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Summary: As a teenager you’d been best friends with Sam Winchester, particularly since your mother and his father hunted together whenever they felt they needed backup. But then you’d moved country, and all interactions with the Winchesters were of the non-physical kind. So when they call on you for backup, you jump at the chance to see your best friend again, not to mention see his big brother, on who you’d had a mild crush on.
The hunt goes well, the rest of the evening, however, doesn’t exactly go your way.  
: Alpha!DeanxOmega!Reader
: 3963
: A/B/O Dynamics. Smut.
AN: This was an Anon Request! I’m quite pleased with this one, and kinda tempted to write a sequel… let me know what you think of that idea!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


Your phone started ringing for the third time in a row, and you couldn’t suppress your exasperated groan as you tugged a sweatshirt over your wet hair and damp skin. Snatching it up off the scuff-marked plastic table you chanced a quick glance at the caller ID before answering.

Sam Winchester.

Of course.

“You better have a damn good reason for disturbing my day off, Winchester,” you teased, tucking the mobile between your shoulder and ear so you could return to the damp towel you’d tossed onto the bed and set about drying your hair more thoroughly. The bastard knew you were taking a day to pamper yourself, yet still decided to drive you mad with your own ringtone. How very rude of him.

On the end of the line, Sam just chuckled, and you could just picture him shaking his head slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he laughed, but you could detect genuine regret in his voice. “It’s just that I know you’re nearby, and me and Dean could use an extra pair of hands on this one. Dean will hate me when he finds out I rang… he doesn’t like thinking there are more Vamps than we can handle,” he said. A faint scraping sound in the background suggested that he’d just taken a seat, too.

As you once again dropped the towel onto your bed in favour of your hairbrush, you let out an amused titter. “Certainly sounds like Dean,” you mused, “sounds like he’s well on his way to becoming one of those stereotypical stubborn Alphas you get on TV.”

Once again, you heard the distinctive rumble of Sam laughing. That was when a thought hit you, and your face lit up in a smile so broad that your cheeks actually hurt.

“Hold up… does-does that mean I actually get to see you guys? And I mean see you, not just skype or a screen-shared movie?”

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Can u show us more of your favourite moments from AA?

nonny, trust me when I say I’ve been thinking about this ask every day since you’ve sent it (which is probably like, at least 2 weeks now?). I’ve literally got post-its all over my desk with half-finished lists of my favorite AA moments because it was so hard to choose something to talk about

with that said, after re-watching several of my favorite episodes, I want to talk a little bit about Tony’s relationship with praise. Specifically: the gradual change in the way Tony accepts praise from Steve over the course of the series

Or, alternatively named: “why The Age of Tony Stark continues to be the best AA episode that ever aired”

So: as we all know, Tony has a complicated relationship with his sense of self-worth. That’s just a multi-versal constant. While he may be handsome, selfless, and a literal genius, he’s always expecting more of himself. Telling himself to be better, pushing himself beyond his limits, putting himself at risk if it means saving the world or sparing others. If he ever fails, Tony is his own worst and harshest critic. As such, it comes as no surprise that he’d be uncomfortable accepting praise and encouragement from others…especially from someone who he sees as a role model; someone who he believes is inherently better than him.

Enter Steve Rogers. It’s no secret to us that AA!Steve thinks the world of Tony. If Steve believes in anything in this new-fangled 21st century world, it’s Tony Stark. Not only that, Steve has no shame in expressing these feelings in what we all lovingly refer to as his inspirational Speeches™. The first instances of one of these speeches is “In Deep,” where Steve tells Tony he’s more than just his armor. However, what I’d like to point out is Tony’s expression while Steve is, in essence, praising him:

It’s no mistake that the animators chose to show us Tony’s face at the tail end of Steve’s speech. It’s clear as day how uncomfortable he is: his head is ducked, eyes averted, eyebrows furrowed, and he’s biting his lip. It’s as if Tony is physically shying away from Steve’s genuineness. Instead of accepting the praise, what does he do?

He deflects. He tries to lessen the gravity of Steve’s words with humor and false arrogance, though it comes out relatively bare. Steve, of course, maybe sensing that he needs to pick his battles, quips back “can’t you just take a compliment,” which ironically hits the nail right on the head.

Cut to the end of season 1, in “The Final Showdown,” where Tony has expended all his armors and is left with nothing to fight against the Cabal. Once again, Steve reaffirms his utter confidence in Tony’s abilities:

And again, just like in “In Deep,” Tony deflects, berating himself:

To which Steve replies: 

“Billionaire genius philanthropist! You’ll think of something!”

As sweet as that is, what interests me again is Tony’s expression as Steve runs back into the fray:

Everything about his posture screams defensive. His arms are crossed, and he has a pensive, slight frown on his face. Unlike in “In Deep” however, where Tony had literally no where to hide after Steve gave his speech, Tony now has a chance to digest Steve’s words privately, as the latter had thrown himself back into battle right after saying them. It’s not for long, but Tony actually gives himself a second. Reflects.

Now comes “The Age of Tony Stark,” which in my opinion is when everything changes. Not only do Steve and Tony spend a significant amount of time together in this episode, but they also have to fight Red Skull with Tony at his most vulnerable. After all, not only has he regained the physical limitations of being a child, but he also has to re-confront many of the insecurities he had as a child due to a father who held the “perfection” of Captain America over his head. Many truths come out, but by the end of the episode, Tony finally breaks down:

In this moment, Tony finally expresses what he constantly keeps bottled inside as an adult. He’s scared: that he’s not good enough, that he’s not strong enough, that he won’t be able to save the world when it needs him most. Not only that, he confesses this to Steve, who he looks up to, who he feels the need to prove himself in front of. The person who he felt he couldn’t be weak in front of.

But of course, Steve never thought Tony was weak. Tony never had to prove himself, because Steve already believed that Tony could do anything:

In that moment, Tony finally let down his walls and let Steve in. In a way, I think this is when Tony truly starts trusting Steve, because he realized that even though Steve had seen him at both his highest and his lowest, his confidence in him never wavered. How do I know this? Well, after “The Age of Tony Stark,” the next Speech™ that Steve really gives is the one we all know and love from “The Ultron Outbreak”:

And how does Tony react?

He smiles. He glows. He lets Steve’s confidence in him reinforce his own, and then he goes to save the world.

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Okayyy so can i request for a shouto x reader fanfic where in endeavor opposes their relationship (u decide what is the reason of disapproval) but then his s/o was already pregnant and so she left then years later todoroki sees her holding a child that looks like him??? ((I understand if you wont do this and i apologize if it's not understandable cuz english isn't my first languague)) Thanks! ¤¤¤

{YAS I get to write angst-y things! lol It is angst with eventual fluff, so worry not, Anon! I had fun writing this! Sorry it took so long to get this back to you!}

It’s the same as always, except not. The sun shown brightly, the clouds drifted slowly, and your boyfriend’s hand cooled your own as you walked down the street the two of you traverse everyday. Looking over to gaze into his beautiful dual-colored eyes, your tongue swelled with words unspoken. Walking him to his home, you wanted to tell him so very badly about the shared treasure growing in you, but you were afraid of the consequences.

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hi i was wondering if you had any speculation as to why Jack is imprinting on Dean so much? Sam's been the more fatherly to Jack since the beginning and Dean has been, at best, giving Jack the cold shoulder, but Jack copies Dean and not Sam. Any thoughts?

Hey, Anon! Sorry it took me so long to answer this—I’ve been really busy trying to write the fic I’m posting tomorrow–but to answer your question!

Okay, so this, I feel, has kind of been done to death/is pretty much general knowledge considering what I’ve seen on my dash, so I’m gonna keep this short. I personally think that Jack imprints on Dean specifically because of Castiel’s relationship to both brothers. By this, I mean: Dean is Castiel’s best friend (and potential romantic partner), and Sam is Cas’s friend. Or: Dean has always been more emotionally involved when it comes to everyone’s favourite trench-wearing angel, as opposed to Sam, who is concerned as any friend would be, but does not have anywhere near that level of attachment.

Barring the fact that Jack is nephilim (though I’ll touch on that later), it’s pretty clear that Dean has been the one totally and overtly destroyed by Castiel’s passing, which… for a new-born kid who has no experience with reading complicated micro-expressions and other complex human emotions, the immediate conclusion is: Sam is sad, Dean is devastated. Ergo, Dean was closer to Castiel. If Cas was supposed to be Jack’s model for goodness and human behaviour, and Cas was very close to Dean, it then stands to reason that Dean can act as a role model in his stead.

The fact that Jack is nephilim also adds a really nice analytical space for the audience to play with. Most notably: we know that angels sense longing. Jack is half angel, but it’s possible he can sense this as well. Living with Dean must be unbearable with regards to his grieving process and longing for Castiel, which is, honestly, something I think Jack can recognize in himself: he is also longing for his mom/dad/parental figure. It may be a different type of longing, but once again, I feel that Jack is still a little young to be able to parse the subtleties differentiating Dean’s longing and his own. Recognizing himself in Dean, therefore, makes him an ideal candidate for imprinting. 

Then there’s the other really interesting fact that Jack was inside Castiel. Dean recently pointed out that he manipulated him, with the implication that this was from the inside because he was unborn. If this is the case: does Jack know anything of Castiel? We don’t know yet, but if he does… he’d also know that Dean was Cas’s primary teacher when it comes to humanity and “goodness”, further establishing the eldest Winchester as the best model for human behaviour. 

Furthermore, I think that if Jack has indeed learnt Castiel about through his manipulation of him—if he knows him, you could make a very good argument for Jack choosing Dean as his human role through recognizing love. This is essentially the same argument for Jack’s recognizing Dean’s longing in himself: if Jack can recognize that he feels love for his mother, even though she’s gone, he should be able to go recognize that Cas felt love for Dean. Clearly, the types of love will be different, but he’ll feel it, recognize the feelings as being very similar and think: my father loved this man, therefore he is good, just as I love my mother and she was good. 

I know this argument is pretty tenuous, but it’s my headcanon, and if it’s true, that also gives insight into just how upset Jack must be that Dean is outwardly antagonistic towards him. I mean, we can understand Dean’s actions as being tied to his grief and Jack’s past actions, but all Jack knows is that this man who, was loved by his father and was therefore good, hates him. No wonder he’s convinced he evil: if Dean, the paragon of goodness (because Castiel loved him), says he’s bad news, he must be! And in fact, when Jack overhears Dean and Sam’s argument, and when Dean, for the first time, truly lays out why he’s so angry with Jack and doesn’t trust him—why he thinks he’s evil—that is when Jack calls for Cas. Because yes, he is scared and thinks he’s truly alone… but also because he gets it, now: because Cas loved him, Dean is good; Dean blames him for X; the way to become good in Dean’s eyes is therefore to reverse X. 

I’m actually blown away by how Cas-centric this season is, even though he isn’t even technically alive. Castiel’s entire way of being has influenced Jack’s moral positioning and fuelled his desire to imprint on Dean, while Dean will not stop re-quoting and twisting one of Castiel’s first lines to him in 4x01: you deserve to be saved. And I know I’ve said this a billion times, but I’ll say it again because it continues to blow me away: Dean has not once in this season said to anyone: “you deserve to be saved”. He’s told Sam you deserved, past tense, but no one is currently worthy of saving right now. Dean has come leaps and bounds in his own personal development in past seasons, and now he’s basically back to square one. Why? Because Cas is dead, guys. And if the angel who saved him isn’t brought back i.e. not worth saving—then why the hell even bother trying? 

Sorry Anon, I went a little overboard… but I hope I answered your question sufficiently!

Unfortunate [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anon requested: “1 with damian???”

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I’m finally finished with it! OwO

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism, drug addiction and domestic abuse

Word Count: 899

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”



You were a good kid, really you were. There were many less fortunate than you, which was why you stole and did the bad deeds instead of them. You sheltered them from a life of crime, while you took their place.

The kids on the streets didn’t have a home, but every night you’d give them warm blankets to share. They were lovely kids, and it was the least you could do for them.

You weren’t rich yourself. In fact, your mother was a drug addict and your father was an abusive alcoholic, and you lived in the bad side of Gotham City. Both your parents had spent most of the little money they had left on their own pleasures, leaving none for you.

You hated returning home. You hated hearing your parents yell and fight, the way your mother screamed when your father crossed the line, the sounds of bottles smashing and things being thrown. You were strong, but you were still a child. A very frightened child.

The kids on the streets absolutely adored you. You weren’t much older than them but it was clear that they looked up to you as a role model. However, with security increasing and more shopkeepers on the lookout, it was only a matter of time before you were caught.

The sound of rapid footsteps on the wet pavement was masked by the rhythmic drumming of the rain. You wrapped your hoodie around your shivering body tightly as your grip on the container of cookies tightened.

Silently scolding yourself when you saw the dead end you ran into, you quickly jumped and gripped the fire escape, using it to climb onto the roof with ease. You jumped from roof to roof, trying to lose the vigilantes on your tail. You hoped the heavy rain and darkness would work to your advantage.

As you stepped on the edge of the building and prepared to jump to the next, you gasped, feeling your foot slip due to the water. You fell forward, straight towards the ground five stories below, and you closed your eyes and braced for impact. However, instead you felt something wrap around your ankles, leaving you hanging upside down.

You opened your eyes and saw the two vigilantes standing on the ground below you, looking unimpressed.

“I’m assuming you are the ones who tied me up like this?” you began, glancing at the cookies that you dropped when you fell. It now laid on the ground; wasted.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice, but I suppose a thief like you lack the ability to display decent manners.” the shorter one spoke–Robin. He sounded shockingly young, about your age.

“How rude.” you commented. “You two were the ones who chased me down, causing me to slip in the first place.” you exclaimed.

“You stole, committing a crime.” the other vigilante–Red Robin– stated firmly, as if he was scolding you.

“Well I’m sorry if wanting to survive is a crime.” you snapped. Your eyes narrowed at Robin’s furious look. You turned to Red Robin and asked, “Is he going to kill me? He looks like he wants to kill me.”


“Survive?!” Robin growled before Red Robin could answer, “how about actually going to school and educating yourself!”

“Of course! Thanks Captain Obvious, for pointing out that people my age should be at school! Let me ask you something Robin; are you an idiot?” Seeing the glare the boy was giving you, you added to Red Robin, “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.

“How dare you call me an idiot–”

“Then stop asking such stupid questions.” you cut in. “I know I should get an education, but not everyone is as fortunate as you! Do you think I can afford an education? Heck, do you think my parents even give a damn about me? Trust me, if I get a chance I would take it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening any time soon. So I’m stuck with scavenging and stealing.”

At that, the two males fell silent. You grew impatient, and it was getting incredibly cold that you started to shiver. You shifted uncomfortably; being upside down wasn’t a nice position to be in.

“U-Um… are you just going to stand there? Because I’m sure I may die of hypothermia soon.” you snapped, teeth chattering.

Snapping out of his trance, Red Robin quickly cut the rope that bound your legs and caught you, placing you on the wet pavement carefully.

“Thanks.” you smiled weakly, “you’re nicer than him.” you glared at Robin.

Red Robin shrugged. “Everyone’s nicer than demon spawn over there.”

“I can hear you.”

“I know.”

“So uh… are you two going to arrest me or…”

You saw the two exchange a look, having a silent battle before Robin approached you. He huffed and crossed his arms; he didn’t look too happy.

“I suppose you didn’t have much choice other than to steal, so we’ll let you go… this time.” he stated reluctantly.

You raised an eyebrow. “So there will be other times then?” you teased.

“Wha–do not test me!” Robin exclaimed. Even in the rain you could see the blush on his cheeks.

“Of course. And I suppose I should say thank you?” you continued, smiling slyly.

“Why can’t we arrest her again?”

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Idk if I can describe what I mean but I keep thinking back to Cait's outfit last night & I can't get over how AMAZING she looked. That outfit's tricky. On most it'd look too slutty. Or they were trying too hard to be sexy. Not Her. It's more than her blessed bod. How she carries herself maybe? Idk but she owned it, looked amazing/beautiful/not at all cocky/conceited. Confident. Proud. Things women should showcase more. I hope her success continues so she can spread her positivity w/ more reach.

omg I had the EXACT same thoughts. I didn’t love it initially bc tbh it looked like a slutty Juicy Couture sweatsuit but holy shit she knows how to work literally anything and she looked SO HOT. I was so in awe looking at her in person I hope it translated into pictures. and HER ABS jesus fuck I cannot stop staring at that crease in her abs. like what the fuck woman. 

anyway yes yes yes I agree w everything you said. She’s such a fantastic role model. I’m back to hardcore stanning her and I give no fucks. 

| Nunchiwrites 800 Followers | Appreciation Masterpost |

I’ve never done one of these before so I don’t quite know if I’m doing this correctly, and I apologize if I’m not. I just have to start off by saying that I’m just completely flabbergasted. I didn’t create this blog with the intent of having so much as 100 followers, let alone 800!? I was content with updating Devil’s Advocate for the 5-10 people who found it interesting, and now almost every chapter is above 100 notes?? (not to mention White Noise is almost to 300??) You guys are truly incredible. I mean it~

So, without further ado, I’ve decided to split this post up into role models/senpais, mutuals, and exemplary followers. These are all the people I have to personally thank for encouraging me and/or inspiring me!

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Come on now, did anyone really expect us to let Yui go without doing something special?

Since the wonderful person who made this blog and got it to where it is today decided to move on to other projects, we thought we’d make a post about it. And what other way to show our appreciation than to do it in the style we all know and love?
Now, naturally, all the mods get to say their piece. So let’s get to it, shall we?

She is an awesome peep. I will miss her. Sometimes I can still hear her voice wailing from the abyss
- Mod Makoa 🐢

You made a real amazing blog and everyone is so proud!! Goodnight sweet prince(ss)
- Mod Seris

Have fun with your new blogs and thanks for giving tons of people in the paladins community so much joy! ❤️
- Mod Bomb King 💣

I wanna thank you, Yui for letting me be part of this blog. It’s taught me a sense of responsibility and gave me bursts of creativity. Plus all the messages you sent us to thank us and make us feel better. Thank you for so much! It was nice working with you. I hope we cross paths again. Good luck with everything ^^
- Mod Lian <3

Yui, you’ve been a wonderful mod and role model for the blog. Your work has been immensely appreciated and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a  part of the mod group. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and will miss seeing you around the blog. You will always have  a place here, but we will miss you dearly. Much love
- Mod Torvald 👓

And I’m sure any of the other mods and ex-mods would say similar things. 

Now, I suppose it’s my turn to soapbox.
Yui, I’ve been a fan on this blog since the early days. I used to just be an anon – some people may remember #DeftHandsCreed, gay female anon, or Sha Lin running from the law for hitting on Maeve, or some of the other confessions I’d sent in. Your sense of humor and style always made my day, and it was amazing to become part of a blog I was such a big fan of. I hope to keep this blog going long into the future, and to keep the spirit of the blog just the same as it’s always been! I hope not to disappoint too much. 😉

Now that Yui’s moving on to greener pastures, I supposed I’m the Mod in charge. But… it feels strange just having the head Mod named after a character when I’m so used to seeing Yui’s name on her posts. So, I’ve decided:

Overly sentimental post, over. I hope everyone continues to enjoy Confessions, even though everyone’s favorite founder has moved on! Remember to check out her new blogs because they’re awesome~

This is Aether, formerly Mod Sha Lin, signing off~ 🏹


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you saying baku's laugh is loud and explosive.... MY HEART IM WEAK TO MY KNEES

I can’t imagine him openly and genuinely laughing in any other way, anon! He’s a boy that demands attention in everything he does haha

Anon said: Do you think if Tamaki ate enough butterflies he could turn himself into a fairy basically?

You mean if he could grow butterfly wings, right? I think he’d only need to eat one tbh!

Anon said: what do you think bout the delinquent kirishima theory

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like how it’s written out and the general idea behind it isn’t too baseless, and given how everyone who’s got a past in bnha has a sad past one way or another I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true, but whether or not I think it’s true I still can’t say… might be, might not, I’d prefer it if it weren’t but who knows!

Anon said: what are ur thoughts/beliefs on who the traitor might be? student or teacher? also, ur art is hella cute. u have blessed my life. bless ur soul. the way u draw kirishima and his stupid face is killin me slowly, too precious.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I guess I still haven’t changed my mind about it being Tsukauchi  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Izuocha 02: “Are you drunk?”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff

Pairing: Midoriya x Uraraka

Rating: [PG]

Drabble Prompt: #5: “Are you drunk?”

Word Count: 1414 words

Author’s Notes: This is a izuocha prompt requested by an anon! I know that I still have a huge backlog of kacchako prompts (TT__TT) and one more izuocha request that I need to do but I thank you guys for understanding that, you know, real life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, enjoy this fluffy fluff! :D

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“Filthy Halls” deleted scene

Youji shows up at Masaomi’s house in Kyoto unannounced. “I was in the area,” he had said as an explanation, and they both knew how exceedingly unlikely that was without Masaomi pointing it out, so Masaomi didn’t say anything at all.

“My brother is dead,” Youji said finally, after dinner and then watching TV for a couple hours on Masaomi’s couch while Masaomi worked on his laptop.

“Congratulations,” Masaomi said mildly, knowing how Youji felt about his brothers. “The evil one or the dick?”

“The dick,” Youji said, “Although, I feel the need to point out that they were both evil.”

“I have very fancy champagne,” he offered, “Seijuurou is home though, so we’d probably have to wait until he goes to sleep if we want to get really drunk.”

“Ah, I see you’ve already mastered the finer nuances of good parenting,” Youji said fondly. Masaomi decided he would let Youji continue to think he didn’t want Seijuurou to see them drunk out of delicacy for role model purposes, and not at all because he was sure Seijuurou would find a way to exploit that weakness to his advantage. Youji leaned back on the couch, pinching the bridge of his nose, as if he had a headache. “I do want to get drunk, which probably means that I shouldn’t.”

“Fair enough,” Masaomi said. “I also have very fancy cake.”

“I could eat some cake,” Youji acknowledges.


It was on the third slice of cake that Youji’s phone rings. “It’s Ryouta,” he says, as an explanation for why he gets up to take the call. Masaomi tunes out at that point, because he doesn’t feel the need to listen in on Youji’s conversations with his son.

It’s not until he hears Youji cry out, “Ryouta, stop. I can help you, just tell me where you are. We’ll figure this out together. Ryouta!” sounding like a wounded animal, that Masaomi whips his head up.

Youji is looking at his phone and Masaomi’s heart stops for just a second—he has seen that expression on Youji’s face before, and it’s not good.

“What happened?” he demands, already getting up. He’s not sure what he’s going to do, but he thinks desperately that he has to stop Youji somehow (he’s not sure what he’s stopping Youji from doing, but he’s ready to intervene, to do anything, to make it all go away).

“Yukio,” Youji says, his voice a strangled whisper. “Something—something must have happened to Yukio. I have to—I have to go them.” He’s packing up his stuff and looking wretched and lost.

“OK, we’ll go them,” Masaomi says calmly. “Where are they?”

“I don’t—I don’t know.” Youji stops and swallows and looks at him helplessly, “Masaomi, I don’t know where my sons are.”

He sounds close to breaking so Masaomi pulls at him, steering him towards the laptop. “It’s OK, I can find them. Give me their cell phone numbers and tell me everything.”

“You can—you can track their numbers?”

I can,” Masaomi says, allowing that this isn’t something just anyone can do.

Youji paces, agitated, as Masaomi starts working at his computer. He’s only ever heard Youji sound so helpless once before, and he hates it. His own heart beats fast with the sense of urgency that he knows Youji must be feeling.

“Ryouta said—he said something bad might have happened. He meant Yukio.”

“Did he say that?”

“No, but—that’s the only thing it could have been, to make him sound like that. Something must have happened to Yukio, and I don’t—Ryouta sounded like he was going to do something dangerous and what if—”

“It will be fine,” Masaomi says, with firm conviction, like he can will it to be true. “Everything is going to be fine.”

They both knew that sometimes things weren’t fine. Youji almost died after he lost Hinami; Masaomi is positive he won’t make it if he loses those two kids. Masaomi works faster and then curses when the results settle in a location.

“What? Where are they?!”

“Iwatobi,” Masaomi says, knowing what that means to Youji.

“Oh, God, he must have—Seiji.

Masaomi swallows, knowing that Youji had good reasons to hate his brothers, and he’s feeling in the blanks about why his kids might have gone to Iwatobi. “You never told your gay son about your homophobic sadistic brothers?” Masaomi asks even as they’re already packing up and heading out the door.

“I didn’t think I had to!” Youji says, “I told Yukio not to go, he’s never disobeyed before—Jesus Christ, if he’s done anything to hurt my kids I’m going to kill him.”

The eldest brother, Masaomi thinks. The one Masaomi really should have done something about, years ago. Except Youji hadn’t wanted that, not really. And now they’re both regretting that inaction.

“How long does it take to get to Iwatobi?” Youji asks. “Do you have a jet?”

“Yes, of course, but it’ll be faster to take a helicopter, we won’t have to worry as much about landing—”

“Will a helicopter be fast enough?”

“One of mine will, I designed them myself,” Masaomi says.

“OK, OK,” Youji says, mostly to himself, as if trying to calm down.

The round the corner, and Seijuurou is standing there. Masaomi blinks, having momentarily forgotten he was around.

“Is Ryouta in trouble?” Seijuurou asks.

“He might be, and we’re kind of in a hurry—”

“I will go with you,” Seijuurou says.

Masaomi would protest this but they don’t have time. And Seijuurou might come in handy anyway. At any rate, his presence would keep Youji from losing himself entirely, so Masaomi just nods and they head out the door.

There’s too much at stake at the moment—Youji is already too close to losing his mind with worry, so there’s no point in adding to that. But a deeply unsettled feeling spreads throughout Masaomi as he thinks about Iwatobi and how he knows there’s other things in that small town that the Miracles might have to worry about.

And for the first time, he starts to think maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence that the secrets in Iwatobi happened to be in the same place as Youji’s home town.



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the hearts’ aftermath.

member(s): park woojin & bae jinyoung
genre(s): high school!au, fluff, hoobae!au
summary: it’s just another high school love story, nothing out of the ordinary but still pretty special for park woojin and bae jinyoung. epilogue of ludic and responsible (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 1.4k

note: a requested scenario that took me forever to write bc of my indecisive ass hahah ;; i’m really sorry if it took a while and i hope you like it! i actually had more ideas in mind but couldn’t put them bc i feared it would be too long and it’d make the entire thing more messy sighpies bUT ANYWHO i actually have no idea how this works..?? like lmao you can be either woojin’s girl or baejin’s girl or you can be both bc two is better than one! i apologise if it may seem messy too but other than that, enjoy and happy reading! < 3 

p.s. idk whether y’all get tired of me saying thank you but i can’t help that bc it doesn’t amount to how much i really am grateful for the numerous support esp with the likes, follows and reblogs! thank you so much for the love ;; i will continue to work even harder < 33

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a couple things: 1. i long thought that c was gonna equalize the 'crime,' so to speak, at some point before the end. and given how many overt lies d has had to take on by now, it makes sense. i think c has been hyper aware of the imbalance. but he's been putting it off for a certain time purposefully, & led up to it by being VERY intentional in his actions, making the truth clear there, so that the words would ring as false as they do when d has to bullshit. same structure for them both. 1/2

2. seems likely that computer games may be used to payoff m (& ricky too?) in some way, while keeping his own personal music untainted. d for sure has his own music to release, but has been holding out to do it on his terms, w/o baggage. i think chuck may be helping him out right now by sharing the credit/burden for anything that has to involve m. (i mean, it was him that brought her into the picture, after all.) as sucky as all of this is, i can understand how it could be unavoidable.             


I know many do not agree and many think this is going to stretch into ACS and it is about keeping Darren in the closet.

But I agree with you.  I was suspecting pay out was in the works and Chris’ confirmation absolutely solidified this for me. Maybe I am optimistic, I don’t know..Possible. I have been before and have been proven wrong. And I certainly do not personally know either gentlemen or their respective teams.

Chris has waited to make this confirmation for years. He has carefully avoided saying “Will is my BF” for years. And on Wednesday, he went into an interview were there was, make no mistake about it, a staged, intentional dialogue between him and Sandra.  I think they tried to make it look like it was casual and not planned. But they tried too hard. On no planet would Sandra care who Will was while conducting an interview or stop the interview to ask.  “Who is that?”  Planned and staged.

So yes, Chris is now equally culpable. Equally to blame. Now he shoulders the burden as much as Darren. I keep saying this and it seems to be forgotten a lot and everyone tends to place most of the blame on Darren.  Yes, Darren signed the contract.  Yes Darren is why this mess happened. But Chris chose to walk this path with him.  Willingly and as a co-conspirator. Chris chose to hold Will out as his bf.  And even before the confirmation, he has been holding Will out as his man for years.  He even dedicated a book to him.

And Chris has as much to loose as Darren. His fans HATE Darren. I cannot tell you enough how many anons I get that are Chris fans yelling at me. Most of which I delete. Some of which I publish.  The other day I got one saying he is no longer a role model if he lied. I was amazed, the man has been so open about his sexuality and is an amazing role model, particularly to young people struggling with their identities,.  And his still is an amazing role model regardless of whether he is in love with someone different than he pretends.  Would he be more of a role model if he outed a man that is not able or ready to come out of the closet?  Baffles me.

What he did on that interview. That was the ultimate statement of love.  He could have continued as is and when this ends, stated “I never said Will was my BF.  You just inferred it.” Now he cannot. And he doesn’t want to. Because he wants to stand equally with Darren.  As a solid Unit.  Both with the good and bad that has happened over the years.

And yes, its more than that.  We are going to see a heavy push of both beards.  I would suggest to those that don’t want to watch, take a break for a few months. No one can blame you. This is hard. I too get frustrated,. I feel like its going to be painful, I would not be shocked if we got a duet on Wednesday.  Take it for what it is. Pay Out.

And let’s hope they give them enough that M&W both willingly walk away.  We are naive if we think they will walk before they get whatever it is they perceive they are entitled.

And let’s trust that Chris and Darren are working together. Making decisions together. And trying to do what is right for them, their careers, and their fans.  Because they love us all and don’t want to disappoint anyone. And they know they will.  And I think they are trying to do that in the best possible way. Its why I encourage everyone, no matter your opinion on this matter, read STFF.  He is laying a solid foundation.  He has laid it out in front of us. It is up to us to listen,

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Hcs for Dabi and Tomura dealing with their s/o child meeting them first time and how would they act toward them later? If child wouldn't seem to be afraid of them (I think some of a little boys, won't be scared of Dabi, but they would be idk fascinated and think he looks cool hehe)

Tenko Shimura / Shigaraki Tomura

  • Tomura and his kid(s) didn’t get along very well earlier due to the fact Tomura acts like a child sometimes. They constantly whine to each other until one of them gives up the fight. That is usually Tomura since he cannot win with his kid(s).
  • Tomura learns to be patient with his kids. If the things they do doesn’t make him happy, he gives them to Uncle Kurogiri to watch and leaves in another room for a bit before coming back. He then gives some parental speeches, even though it makes him feel weird. But he’s learning to be patient and not throw tantrums.
  • Tomura on rare occasions rewards them with candies or something they want, AFTER they do something for him In return. “You can’t have this until you learn you clean your things.” Whines, “Uh-uh, not until you clean.”
  • Between him and his kid(s), Tomura and them act a little distantly from each other. That’s because his kids doesn’t want to upset him very much, but they admire that he’s trying his best for them.
  • If they’re behaving very well while they grow up, Tomura actually starts to become less fussy with them. The kid(s) enjoys him that way, so they continue on behaving themselves. He seems human that way.
  • The kid(s) doesn’t see him as necessarily a horrible father at all. They learn his true origin and felt sympathetic about it, so of course it’ll be a struggle! They truly do love him and might follow in his footsteps, even villains can have hearts too. (I read the chapter, my kokoro aWHHHH.)


  • Dabi is a laid-back father and let’s his boys do whatever they want honestly. If they want to do something then let them do something, who is he to stop them from learning?
  • He isn’t very strictly disciplined according to rules. Like before, he let’s them roam and do whatever they want as long as he’s with them and nothing harms their way.
  • Doesn’t easily get irritable with them at all actually. Sure there may be a few times where he just wants a break from everything, but he would spend some time with them if he’s ever like that. At least something can calm down his mind.
  • Later as they grow up, his little boys saw Dabi as a role model. They want to be just like him too. He doesn’t mind it at all, but he tells them that being what they want is always alright too. The way he looked, it inspired them to have similar attire. He laughs about it. “You don’t want to be looking all stitched up like your dad. Heh, it’s not fun…”
  • They might pick up on his personality. Like father, like sons so they say. His little boys make him feel appreciate, so he applauds them and treats them very decently. He takes them out to some missions too, only to watch him fight of course. He takes them everywhere.
  • Dabi is a decent advice giver, which is peculiar for his personality. He isn’t above preaching, but in order for the boys to learn, it’s necessary. There’ll be times where he can’t save them, so they need to defend themselves. Or if they get in trouble, they need to be careful. Topics like that. He’s proud to be one of the chilliest fathers.

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I just get the feeling that Henrik & Tarjei see most fans as these annoying, obsessive crazy people. I can understand why, but it does kinda upset me a little. Most of us aren't the type to stalk them, or be invasive online, or not understand that they're actors playing a role. I just get the vibe from the interview that they're slightly bitter towards us.

i’m putting this under a read more bc it might be a little wanky and i’m writing a lot of feelings down and i don’t want people to have to read it if they don’t want to lol.

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Hello, how are you? First of all, thank you so much for your blog, it is very useful :-) I am outlining a novel and I have run out of ideas in order to make the plot more complex. Mi main character need to find a weapon to destroy the villain (similar to Horrocruxes of Harry Potter). What kind of obstacles she could have? Thank you :)

Hey darling! I’m well thank you, I hope you are too? I really hope I can help you out because this sounds awesome XD

So, at first, I wasn’t quite sure if you wanted ideas of what the object(s) might be, or ideas for developing the characters adventures. I am guessing it was the latter, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, hehe.

So your character is on an adventure (or similar) to find a certain weapon that will destroy your villain? I’ll write a little list of some encounters she might fall upon on the way, I hope that might jog something in your brain! Here we go:

  • Temptation. Things to throw her off her trek.
  • Panic/anxiety. This may be a bit too much like The Hunger Games, but what if you had voices of close family and friends or apparitions to make her think they’d fallen to the afterlife?
  • Encounters. Strangers, friend or foe, people looking for something too, etc. Who might she meet? How do they affect her journey? what kind of character are they?
  • Fights, self-defence. Does someone come to rescue her? Does she suddenly recognise her opponent? Does she become friends with her opponent afterwards?
  • Does she travel with anyone? Keep in contact with anyone? Who does she interact with throughout the story?
  • Who are the supporting characters/ minor characters and how might they impact her life/adventure?
  • Redemption? Interpret that one how you like XD
  • Riddles or mazes she must complete or cooperate with to continue her journey.
  • Traps?
  • Certain powers or abilities she has been granted with? Who is on her side and wants to help her kill the villain?

Okay, so think about who else is in your story, it will help out a whole bunch! Who does the protagonist trust and/or love? Think about who your characters role models are and how they might impact her, or alternatively, how her villains could be motivating her unintentionally. Much like myself when someone tells me I can’t do something- I’m going to do it…! This probably didn’t help a whole bunch, so definitely message me if you want to chat it through! Good luck darling, lots of love from Yasmine xox

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I just want to say I've been lurking and I very much appreciate your open mindness and insight on the news of Leia not being a virgin in Disney canon. *Personally* although before I head canoned her as a virgin, after reading both the new book & discussions on your Tumblr and others about it, I welcome this new development and look forward to the fanfic it brings of this change to Leia's backstory. I also completely 100% agree with the idea that having had a serious relationship (continued)

continued from previous ask) does *not* in any way, shape or form take away from her being a successful Rebel leader and Senator, and the idea that we have to put women in “boxes” of “you’re a career woman, so you can’t have personal relationships” or “you’re Bella from Twilight who has no interest other than romance” is *so* limiting to young girls and women. I love the idea that Leia at 16 had *both* a successful professional life and a serious relationship with a boyfriend (end).

Oh gee dear Lurker Anon,

Thanks for this! It’s always weird (but in a good way) to hear someone is reading who I don’t necessarily “see”, but apparently you are out there (hey 👋🏻 ! Don’t know what you’re doing looking at the dumpster fire that is this blog but you’re all welcome here and I’m sending you positive happy vibes !).

I’m glad if this blog has helped you feel less alone or been an enjoyable (or even reasonable) space to engage in this topic.

I say that because it seems like these fandom issues have a way to make people feel very alone and even attacked. It seems to me like those who don’t like the virginity “developments” AND those who do like them BOTH feel like they’re a minority who have to fight to get their perspectives heard and/or regarded as valid! And it can be very intimidating I think to give one’s opinion in this environment, even as I think/hope people are trying to be respectful. It’s easy to feel shouted down. It’s a touchy subject and people rub and are rubbed the wrong way, especially as people are carrying heir own personal values and assumptions and life experiences and even (let’s be honest!) fantasies.

Personally one of the draws to me of the fandom experience is how many diverse stories there are with these characters. I like that this adds another avenue and “legitimizes” it as valid, because in my view the virgin narrative is SO dominant and (when well-done and not relying on sexist tropes!) there’s nothing wrong with it AT ALL, but I like that we’re getting many more possible takes.

I do very much like that “virgin Leia” normalizes being a virgin in one’s late teens and twenties. I think that’s important and we don’t see enough of that in our media; it is normal and healthy, and there are many, many good reasons to delay having sex!

But I just could not agree more with what you said (as you likely know lol).

This whole discussion has really got me hyper-aware of the “serious girls don’t ‘focus on’ i.e. even HAVE personal relationships, especially romantic ones because they’re too busy being serious” idea that seems to prevalent in our society and I am quite frankly fed up with it. Let 👏🏻 girls 👏🏻 do 👏🏻 both 👏🏻.

(That doesn’t mean girls and women HAVE to do both! Not interested in romantic relationships at this time? Awesome, you do you! Focus on that other stuff! Hells yeah! I just mean that *one* doesn’t preclude the *other.* They are, as the scientists say, INDEPENDENT VARIABLES.)

“I love the idea that Leia at 16 had *both* a successful professional life and a serious relationship with a boyfriend.” Isn’t that nice? ISN’T THAT NICE?!?! Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate how nice that version of Leia’s life is. 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏 (these are Moment of Silent Appreciation Hands)

1. What a fucking role model for work-life balance !!!!!!!!!!

2. Regardless of what one thinks about the virginity element, why wouldn’t we want that for Leia?! Why, why, why, why?!?!?!

I think ultimately this shows how starved people- and girls/women especially- are for diverse representation of romantic experiences in general. On screen and on-the-page we see so few “types” of stories and they tend to fit into specific tropes- woman who didn’t have sex til her late teens or twenties because she was An Intellectual Who Was Too Busy (and/or rejected by her peers) (and then she found The Man Who Showed Her a Whole New World); woman who had (unsatisfying?meaningless?) sex with a bunch of people until she met The Right Man (because 9/10 it is a man in these stories) (who also Showed Her a Whole New World); woman waited to have sex until she met The Right Man (who Also Also Showed Her a Whole New World) and that was The Whole of Her Sexual Experience.

You can’t defy all tropes at once- when you pick Leia as defying some tropes, you lose the others. A Leia who waits to have sex because she’s just not that interested at this time can’t be a Leia who has a positive and healthy sexual relationship as a teenager. I think both are valuable. But I think it means so much to us that it be “our way” (whether that means our own lived experience or our own headcanons) because we love Leia but also because we don’t have enough other women and other women’s stories! So all this pressure gets piled onto her! She has to do it all! And some worthy group in need of real and nuanced representation is always left out with any one version of Leia, and we end up arguing.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO WOMEN’S SEXUAL EXPERIENCE! Let’s write it! All of the nuances! All of the range! Let’s write it all! In the Star Wars fanfic and the non Star Wars fanfic and in the “mainstream” fiction tbh!


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So I just had my worst experience of my life working at a daycare. 5 year old girl, tomboy, has talked to me about having crushes on girls after I mentioned having a wife, comes crying because someone was telling her she's probably a boy and she doesn't want to and she loves being a girl...She's only 5 and other kids are pressuring her... :/

This is so sad… How can no one see how regressive it is to tell a girl that behaving in a certain way actually means she’s a boy? So many GNC kids grow up to be gay, and telling them they’re actually the opposite sex and therefore “straight” is just preemptive conversion therapy. I hope you can continue to be a positive role model in her life, so she can see that girls CAN like other girls, and they can act and look however they like without actually being boys.

-Mod Noel

Perfect- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do one where Daryl + reader are together, but Daryl gets jealous because a new member (this can be a totally made up male character) joined the group and new member + reader have gotten quite close. Daryl + reader have a big fight… Then you can do whatever else you’d like to the story :) I love your one shots btw :)”

Anon requested- “daryl x reader… jealous daryl? <3″

Word count: 1720

Warnings: swearing, angst,

Note: i’ve literally eaten 17 clementines today while bingeing OITNB i’m probably going to explode omg. WHT IF I TURN INTO A CLEMENTINE WTF GUYS I’M SCARED NOW. (can clementine seeds get you prego??//??/)

FYI: I’d already written half of this when I got the anon message about daryl & reader being together. so sadly, they’re not in the beginning… hope you’ll all enjoy nevertheless!!! (good luck for finals/exams to everyone who has them approaching! <3 ) PS JENSEN ACKLES WAS MY (obvious) FACE CLAIM FOR ELI!!!11!!1!

(pls ignore me, idk why but i’m very energetic rn… probably nothing to do with all those clementines and cookies i ate. hehehehe.) 


He was a nice man. With piercing green orbs and pump lips he was easy on the eyes too. His jawline sharp and scruff soft. It helped that he was a doctor. Of course, he was a doctor. He saved lives, he was sweet, funny and basically worshipped the ground you walked on.

So obviously Daryl was jealous. How couldn’t he be? He was perfect, everything you could wish for.

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i just saw your great explaination of the john winchester issue and i'm just curious, you mention narcissistic parenting? what does that mean?

Thanks! Okay, Anon, so just some background: my dad is a narcissistic personality, and that was something that came up when I was in therapy last year. My psych gave me a couple of articles to read, all of which opened my eyes and upset me so I deleted. So, the info I’m giving you is sourced from this site which is a legit psych magazine. 

A narcissistic parent seems like they would just be totally into themselves and not have time for kids, but that’s actually not the case. According to the psych magazine: “narcissistic parents don’t have children because they want to nurture and guide their offspring through life; they have children so that they have an automatic, built-in relationship in which they have power, one in which the narcissist can write the rules without any checks and balances. Understand this: Control over someone else is the ultimate jackpot every narcissist works so hard to win. ”

So, the dynamic between a narcissistic parent and child isn’t normal. It isn’t a give and take. It’s a relationship based on command… scarily reminiscent of John’s relationship with his sons, huh? Now, I’m not saying that John wanted to have kids just to boss them around or that he didn’t love them—I’m sure he did, just like I’m sure my dad loves me. And I’m sure he wanted to give his kids the best life he could. But unfortunately, the narcissist needs control and power, and kids are a very easy way to get that. 

Just to take this a little further, let me show you what this article says happens to kids of narcissistic parents, and tell me if it reminds you of Dean:

Young children of narcissists learn early in life that everything they do is a reflection on the parent, to the point that the child must fit into the personality and behavioural mould intended for them. These children bear tremendous anxiety from a young age as they must continually push aside their own personality in order to please the parent and provide the mirror image the parent so desperately needs.”

And if that doesn’t have you convinced:

Because young kids can’t make accurate sense of the narcissist’s interpersonal tricks and stunts, these children internalize intense shame (‘I keep failing my Mom’) which leads to anger that the child turns on himself (‘I’m so stupid,’ ‘Something’s wrong with me’).”

To me, this sounds a lot like Dean’s internal, self-loathing monologue. And the evidence for John as a narcissistic parent doesn’t stop there:

Because the narcissistic parent-child bond is so distorted and corrupt, the offspring as adults tend to gravitate toward drama-laden, roller-coaster relationships – especially with romantic partners. Because they didn’t grow up with the belief that they were intrinsically okay and good, it makes perfect sense that these individuals would gravitate toward stormy romantic partners later. These adults would feel like fish out of water in a relationship with someone who loved them consistently, and the experience would be so unfamiliar that it would cause major anxiety. Accordingly, these individuals tend to seek out partners who are emotionally unavailable, critical or withholding – just like Mommy and/or Daddy was in the past.

Now, look at Dean’s love life. His drama-laden, roller-coaster relationships are one night stands (how much more emotionally unavailable can you get), and his anxiety with healthy relationships are clearly outlined in Cassie and Lisa. If you want to talk about Destiel, you can argue that Dean identifies with Cas as being another product of a narcissistic parent and so can relate to him on a deeply personal level. You can also argue that they’re drawn to each other because their relationship is definitely drama-laden and of the roller-coaster variety. This might be a little bit of stretch, but you can tell that Dean feels most comfortable with Cas when they’re fighting alongside each other or at each other’s throats (or doing that subtextual pining/eye sex thing they do) rather than when Cas compliments him. Hell, just in this episode, Cas called Dean a good role model and Dean got uncomfortable and anxious. He broke eye-contact. He stuffed his face. 

So, it’s clear Dean is the product of narcissistic parenting… let’s talk about Sam. Because Dean wasn’t the only one with a narcissistic parent, but Sam—because he was raised by Dean—figured out that the dynamic of their (John, Dean, Sam) relationship wasn’t right:

What’s interesting to note is the narcissistic parent’s reaction to witnessing healthy psychological change in their child. Once the child or adult child of the narcissist starts to get psychologically healthier and begins to distance himself a bit from the parent, the narcissistic parent experiences a sort of existential panic. Thrust into fight mode, the narcissistic parent feels furious and works to ostracize the individual suspected of inducing the change and pulling the child away from the parent’s tight grip. Though it can initially be confusing to the adult child why the narcissistic parent verbally tears apart his closest confidants, the parent’s reaction ultimately shows the adult child what matters most to the narcissistic parent: his or her own emotional needs – not those of the adult child.”

There it is. Except in this case, the individual suspected of inducing the psychological change in Sam was Sam himself. So, John ostracized him. He told him that if he left for Stanford, he shouldn’t bother coming back. Sam challenged the power dynamic and John went into panic mode… and in doing so, basically told his kid that if he wanted to go to Stanford on a full ride and have a normal, safe life, he’d be dead to him. This, to me, doesn’t sound like normal, good parenting. This sounds like John putting his own emotional needs before Sam’s, which makes John Winchester a textbook narcissistic parent. 

Hope that helped, Anon :)