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Overwatch Fic: Song of Hearts (aka Octosiren) chapter 1
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HERE IT IS. It ended up being pretty long, so I’m breaking it up into 5 chapters and I’ll post one a day till it’s all up.

Tags & Warnings (for the whole fic): Fantasy AU, Tentacles, Sirens, Octosiren Gabriel, Fluff, Double Penetration, Semi-Public Sex, Consensual Somnophilia, Oviposition, Mpreg, this fic is basically just weird smut and aesthetic

“I see hearts. I sing people their deepest desires. You, for example.” Gabriel rolls his head to the side, damp curls bouncing over his eyes as he looks up at Jack. “You’re an adventurer. You want a new challenge, a frontier to try yourself against.” He reaches up one dark-clawed hand to trace it down Jack’s face. He’s as mysterious and mesmerizing as any of his promises, and Jack doesn’t pull away. 

romephantom  asked:

Imagine Erik after being shown real affection. Imagine him, once finally alone, his hands clawing down the sides of his face in frustration and confusion. Erik growing angrier, throwing things, growling, all because he's so confused and can't find the answer. Imagine his anger dying down, and him crashing to the floor, sobbing so hard that he feels as if his stomach is going to heave itself up. He would think it over, not sure if he should be glad or confused. He doesn't understand. He can't.

I’m going to sue you

Assumptions (rp)

Anti was upset. He was often left alone in his mind space with nothing to entertain him but his powers. But once Scerd came along, he no longer just depended on his powers. They became his everything and he looked forward to their visits every single day. They made everything that much better.

But lately, they hadn’t been visiting. It had been several days now that they hadn’t come to see Anti and his mind was beginning to assume the worst. He was convinced that they didn’t want to see him anymore.

“They must not love me anymore… A demon like me…” He muttered to himself as he sad, drenched in darkness. “Stupid. I was stupid. How could I let this happen… They probably found someone else. Someone better,” Anti brought his hands down in front of his face. His claws were out as he was gripping at his hair before. He looked at them in disgust. “Someone that isn’t me…”


a. i love liz’s reaction to finding out she’s comstock’s like. WELL I WANT A PUPPY. slay me birb daughter

Kinktober Fic Challenge Day 27: Tentacles

Overwatch, Reaper76, Siren AU

Gabriel is a siren, and Jack is reckless in the face of adventure.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled tentacle fic.  Full disclosure: this was supposed to be oviposition, but the fic got too long and so now you get tentacles in the first half and ovi in the second half, which if I manage to get back on schedule will be posted tonight.  Pray for me.

I was literally trying to break my record for the most sordid thing I’ve ever written, and yet this is the most elegant freaking tentacle sex, you guys.  I don’t even know how this happens to me.


Jack once knew a sailor who liked to read too many books and who threatened to start calling Jack ‘Odysseus’ for the creative way he captained a ship.  Jack is now forced to concede that he might have had a point.  Everyone knows there are powers in the world not to be fucked with, but here he is, face to face with a siren, and he’s just as fascinating and dangerous as the legends say.  

“Is it true your song is irresistible?” Jack asks the creature.  He’s draped, octopus-like appendages of his lower body trailing in the water and twitching lazily, across the rocks that line the point where Jack had been stretching his legs when they encountered each other.

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Maui had a pocky stick, beckoning for the crab to come closer to the chocolate covered biscuit stick. The smug Demigod wiggled his eyebrows with a cheeky grin. The treat was held loosely between his lips. "Wanna bite, baby?" -askademi-guy

“Oh look! IT’S back!”

A claw swung down, back-handing the pocky right out of Maui’s face.

“What? Didn’t get enough of a verbal thrashing last time around?”

The Last Lie ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

“Last lie someone told you, that you think they told you?”

A/N:…I’m not sure why lies seem to be such a prominent theme when it comes to these two and my writing, but here we are lol. AGAIN. I just can’t seem to escape it!

I was inspired to write this fic much like how I was for my previous piece. Once again, Jen decided to tear my heart out in an interview. And once again x2, I decided to try and patch up the lovely hole she left haha.

Don’t like something? Fix it with writing. Best method honestly.

But I hope you all like it, and without further adooooo…

The Last Lie

Me and my stupid mouth. Why the hell did I have to dredge up that hurtful memory again. Sure, it was always aching in the back of my mind, but now it’s sitting tight as a prominent thorn.

I shiver despite being in a warm hotel bed, balling the blanket up in my fists and willing the tears not to come.

Why is it hard. Why is it painful.

Why is it so fucking painful.

Guess those are hypothetical questions, as the answer sticks out to me as beacon amidst the glassiness of my eyes.

Because it’s never supposed to be easy.

Because it’s love.

…Maybe. Come to think of it, I don’t know what the fuck it is. We’ve been through so many peaks and valleys with one another that I’m surprised we’re not entirely worn down, surprised we’re not sick of each other.

Or we very well could be. Every time I think we’re taking a step forward, we end up taking two steps back. Every time one of us has seemed ready to commit, we flee away and leave the other in the dark.

And it’s been a constant, repeating cycle throughout the years. Over and over and over. Perhaps our gears have finally grinded down to the point of no return after multiple failures.

We’re not going to happen. We’re never going to happen.

Moisture releases in streams as the glass shatters. My eyes shut tightly away from view, fighting back the sobs to the best of my ability. I don’t need to be crying over this. I’m better than this.

But I guess he’s the exception. I guess he’s my utmost weakness.

I stifle a hiccuping-breath. I don’t understand. We’ve hurt each other multiple times. We’ve backed away from the situation in fear. We’ve fucked up time after time.

There should be no reason that I’m still in love with Josh fucking Hutcherson.

But here I am.

I love him.

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61. “Please, just don’t hurt her” Liam Dunbar

Liam groaned, shaking his head. His face hurt, his back hurt, all of him hurt. What happened?

“Good, you’re finally awake.” A man’s voice echoed across the room.

Liam’s head snapped up, and he jerked his wrists, looking down to see them chained to a chair. He was in some sort of warehouse. He looked up with wide eyes to see a man in all black studying him quizzically, his hands folded in front of him. He stared at the man in confusion.

“Who are you?” Liam groaned. “Where am I?”

The man crossed his arms “My associates picked you up last night in the woods.”

“The woods?” Liam’s head felt fuzzy. Why was he in the woods? Was he with someone?

“My men picked up you and your little girlfriend in a clearing by the waterfall.”

Liam froze as everything came back to him in a flash.

“Come on.” Liam tugged on your arm, pulling you deeper into the woods. “It’s not much further I promise.”

“Liam,” you whined, pulling him back, “I don’t have super werewolf powers. I can’t see, I’m cold, and it smells like worms.”

Liam laughed, pulling you closer and tucking you under his jacket. “Better?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “So, where are we going?”

He stopped walking and pointed in front of you. “Here. Happy birthday.”

“Oh my god.” Your eyes widened and he smiled, watching your face light up. “Liam, it’s beautiful.”

You stared with wide eyes at the glittering lights draped from the tree branches, illuminating the small picnic.

“So you really like it?” He asked nervously. He wanted it to be perfect.

“Yeah, it’s perfect!” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he melted a little into your touch. “You’re the best friend ever Liam.”

He sighed, dropping his head onto your shoulder. Yeah, best friend. Some best friend he was, lying to you, keeping things from you. But he was going to make it right. Tonight he was going to tell you everything.

“Listen, (Y/N),” he pulled back, scratching the back of his head nervously. “There’s something I need to– did you hear that?”

You frowned and opened your mouth, and Liam held up a hand, tilting his head to the side. There it was again. Leaves rustling, a branch snapping under foot. The click of a gun being armed. He grabbed your arm, pulling you behind him.

“Liam?” You asked quietly. “What is it?”

“Shh.” He kept his hand on your arm, eyes darting around the dark woods. “Just stay behind me okay?”

“What’s going on?” You breathed, taking a small step forward so you were pressed against his back. You could sense his tension and knew, on some base level, that something dangerous was nearby.

“It’s gonna be okay. I’ll protect you.” Liam promised, turning to look at your terrified face. “And I’m going to explain everything I promise.”

“Okay.” You nodded, taking a shaky breath.

The two of you stood still for what felt like hours, but couldn’t have been more then a few seconds, listening desperately for any sounds that shouldn’t be there. They heard nothing.

You tapped on Liam’s back. “Are they–”

An arrow flew into the tree beside you, exploding in a blinding flash of light. Liam shouted in surprise, stumbling back. Your hand slipped out of his and he looked around frantically. The flash left him almost blind, and he couldn’t find you.

Something slammed into his back and sent him crashing to the ground. He felt something sharp press against his neck and growled, throwing his weight to the side and scrambling back to his feet. He blinked the spots out of his vision just as the darkly clothed man lunged at him again, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Liam felt his claws and fangs slip out and he growled, struggling to push the older man off him. Something sharp slashed across his arm and he felt hot blood but ignored it, dragging a clawed hand down his attacker’s face. The man snarled and lifted a knife over his head, aimed for Liam’s heart.

Liam’s eyes widened and he grabbed the man’s wrist, trying to keep the knife away from him. With a crack the man slumped to the side, unconscious, and Liam looked up with wide eyes to see you standing over him with a large branch.

“What’s happening?” You breathed, staring at the unconscious man at your feet with wide eyes.

“You just saved my life.” Liam gawked at you. “God you are absolutely perfect.”

He pushed himself to his feet and grabbed your arm, pulling you back the way you had come. “We need to get out of here alright? There might be more of them.”

You dug your feet in and shook your head. “More of who?” You cried, sounding a little hysterical. “What is going on? Who was that? What happened to you?”

Liam winced. He hadn’t wanted to tell you like this. “I’ll explain everything as soon as we’re safe okay?”

You stayed rooted in place, looking torn.

“(Y/N), please.” Liam pleaded. “It’s not safe here. I’ll tell you everything I promise. Just let me get you somewhere safe.”

“Okay.” You nodded, and he grabbed your hand, pulling you through the woods.

You reached the edge of the woods and Liam dug into his pockets, searching frantically for the car keys. He yanked them out and unlocked the doors to his dad’s car, nudging you towards the passenger side before running around to the drivers side.

“Listen, I’m going to take us to my friend’s house okay? We’ll be safe there.” Liam pulled the door open, waiting for your reply. “(Y/N)?”


He looked up in surprise to see you rubbing your neck, looking confused. You swayed a little on your feet.

“Liam, I don’t feel so…” Your eyes rolled back in your head and you collapsed.

“(Y/N)!” Liam took a step forward and something slammed into the back of his head. The world went dark. 

Liam stared at the man with wide eyes, fear settling like a stone in his stomach. “Where is she?”

“Your friend?” The man raised an eyebrow and looked over at the door on the far wall. “She’s in the other room with a couple of my men.”

Liam jerked at the chains around his wrists again, but he was stuck fast. “If you hurt her,” he growled, glaring at the other man.

The man laughed. “You’re in no position to threaten me. And she’s in no danger, so long as you cooperate.”

Liam frowned, looking around the warehouse again. It was empty, except for a couple crates against the far wall and some chain at hanging from the ceiling. At a second glance he noticed a large pile of weapons by the door. He guessed that the man in front of him had to be a hunter, and that there were probably more around.

“What do you want?” He asked, looking at the other man.

“I want you to tell me about Scott McCall and his pack.” The man said simply.

Liam shook his head. He wouldn’t betray Scott, he would never betray his alpha or his friends.

The man’s fist flew forward and connected with his face, sending pain  exploding across his jaw. His head snapped to the side and he groaned, tasting blood in his mouth.

“Try again.” The man said, an edge to his voice.

Liam shook his head again, dropping his gaze and turning his head to the side. This time the man’s fist connected with his stomach and he bent forward, gasping. A fist slammed into his jaw again and spots danced across his vision.

“One more time.” The man grabbed his chin and lifted his head up, forcing Liam to look at him. “Tell me about Scott McCall and his pack.”

Liam glared and shook his head. “Screw you.”

This time the fist connected with his eye and something sharp, the man’s ring, sliced his cheek, sending blood rolling down his face.

“Bring her in.” The man called.

The door across the room opened and two hunters walked in, dragging a struggling figure between them.

“Liam.” You whimpered, trying to pull your arms free. “What’s happening?”

“It’s okay, you’re going to be okay.” He tried to sound as reassuring as possible, struggling against the chains again.

“No she’s not.” The man shook his head, walking slowly towards you.  

Your eyes widened and you tried to take a step back, away from him, but the men on either side of you tightened their grips on your arms. You shot Liam a desperate look as the man stopped right in front of you. He grabbed your chin and you winced, flinching backwards.

“Liam,” the man ran a hand down your cheek and you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut. “I don’t want to have to hurt her, but I will if you don’t give me what you want.”

“No don’t.” Liam begged. “I thought you were supposed to protect people.”

“We are.” The man nodded. “And destroying your pack does that. If we need to harm one human girl in the process that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

“Liam.” You sobbed, tears sliding out the corners of your closed eyes.

“Hey, hey it’s okay (Y/N), I’m gonna make sure you’re okay alright?” Liam promised. He would rather die then see someone hurt you.

“How do you plan on doing that?” The man asked. “If you tell me what I want to know I won’t have to hurt her.”

Liam opened his mouth, torn between his loyalty to his alpha and his need to protect the girl he loved.

“What about you darling?” The man turned to look at you, and you shrunk back. “What do you know about Scott McCall and his pack?”

You stared at him for a second before shaking your head. “If he’s not going to tell you then neither am I.”

The back of the man’s hand connected with your cheek and your head snapped to the side. The men holding your arms let go, giving you a hard shove. You landed on your hands and knees with a gasp, and the man’s foot connected with your stomach, making you roll onto your side.

“No stop!” Liam shouted, jerking against the chains. “Stop it! Stop hurting her!”

“Tell me what I want to know and I will.” The man said, turning to look at him.

“I can’t!” Liam explained desperately. “Even if I wanted to, I can’t. A beta can’t betray their alpha.”

“Maybe they can with the proper motivation.”

The man pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger before Liam could blink. You screamed as the bullet ripped into your thigh, tears streaming down your face as you curled into a protective ball on the floor. You whimpered when one of the hunters who dragged you in started slamming his foot into your back and stomach repeatedly.

“Stop it!” Liam screamed, struggling violently against the chains. “Fine! Fine I’ll tell you! Just stop it please!”

The man held up a hand, and the other hunter backed off. Liam studied his face, because he wanted to remember it for when he got free. He wanted to kill him.

“Please, just don’t hurt her.” He begged. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, just promise you won’t hurt her.”

“Deal.” The man nodded. “Now tell me everything about Scott McCall and his pack.”

Oh my god, I loved this one so much. Anon, I love you for requesting this. I’m thinking of writing a part 2. Would you guys like that? Message me and let me know, And feel free to send me requests. I’m almost done the ones I have. Enjoy!

Only the Best for You

Summary: Dan is nervous, and he can’t stop fidgeting and sweating. But he supposes it’s all part of the nerves that come from marrying your best friend of ten years.

A/N: Fluff, joy, and anything you have wanted to prepare yourself for the October shit storm. 

Word Count: 4,107

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Dan bounced his leg up and down, biting his lower lip as he looked in the mirror in front of him. Dressed in all black and white, he was sweating buckets, and he hadn’t even gotten to the hardest part of his day yet.

Today was finally it. Today was the day Dan was marrying Phil, the man he’s lived with for nearly seven years, the one he’s loved for more. Really, he shouldn’t be nervous. It was Phil. He’s known him for years and years, knows he has nothing to be fearful about. So why can’t he stop fidgeting? He was marrying his best friend. His partner. His love. Phil was the one who proposed to him, anyhow. At least Dan didn’t have to experience the nerves of that.

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WC: 622

Rating: M

Warnings: Gore, major character death

Fairy Tail Angst Week - Day Four: Smothered

Happy Angst Week! This is a day early, but I know I’d probably forget to post it tomorrow, so I’m putting it out now. I love all the theories about how E.N.D. will appear, so here’s mine. There’s also some Nalu if you squint.

There was too much blood.

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Dean didn’t notice he was twitching until Roman called him out on it.
‘Wanna ditch and hit the club now?’ His best friend had joked, nudging his elbow into his arm.
Dean laughed it off, hitting Roman back playfully.
“Nah, man. C’mon. You gotta admit that theme is pretty catchy. I mean, who wouldn’t dance to it?”
‘Yeah… But no one can dance to that song like Naomi can.’ Roman responded, tilting his head over to the screen that displayed the current dancing Diva.

Dean’s attention was brought to the large monitor, or more importantly, the girl inside the screen. Every jiggle and gyration, each fluid body roll and flip she did, Dean’s eyes followed. His body began to move once more without his permission and he unconsciously licked his lips. He wanted to be out there. He wanted to dance with Naomi, feel the motion move through her body with his own hands.

This wasn’t the first time he’s had these feelings and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. Dean made sure he watched every match Naomi had, at first, just to watch which moves she’d break out, wrestling or dancing wise, she was too impressive not to watch. Then, slowly but surely, he watched like a person who didn’t have the balls to say how they felt to their crush. A stalker, would be a better word for someone like him.
His fingers tapped rapidly on top of each other and he caught his bottom lip between his teeth, as his shoulders moved in time to the music, his eyes seeming as if they could never leave the screen.

‘Dean.’ He heard a deep voice interrupting his dirty thoughts. Dean looked over at his best friend and his movements began to slow at the look on Roman’s face. That pity face he wore whenever they’d watch Naomi. Dean hated it so much, because he knew. He knew it. They both knew the horrible truth.

“Shut up.”
‘But you know you can’t-‘
“I said shut up, Roman. I know the issue.”
‘Really? Cuz I don’t think your dick got the memo.’
Dean looked down and sure enough he was at attention. He scowled and adjusted his pants.
‘She’s married, Dean.’
“Coulda sworn I told you to shut the fuck up.” He growled, turning his back to his former Shield partner and walking away.

He wasn’t in the mood for another “She’s married and in love and you two are never going to happen” speech from Roman again.
Like Dean didn’t know that already. Yeah, because he actually wanted the fucking heartbreaking fact that he could never have the woman he fell in love with. At least the thought willed away his arousal.

He clawed his hand messily down his face, groaning and growling at his situation. First, his best friend’s betrayal and now this. He just couldn’t catch a break. Really. He couldn’t catch a break, because in his tortured thinking, his body had led him towards the room that held the entrance to the arena, or the real problem, Naomi. She was going to walk through the curtain in a matter of seconds and Dean didn’t even realize it.


Shego is the best villain in Kim Possible because she can’t resist making all the villains she encounters into better villains and also giving them rad green and black outfits i love her

Will’s POV- Saving Nico (OatS)

Someone wanted WIll’s pov when he had to see Nico get tortured in front of him. I apologize for the lackadaisical writing tonight, I’m still woozy fromt he car ride, I’m exhausted from all the walking and interaction, and I have this annoying headache. 

May or may not rewrite this for better description idk. 

Nico had shifted his gaze away from Will. He hissed at the imp in front of him, baring long, sharp, thin fangs that made Will’s body tense immediately and automatically. Beside him, Cecil and Lou Ellen were crouched waiting for a command.

Nico moved with lightning speed, tripping an imp, wrestling a fairy- both in the air and on the ground as he went with her momentum- and throwing her after managing to duck a hit, and suddenly he was up in a tree scowling and staring at everyone with his frightening snake eyes.

Get down from the tree you idiot, let me get you out of here, Will thought. Instead he stared up at where Nico was perched and followed his murderous gaze to the witch. Suddenly, Nico had jumped from the tree. Will wanted to intercede and take him away then and there, but an imp beat him to it, using his flight ability to snatch Nico mid-jump.

Will watched as Nico hit a tree and black blood covered the trunk. Lou Ellen growled and started to step forward but Will turned his head to her and growled. She remained in her place her eyes shooting angry daggers at the alpha wolf. It took all of Will’s restraint not to tear the imp away from Nico when it clawed into him, tearing the jacket to shreds and extracting more venomous, black blood.

Nico managed to push him away too, but even Will could tell he was getting tired. He was still fast, still strong, but he was slower than he had been at first. Of course, being his stupid stubborn self, he kept fighting. He clawed out at Mystics and threw them aside like rag doll’s his expression angry and vicious.

Finally, Will stepped in front of him. Cut it out! Would you stay still for two seconds? Will wanted to shout at him. Nico’s entire body seemed to freeze at the sight of him. His eyes went back to normal, widening in what seemed to be fear. He took a step back and shook his head. “I won’t fight you, Will. Please don’t do this,” he said. Will felt his heart beat faster and he growled at him. What an idiot. He noticed the others eyeing them warily and Will snapped his jaws at Nico lightly.

Still, Nico fell back, tripping over himself. He whispered Will’s name like a plea and Will tried to move forward to get him away from the others. Then another Mystic flashed in front of him, taking Nico with him. The shapeshifter, the deformed one.

They tumbled through the trees and around the ground, Nico clawing as viciously and anxiously as the shapeshifter was. Will watched as the shapeshifter’s hand, in the form of a claw, raked down Nico’s face, drawing blood as black as his hair. Nico yelled and threw him off, standing tiredly, staring in disgust at the shapeshifter.

Then the witch’s ropes whipped through the air and hit his back, sizzling through the leather and down to his skin. Nico let out a horrible guttural scream that felt like a knife through Will’s body. Cecil and Lou Ellen both began to bark angrily until Will silenced them both with the snap of his jaws.

These two would give it away before Will managed to free Nico if they kept up the way they did. Nico shook only slightly on the ground as the ropes wrapped around his wrists and yanked him back. They witch had doused them in holy water, no doubt. It seemed to be her favorite weapon. Nico was yanked back and Will moved forward, his entire body arched and tense.

Taking a fistful of his midnight hair, the witch pulled him off the ground and ran a finger across his face mockingly. “That’s enough,” she ordered. “I gave him to the wolf. This one is his to finish off. Thought you did well to tire him out. Just for extra measure, however….” She pulled the ropes taught and they sizzled against Nico’s skin, burning their way through. Nico let out a misery filled sound and Will began to bark, Cecil and Lou Ellen snarling and growling beside him. “No need to worry,” the witch said, misinterpreting. “There’s plenty left to kill.”

Nico already looked half dead. He was shaking and weak and tired and Will just wanted to take him away, far away from here.

Then he realized the witch was unscrewing another bottle. Its contents were thrown onto Nico and he fell forward, writhing on the floor, screaming bloody murder. The sounds made Will snarl and he gave up on his cover. He had promised to protect Nico, and that instinct had been rooted in him ever since. Now, it seemed to flare, and his body moved before he could tell himself to. He pounced onto Nico lightly and barked at his wolves, throwing his head towards the witch and other Mystics. The light in their eyes returned and they pounced immediately.

Lou Ellen joyfully ripped the shapeshifter away from the tree and Cecil went for an imp guarding the witch. Meanwhile Nico was choking as he tried to say something. But Will carefully bit away the ropes at his hands to free him. He dipped down and sniffed, the scent of cologne filling his nose. He yipped softly, trying to let Nico know he was being careful.

You’ll be okay, Nico. I promise, he tried to tell him. His wolves fought with rage and fervor, their snarls strong and menacing. Meanwhile, Will gently took what was left of Nico’s jacket between his teeth and pulled him onto his crouched body. Finally understanding filled Nico’s eyes and he clambered onto Will’s back, limply lying there.

Once Nico was on him, he stood and gave a bark, commanding his wolves to keep fighting. They yipped and continued their battle with vigor as Will began to run. He had to go home. He had to get clothes, he had to heal Nico.

He reached his house and stopped in the backyard. Nico got off, and he laid on the floor, unable to move. Quickly, Will went upstairs to change before returning to Nico’s side. He looked horrible- his face was coated in dirt and black blood, the scratches no longer open, but red against his skin, and the burns of the holy water that coated him. His clothes were in tatters. His wrists had thick red lines around them from the whip which looked painful and deep. “Stupid vampire,” Will told him, afraid he wouldn’t be able to fix him.

He pressed a hand to his side, causing him to hiss in pain. He shut his eyes and focused. He focused on the emotions Nico made him feel, on the urge to protect him that had made him act. He remembered his screams and the urge magnified, fueling his ability to heal him. Will could feel his eyes turn gold as his light infused Nico. Will could feel Nico’s wounds fading away. The whip’s cut and sears and lacerations closed and faded to light scars, the scratches went away, Nico’s breathing became stronger, normal rather than ragged and shaky.

Suddenly, Nico sat up and Will pulled his hand away. He slumped forward, exhausted from the energy it took to heal that level of injury on a vampire.

“Will,” Nico breathed. It sounded like music when his name fell from his lips. Will met his eyes, part of him tense, the other part trying not to fall apart in his arms. “What changed your mind? You were going to kill me, you-”

“No I wasn’t,” Will interrupted, wondering how Nico could be so stupid. He stood and pulled Nico up with him, his hand cold and familiar in Will’s. As much as Will wanted to explain, as much as he wanted nothing more than to kiss him and make up for all the weeks they were apart, for all the time he’d spent hating him, there were more pressing matters.

They needed to get to safety.

Guardian- Meddlesome Mabel

When summer came Pine Tree tried talked more and more to Bill.  Actively asking him for his advice on things like his mysteries.  He started spending most his time hidden away in his room with his books and Bill or in the forest with the same companions.

Bill was elated.  That curiosity and adventurous spark were what made the boy so interesting to him in the first place, and he hadn’t lost it.  No he still had them, now they were focused on Bill, right were they should be.  

Bill was so focused on his pet he neglected other things, other forces that might throw a wrench in his plans.

A worried twin sister for example.

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