[calls 911]

  • Ravenclaw: I want takeout.
  • Slytherin: Me too... I'm not calling.
  • Ravenclaw: Me neither.
  • Slytherin: So now what?
  • Ravenclaw: We starve.
  • Gryffindor: You two are pathetic.

Today in North Seattle, a pregnant*, Black mother of four* was murdered by police in her home after calling 911 for help for a burglary in progress. Her name was Charleena Lyles. There is a vigil going on right now (6:15 PM PST) at Magnuson Park near the soccer fields. Please attend if you are in the area and available. Let me know if this post needs more/different tags. 

*info has been updated as more news is coming out


Yuri on Ice “With a WISH” Tuxedo Collaboration ★ Yuri Plisetsky
↳ See also: I’m dying and have ascended to a new atmosphere

  • <p> <b>Keith:</b> I'm not leading this fucking group without Shiro y'all can suck my dick if someone attacks you call 911 not my business lmao what is a voltron<p/><b>Lance:</b> Lead Voltron<p/><b>Keith:</b> Leading Voltron😳😮😲 me🙈🙊? Of course😍😍💯red🔴lion🐯?😩Don't know her😣😣we have to🤔believe👼🕊in ourselves😤✋👊that black⚫lion🐯better be👌🅱oneless👏👏<p/></p>

A man calls 911 and says in a soft voice, “I am currently sitting next to the little girl you are looking for. She is safe, for now, but if no one comes to get her quick enough, I will be forced to do something unspeakable to her kidnappers.”