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Jin wasn't even at his best game today, imagine him with middle parted hair a shirt that would have showed his beautiful neck and collar bone , pants as tight as nj's or yg his dangling earrings and all !! But he still managed to cuaght some attention for his visuals!

EYES CAN’T LIE no matter what he’s wearing he still caught people’s attention even trended as the third one from the ledt guy hAHAHAHAHAH IM STILL !!!!!! his visual is really no joke. i cant imagine if jin was dressed in his best yesterday, showing all the curves and shoulders and all pEOPLE WOULD DIE CALL 911 TO THE VENUE

MX when you're sick
  • Shownu: *overreacts and calls 911*
  • Wonho: *makes you hot tea and spoon feeds you soup*
  • Minhyuk: *sticks to your side like glue and gets sick a week later*
  • Kihyun: *sings you to sleep*
  • Hyungwon: *creates an FBI barrier and treats you like an unknown organism*
  • Jooheon: *puts on a bunch of Disney movies and cuddles with you*
  • I.M: *makes a pillow fort and protects the princess*
TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Speedballin'

This takes place at my last hotel gig, back a few years ago.

I had been on-shift no more than half an hour when I heard a noise coming from the stairwell near the lobby. The noise resolved itself into a woman who came bursting out into the lobby in a panic.

Her: Oh my god, do you have an inhaler? I need (asthma medication)! I can’t breathe! Oh my god… I left my inhaler back at (an adjacent island)!

Me: Um, no, I don’t. Is this an emergency? Shall I call 911?

Her: Oh my god, oh my god, are you sure you don’t have an inhaler? Anything? Oh my god…

The woman started pinballing around the lobby as I dialed 911. She couldn’t sit still and kept going on about the inhaler she left back home and going “oh my god”. I told her to sit down or she’d fall down once she ran out of air. That didn’t help.

During all this, the guy she checked in with came down. I kept telling the woman that if she didn’t sit still that she would run out of air and pass out. Still didn’t sink in. I encouraged the guy to immobilise her or at least calm her down enough to get her to sit still. He chased her around the lobby squawking at her to sit down, and that help was on its way. Great, now I had two people running in circles in my lobby. The only thing that was missing was me playing “Yakkety Sax” on my computer.

The ambulance arrived and managed to wrangle the woman out of the lobby to the back of the vehicle. The guy answered a few questions, and the next thing I know, I have two cops in my lobby saying the guy said they had chased heroin with meth and had some left in the room, and I need to take them to the room. WELP. That’s a call to my manager, I reflected as I dialed the phone. After a brief rundown of events, I got the go-ahead to do it, so I took the cops up to the relevant room, opened the door, and stood aside.

The cops weren’t in there very long before one emerged, saying that they needed into the safe, that it was locked. Oh goodie, another call to the GM.

Me: Hey boss, look, cops need the master code for the safe.

Her: Fuck that, I’m all the way out here, and I’m not coming in to open the damn safe. They can wait till the morning.

Me: (Relay the message to the cops, get a rather terse response) Uh. They kind of don’t like that idea, and they will either have it opened now, or they’re breaking everything to take it with them.

Her: Oh my fucking god, just… hang on a second. You always carry that notepad right? Get it out, pull out a page. Here’s the combo. (Rattles off the numbers). If they find anything, then the guests are super-banned. I’m going back to bed. Don’t call again unless it’s flood, blood, or fire.

I gave the cops the combo scrawled on a page of my notepad, and they curtly dismissed me back to the desk. They came down later with some bags of stuff, and told me neither one of them will be back. Apparently the amounts of both heroin and meth indicated intent to distribute as well as use.

The dude went and did a runner while the cops were upstairs, and came back a couple hours later asking to get into the room. I told him he can stay gone and that he was banned from the hotel and surrounding property, and if he wanted any of his stuff, he could talk to the police. The woman never came back. She was in the hospital for a while, and went straight from there to the local jail, once she was straightened out. Needless to say, both their names went on our DNR list.

TL;DR - Woman & man rent a hotel room, chase uppers w/ downers. Woman has respiratory episode and goes to hospital, then jail. Guy sings like a canary to cops. Cops walk away with a considerable amount of both meth and heroin.

TL;DR the TL;DR (AKA TL;DR-ception) - Drugs are bad, mmkay?

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I really hate making posts like this...

So, things have not been very good around here. My mom was re-admitted into the hospital around 4:30 am Thursday morning (May 18th) . She complained of shortness of breath and upon checking her oxygen level with her pulse oximeter, it showed she was satting at about 57%. Needless to say, the average human being should be in the 90% range. 

I was forced to call 911 and in a stuttering, terrified moment of clarity I started to cry and begged them to hurry and help my mom. They arrived so quickly that I was barely calming myself when they came rushing up the stairs. It’s a shit local hospital, but I’ll give them credit when it comes to brevity. 

I’m really scared guys. I’m really, really scared because I don’t think her little body has much fight left and I’m 100% sure that I can’t live without her in this world. And honestly, I’m not even sure why I’m posting this. Maybe to just get all the fear out and let my feelings be expressed. Maybe to just keep you guys up to date with what’s happening in my life. I don’t really know. But yeah. 

I think my mom is dying and I can’t see her face right now because she’s 100s of miles away and I’m just very much not okay. I’m not okay in any sense of the word. I don’t expect any notes on this post, or any acknowledgement of what I’m going through. I’ve learned over the years that just because my world is slowly imploding and coming to an end, it doesn’t mean anyone else’s is.

The sad truth of the matter is, if my mom dies the world will keep spinning. People will continue to live and be happy because in the grand scheme of things I matter very little to anyone other than her. 

I’m just worried and scared and I can’t stop worrying. I need some sort of distraction. Anything. I don’t care what it is. If you have fic recs or if you wrote something new. If you want to talk about anything other than life, please send it my way, please talk to me. Because I’m slowly going out of my damn mind.

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yep. sensory issues accompany anxiety disorders = fun fact they never tell you on the mental health websites and your doctor probably never mentions. (thanks professional help guys.)

Seriously so much of what I know about coping with my problems comes from Tumblr and I know people out there in the Real World would make fun of that, but it’s so much more helpful than any medical site.

Ooookay, that explains a lot.  I’m having some anxiety issues today.  Stressing out about some things.  And last night I had to call 911 on my neighbors for domestic violence, so I have been super on edge.  I mean loud noise always gets to me, but right now it’s horrifying.  I want to hide.


Yuri on Ice “With a WISH” Tuxedo Collaboration ★ Yuri Plisetsky
↳ See also: I’m dying and have ascended to a new atmosphere

McDonalds workers stalled Facebook killer Steve Stephens for police as he ordered fries

  • Before the police chase that would end in him taking his own life, Steve Stephenson — the man accused of brutally killing a 74-year-old man on Easter Sunday and filming it — stopped at a McDonald’s in Erie, PA.
  • In the midst of an intense manhunt that had been underway for him since Sunday, Stephens, 37, reportedly pulled up to the drive-thru to order a “20 piece Chicken McNuggets and a basket of fries,” according to Cleveland 19. Any hopes for a quick meal were dashed, however, when an employee recognized his face from television and called 911.
  • Henry Sayers, the store’s manager, said that his employees tried to act natural while the suspected killer idled at the window. 
  • In an interview with GoErie.com, he said that the staff told Stephens that his fries “were going to be a minute” to try to stall him until police arrived.
  • Thomas DuCharme Jr., owner and operator of the McDonald’s, told the site that Stephens seemed to sense that something was fishy almost immediately. “I am pretty sure he figured out that we were on to him,” he said. “He didn’t want to wait for his fries.”
  • Stephens sped off without the fries, but police were soon in hot pursuit. Cleveland 19 reports that the chase lasted for about two miles before Stephens took his own life. Read more (4/18/17 4:30 PM)