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tbh? i'm offended by ur header. "okay, i'll go to hell!" you're trivializing the oppression of gay people by the church. the church reallyyyyy doesn't care about "nonbinary!!!" people. actually, no one is operessing you, but whatever. nowhere in the bible does it say "non binaries go to hell!!!" take down your header it is offensive to Horrible MonoGays such as myself.

It’s a quote from Huck Finn oh my god


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“do u have anything better to do than pray for murdocs death” everyday i wakeup and immediately go to my I Hate Murdoc shrine and wish him death for 4 hours straight, then i go to my Murdoc Should Die club for 10 hours. then i sleep and dream of his death. so no i have nothing better to do

You are my River.
—  Matt Smith to Alex Kingston | Alex Kingston, Intervention Con, 2016
Monsta x as dj’s


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  • arrives at the place right on time
  • will come in carrying three speakers at once like how
  • follows schedules
  • plays a little bit of everything so everyone likes his sets
  • always plays requests for free
  • overall a quiet but nice dj


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  • here we go again
  • the bias
  • im about to get carried away
  • plays mostly at popular clubs
  • some people will come just for the view
  • but always end up being surprised at his talent
  • plays a lot of dance music
  • sometimes will go dance with the others because he likes a song too much
  • goes back to his dj booth pretending nothing happened afterwards
  • also free requests
  • if you win a dance battle you may even ask for two songs ooooooh
  • will take of his shirt mid set because its annoying
  • blows kisses to people who dance well because hes a precious flirt


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  • brings more snacks than equipment
  • gets the crowd pumped like hell
  • like ,ten seconds into his set and everyone is jumping around
  • will scream into the mix if it gets to calm and sometimes.. speakers break because of it
  • ‘’sometimes’
  • one time a month he will organize like a classics evening and then all the slightly older and really old people will come and be happy and all smiley because there is finally something to do for them 
  • im melting


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  • warning
  • dont ask for requests
  • all you will get is a resting bitch face
  • (well he always has that rbf but he actually enjoys being a dj)
  • but requests don’t happen that often because he plays music everyone likes
  • dances while playing music
  • when people notice they are quite…fascinated


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  • nobody knows how he became a dj
  • he doesn’t even enjoy it that much but it pays wel 
  • and its also very easy to sleep during work hours
  • lemme explainnnnn
  • has a set playlist on his computer
  • so he doesn’t have to do anything all evening
  • just places his computer on the dj booth , presses play and goes backstage to eat and sleep
  • sometimes accidentaly uses spotify so there will be random commercials during the set


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  • enjoys being a dj a hella lot
  • always has tons of fun
  • will sometimes put his own songs in his sets 
  • will play your request if you get him a drink
  • he likes to call that a win-win situation (sicheng where u at boi)
  • will rap along to the songs 
  • people get annoyed by it when his mic is on lmao
  • dances along behind his booth and will knock some speakers of his table once in a while 
  • once in a while

i.m what i am

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  • the most legit dj out of all
  • mostly plays like , chilllll music
  • everyone loves him tbh
  • let’s party baby
  • will be jaming out behind his booth
  • jooheon will often join him and vice versa
  • but when the both of them are in the booth there is no more chill music
  • then the party gets lit
  • rapbattles

I wrote this without any preparation or thinking or whatever but i quite like how it turned out, so here you guys go ! hope you enjoyed and requests are always welcome


x x Rosee

  • ARIES: 87% chill, the 13% is when it comes to competition lol
  • TAURUS: 50%, depends on the day
  • GEMINI: 150% soooo chilllll
  • CANCER: 36% also depends on the day
  • LEO: 97% pretty damn relaxed
  • VIRGO: 72% chill, if they're with friends they're slightly crazy
  • LIBRA: -67%
  • SCORPIO: 23% cos they can snap
  • SAGITTARIUS: 139% they're go with the flow
  • CAPRICORN: 58% depending on sugar levels
  • AQUARIUS: 45% they cray
  • PISCES: 1%