[chanting] one of us. one of us. one of us

Younger me: I’m straight

Guy: *shows interest in me*

Me: shit fuck nope not doing this shit not today

Younger but slightly older me: I’m gay

Cute girl: *is lookin like she bout to make a move on me*

Me: sHiT sHiT no I can’t do this wtf I gtg

Me later: But if I don’t want to be with girls… and I don’t want to be with guys… What Am I.

Ace/aro community: *slowly chanting* one of us. One Of Us. ONE OF US.

Yuuri at the ice rink in russia

victor: yuuri is going to be skating with us from now on make him feel welcomed!

mila, georgi and yuri: *looks at each other then back at yuuri*

mila, georgi and yuri: *fists raised chanting*

Victor: oh boy

mila, georgi and yuri: ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Elemental Hex

This hex is designed to break down your target, using each of the four elements and spirit. It’s very intense and extremely physical. As always, only use in desperate tines of need, and be cautious!

What you’ll need:
♠ One Chunk of Dried Dirt
♠ One Glass of Water
♠ One Match
♠ One Feather
♠ Scissors
♠ One Picture of the Target
♠One Jar with a Lid

Break the dirt to pieces in your hands, allowing it to fall into the jar. Use this chant:

“Like dirt your bones crumble in my palms!
I crush your strength to dust!”

Pour the water into the jar, saying this:

“Like water your blood spills between my fingers!
I drain you of your energy!”

Light the match and throw it into the jar, using this chant:

“Like a smoldering mat you burn at my hands!
I take away your passion!”

Cut the feather and place it in the jar. Say this:

“Like an injured feather you are destroyed with my scissors!
I lure away your hopes!”

Finally, crumple up the picture and recite this:

“Your spirit is muddled in my fist!
I dash your spirituality!”

Seal your jar and shake aggressively. Store somewhere safe where you can get to it if need be!

anonymous asked:

good fonts for a promo?

Pretty much any font could be used in my opinion, but here are some good ones!

CAPS NON CURSIVE FONTS (hint hint these look really good in italics):



You could also check our font tag for more ideas on what you could use! x

Black Water Curse

This is a curse designed to throw challenges and harm unto your target without them seeing it. Like someone scrambling around in black water, the dangers that lurk will be unsuspected. I hope you can get some use out of this!

What you’ll need:
♠ One Bowl of Water
♠ Black/Blue/Green Ink or Food Coloring (enough to make the water opaque)
♠ Nails, Pins, Nettles, etc.
♠ One Snake/Alligator/Monster Figurine or Drawing
♠ One Poppet (using a Popsicle stick with eyes and a mouth would work totally fine. Don’t stress on this)

Begin by dropping in your ink or food coloring. Use this chant as you mix it up:
“Dark as shadow, deep as black
I surround you with the unknown.”

Add the “challenges”, the nails, monsters, and such, and say this:
“May you be attacked, drowned,
And fall over each and every misplaced needle.”

Throw the poppet in, and place the bowl somewhere outside. The curse will end when rain dilutes it enough to make the water clearer, or when you dump out the contents.

The crystals gems standing in front of Steven’s bathroom where Peridot is sitting and having a personal crisis after what happened with YD, and the CG are just chanting: “One of us, one of us, one of us.” And Amethyst’s holding a spray paint can and a cardboard star, ready to strike the second Peri opens the door, to give her a star treatment.

- Anonymous

The ‘follow Lee Majdoub on twitter’ movement 2k15

Who’s Lee Majdoub?

Why should you follow him?

^^^ See that? Let’s get it to 5k guys (AT LEAST!). He deserves it for carrying on Hannah for us and finishing* Hannah’s storyline!!! Welcome him to the family <3

HE ALSO HAS A TUMBLR GUYS OMG HE’S ONE OF US (chants: one of us, one of us) http://leemajdoub.tumblr.com/