[calls 911]

ATTENTION : people are attaching things like towels, shirts, etc.. to windshield wipers and then abducting them when they go out to take it off, if this happens to you the please please drive away and then call 911 when you are safe. Spread the word, good night, and good luck.

sunlit-serenade  asked:

i saw you reshare my post; listen here buddy you're the one that got me into this ship. i saw your blog and i was like "wow whos this??" and now im sucked in this is your fault. im calling the police. hello 911 ive been attacked

Oh yay ovo *claps* I caused a thing.

In my defense…. I blame Danny he’s a little sh** sooooo yeah get him.

Wait this is a Wes Blog only Danny is being shown here……

Much better

i literally hate how eric and dylan had to literally become reb and vodka its honestly really sad cause i think in a way reb and vodka were different people from who they actually were if that makes sense i think reb and vodka were their violent sides maybe their way of building a wall i mean shit i dont think they called each other by their names during the massacre im not for sure though cause i wasn’t there but i have heard a 911 call thats enhanced and you can hear them only call each other by those nick-names who knows i probably sound like a complete dumbass but just my thoughts i suck at explaining what im thinking ha


I was going to make this in story format but I liked the idea of a 911 call transcript more. And it’s a faster read so that’s a plus ;)

Btw I wrote “order class” when I meant order classification so don’t judge