- 36 colors
- HQ textures
- hat category

credits: @newseasims​, @cazycx​, @pooklet.

I do not own these meshes. I simply edited them out of hairs and made into “hats”. I don’t use any ads in my downloads so I’m not making money off of anyone else’s work. I wanted to write this just in case. And also if you intend to recolor/retexture it, I ask you to not attach any ads in your download . Thank you and enjoy!


ChocolateMuffinTop’s Elixer Hair Recolored by SugarellaSims

Here is one of my favorite hairs by one of my favorite creators recolored in one of my favorite palettes!  

   ✿ 55 New Swatches (Thank you to @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions!)

   ✿ You need the mesh by @chocolatemuffintop for it to work, grab it here!

   ✿ Made with Sims4Studio

   ✿ This is my first published recolor so please let me know if you have any issues! 

SFS Download 

March 27th

it was a Sunday. his first birthday spent with friends. they played quidditch on the pitch with school brooms. Remus fell off the broom, and they spent the weekend in the infirmary with him.

it was a Monday. Remus was out sick, and Sirius was inspired to make a potion that would let them skip school too. they went swimming in the lake, harmless pox spots decorating their faces. Remus came back the next day, more ill than they had been by a mile.

it was a Tuesday. they tried to see how many peppermints they could fit in their mouths without any falling out, the reward being the first slice of cake. James lost by a wide margin, but they let him eat his cake first anyway.

it was a Wednesday. Sirius was in detention with him, but they found a way to make it a terrific birthday anyway. after all, what could be more fun than charming turtles to run faster than a cheetah, and then setting them free? besides, it let them out of a transfiguration activity the next day.

it was a Thursday. the first time James was able to change into a deer. Sirius had been shifting into a dog for weeks, and Peter would stay human for another month. James ran as fast as he could, across the grounds, around the castle, anywhere he could go. he felt free.

it was a Saturday. the newspaper that morning read news of battles and deaths. Sirius came back to the Gryffindor common room that night with four bottles of firewhiskey, and the girls got food from the elves. in the morning, a group of second years found them passed out in armchairs around the fire. 

it was a Sunday. he held Lily’s hand, and they didn’t care about a thing in the world, event the unopened wedding invitation in her room.

it was a Monday. no one could visit them, but Sirius called in through the floo fire. Lily baked him a cake, and ate half the batter in the process. he felt Harry kick for the first time.

it was a Tuesday. Harry grabbed the cat’s tail every time it ran by, and Lily took photos with her new camera. they all fell asleep on the couch together. Peter stopped by, with presents from everyone else.

it was a Thursday. the grave was silent. no one came by.


Emerson Eye Shadows V2

CAS categories : Eye Shadow

Created BY : ljp-sims-lovers

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