The canon is so good. Adaptations really don’t do Holmes justice, for the most part. He’s such a sweet little twerp, so theatrical and playful and just. A delight. And so gentle and kind and affectionate with Watson. It’s really no wonder Watson fell pretty much instantly head over heels for him.

I’m Your Friend

Warning: abuse, violence, manipulation

“No!” There was a shudder, a violent twitch, before Anti took over, his black eyes glaring furiously at Dark. “I told you to stay away from him!”

“Calm down Anti, I wasn’t even doing anything,” Dark said, lifting his eyebrow at Anti’s behavior. “Just look at yourself. Do you see any injuries?”

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You know, I’m usually irritated by the amount of the female superhero show on my dash, but recently I’ve learned to find the silver lining and go with the glass half full kind of vibe so instead of getting pissy I now simply tell myself that my dash being overrun is just you guys reminding me that Katie McGrath still looks hella fine.

gag gifts

Fake vomit, plastic dog shit. She was studying the difference between being funny and simply saying mean things then laughing at them afterward. 

In clinical psychology the term projection was once commonly used to refer to the process whereby a person would “project” some trait or feeling they were uncomfortable with onto others and then describe it, both profusely and negatively. The psychologist’s role, in that scenario,was to recognize the displacement of the trait or more often, the feeling, onto someone else and to identify it as an avoidance tactic. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how this term fits into an exercise common in eastern practices whereby we look at the person who most “gets to us” or “hooks us” and we examine how the behavior we find unpleasant in them is really a reflection of something we do not like or have not accepted about ourselves. A way of twisting back into your own projections I guess. 

When you begin to toy with this, from all the angles, and all perspectives involved, there seem to be endless possible combinations and permutations…

For example, this list of things I’ve recently found myself wondering, if anyone has ever wanted, to scream at me:

  • “Thank god you are going to start therapy! Maybe we won’t have to listen to so much of your bullshit.” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “If you don’t shut up about yourself for half a second it would be obvious how unremarkably much you are just like everyone else.” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “Look around yourself for a second. Join the club called the rest of us. Oh and be quiet on your way to learn the secret handshake, eh?” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “You’re not that important!!” or
  • “Who cares!?!” or
  • “Defensive much?” or just simply…
  • “Sshhhhhush.” 

Not that I could ever imagine screaming them at anyone else or anything… not that there’s anyone in particular I want to scream them at right this second…

But now that I’ve typed them out, now that i see them in print. I’m betting the odds are pretty good that there’s someone already screaming them at me. Gag gifts: the thoughts we choke on, if we look too closely, at ourselves. For real. 

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i find it so f*cking funny(and by funny i mean f*cked up) that someone can get harassed and back about giving a black coded character (if you wanna call her an alien that doesn't follow human ethnicities fine but you can't argue she's black coded) actual black features and eventual have to delete the edits from all the back lash, but any time someone white wash her, lance, or hunk, all he sudden it's "their interpretation" or "the lighting in the art" like are you kidding me.

I just??hn?????????????????why are people That Way