand restaurant doors and not even a few seconds later was immediately greeted by Cassy herself, running forward towards me. “Oh my god Y/N, it’s been so long. C'mon lets get you seated.”

With a smile, I obliged to following the girl over towards a table for two draped elegantly in a creme cloth that was decorated with a few flowers and fine cutlery. I placed myself on one side, Cassy seating herself on the other. 

She always accompanied me when I come to eat here, it was our little thing. With the flick of her fingers, a waiter came over and took our orders, then left once we were done.

Suddenly she sat right up, a face full of excitement. “You came on the right day my girl.” She smiled and I furrowed my eyebrows at her enthusiasm. 

“Why, what happened?” I chuckled. 

“Alright,” Cassy began “ Don’t freak out but, guess who made a reservation and is sitting in this restaurant right now?” She squealed

My head quickly jolted up as I glanced around the restaurant. Then my eyes landed on a boy sitting a little further away with a group of people and a rush of adrenaline ran through my body. Justin Bieber! He was my idle though for some reason, I didn’t find myself jumping for joy as I expected too.

“No way.” I whisper shouted. Cassy giggled “Yes way. Apparently today’s his birthday or something.”

Hm, that’s funny. It’s also my friend Justin’s birthday.

“Cool.” I mumbled, turning my head away.

“You should go and talk to him.” Casst smiled but overall I just shrugged “Nah, I wouldn’t wanna disturb him on his birthday. He’s probably just trying to enjoy a nice lunch.”

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged.

It was silent between us for a moment until I decided to stand up and said “I’m going to the restroom.”

An approving hum was sung from Cassy and I found myself strutting my way over to the restroom afterwards. It was a unisex toilet meaning there was a mixture of men and woman in here, but nothing really other than a few old posh white folks who were eyeing me wearily for my fashion choice.

I ignored the stares and found my way into a stall, did my business and walked over to the sinks. By then, everyone else had left the bathrooms and I was found pumping some soap from the dispenser in my hands alone. Just then the door opened.

I looked up into the mirror and spotted Justin Bieber himself walking into the room. He wore nothing but a pair of baggy jeans and loose white fitted T. His hair messily flipped over his forehead and tattoos on full display. 

That’s a bold move to pull in a restaurant like this, the oldies hated any inked skin and tended to gossip. But I liked his confidence, kind of like myself.

 I smiled small at him before applying my concentration back on my own hands.

He walked forward over to the sink beside me and began running a hand through his long blonde hair and I watched in awe as his fingers played around with his locks, not realising that I had been staring for a little to long.

He cleared his throat loudly, causing my eyes to dart down to his. “Oh um, sorry.” I muttered to which he chuckled.

 "Nah it’s alright. People tend to stare a lot.“ He shrugged

I turned off the faucet of the gold sink and moved over to grab some paper towels to dry my hands. "Must suck.”

“Yeah.” He replied straightening himself out. Silence overcame the surrounding air for a second as we continued on with our own things, until he suddenly spoke again. “I like you’re style. You do it on purpose?” He smirked. 

I knew what he was getting at. The fact that I had actually had the guts to appear in a place of displayed wealth, dressed like this. You wouldn’t do it unless you were trying to piss off the rich people who dined here. He knew too well, because it was obvious he was doing the same.

“You know it.” I nodded. “Its hilarious to see the snobby faces when you walk in. The scowls are priceless.” 

He chuckled. “Yeah, I know right?” he agreed.

“I mean, you would know.” I pointed out, glaring back at his outfit.

Justin laughed, glancing down at his choice of clothes and shook his head in humour. “I’ll have you know these jeans are designer.” He teased. 

“I’m wearing designer too.” I nodded. “I’m actually wearing Calvin Klein underwear.” I giggled. “That’s as designer as your gonna get with me.” 

Justin actually laughed at this, a full blown loud laugh, unlike the chuckles he displayed previously. I giggled along with him snapping the waist band of my underwear to prove my point.

Justin shook his head, finally letting down, and I stepped forward smiling at the handsome man.

“Well, I better go, my friends waiting for me.” I began my way over towards the door but was suddenly held back by a loud … 

“Wait!” He yelled. I stopped. “I didn’t catch you name.” He continued.

I smirked, glancing at him one more time, with one hand on the door. “ I think we both know you already know that.”

And with that, I left him in the bathroom, standing there in shock.

That’s right Justin. I caught on.


“I better get back to work.” Cassy sighed.

“Yeah, well, I’m done anyways. So I’m gonna leave. Thanks Cass.”

Cassy nodded. “No problems. I’ll see ya later.” She waved. I watched as she made her way into the kitchen, yelling at a few of her employees who were slacking off on the way.

I sighed in exhaustion and waved a hand over to my waiter, who slowly and carelessly made his way over to my table “Yes madam, what may I get you?”

“My tab please.” I smiled.

The man began shuffling through some papers in his hands before turning back to me, eyebrows raised in slight surprise.  "You’re clear.“ he announced. 

But I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? But I haven’t payed yet.”

“Curtesy of the man that goes by the name of Justin Bieber. He asked to put your tab on his.”

My eyes winded in slight shock and confusion but couldn’t help the smile that set across my face. 

That sneaky bastard. 

Justin’s POV

It’s her. It’s really Y/N. She’s so much prettier in person. We’ve been talking for so long and I just couldn’t believe she was actually here in front of me. She knew who I was and didn’t freak out.

I carefully watched as she conversed with the waiter for a little before getting up and walking out of the restaurant, sparing me a glance along the way. She sent me a small wink before exiting the restaurant.

“Jay?” I snapped my head up to look back at Hailey who had been apparently yelling my name.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“Why are you staring at that girl. Stop being a creep and eat.” She demanded.

I chuckled slightly, turning back around to dig into my meal once again. I’ll text Y/N later and figure out what the hell just happened. I want to ask her when she figured it out.

That’s when suddenly, the same waiter who was serving Y/N began making his way over to me. “Mr Bieber, you have a note from the women sitting opposing. I believe her name was Y/N Y/L/N.”

He handed me the note which I cautiously took from his hand and watched as he walked off further into the restaurant.

With curious eyes and cautious hands, I slowly pulled at the folded note and took a peek at the 5 words sprawled across. And subconsciously, a large smile found it way onto my face at the words. 

‘You owe me 100 dollars. - Y/N.’

Jealous Ranger Headcanons


  • when zack gets jealous, he’s really huffy about it and super obvious
  • like he will pout and cross his arms and whine in his seat if he thinks he’s not getting the attention he deserves (from billy, jason, tommy, or whomever)
  • he’s also super petty when someone makes moves on his significant other(s)
  • ”well if you like them so much why don’t ya marry ‘em, huh?” “zack all i said was that they told me to tell you they say hi” “well if that’s not them comin’ onto you then I don’t know what is”
  • sometimes though when he feels actually threatened, he puffs out his chest and raises his chin to look super tough
  • other times he casually slides into the conversation and charms the threat into submission by aggressively complimenting them until they find it suspicious and gets uncomfortable and leaves


  • you really gotta try to get billy jealous
  • he’s normally pretty zen but he gets really upset when people don’t even try to be discreet about their flirting with his boyfriend(s)
  • normally he’ll just stay quiet and try to convince himself that this is just the other person being friendly, until he really can’t
  • when that happens, his face immediately tenses up, as does his posture, and he looks super offended but confused
  • he’ll start to speak in fewer words, until the other person gets the hint and stops, or jason and/or zack realize how billy feels and shuts down the conversation 
  • right afterwards, he’s back to being his peppy lil cute self (which is slightly alarming to the others)


  • jason is pretty used to being the guy who gets hit on, not the guy who watches his guy(s) get hit on
  • so, obviously, he’s taken aback
  • the more it happens, the more his patients grows short
  • it’s usually worse because a lot of the time, billy isn’t aware when people are being more than friendly, so the conversation just keeps going. and zack just assumes that people are appreciating how great he is, and doesn’t realize he’s being hit on
  • sometimes, jason wonders if maybe the people hitting on his significant other(s) are more worth their time than he is, but he gets more sullen when this thought comes up, which catches the attention of his boyfriend(s) who then turn their attention on him in concern, effectively cutting off the flirt fests
  • most the time, he just clears his throat very, VERY loudly as he comes up next to his bf(s) and gives a very threatening smile


  • kimberly is the aggressive jealous type
  • if she thinks someone looks at trini in predatory way, she deadass steps in between trini and the person
  • ”… kim what are you doing?” “i’m protecting you” “protecting me from wha-” “SHHHHH they can’t be any more aware of your presence than they already are”
  • trini isn’t used to anyone actually pursuing her, so she can’t really tell when people are hitting on her, which makes kim very irritated
  • she decides it’s her duty to step up to the plate and glare at anyone who looks at trini, boys included even though she knows they’re not a threat
  • sometimes, if she reads way too far into things, she’ll pull the other person aside in private and tell them to back off of her girlfriend
  • kim is constantly reminding herself not to do something she’ll regret. she occasionally gets a little mad at herself for letting her jealously control her even after the ty/amanda thing, but the thought immediately flies out of her head when she seems someone acting too friendly with trini


  • a jealous trini is initially annoyed and exasperated, but it turns to self consciousness pretty quickly
  • since trini is often pretty reserved, it’s less obvious when she starts to panic about her self worth than it is when a jealous jason gets like this
  • she starts questioning why kim even chose her when there’s all these fantastic people giving her attention and compliments, which trini often feels a bit too flustered to do
  • she just works herself up in an anxious fit, contemplating if she should just let kim go so she can have a world of options, or if she should just stay quiet like she’s taught herself to do her whole life
  • kim is a naturally social (and relatively flirtatious) person who’s used to being hit on, and she’s always gone along with it. it normally isn’t until later when trini starts to look guilty around her that she realizes that trini was jealous
  • of course, kim lets trini know she would never leave her, but trini has… pretty obvious trust issues. she tries to remind herself that she IS important to kim for reasons she doesn’t believe
  • kim also has to remind herself that trini’s lack of faith isn’t in kim but in herself, so kim tries to be more mindful in when people flirt with her. though, sometimes kim wishes trini was less complicated and more blunt when jealous
Imagine: Getting Dean to go Jogging

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: Language, jealous!Dean, implied smut

A/N: this is my submission for @hannahindie‘s Party Like It’s Pawnee Indiana Challenge! I adore Parks and Rec, and these prompts were absolutely incredible. Congratulations on the followers, hun!!

My prompt is “Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?” and is bolded below! Enjoy!

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May the Best Kiss Win

An 8th year Drarry ficlet by OhSoDraco

AO3 Link: May the Best Kiss Win

Things were winding down in the 8th year common room and Harry was feeling rather drunk and well snogged after playing alcohol fuelled Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare for the last few hours. Almost all the 8th Years had happily agreed to play the muggle party games that Hermione had suggested and Harry felt like he’d snogged at least half of them. Now it was after midnight and most of the students had retired to their dorms, leaving only a few stragglers lying or sitting around the common room, enjoying the buzz from the Firewhisky Seamus had provided and the warmth from the crackling fire.

Harry leaned back on his elbows from his slouched position on the floor and thought back to the two kisses of the night he’d enjoyed the most. Seamus had been the first to really get into it with Harry. He had felt a hot tongue push into his mouth almost as soon as their lips had touched and then Seamus put his hand on Harry’s arse and squeezed firmly while continuing the passionate assault with his lips and tongue. Harry had been left pink cheeked and slightly out of breath after that kiss and Seamus had looked rather pleased with himself as he sat back down in his place.

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Prompt: The Five Times the Losers Noticed Richie and Eddie’s Feelings and the One Time They Decided to Do Something About It

Suggested by: @lukemybieber

Pairings: Reddie, Implied Menverly, Implied Stenbrough

Trigger Warnings: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Swearing, Referenced 1933 Movie, Boys Kissing, Referenced Pasta Hair, This is pretty innocent tbh basically no smut

Aged Up Characters!

All Eddie Kaspbrak had ever wanted was some peace and quiet. Unfortunately for him, he had an eternal headache and his name was Richie Tozier.

The wise-cracking, ‘your mom,’ joke-spewing, ADHD-ridden ball of child neglect, nicotine cigarettes and alcohol. He loved him more than words could describe.

He always, always kept his window unlocked should his parents get so drunk they couldn’t stand straight and ended up passing out on the kitchen table amidst a puddle of hard liquor. His father was a hostile drunk, but he was mostly away fucking some woman named Jeannie in Nova Scotia. Because of that, his mother was usually sleeping off a hangover, only to cure that hangover with either more booze or screaming profanities at the boy himself.

He’d met Richie’s dad once, didn’t look a lot like him other than the eyes and blindingly pale skin. He was internally very grateful for that fact.

What he was not grateful for was his motor-mouthed best friend obliviously telling Eddie every fact about airplanes, probably more than anyone else had ever figured out, and doing a bad imitation of the blades whirring with his mouth. In the process, he’d spit all over Eddie’s math homework, who Richie himself was supposed to be helping him with. And it’d suddenly turned into a dramtic reenactment of the end of the King Kong movies.

“So then the blonde lady is all ‘help me somebody save me!’” He screeched in a pitched voice, throwing an arm over his forehead, “And King Kong is like 'nobody can save you now! Bwahahaha!’”

Eddie narrowed his eyes and stared at the problem. What is x if y is equal to the airplane shooting at– dammit Richie.

Stan would be over to help them study as soon as he got out of the synagogue for prayer with his father, at least then he figured he may get something done.

“But then the girl is like 'bitch you THOUGHT,’ and she like totally annihilates him, but there are airplanes in the background and she doesn’t– are you even listening to me, Eds?” Richie broke off his incessant chatter to scan Eddie’s face, to which the younger boy rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah, riveting shit, really.” Eddie scoffed sarcastically, reading over the problem for the fourth time. As he was staring at the paper, it was suddenly stolen from him by Richie.

“Math? Math is stupid, math is boring! You know what’s not boring? King Kong.” Richie laid down on his stomach to inspect the worksheet.

“You got number seven wrong. Y should be fifty-nine point three, see you forgot to carry the one.” Richie showed him his own paper and pointed out his mistake. Eddie nodded and reached for his paper, but Richie pulled it away at the last second.

“Ah- ah- ah. No more math until I finish my story.” Eddie reached up, but Richie was both faster and taller. He rolled over and laid on his back, the paper underneath him.

“You jackass! Give it back!” Eddie’s brilliant solution to the problem was to throw his legs over Richie’s stomach and try to reach behind him for the worksheet. Richie’s only goal seemed to be keeping the paper beneath him, shoving Eddie father and farther back until he was straddling his crotch. They were both so caught up in tickling each other and laughing, they didn’t notice the door swing open and Stan’s shocked face holding an Algebra textbook tucked under one arm, his bird naming book under the other, and a box of pizza in both of his hands.

He cleared his throat loudly, and it was at that moment that both boys realized the position they were in. They slinked away from each other, red-faced and embarrassed, but Stanley never said a word. He simply set the pizza box on the bed, opened his math book and never said another word about it.

That was, of course, the last week of freshman year.

And they managed to stay away from another situation like that until the spring of sophomore year in high school.

Right up until mid-July, at a 50’s style diner towards the outskirts of Derry, which they’d basically all adopted as another hangout spot.

“She is a snake! She is a liar, a scumbag, a piece of shit, the lowest of the low-”

“All because she gave you a B- on your writing quiz, because your handwriting is illegible. Seriously! Even I can’t read it sometimes, Trashmouth!” Eddie groaned, sipping his vanilla milkshake while Richie ranted to him about their writing teacher.

“Well if she wanted a legible report on the Vietnam War she should have asked us to use a typewriter! Ah say, ah say, it’s bullshit, good sir!” Richie faked a British accent, which Eddis had to admit was getting at least a little bit better.

“Do you even own a typewriter?” Eddie questioned, though he was only slightly annoyed and wished Mike would just hurry up and get there with Richie’s latest X-men comic that he’d borrowed, because it was basically the most important thing in Richie’s life at the moment.

“Big Bill does! He doesn’t let me use it though, because last time I typed 'Henry Bowers is a shit-spitting sissy boy,’ and was gonna make copies to hang all over school. He didn’t think it was the best idea, but I think it would have been fucking hilarious. Can you picture the look on his face, Eds?” Richie was always coming up with ridiculous and random ideas that were normally completely half-thought out and he had no real intentions to follow through with them.

Eddie scoffed and his eyes flicked to the door yet again. Mike still had five minutes, they knew he wouldn’t be late. Mike Hanlon was never late.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to hang out with Richie, he obviously did. But ever since the end of middle school, something seemed to have shifted between them, like the balance of the universe was… off. For starters, he realized he thought about Richie the way Ben talked about Beverly, or Beverly talked about both Mike and Ben. He could tell that ever since she and Bill had decided to stop their childish crush before it became serious, that yes, they still respected each other, but Beverly seemed to be in a constant battle between Mike and Ben. It was a little weird, but not as weird as the way only one person came to his mind when Ben recited his newest poem about love, about how when you think about the person, your heart seems to flutter, how you feel like you could spend forever with them, and it still wouldn’t feel like long enough.

But he realized that boys weren’t supposed to feel that way about other boys, and his mom would go apeshit if he told her.

He smiled and moved over to sit on Richie’s lap, which took him by surprise, but he was not unopposed to. Eddie sat on Richie’s lap all the time at the Barrens, whenever he was afraid of his allergies acting up or he just wanted to be closer to the boy.

He leaned with his back towards the wall, one arm resting across his shoulders, one in his lap. Neither of them talked. It was a comfortable position for both of them and neither wanted to break the comfortable silence radiating throughout the air.

Not many other people hung out in the diner, that was what made it so special. It was like their very own little hideout, a secret kept from the rest of the world, except the regulars, of course.

They heard the little bell on the top of the door ring and he scrambled off Richie’s lap, but not before Mike saw. He pretended like he didn’t, though, so he was looking up when they saw him.

He faked seeing them and put on a bright smile, waving to them and holding the comic to his chest, watching as Richie’s face lit up. Stan had told him about something like that at the end of freshman year, where they were just comfortably… on each other, like it was the most casual thing in the world. At first, Mike had just assumed they were affectionate friends, but during the meal, he could see the two boys flicking anxious glances between one another and he realized there could be more to the story.

And again, they never spoke of it, because talking about it would make it real, and what was there to make?

Eddie was merely sixteen when he needed to get his wisdom teeth removed. It was both an emergency surgery and an important moment in his life, so naturally, he called on his three best friends to make sure he was okay after the surgery.

Bill Denbrough, who had been his best friend since childhood, taught him how to ride a bike and never made fun of him or his illnesses, Stanley Uris, who always knew what to do with the rather frequent anxiety attacks he had, and of course, Richie Tozier, because Richie was the most loveable damned idiot in the world, and there would never be a scenario where he was not there. He wanted to bring the other losers, but the doctor said any more than three people was too much.

The surgery went well, despite his anxiety over it. It only became a problem when he was wheeled into the patient room in a wheelchair, giggling like a madman with cotton in his mouth.

“He’s high!” Richie squealed with genuine joy in his tone.

“Stanley!” Eddie suddenly screamed, eyes fixed on the tall, Jewish boy. He smiled goofily, his eyes unfocused.

“Stan… Stanley, c'mere.” He motioned for him to come closer. Stan looked between Richie and Bill, who shrugged.

He bent down near Eddie’s wheelchair and smiled softly.

“Hi, E-”

“You have pasta on your head!” He reached out to grab Stan’s hair, but a now-frowning Jewish boy bat his hand away.

“Fuck you, Eddie,” Stan grumbled, looking away. He began giggling again.

“Where’s Bill? I love Bill!” Eddie’s eyes peeled curiously around the sterile waiting room.

“I’m ruh- right here,” Bill spoke up, leaning down onto his knees and the side of the wheelchair. Eddie reached a limp hand onto his face.

“I love you, Bill. You’re my best friend! If anybody asks I’ll say… I like my best friend Bill… but-” His eyebrows furrowed in thought, “But I love my best friend Richie.”

“Aw, Eds. I always knew you loved me!” Richie came up from behind Bill and sat on the other side of Eddie’s wheelchair.

He removed his hands from Bill’s face and brought them softly to Richie’s.

“Mm- hmm…” He hummed softly, dreamily. His fingers combed through Richie’s untamed curls, thumbs finding themselves underneath his glasses.

“I like your face… I like your eyes, and your hair… and glasses. But… I also like your jokes. Sometimes they’re funny…” Eddie whispered, his fingers brushing against Richie’s lips. His eyes were transfixed on them, the pink, chapped, peeling mess they were.

“You think my jokes are funny, Eds?” Richie’s voice came out awkwardly pitched, and neither of them noticed Bill watching the exchange intently. He almost felt like he was interrupting a private moment between them.

“Yeah… sometimes. I don’t like the ones about my mom, though. That’s gross.” Richie grinned, then Stan came in the room and they helped Eddie out of his chair and to the car.

He was heavy and he wasn’t walking right, so they had to balance him between them, Bill unlocking the car while Richie and Stan walked on either side of him with his arms pulled around their shoulders.

When they got in the car, Bill was driving, Stan in the passenger’s seat, and Eddie asleep against Richie’s shoulder in the back.

Bill had never seen them act so quiet and… intimate towards each other before. It was strange, but if it made them happy, Bill was unopposed.

During the summer of Junior year, everything became too much for Beverly again. She ran as fast as she could, feet slamming against the pavement, to get to Richie’s house. She just needed to see him.

She swung her leg over the tree branch close to his window and leapt off onto the roof, knocking quickly on the glass with her fist.

The light was on, so she was sure he’d be home, and there was a soft murmering on his side. She saw a shift in light as he drew back the curtains, and the second he saw her bruised eye and busted lip, he pulled her into a hug.

“Oh, Beverly…” He sighed, with pity in his tone. When it was quiet, she could hear a soft sobbing and feel another presence in the room. She turned her head slowly to the side to see Eddie, with red-rimmed eyes and tear tracks running down his face.

“Eh- Eddie?” She choked out, peering through misty eyes at him. She heard Richie heave a rattling sigh.

“Yeah, I have two of you tonight. We can watch a movie if you want, but please clean off your lip first, I can get you some ice from the fridge.” She nodded quickly, because if Eddie wouldn’t ask questions, neither would she.

She went to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face, hoping that she’d feel better. When she went back to the room, Richie had pulled Eddie onto his chest and the shorter boy had nuzzled his head right underneath his chin. He was silently crying about something, mumbling 'It was bullshit, Rich, it was all bullshit. She lied to me, she lied.’

Richie was comforting him with soft assurances whispered into his hair and his hand rubbing soft circles in Eddie’s back. She sat on the bed next to them, a feeling settling in her stomach. They turned on a movie– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off– and Eddie fell asleep against Richie almost instantly. He’d wrapped his arm around her shoulders and then she didn’t feel so alone.

She was woken up when Eddie woke up, not because he was crying so much as just to push himself off of Trashmouth and go back to sleep pretending nothing ever happened.

They were eighteen when Ben finally saw them as well, except it wasn’t as innocent as the other times, in fact quite the opposite.

They’d all been planning to meet at Mike’s house for movie night before they all had to leave for college. It would have been alright, had Mike not left them to their own devices with the TV. Of course they would argue about what show they’d watch and neither would settle.

Ben was just walking into the house, not trying to be scarred by the image of one of his best friend’s heads pressed against the other’s crotch, but his wish would not be granted, as when he turned into the living room, that was basically the position they were in.

They said it’d happened on accident and both of them turned bright red when Ben noticed. He never got a clear explanation of what happened, both boys seemed to completely deny it, making up some excuse about a remote or something like that.

He had absolutely no idea how that was a viable excuse, but he’d learned from his friends it was best not to talk about the tension between them.

Richie tried to play it off with a cheap dick joke and Eddie beeped him and hit him upside the head.

“So Ben… how’s it going with… Beverly?” Eddie attempted to distract. Ben blushed and shook his head, because he didn’t want to think about the time he, Mike, and Beverly had hung out together and he’d not-so-accidentally kissed both of them.

Soon enough, Mike came into the room with Star Wars on VHS and they all settled when Bill entered the house. He always did have a calming prescence.

They’d all sprawled out across each other, Beverly in between Mike and Ben on the couch, Stan leaning his head on Bill’s shoulder, Richie with his head on Eddie’s lap. And Ben couldn’t forget how their faces were red as cherry tomatoes and they both kept flicking anxious glances over to him.

It wasn’t like they cared much, nobody really did, but it was still a compromising position.

It was finally college, the last night the Losers would be spending together, all together at least, until they left Derry and by extension, each other. It wasn’t all bad, Bill, Stan, and Mike managed to get accepted into the same college, which was only fourty miles away from Beverly’s and fifty away from Ben’s. Richie and Eddie had also managed to get into the ssme college, but it was a whole different state away from the other’s.

They’d all decided to get drunk and play seven minutes in heaven in Ben’s closet. All night, Eddie had noticed the Losers were acting sort of strange, all except Richie. He tried to tell himself it was just because they were drunk or upset because of college. He didn’t either of those excuses.

The way they played the game, it was sort of a mix between spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven.

Whoever the bottle landed on was who you had to go into the closet with. Eddie had at first landed on a drunken Bill, who spent their whole seven minutes gushing about Stan’s face.

A few other turns passed, and then it was Richie’s turn. And he landed on Eddie. Eddie held his breath as Richie guided them into the closet and slammed the door shut.

They both just stared at each other for a few soul-crushing minutes. And then Richie spoke up.

“Well come on, Eds. It’s seven minutes in heaven. I thought you’d be all over this.” Richie gestured obscenely. Eddie rolled his eyes.

“Beep beep, Trashmouth.” But it wasn’t said with the usual annoyance, because suddenly Richie was coming towards him, and he intertwined their fingers together, slowly pushing Eddie towards the wall.

Eddie’s heart was racing so fast he was sure Richie could sense it.

“This is fine,” He muttered, because he did that a lot, tried to convince himself that things were alright when he was on the verge of screaming with emotion. He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, though, and Richie took it as the go-ahead to press his lips against Eddie’s.

The kiss was soft, his lips were chapped, but warm and gentle. He didn’t try to force his tongue down his throat, the way Eddie’s mother had always told him kisses were.

It was just… innocent. Everything was quiet around them, it was dark, but everything felt like it was glowing around him. Richie bit Eddie’s lips softly, their breaths becoming the only sound in the room. He picked Eddie up by his thighs and Eddie wrapped his arms around Richie, tilting his head back to deepen the kiss, because that was what they wanted.

They just kept kissing, coming up for air every once in a while, but not talking. Not ever talking. It had obviously been way longer than seven minutes and Eddie wasn’t even sure if the Losers were out there anymore. So that had been their plan, try to get them drunk and making out. It’d worked.

They didn’t want to talk about what happened, and when Richie looked, they’d been in the closet for a whole twenty minutes. None of the Losers commented on their messy hair, or the hickey on Eddie’s collarbone.

The Losers knew how to get them together better than they did.

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If your ask box is still open what about damien having to deal with the aftermath of a broken hearted son?

Damien is relieved when he hears the sound of the car pulling up in the driveway. It’s a bit later than the curfew he set for Lucien, and he’s prepared to lecture him sternly for making him worried as soon as he walks through the door. He waits on the couch, posed perfectly to make the ideal ‘strict father’ facade that he hopes will make Lucien respect his authority a little bit more.

And he waits.

And keeps waiting.

It takes ten minutes for Damien to realize that none of the doors in the house had opened, and unless Lucien planned on trying to sneak into his room (unsuccessful for the first time) he’s still outside. Probably trying to prepare his excuses-but not tonight. Damien’s actually mad this time, and he won’t let Lucien continue to walk all over him.

Throwing his cloak over his shoulders, Damien stands and marches straight out the door. Sure enough, his car is parked in the driveway, and with it, he can make out Lucien’s form in the driver’s seat, sitting in the dark.

Damien is about to approach and give the teen what’s what when he realizes he’s completely hunched over in his seat. And visibly shaking. And if he were closer, Damien’s sure he would hear the rare sound of his son crying.

He returns inside without a second thought.

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Play Date | Enoch O’Connor X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

A/N: I’m kind of busy with school these days, so I decided to post something short that I wrote during my classes.

Characters: movie!Enoch/fem!reader, Millard, Hugh.

Warnings: has a very subtle mention of sexual stuff

Word Count: 1039 words.

(Y/N) snuggled her head against the pillow when she felt herself start to Wake up, slowly opening her eyes, seeing herself in bed. The girl frowned before finally yawning, finally sitting down. She managed to get a better view of the room, seeing Enoch sitting at his desk while doing something on his dolls, without looking up at the girl. (Y/N) cleared her throat loudly to try to catch his attention, which didn’t seem to have worked, since he didn’t react at all.

“Good Morning.” she said, trying to get his attention once more.

“Morning” he murmured, still looking closely at what he was doing.

(Y/N) watched him for another few seconds, waiting for him to stop to talk to her, which didn’t happen, making her feel frustrated. She glanced quickly across the floor of the room.

“Where are they?” she asked, searching the covers.

“They what?”

“My clothes.”

“I don’t know.” he shrugged. “They’re yours, aren’t they?”

(Y/N) grimaced, but she didn’t have much time to feel affected by the boy’s words since she was already looking for her clothes again, which she found under the bed. The girl dressed them quickly, returning to sit on the bed and looking at Enoch, hoping he would show a little interest in her. Nothing.

(Y/N) stood up, walking slowly around the room. “I think I’ll be going.” Enoch had responded with a murmur of agreement, making her growl low, feeling her heart ache lightly and walking toward the door, stopping when she reached it and turning to the boy when he spoke again.

“The others are going to go out for that walk in the afternoon, wouldn’t you like to pay me a visit during this?” he hadn’t even looked up at her.

“Are you kidding me?” her voice rose, and (Y/N) was almost sure it was the loudly she had ever spoken in Enoch’s presence ever since they met. That finally seemed to have caught his attention. “I really tried, Enoch. I like you and you know it.” she moved closer to his desk, leaning toward him. "And it’s not cool the way you’ve been playing with me. Sweet at night and an asshole in the morning. Either you start to treat me the right way or I’m going to get out of that door and never come back!”

The boy stared at her for a few more seconds, opening his mouth slightly, seeming to decide carefully what his next words would be. “Close the door when you leave.” he said, looking back at his doll.

(Y/N) stared at him for a few seconds, not sure how to react. He had just rejected her in her face. She had thought that if she called his attention to this issue, he would make an effort to fix things up. It seemed she was wrong.

The words continued to haunt her for the rest of the morning while she was outside, leaning against a tree, watching the other children have fun together. What the hell was that boy’s problem? Images from the night before began to go through her head.

How much Enoch had made sure to be kind to her. How his hands alternated between holding firmly around her hips and stroking them when he knew he was being too rough. His lips kissing her all over lovingly, making her feel beautiful, loved. How Enoch seemed to care as much about her pleasure as his. Or his husky voice moaning her name as he neared his climax. How he had held her close to him after they had finished, a rare little smile on his lips.

So why couldn’t he continue the same way the next morning? Why did he seem to care about her in one moment and not anymore right after?

(Y/N) frowned, her eyes unconsciously searching for the boy’s window. Enoch stood there, looking directly at her. His expression showed discomfort and indecision. His eyes lowered before he looked at her one last time and close the curtain.

The girl sighed, leaning more against the tree, watching Hugh and Millard as they played ball, complaining to each other that they were cheating. Suddenly, a movement near the door of the house caught her attention. Enoch was going outside, which wasn’t exactly usual for him. (Y/N) looked away, watching the other two boys playing, pretending not to notice the O'Connor boy heading toward her. But that made it difficult when he sat next to her.

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes, the two sitting side by side in a silence that was, in a way, comforting. (Y/N) felt Enoch’s finger brushing against hers, sending chills all over her body. He slowly and gently took her hand in his, awkwardly entwining their fingers.

"I didn’t mean-” he started, making her turn her head to him. “I’m not good at it-“ the boy seemed to be struggling with his words. "I’m sorry, I-” Enoch took a deep breath, looking directly at her. “I like you, (Y/N). I really do.” an involuntary smile appeared on her face. "I’m just not used to it yet.”

(Y/N) nodded slightly at him, squeezing his hand. "You’ll try to be nicer, won’t you?”

Enoch gave her a little smile, nodding. “If you allow me.”

Her smile widened, giving the answer the boy needed. He moved his hand away from hers, hesitantly wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. (Y/N) leaned her head on Enoch’s shoulder.

“Oh, would you look at that.” Hugh’s voice was heard, making the couple notice that they were being watched by him and Millard.

“Get out of here, will you?” Enoch murmured against her hair.

“Just don’t snog in public, please.” Millard warned before he and Hugh left to continue playing, and though he couldn’t be seen, it was clear that he had a smirk on his face.

As if only for the boy to have said it and for Enoch’s need to not to follow what the invisible boy said, Enoch lifted (Y/N)’s chin gently, pressing his lips against hers several times, in passionate kisses, he pressing his forehead against hers. “So you’re going to stay here while the others are on the walk?”


the importance of knocking

for day 19 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: a clean 500

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

agatha finds out about snowbaz

a/n: sometimes ur ocd brain decides something has to be -exactly- 500 words, and sometimes you have an amazing beta like @cherryonsimon who goes along with it 💜


I’d told Simon it was a bad idea not to tell Agatha about him and Baz, but did he listen? Of course not, because then my life would be simple; and when do I ever get the luxury of a simple life? We’ve been living with the Normals for about six months now and I still haven’t experienced this peace and quiet people are always on about.

Between the time the goblins decided to try and take Simon out once and for all (they naively assumed he was powerless without his magic; he proved them wrong) and the time our washing machine caught fire–not to mention all the times I’ve walked into the flat to Baz and Simon on the couch in various states of undress–I’m about ready to take Micah up on his offer to move to Chicago.

I’d never do that to Simon though. As crazy as he makes me, he’s still my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him constantly right there in it. Which is why I’m going along with his mad plan to hide his relationship from his ex-girlfriend.

Fuck a nine-toed troll, this is a terrible idea.

I know Baz is just going along with it for Simon’s sake. He’s probably dying to rub this in Agatha’s face. Actually, I know he’s dying to rub this in Agatha’s face. Apparently I’m close enough to Baz now that I know things about him–which makes sense, considering he’s over here so often I’m considering making him help pay rent. (It’s not like he couldn’t afford it.)

I let myself and Agatha into the flat, stepping aside to let her set her suitcase by the couch. I don’t miss her subtle scan of the room and even I can feel the awkwardness in the air. Simon, I think, where are you?

“Would you like some tea?”

She nods. “That’d be great, Penelope. Thank you.”

I head to the kitchen and I’m just turning the kettle on when I hear Agatha call, “I’m going to wake Simon up!”

“Agatha, wait!” I call, but it’s too late. She’s pushing open the door and running inside the room and making as much noise as she possibly can.

“Wake up, Simon!” I hear her shout and I get to the room just in time to watch Baz sit up, looking half-dead with sleep, and blink at her.

“What the fuck, Wellbelove,” he mutters in an attempt to sound menacing. (It’s hard to sound menacing when you’ve first woken up, I imagine.)

Agatha isn’t saying anything and she continues to state silently at Baz in Simon’s bed until I hear her squeak. Simon’s sat up now and he’s leaning against Baz. He obviously hasn’t registered Agatha’s presence in the room, judging by his current position, so I clear my throat. Loudly.

Simon jumps.

“Oh…Hey, Agatha,” he says, eyes darting around nervously, “did Penny not mention that Baz and I are together?”

Nicks and Slick, I could throttle him.

first light

based on hotarubi no mori e (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader, taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and (mainly) angst
word count: 24.843
warnings: none

“Have you ever felt like the world is too loud sometimes?”

“No. For me it’s always quiet.”


The soft crackle of the fire is the only sound breaking the deep silence. It smoothly cuts through the murky atmosphere of the night, and the sight of its origins is just as mesmerizing: waves of blazing fire helplessly reach out towards the sky, weak and strong, the flames rising aimlessly as they sway amongst the smoke.

Sitting there, alone and surrounded by trees and the calming waves of the bonfire, is numbing enough to make time still. The temperatures are low enough for a crisp breeze to tickle your cheeks, seeping through the layers of your clothes as your hands seek for warmth against each other. You can almost pretend you’re completely on your own, that voices are not coming closer and that the sound of hearty laughter isn’t overpowering the eerie quietness of nature.

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