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imagine the damage andrew minyard could have done at the beginning of tfc with a vile of veritaserum

We simultaneously portray these rival countries as …

1) rapidly militarizing, unstable supervillains who must be dealt with swiftly, but also

2) inept buffoons with a far inferior military whom the U.S. would crush instantly in any action.

These two somehow-not-conflicting notions then dovetail perfectly to help us both justify a war and make said war seem super easy and winnable. It’s really a perfect propaganda tool for our military – citizens are not gonna rush to enlist for some war where it sounds like they’ll definitely be killed. But do you actually feel “afraid” of Kim Jong-un at all? Don’t you feel like, 70 percent sure you could take him in an arm wrestling match or a game of darts, even though you definitively suck at both? Why do you suppose that is?

Take this New York Post headline. Piggyback rides! North Korea looks like some new CBS Hogan’s Heroes reboot that’s now called HOGAN and somehow features no Asian actors. And sure, The Post is a tabloid that can squeeze a full goofy article out of “Guy kind of looks like he’s on another guy,” but consider these other North Korea headlines it printed this month alone.

North Korea is a credible threat that’s hellbent on destroying the U.S. and its Pacific allies, but fortunately, it also consists of a bunch of piggyback-riding children playing dress-up who we’ll crush in eight seconds as soon as we’re finally like “fiiiine” and get around to doing it.

This same pattern was extremely evident in the lead-up to the Iraq War.

How Our Military Uses The News As Marketing For Recruitment


I looked so good today someone wife me up

also, full offense, but how I write tasha, she’s always had a conflicting love-hate relationship with steve. he was her idol when she was growing up, and when her father was around, Rogers was just about the only person she ever heard about (which was bittersweet because where was her validation, Dad!!!). And when she first met him, they already butted heads but they got along enough. Either way, Tasha can full on Hate Steve or full on Love him but also riding that fence all the way

Meet my girl, Magalie!

The Basics:

❖ Name:  Magalie Dartancours

❖ Age:  28

❖ Zodiac sign:  Cancer.

❖ One good trait:  Loyalty.

❖ One bad trait:  Quick to anger.


❖ One bad habit:  Messy/Untidy. She leaves her clothes scattered about and has never once made her own bed. That’s what servants are for.

❖ One good habit:  She never breaks a promise, and never makes promises she won’t keep.

❖ One habit they can’t break:  Habitually late for engagements.

❖ One they’ve broken:  Chewing on her nails. Murder on the mani.

❖ What they’re afraid of:  Any harm coming to her brother. Gods help he who dares.


❖ Their parents names:  Anatole and Celine

❖ Their siblings names:  Julien/Charlemont

❖ Favorite childhood memory:  Exploring the grounds surrounding her childhood home.

❖ Favorite childhood toy:  Her lady’s-maid on whom she would play pranks and order to do ridiculous tasks.

❖ Embarrassing story:  She was about fourteen cycles old when, one late afternoon after a ride in the forest, she lost her hold on the horn of her saddle. She fell to the mud with her foot still stuck in the stirrup just as the stable hand, a *very* cute boy of seventeen, came to tend to her horse. She was horrified. When the boy reached to help her up he was laughing. Magalie got herself up and ran away, crying and embarrassed.

❖ Favorite family member:  Julien, her younger brother

❖ A story about that family member:  During especially boring lessons from their tutor, Mags and Char would slip away. They would cast off their clothes and jump into the pond and swim and splash each other. Afterwards they would lay on the rocks and dry themselves in the summer sunlight.

What they prefer:

❖ Coffee or tea?  Tea

❖ Showering in the day or night?  Baths only, and always at night.

❖ Taking baths or taking showers?  Exceedingly long baths with fine oils and soaps.

❖ Writing or reading?  Both.

❖ Platonic or romantic love?  Such sentimentalities are for storybooks. Love has teeth and claws with which to ensnare..

❖ Iced tea or lemonade?  Why choose? Fill a chilled glass halfway with tea then the rest with lemonade. Add a sprig of fresh mint.

❖ Ice cream or smoothies?  Sorbet.

❖ Cupcakes or cake?  What are…‘cup’ cakes?

❖ Beach or mountains?  Beach.

The Importance of Names and SGRS

The importance of a name is a central theme to SGRS. Yotaro receives his name from Yakumo in the first chapter and first episode. He’s the fool of a rakugo story, the main character who doesn’t drive the action but is instead the conduit action moves through. He takes Sukeroku’s name to fill the hole inside of Yakumo and Konatsu that the previous Sukeroku left. And, finally, he takes the name of Yakumo to carry on his predecessor’s legacy.

The names “Sukeroku” and “Yakumo” represent less a concrete identity and more of an overarching theme. Both are bound under the name of “Yurakutei”. Yakumo is the stage name, the name of the primary rakugoka. Sukeroku is the name for someone who rises to prominence early but is ultimately prevented from ever reaching their peak. This is the case of the first Sukeroku, whom was originally favoured but pushed out by the Seventh Generation Yakumo. The second Sukeroku was expelled by the Seventh Generation Yakumo, which sets off the tragic path of the series. 

Effectively, the Seventh Generation is responsible for all of the tragedy in the series. This post focuses on the names “Sukeroku” and “Yakumo”, the need for balance between these names, and why Yotaro, as the fool, is essential to restoring that balance.

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Saika Closed 3/29/2017

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posting–a lot going on in the real star. Might even be moving again–but anyways.

Due to many of our members being ill or busy today I have decided to put my foot down(since SOME of them insist on coming when they sound like death in VC…) and called the day off for everyone to get some R&R.

I apologize for the very short notice and any inconveniences this may cause, but I have a standing on health > RP. Really don’t want people to RP when they’re not feeling up to it and such.

Again very sorry for this, also for those whom won dolls–or if you know someone who did win a doll from our event–please ask them to check tumblr messages for their drawings and such!

TLDR: We’re closed today–sorry! But we’ll gladly serve you and hope you forgive us and come visit us next wednesday and the following after!

I’m not going to pretend that self-control is easy for me - it is, in fact, almost excruciatingly difficult at times - but if I wasn’t willing to put in the monumental effort to maintain it, I’d almost certainly be in prison or dead.  I know I’m not the only one to whom this applies.  If you have serious issues with impulsivity as a result of mental illness or neurodivergence, it’s worth the effort it takes to try to control it, even if you sometimes fail.  Don’t embrace that part of yourself, because that will not serve you well.  Accept that it exists, and that you might struggle with it all of your life, but don’t let that become an excuse for doing whatever impulsive thing pops into your mind.  Fight it whenever you can.  It’s not just worthwhile, it’s vital.