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I’ve never done one of these before so I don’t quite know if I’m doing this correctly, and I apologize if I’m not. I just have to start off by saying that I’m just completely flabbergasted. I didn’t create this blog with the intent of having so much as 100 followers, let alone 800!? I was content with updating Devil’s Advocate for the 5-10 people who found it interesting, and now almost every chapter is above 100 notes?? (not to mention White Noise is almost to 300??) You guys are truly incredible. I mean it~

So, without further ado, I’ve decided to split this post up into role models/senpais, mutuals, and exemplary followers. These are all the people I have to personally thank for encouraging me and/or inspiring me!

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“Filthy Halls” deleted scene

Youji shows up at Masaomi’s house in Kyoto unannounced. “I was in the area,” he had said as an explanation, and they both knew how exceedingly unlikely that was without Masaomi pointing it out, so Masaomi didn’t say anything at all.

“My brother is dead,” Youji said finally, after dinner and then watching TV for a couple hours on Masaomi’s couch while Masaomi worked on his laptop.

“Congratulations,” Masaomi said mildly, knowing how Youji felt about his brothers. “The evil one or the dick?”

“The dick,” Youji said, “Although, I feel the need to point out that they were both evil.”

“I have very fancy champagne,” he offered, “Seijuurou is home though, so we’d probably have to wait until he goes to sleep if we want to get really drunk.”

“Ah, I see you’ve already mastered the finer nuances of good parenting,” Youji said fondly. Masaomi decided he would let Youji continue to think he didn’t want Seijuurou to see them drunk out of delicacy for role model purposes, and not at all because he was sure Seijuurou would find a way to exploit that weakness to his advantage. Youji leaned back on the couch, pinching the bridge of his nose, as if he had a headache. “I do want to get drunk, which probably means that I shouldn’t.”

“Fair enough,” Masaomi said. “I also have very fancy cake.”

“I could eat some cake,” Youji acknowledges.


It was on the third slice of cake that Youji’s phone rings. “It’s Ryouta,” he says, as an explanation for why he gets up to take the call. Masaomi tunes out at that point, because he doesn’t feel the need to listen in on Youji’s conversations with his son.

It’s not until he hears Youji cry out, “Ryouta, stop. I can help you, just tell me where you are. We’ll figure this out together. Ryouta!” sounding like a wounded animal, that Masaomi whips his head up.

Youji is looking at his phone and Masaomi’s heart stops for just a second—he has seen that expression on Youji’s face before, and it’s not good.

“What happened?” he demands, already getting up. He’s not sure what he’s going to do, but he thinks desperately that he has to stop Youji somehow (he’s not sure what he’s stopping Youji from doing, but he’s ready to intervene, to do anything, to make it all go away).

“Yukio,” Youji says, his voice a strangled whisper. “Something—something must have happened to Yukio. I have to—I have to go them.” He’s packing up his stuff and looking wretched and lost.

“OK, we’ll go them,” Masaomi says calmly. “Where are they?”

“I don’t—I don’t know.” Youji stops and swallows and looks at him helplessly, “Masaomi, I don’t know where my sons are.”

He sounds close to breaking so Masaomi pulls at him, steering him towards the laptop. “It’s OK, I can find them. Give me their cell phone numbers and tell me everything.”

“You can—you can track their numbers?”

I can,” Masaomi says, allowing that this isn’t something just anyone can do.

Youji paces, agitated, as Masaomi starts working at his computer. He’s only ever heard Youji sound so helpless once before, and he hates it. His own heart beats fast with the sense of urgency that he knows Youji must be feeling.

“Ryouta said—he said something bad might have happened. He meant Yukio.”

“Did he say that?”

“No, but—that’s the only thing it could have been, to make him sound like that. Something must have happened to Yukio, and I don’t—Ryouta sounded like he was going to do something dangerous and what if—”

“It will be fine,” Masaomi says, with firm conviction, like he can will it to be true. “Everything is going to be fine.”

They both knew that sometimes things weren’t fine. Youji almost died after he lost Hinami; Masaomi is positive he won’t make it if he loses those two kids. Masaomi works faster and then curses when the results settle in a location.

“What? Where are they?!”

“Iwatobi,” Masaomi says, knowing what that means to Youji.

“Oh, God, he must have—Seiji.

Masaomi swallows, knowing that Youji had good reasons to hate his brothers, and he’s feeling in the blanks about why his kids might have gone to Iwatobi. “You never told your gay son about your homophobic sadistic brothers?” Masaomi asks even as they’re already packing up and heading out the door.

“I didn’t think I had to!” Youji says, “I told Yukio not to go, he’s never disobeyed before—Jesus Christ, if he’s done anything to hurt my kids I’m going to kill him.”

The eldest brother, Masaomi thinks. The one Masaomi really should have done something about, years ago. Except Youji hadn’t wanted that, not really. And now they’re both regretting that inaction.

“How long does it take to get to Iwatobi?” Youji asks. “Do you have a jet?”

“Yes, of course, but it’ll be faster to take a helicopter, we won’t have to worry as much about landing—”

“Will a helicopter be fast enough?”

“One of mine will, I designed them myself,” Masaomi says.

“OK, OK,” Youji says, mostly to himself, as if trying to calm down.

The round the corner, and Seijuurou is standing there. Masaomi blinks, having momentarily forgotten he was around.

“Is Ryouta in trouble?” Seijuurou asks.

“He might be, and we’re kind of in a hurry—”

“I will go with you,” Seijuurou says.

Masaomi would protest this but they don’t have time. And Seijuurou might come in handy anyway. At any rate, his presence would keep Youji from losing himself entirely, so Masaomi just nods and they head out the door.

There’s too much at stake at the moment—Youji is already too close to losing his mind with worry, so there’s no point in adding to that. But a deeply unsettled feeling spreads throughout Masaomi as he thinks about Iwatobi and how he knows there’s other things in that small town that the Miracles might have to worry about.

And for the first time, he starts to think maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence that the secrets in Iwatobi happened to be in the same place as Youji’s home town.



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Unfortunate [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anon requested: “1 with damian???”

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I’m finally finished with it! OwO

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism, drug addiction and domestic abuse

Word Count: 899

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”



You were a good kid, really you were. There were many less fortunate than you, which was why you stole and did the bad deeds instead of them. You sheltered them from a life of crime, while you took their place.

The kids on the streets didn’t have a home, but every night you’d give them warm blankets to share. They were lovely kids, and it was the least you could do for them.

You weren’t rich yourself. In fact, your mother was a drug addict and your father was an abusive alcoholic, and you lived in the bad side of Gotham City. Both your parents had spent most of the little money they had left on their own pleasures, leaving none for you.

You hated returning home. You hated hearing your parents yell and fight, the way your mother screamed when your father crossed the line, the sounds of bottles smashing and things being thrown. You were strong, but you were still a child. A very frightened child.

The kids on the streets absolutely adored you. You weren’t much older than them but it was clear that they looked up to you as a role model. However, with security increasing and more shopkeepers on the lookout, it was only a matter of time before you were caught.

The sound of rapid footsteps on the wet pavement was masked by the rhythmic drumming of the rain. You wrapped your hoodie around your shivering body tightly as your grip on the container of cookies tightened.

Silently scolding yourself when you saw the dead end you ran into, you quickly jumped and gripped the fire escape, using it to climb onto the roof with ease. You jumped from roof to roof, trying to lose the vigilantes on your tail. You hoped the heavy rain and darkness would work to your advantage.

As you stepped on the edge of the building and prepared to jump to the next, you gasped, feeling your foot slip due to the water. You fell forward, straight towards the ground five stories below, and you closed your eyes and braced for impact. However, instead you felt something wrap around your ankles, leaving you hanging upside down.

You opened your eyes and saw the two vigilantes standing on the ground below you, looking unimpressed.

“I’m assuming you are the ones who tied me up like this?” you began, glancing at the cookies that you dropped when you fell. It now laid on the ground; wasted.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice, but I suppose a thief like you lack the ability to display decent manners.” the shorter one spoke–Robin. He sounded shockingly young, about your age.

“How rude.” you commented. “You two were the ones who chased me down, causing me to slip in the first place.” you exclaimed.

“You stole, committing a crime.” the other vigilante–Red Robin– stated firmly, as if he was scolding you.

“Well I’m sorry if wanting to survive is a crime.” you snapped. Your eyes narrowed at Robin’s furious look. You turned to Red Robin and asked, “Is he going to kill me? He looks like he wants to kill me.”


“Survive?!” Robin growled before Red Robin could answer, “how about actually going to school and educating yourself!”

“Of course! Thanks Captain Obvious, for pointing out that people my age should be at school! Let me ask you something Robin; are you an idiot?” Seeing the glare the boy was giving you, you added to Red Robin, “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.

“How dare you call me an idiot–”

“Then stop asking such stupid questions.” you cut in. “I know I should get an education, but not everyone is as fortunate as you! Do you think I can afford an education? Heck, do you think my parents even give a damn about me? Trust me, if I get a chance I would take it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening any time soon. So I’m stuck with scavenging and stealing.”

At that, the two males fell silent. You grew impatient, and it was getting incredibly cold that you started to shiver. You shifted uncomfortably; being upside down wasn’t a nice position to be in.

“U-Um… are you just going to stand there? Because I’m sure I may die of hypothermia soon.” you snapped, teeth chattering.

Snapping out of his trance, Red Robin quickly cut the rope that bound your legs and caught you, placing you on the wet pavement carefully.

“Thanks.” you smiled weakly, “you’re nicer than him.” you glared at Robin.

Red Robin shrugged. “Everyone’s nicer than demon spawn over there.”

“I can hear you.”

“I know.”

“So uh… are you two going to arrest me or…”

You saw the two exchange a look, having a silent battle before Robin approached you. He huffed and crossed his arms; he didn’t look too happy.

“I suppose you didn’t have much choice other than to steal, so we’ll let you go… this time.” he stated reluctantly.

You raised an eyebrow. “So there will be other times then?” you teased.

“Wha–do not test me!” Robin exclaimed. Even in the rain you could see the blush on his cheeks.

“Of course. And I suppose I should say thank you?” you continued, smiling slyly.

“Why can’t we arrest her again?”

anonymous asked:

a couple things: 1. i long thought that c was gonna equalize the 'crime,' so to speak, at some point before the end. and given how many overt lies d has had to take on by now, it makes sense. i think c has been hyper aware of the imbalance. but he's been putting it off for a certain time purposefully, & led up to it by being VERY intentional in his actions, making the truth clear there, so that the words would ring as false as they do when d has to bullshit. same structure for them both. 1/2

2. seems likely that computer games may be used to payoff m (& ricky too?) in some way, while keeping his own personal music untainted. d for sure has his own music to release, but has been holding out to do it on his terms, w/o baggage. i think chuck may be helping him out right now by sharing the credit/burden for anything that has to involve m. (i mean, it was him that brought her into the picture, after all.) as sucky as all of this is, i can understand how it could be unavoidable.             


I know many do not agree and many think this is going to stretch into ACS and it is about keeping Darren in the closet.

But I agree with you.  I was suspecting pay out was in the works and Chris’ confirmation absolutely solidified this for me. Maybe I am optimistic, I don’t know..Possible. I have been before and have been proven wrong. And I certainly do not personally know either gentlemen or their respective teams.

Chris has waited to make this confirmation for years. He has carefully avoided saying “Will is my BF” for years. And on Wednesday, he went into an interview were there was, make no mistake about it, a staged, intentional dialogue between him and Sandra.  I think they tried to make it look like it was casual and not planned. But they tried too hard. On no planet would Sandra care who Will was while conducting an interview or stop the interview to ask.  “Who is that?”  Planned and staged.

So yes, Chris is now equally culpable. Equally to blame. Now he shoulders the burden as much as Darren. I keep saying this and it seems to be forgotten a lot and everyone tends to place most of the blame on Darren.  Yes, Darren signed the contract.  Yes Darren is why this mess happened. But Chris chose to walk this path with him.  Willingly and as a co-conspirator. Chris chose to hold Will out as his bf.  And even before the confirmation, he has been holding Will out as his man for years.  He even dedicated a book to him.

And Chris has as much to loose as Darren. His fans HATE Darren. I cannot tell you enough how many anons I get that are Chris fans yelling at me. Most of which I delete. Some of which I publish.  The other day I got one saying he is no longer a role model if he lied. I was amazed, the man has been so open about his sexuality and is an amazing role model, particularly to young people struggling with their identities,.  And his still is an amazing role model regardless of whether he is in love with someone different than he pretends.  Would he be more of a role model if he outed a man that is not able or ready to come out of the closet?  Baffles me.

What he did on that interview. That was the ultimate statement of love.  He could have continued as is and when this ends, stated “I never said Will was my BF.  You just inferred it.” Now he cannot. And he doesn’t want to. Because he wants to stand equally with Darren.  As a solid Unit.  Both with the good and bad that has happened over the years.

And yes, its more than that.  We are going to see a heavy push of both beards.  I would suggest to those that don’t want to watch, take a break for a few months. No one can blame you. This is hard. I too get frustrated,. I feel like its going to be painful, I would not be shocked if we got a duet on Wednesday.  Take it for what it is. Pay Out.

And let’s hope they give them enough that M&W both willingly walk away.  We are naive if we think they will walk before they get whatever it is they perceive they are entitled.

And let’s trust that Chris and Darren are working together. Making decisions together. And trying to do what is right for them, their careers, and their fans.  Because they love us all and don’t want to disappoint anyone. And they know they will.  And I think they are trying to do that in the best possible way. Its why I encourage everyone, no matter your opinion on this matter, read STFF.  He is laying a solid foundation.  He has laid it out in front of us. It is up to us to listen,

anonymous asked:

Hello, how are you? First of all, thank you so much for your blog, it is very useful :-) I am outlining a novel and I have run out of ideas in order to make the plot more complex. Mi main character need to find a weapon to destroy the villain (similar to Horrocruxes of Harry Potter). What kind of obstacles she could have? Thank you :)

Hey darling! I’m well thank you, I hope you are too? I really hope I can help you out because this sounds awesome XD

So, at first, I wasn’t quite sure if you wanted ideas of what the object(s) might be, or ideas for developing the characters adventures. I am guessing it was the latter, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, hehe.

So your character is on an adventure (or similar) to find a certain weapon that will destroy your villain? I’ll write a little list of some encounters she might fall upon on the way, I hope that might jog something in your brain! Here we go:

  • Temptation. Things to throw her off her trek.
  • Panic/anxiety. This may be a bit too much like The Hunger Games, but what if you had voices of close family and friends or apparitions to make her think they’d fallen to the afterlife?
  • Encounters. Strangers, friend or foe, people looking for something too, etc. Who might she meet? How do they affect her journey? what kind of character are they?
  • Fights, self-defence. Does someone come to rescue her? Does she suddenly recognise her opponent? Does she become friends with her opponent afterwards?
  • Does she travel with anyone? Keep in contact with anyone? Who does she interact with throughout the story?
  • Who are the supporting characters/ minor characters and how might they impact her life/adventure?
  • Redemption? Interpret that one how you like XD
  • Riddles or mazes she must complete or cooperate with to continue her journey.
  • Traps?
  • Certain powers or abilities she has been granted with? Who is on her side and wants to help her kill the villain?

Okay, so think about who else is in your story, it will help out a whole bunch! Who does the protagonist trust and/or love? Think about who your characters role models are and how they might impact her, or alternatively, how her villains could be motivating her unintentionally. Much like myself when someone tells me I can’t do something- I’m going to do it…! This probably didn’t help a whole bunch, so definitely message me if you want to chat it through! Good luck darling, lots of love from Yasmine xox

Izuocha 02: “Are you drunk?”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff

Pairing: Midoriya x Uraraka

Rating: [PG]

Drabble Prompt: #5: “Are you drunk?”

Word Count: 1414 words

Author’s Notes: This is a izuocha prompt requested by an anon! I know that I still have a huge backlog of kacchako prompts (TT__TT) and one more izuocha request that I need to do but I thank you guys for understanding that, you know, real life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, enjoy this fluffy fluff! :D

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anonymous asked:

So I just had my worst experience of my life working at a daycare. 5 year old girl, tomboy, has talked to me about having crushes on girls after I mentioned having a wife, comes crying because someone was telling her she's probably a boy and she doesn't want to and she loves being a girl...She's only 5 and other kids are pressuring her... :/

This is so sad… How can no one see how regressive it is to tell a girl that behaving in a certain way actually means she’s a boy? So many GNC kids grow up to be gay, and telling them they’re actually the opposite sex and therefore “straight” is just preemptive conversion therapy. I hope you can continue to be a positive role model in her life, so she can see that girls CAN like other girls, and they can act and look however they like without actually being boys.

-Mod Noel

Perfect- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do one where Daryl + reader are together, but Daryl gets jealous because a new member (this can be a totally made up male character) joined the group and new member + reader have gotten quite close. Daryl + reader have a big fight… Then you can do whatever else you’d like to the story :) I love your one shots btw :)”

Anon requested- “daryl x reader… jealous daryl? <3″

Word count: 1720

Warnings: swearing, angst,

Note: i’ve literally eaten 17 clementines today while bingeing OITNB i’m probably going to explode omg. WHT IF I TURN INTO A CLEMENTINE WTF GUYS I’M SCARED NOW. (can clementine seeds get you prego??//??/)

FYI: I’d already written half of this when I got the anon message about daryl & reader being together. so sadly, they’re not in the beginning… hope you’ll all enjoy nevertheless!!! (good luck for finals/exams to everyone who has them approaching! <3 ) PS JENSEN ACKLES WAS MY (obvious) FACE CLAIM FOR ELI!!!11!!1!

(pls ignore me, idk why but i’m very energetic rn… probably nothing to do with all those clementines and cookies i ate. hehehehe.) 


He was a nice man. With piercing green orbs and pump lips he was easy on the eyes too. His jawline sharp and scruff soft. It helped that he was a doctor. Of course, he was a doctor. He saved lives, he was sweet, funny and basically worshipped the ground you walked on.

So obviously Daryl was jealous. How couldn’t he be? He was perfect, everything you could wish for.

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anonymous asked:

i just saw your great explaination of the john winchester issue and i'm just curious, you mention narcissistic parenting? what does that mean?

Thanks! Okay, Anon, so just some background: my dad is a narcissistic personality, and that was something that came up when I was in therapy last year. My psych gave me a couple of articles to read, all of which opened my eyes and upset me so I deleted. So, the info I’m giving you is sourced from this site which is a legit psych magazine. 

A narcissistic parent seems like they would just be totally into themselves and not have time for kids, but that’s actually not the case. According to the psych magazine: “narcissistic parents don’t have children because they want to nurture and guide their offspring through life; they have children so that they have an automatic, built-in relationship in which they have power, one in which the narcissist can write the rules without any checks and balances. Understand this: Control over someone else is the ultimate jackpot every narcissist works so hard to win. ”

So, the dynamic between a narcissistic parent and child isn’t normal. It isn’t a give and take. It’s a relationship based on command… scarily reminiscent of John’s relationship with his sons, huh? Now, I’m not saying that John wanted to have kids just to boss them around or that he didn’t love them—I’m sure he did, just like I’m sure my dad loves me. And I’m sure he wanted to give his kids the best life he could. But unfortunately, the narcissist needs control and power, and kids are a very easy way to get that. 

Just to take this a little further, let me show you what this article says happens to kids of narcissistic parents, and tell me if it reminds you of Dean:

Young children of narcissists learn early in life that everything they do is a reflection on the parent, to the point that the child must fit into the personality and behavioural mould intended for them. These children bear tremendous anxiety from a young age as they must continually push aside their own personality in order to please the parent and provide the mirror image the parent so desperately needs.”

And if that doesn’t have you convinced:

Because young kids can’t make accurate sense of the narcissist’s interpersonal tricks and stunts, these children internalize intense shame (‘I keep failing my Mom’) which leads to anger that the child turns on himself (‘I’m so stupid,’ ‘Something’s wrong with me’).”

To me, this sounds a lot like Dean’s internal, self-loathing monologue. And the evidence for John as a narcissistic parent doesn’t stop there:

Because the narcissistic parent-child bond is so distorted and corrupt, the offspring as adults tend to gravitate toward drama-laden, roller-coaster relationships – especially with romantic partners. Because they didn’t grow up with the belief that they were intrinsically okay and good, it makes perfect sense that these individuals would gravitate toward stormy romantic partners later. These adults would feel like fish out of water in a relationship with someone who loved them consistently, and the experience would be so unfamiliar that it would cause major anxiety. Accordingly, these individuals tend to seek out partners who are emotionally unavailable, critical or withholding – just like Mommy and/or Daddy was in the past.

Now, look at Dean’s love life. His drama-laden, roller-coaster relationships are one night stands (how much more emotionally unavailable can you get), and his anxiety with healthy relationships are clearly outlined in Cassie and Lisa. If you want to talk about Destiel, you can argue that Dean identifies with Cas as being another product of a narcissistic parent and so can relate to him on a deeply personal level. You can also argue that they’re drawn to each other because their relationship is definitely drama-laden and of the roller-coaster variety. This might be a little bit of stretch, but you can tell that Dean feels most comfortable with Cas when they’re fighting alongside each other or at each other’s throats (or doing that subtextual pining/eye sex thing they do) rather than when Cas compliments him. Hell, just in this episode, Cas called Dean a good role model and Dean got uncomfortable and anxious. He broke eye-contact. He stuffed his face. 

So, it’s clear Dean is the product of narcissistic parenting… let’s talk about Sam. Because Dean wasn’t the only one with a narcissistic parent, but Sam—because he was raised by Dean—figured out that the dynamic of their (John, Dean, Sam) relationship wasn’t right:

What’s interesting to note is the narcissistic parent’s reaction to witnessing healthy psychological change in their child. Once the child or adult child of the narcissist starts to get psychologically healthier and begins to distance himself a bit from the parent, the narcissistic parent experiences a sort of existential panic. Thrust into fight mode, the narcissistic parent feels furious and works to ostracize the individual suspected of inducing the change and pulling the child away from the parent’s tight grip. Though it can initially be confusing to the adult child why the narcissistic parent verbally tears apart his closest confidants, the parent’s reaction ultimately shows the adult child what matters most to the narcissistic parent: his or her own emotional needs – not those of the adult child.”

There it is. Except in this case, the individual suspected of inducing the psychological change in Sam was Sam himself. So, John ostracized him. He told him that if he left for Stanford, he shouldn’t bother coming back. Sam challenged the power dynamic and John went into panic mode… and in doing so, basically told his kid that if he wanted to go to Stanford on a full ride and have a normal, safe life, he’d be dead to him. This, to me, doesn’t sound like normal, good parenting. This sounds like John putting his own emotional needs before Sam’s, which makes John Winchester a textbook narcissistic parent. 

Hope that helped, Anon :)

anonymous asked:

I don't get why you love Samantha Barks so much i get that she's talented though

Let me tell you a thing. So about 6 years ago, when she was just 17 years old, she was a contestant on a television series called ‘I’d Do Anything’. It was a competition to cast Nancy in a production of Oliver. At the time that she auditioned she didn’t own shorts or skirts because she never showed off her legs. The first show she came out in this and rocked it:

She performed ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ complete with some pretty sexual movements and everyone was completely blown away. This 17 year old girl rocking this song in a sexy, yet modest way and belting it out with the most beautiful voice. Throughout the weeks she was on the show, she received the criticism that there was nothing showing in her eyes and that she was lacking emotion. Sam then works her ass off and goes from the most breathtaking singer, to also a breathtaking actress. Watching her perform all of her songs, she was absolutely phenomenal, and not just for a 17 year old, but for anyone. Now, when I mentioned before that she went from not ever showing off her legs to wearing tight black shorts, I don’t mean she got sleazy or did something she was completely uncomfortable with. What I mean by this is that she went a little bit outside of her comfort zone and owned it. It seems as if Sam has always been very mature, but on the show she appeared to have grown up so much. Now, unfortunately she didn’t win this competition, though she did get extremely close. She was, however, granted the part of Nancy in the end.

Can we talk about the emotion she’s showing? Look how far she had come as an actress. No one was more deserving of this part than Sam. She was young and she was willing to work so hard and put everything she had into the role. Sam showed real dedication, which in this business is something we really need in a role model. Throughout the duration of ‘I’d Do Anything’, Sam really helped me to believe in myself more and made me feel so much self confidence and I cannot begin to tell you how much she means to me just because of that small thing.

Now, I’m assuming you are familiar with her journey on Les Miserables, but I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Here we have Sam when she found out that she was going to be Eponine in the 25th Anniversary Concert (notice the lovely Nancy dress because it’s pretty):

Just look at how thankful she is. She debuted as Eponine in the West End in 2010 and the role meant so much to her. Looking at that photo (and watching the video, which is on YouTube) I begin to feel so immensely proud of her. Hard work and dedication, friends. In case you’re unaware of how big of a deal Les Miserables at the O2 is, let me explain you a thing. The 10th Anniversary Concert featured stars like Colm Wilkinson, Michael Ball, Lea Salonga (as Eponine) and many more big theatre stars, many of which belonged to the original Broadway (or London) cast, or were replacements. I believe the 25th Anniversary to be an even bigger deal in many ways. It also featured huge theatre stars whom I’m sure you all know about, and also Nick Jonas who is very famous, though we don’t really talk about him for reasons. Samantha’s performance in Les Miserables was just wonderful. She captured Eponine in such a unique way and represented the character from the book in the best way possible given the fact that Eponine is so romanticized in the musical. She was so raw and she brings me to tears every time. I realize some people may argue that that is not what Eponine is about because she is just a manipulative fighter of the streets. Well, I have to give it to Sam because I believe she portrayed that without flaw. The way she first walks out during ‘Look Down/Paris’ you can tell Eponine is a strong character who doesn’t take any shit from anybody. You’re quick to realize this just by the way she walks out. Remember back to when she was told she had no emotion when she performed? In ‘Eponine’s Errand’ we first see the manipulative side of Eponine and Sam delivers this astonishingly well.  ‘Attack on Rue Plumet’ is when Eponine attempts to fight off her father to basically save Cosette, which shows that she does not hate her. Sam gives this scene so much it’s almost unbelievable. The way she performs it makes Eponine exceptionally fierce and it is just wonderful in every way. She is so strong in the character. I won’t go into any more detail about her incredible portrayal of Eponine, though I will say that she balances the sensitive and fierceness of Eponine better than most performers probably could.

Of course, then Samantha gets cast in the Les Miserables film. She explained her audition for the film as the most important audition of her life, claiming that she worked the hardest for it. She wanted the part more than anything. This journey is honestly one of the most inspirational for many reasons. There are so many that I won’t list them all now, but I just know that Sam makes me want to be the best that I can be. Because of Sam I’m always pushing myself to try my hardest because I know that the hard work will pay off in the end. 

There she is looking absolutely stunning, as always, in the film. Okay, now you try and sing such a difficult piece of music such as On My Own in the rain, while crying, and while wearing that corset that makes your waist the size of a lifesaver. I am constantly being blown away by her talent.

She’s also appeared in other films such as ‘The Christmas Candle’ and continues to grow as an actress. But let’s talk about Chicago for a moment.

Just look at how hot she is. She is totally rocking that dress and plays the character up so well. Not to mention her stellar American accent. I never get tired of watching her as Velma Kelly. Not just because she is incredibly attractive and nice to look at, but because of her exceptional talent. Went from not ever showing off her legs to playing one of the sexiest characters in musical theatre history. I am thoroughly impressed. How does this not give you self confidence? She was just another teenager and she could do it, and one day I hope you can rock the bare leg look confidentially too because I know for a fact you have stellar legs.

I’d just like to end with the fact that not only is she an exceptional talent and is amazing to look up to as a performer, but she is also amazing to look up to just as a person. Sam is the most caring, kind, accepting, humorous, and driven girls possibly ever. I look up to her more than almost anybody else in this world. I aspire to have many of her qualities one day, though she’s also taught me to always be myself and I think that that is a very important lesson. Sam is an absolutely wonderful person who I am happy to consider my role model.

I could go on and get into more depth, but I think I’ll just leave you with this for tonight. Also, thank you for asking because I feel like everyone needs to be reminded of how beautiful this girl is, inside and out. And I only teared up once while writing this which is something to be proud of.

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So cried out from 2nd watching of BoFA. Would you mind giving out some fic recs? Fix-its and AUs being favorite but all welcome.

Ok. Well, no one’s ever asked me for a fic-rec, but here goes

A Smith and His forge Bilbo’s door gets jammed one day. Luckily, a company of dwarves just so happened to have set up shop in front of the old smithy. (Still ongoing but quite good.)

Take me Home to my Heart  All were born the same, with eyes blank and souls incomplete, waiting for their other half. Was it a child of men, little hobbitling, dwarfling or a little elfling, all walked the Arda with white, colourless eyes, through childhood and into adulthood, until they found their One, who brightened their world and filled their eyes with colour, hearts with love and joy.

Story how Bilbo lost his precious, but had it returned to him anew. Or how Thorin would not side with Thranduil for Erebor’s sake, but did unite races to protect his home. (A bit sad but so good)

A Hobbit in Erebor After the battle of Five Armies, Thorin asks Bilbo to stay with the dwarves in Erebor. Bilbo accepts but, doesn’t quite know what he’s getting himself into. (slow burn, but sooooo good)

Things We Grow Together Dwarves are born with a bone-deep knowledge of their One, but Thorin stops feeling the pull of his after the dragon attacks Erebor. Needless to say, he is surprised, and not initially pleased, to find his One living behind a round green door decades later.

Hobbits find a seed that represents their innermost self and can offer it to someone else to plant. This creates a bond as strong as deep roots in the earth between them. It is just like Bilbo, after years of thinking that no one would want his, to offer his soul-seed to a dwarf that does not understand gardening metaphors.

But just because they have found each other does not make the quest to reclaim Erebor any easier, and in the end a sacrifice is still made.

Thorin has to trust in the strength of the bond between himself and his One, because otherwise he will never believe that the sacrifice was worth it. (slow burn, but really good)

Stoneblind Courting one’s Beloved is a difficult enough process at the best of times, with complex customs and many steps to remember. For Thorin Oakenshield, it’s a whole lot more complicated than that.  

For a start, his Beloved is a hobbit who has absolutely no idea that he even is Thorin’s Beloved, let alone the steps of courtship.  

Secondly, Thorin may or may not be completely invisible to said hobbit, for reasons only the Maker knows.  

As Thorin is swiftly learning, Mahal has ever laughed upon his sons of the Line of Durin. (it sounds sad, but it’s so well written and ultimately not sad)

Messages of Ink “Bilbo, must you?” Thorin complained as Bilbo set to marking his husband with newly acquired blue ink. “I do have a meeting with Gorís in an hour and I am sure this will not wash off easily.” He continued, fingers twitching uselessly as Bilbo concentrated on writing a message upon his bare wrist.

“Oh hush, you big baby.” Bilbo snorted and took in Thorin’s cry of outrage with a wide, cheeky grin. “Tis just a small message to remind you that you are mine.” He said nonchalantly. (this is purely super sweet fluffiness)

Love in Idleness Taking Bilbo Baggins, a successful movie actor who is only just getting used to the perks and intricacies of becoming A Face People Want To See, and putting him together with Thorin Oakenshield, with his very traditional (read: slightly backwards) ideas about what constitutes Real Art and Real Talent, might very well be viewed as just some clothead’s idea of a joke. But there are jokes, and then there are carefully calculated risks the size of controversial reproductions of classic Shakespearean plays - for Bilbo, it is the chance of a lifetime to prove himself to all those who have ever deemed him too one-dimensional to even attempt stage, while Thorin has the opportunity to get out of the rut that’s been hindering his career for so long now, and shine in a role worthy of his talent once again. That is if the two learn how to share the same space for more than ten minutes without wanting to tear each other’s hair out. The course of true love never did run smooth, after all… (I cannot stress enough how fantasmagoric this fic is. It’s so amazingly excellent that I just CANNOT. (it’s still ongoing too))

Nothing Gold can stay Bilbo Baggins led a rather peaceful life, thank you very much, until an old acquaintance decided to turn it upside down, and he found himself agreeing to take a job that’s… let’s say not exactly up his alley, and might eventually cost him a little more than his treasured cozy lifestyle. Who would have thought tutoring a slightly menacing monarch’s more than slightly overbearing nephew could prove to be such an… adventure? (You want wonderful, well-written, slow burn moden!AU, this is the fic for you. It’s definitely one of my favorites)

One-Sided Conversations Thank you for listening,” Thorin said, getting to his feet. “I hope to be able to return the favour, one day.”

The man on the bed didn’t respond, but since he’d been in a coma for longer than Thorin had known him, that wasn’t entirely surprising. (This fic is so sweet and well written, another of my faves. modern!AU)

Candid Thorin wasn’t entirely sure why there was a six-foot candid photograph of him hanging in this exhibition, but he was going to wring the neck of whoever had put it there.

In which Bilbo is a photographer, Thorin an accidental model, and Gandalf just likes to make trouble for everyone. (More modern!AU fluffiness)

Of Seasons As far as he could tell, he had been kidnapped, which in itself made this week more than a little unusual.

In which Bilbo steals away the Lord of Death, and Thorin can’t quite bring himself to stay angry about it. (Mythology!AU that is just so sweet and wonderful and perfect)

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How the hell do you people expect us to even like Carol when she is already trying to sway Daryl away from looking for Beth? They are in the car and she's leading him with her bullshit manipulation to get him to lose his nerve. She tells him to run the car off the road because she doesn't want to look but is too chicken shit to say it since she can already tell Beth is more important than her. She's not positive about finding Beth because she doesn't want to find her. Some role model.

Hi there “friendly”,

Thank you for expressing yourself somewhat politely and actually directing a question my way as opposed to some of the other communication that’s found it’s way in to my ask box.

I will try to explain my perception of the “Consumed” sneak peak you are referring to and hopefully we’ll be able to find some common ground here or at the very least agree to disagree.

First of all I want to address the first part of your message and make it crystal clear that I am not in any way “expecting” or demanding for you or anyone else for that matter to “like” Carol or to change your stance on how you feel. I strongly believe that we don’t necessarily “choose” the things we like or the people and issues that inspire and move us so this is not going to be a “persuasion” post at all but it will be an opportunity for me to explain my personal interpretation of Carol’s demeanour in this clip and hopefully it will help you to understand where most Carylers are coming from.

Carol: “So it was just you and Beth after?”

Daryl: “Yeah.”

Carol: “You save her?”

Daryl: “She’s tough. She saved herself. We were out there for a while, we got cornered, she got out in front of me, I don’t know, just gone, kidnapped, car pulling out with a white cross on the window…”

Carol: “Just like that one?”

Daryl: “Yep.

Daryl: “Rick’s gonna wonder where we went. Tank is running low

Carol: “We can end this quick. Just run them off the road.”(X) 

I am not exactly sure how you were able to discern “manipulation” in the preview dialogue especially from Carol because honestly the only thing I am hearing and what the wording suggests is that what we have here is essentially a “catch-up” conversation between Daryl and Carol where he is simply explaining the situation to her because in the haste of pursuit there was no time to explain anything when they left.

The exchange also suggests that Daryl hasn’t spoken about his time in the wilderness other than telling Rick and Maggie about the circumstances of Beth being “just gone”.

This is Daryl essentially filling Carol in about the reason why they are pursuing the mysterious “cross car” and conveying the details he knows about the supposed “abduction”.

I am guessing that the part of Carol’s words you are mainly upset about is her question “You save her?” which in a way implies that she considered Beth to be unable to protect or “save” herself on her own.

To me that actually shows Carol’s protective nature over Beth who she was very close to and spent a significant amount of time with especially in Season 3 as she basically helped teach Beth how to take care of an infant.

What the unfortunate “shipping wars” have managed to dilute and even dismiss is the fact that Carol and Beth had and continue to have a close “mother-daughter” type of relationship which means that Carol most likely has protective instincts when it comes to Beth and was merely concerned and simply inquiring whether Daryl protected her.

Back at the prison we didn’t see much of Beth’s physical prowess and in fact the majority of her activities were situated around caring for Judith so Carol’s concern about her outside the protection of the prison walls is not unfounded or meant as an insult in any way. 

Daryl responds to that by reassuring her that Beth is “tough” and that she wasn’t merely dependent on his protection which in a way sounds as a loose justification for his continued hope and faith that she was indeed strong enough to survive despite being taken.

We saw Daryl briefly teach Beth some crossbow action and tracking cues AND in “Still” we observed her fight off walkers as well.
We as the audience were aware of that but Carol wasn’t because she wasn’t there to witness it, which means that she still views Beth as a young teenager with some serious baby whispering qualities.

When Daryl indicates to Carol that the “tank is running low”, what he is basically saying is that the car might not be able to get them to their destination especially since they don’t know just how far they will have to drive.
Carols suggestion “We can end this quick. Just run them off the road.” sounds hasty and more than a little risky but I think that’s her way of trying to formulate some kind of plan.

If the car runs out of gas, the car they are pursuing would be lost to them and so would be any clue to Beth’s possible location. Not to mention that they would be stuck in the middle of nowhere without transportation or help AND to boot Rick and co. don’t even know they left or really why.

While running the kidnappers off the road is definitively a dangerous course of action in reality it’s one that could yield results if it’s successful if they ran out of alternatives. The fact that she offers it up doesn’t mean that it’s decided but we know that Carol is very smart, proactive and definitively not “passive” anymore so in a way it actually shows that she is on board with rescuing Beth and this is one of the ways she thinks it could be done.

Carol has proven her “badass” skills and it’s crystal clear at this point that she “does what needs to be done” and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, if you will.

At Terminus she showed that she is able to execute some rather clever, scheming ideas to perfection and i can’t help but think that “running the cross car off the road quickly” is plausible if indeed the risk of running out of gas is significant. The fact that she is “jumping in”, so to speak, with possible ideas, to me indicates the opposite of “not wanting to look for Beth”.

Beth is her family, someone she loves, and Carol has already demonstrated that she would do just about everything to protect and save the group.

Considering Sophia’s fate I would even go as far to say that Carol certainly could have objections when it comes to searching for people who may or may not be alive BUT the sneak peek doesn’t even suggest that. She trusts Daryl unconditionally and has always had faith in his instincts so her questions could also be viewed as her seeking reassurance and a way to get some sort of indication that Beth has good chances of being alive, and that their pursuit of a random car is really worth it.

If Daryl believes that Beth is tough enough to survive and has good chances of being found alive (not reanimated) then that’s good enough for Carol and I am sure she will do whatever it takes to help rescue her from her “kidnappers”.

Her presence in the hospital in “Slabtown” supports that claim and whether she went in there purposely or ended up there because of being genuinely hurt, tells us that she obviously didn’t give up on the “search-and-rescue” mission.

I am not going to address your statement about comparing “importance” between Carol and Beth in terms of Daryl because I consider that to be an insult to all the relationships involved. I will however say that Beth is important to Carol and Daryl and it looks like they will be going through a lot to try and save her from the hospital group.

Carol and Daryl are a team and the intimate closeness shared between them will only be an asset for this mission, while the circumstances they face during it’s completion will most likely facilitate their personal and their relationship growth.

I hope I was able to communicate my own perception of this clip properly and while I am sure it’s not going to do much in terms of changing your mind about “disliking” Carol I am positive that at the very least it might make you feel better about her motivations and lengths she’ll go to try and being Beth back to the group.

Finally I do find Carol to be a “role model” and a very empowering presence for me personally BUT I am aware that your side sees her differently because of her connection with Daryl.

However I want to point out that both Carol and Beth should be and are worth much more than just a possible “romantic interest” for Daryl Dixon so while you can disagree with me in terms of their relationships I hope you can see merit and depth in the connection they have with one another.

Carol loves Beth and I am sure Beth loves Carol, meaning that I am sure they will both try to help one another through this harrowing ordeal!

I will be Caroling and Caryling On My Merry Old Way BUT you certainly don’t have to.

With Respect


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Do you consider yourself a positive or negative influence? Why?

I actually have a lot to say about this. 

My mother passed away when I was 9 years old, and after that my life fell apart. I practically grew up without her, in a dysfunctional family… I saw a lot of shit that a young girl and teen shouldn’t have to see. I had been dealing with depression since I was about 13, but I suffered in silence. My family pretty much backed away when I was a teenager… everyone who was always in my life when my mom was alive and when she was sick suddenly disappeared. I didn’t really have any womanly figures in my life. When I was about 16 - 20 I began partying a lot, I loved drinking, going to raves and parties. I HATED being home on the weekends. I felt lost as to who I was and what my goals were. I would always say “I’m going to die by the time I’m 25 so who the fuck cares.” When my depression and eating disorder got really bad I wanted to kill myself and actually attempted. Those were such dark times for me…. but throughout it, even at my lowest points, I was never an awful person. I was still kind to people I encountered in person, I was never a fighter, I would still try to help people when they came to me with their problems. I still had so much love in me. I still always wanted to be in nature, I still wanted to live at times and not continue destroying myself… but I was so lost in my sadness and anger that it was all I saw and felt. 

I used to get some messages on tumblr back when I was at my lowest saying I was a horrible influence on some of the people who follow me and look up to me. Apparently my partying, recreational drug use, and depression made me a bad influence. It really upset me because I was just trying to live MY life and get through the day. I wasn’t trying to be this inspirational role model who spreads positivity because I barely even wanted to live. Those people just didn’t understand how much depression can cripple you. BUT I was never one to spread negativity aimed at one person, I never sent people nasty anon messages, I never purposely tried to hurt anyone. That in itself is positivity even when things were nothing but negative in my life. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was never a negative influence even though others may have thought so out of ignorance. I was just trying to live my life, not completely give up and end it. How people take my being is up to them. They can choose to be positively or negatively affected by it, I’m not forcing anyone to follow me and be in my life. But I do think the fact that I’m still around says a lot and I hope it inspires others to keep pushing through the bad even when things look like they’re not going to get better. 

The First Day I Met Chris Colfer..

A lovely anon asked me to write Chris meeting Darren on set, being a Starkid fan and all awkward. I hope it’s something like what you wanted. ~1,805 words.

Darren was led to the to a room inside the large gray building.

So this is where they come up with all the ideas for Glee.’ he thought to himself. ‘Wow.

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See you think you are so fucking smart but not even a delusional optimist like you can flower your way out of Denise Huth own words where she said that Daryl was the happiest in his whole life when he was with Beth in that house. If beth dies he's going to walk around suicidal and pissed. Carol didn't make him happy before but Beth did so why would she make him happy now that the only good person in his whole life is gone? Bitch

Hi there “friendly”,

I am sorry you seem to be having a rather bad day today - yikes!
That’s an awful lot of negativity, mean-spiritedness and “untruth” to pack into one little message SO seeing how maliciously you are addressing someone with an opposing view of a fictional TV show I can’t even imagine what your demeanor is like towards REAL LIVE people in your non-fictional life today. 

I really think you need to calm down and get some cupcakes or ask someone for a hug or something…this level of stress can’t feel good! Ouch!

Usually I would point out that someone so opinionated and brazen shouldn’t hide behind the anon button but seeing how your message essentially offends EVERYONE else on the show (not just me or Carol) I can understand your hesitancy to reveal yourself
Let’s set you straight so you can start feeling better!

First of all the statement you are referring to is indeed made by Denise Huth in the commentary in the Inside Episode 413 - Alone video BUT the quote you are pointing out is taken out of context and doesn’t mean what you want it to mean.

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bus stranger sees you reading the smut they wrote au !!!!

Anon, this was SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE you have no idea.

Madge read over people’s shoulders.  She knew it was a bad habit, but she couldn’t help it.  She figured it was her payment for the empty seat next to her always being the first one to go as the bus filled up. She knew people found it creepy, but she liked to see what people were doing when they thought no one else was watching.  So when the tall, dark haired man sat down next to her, her eyes slid to his phone automatically.


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