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tbh? i'm offended by ur header. "okay, i'll go to hell!" you're trivializing the oppression of gay people by the church. the church reallyyyyy doesn't care about "nonbinary!!!" people. actually, no one is operessing you, but whatever. nowhere in the bible does it say "non binaries go to hell!!!" take down your header it is offensive to Horrible MonoGays such as myself.

It’s a quote from Huck Finn oh my god


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Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.

Match made in heaven.

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An actual adult decided to throw a tantrum because some candy scanned at $5 instead of $3.50. As soon as I told her the sale actually ended yesterday she’s like “THATS NOT MY FAULT!! THATS YOUR FAULT, THIS IS BULLSHIT!!” like chilllll why does she have to be so defensive 😂

“do u have anything better to do than pray for murdocs death” everyday i wakeup and immediately go to my I Hate Murdoc shrine and wish him death for 4 hours straight, then i go to my Murdoc Should Die club for 10 hours. then i sleep and dream of his death. so no i have nothing better to do

You are my River.
—  Matt Smith to Alex Kingston | Alex Kingston, Intervention Con, 2016