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guys i finally bought a nintendo switch with mario kart and zelda BUT MAINLY for super mario odyssey (!!!) which i have ordered for tomorrow!!!! i’ve not been this excited for a game since world of warcraft burning crusade came out which was literally 10 years ago

No offense but Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, standing in the middle of a frozen wasteland and looking into Jon Snow’s eyes, a dude he met 2 minutes ago and declaring that he won’t leave him behind was the most romantic and extra moment this show has ever had

Hands down the best moment of watching TLJ was right after Snoke’s death, when Rey grabbed Luke’s saber and Kylo grabbed his own saber and they turned back to back like a Force Dream Team in slow motion with all the shining saber effects and the score and it was so cool and my 21-year old Star Wars fanboy of a brother turned to me and said “After this they should fuck”