[bursts into song]

Alright, y’all fic is up!

Summary: Maggie has never liked singing in front of others, but things start to change after she meets Alex, whose kid sister likes to spontaneously burst into song.

Also, it contains BOTH Sanvers and Supercorp, so like, yeah… that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, you can read it on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10159067/chapters/23058132

Ever since she was a young child, Maggie had always loved to sing. At first, it was just a little bit of whatever she heard. Then, when she started going to school, she would sing nursery rhymes that she learned on repeat until her father yelled at her to shut up. As she got older, she started to learn more about what style of music she was into. But, also as she got older, her father became increasingly hostile towards her, and by the time she was in the first grade, she had already learned to keep her singing to herself. She had long since learned not to express herself. By the time she was in the first grade, her father had already taught her that her voice didn’t matter.

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when non-musical theatre people try to analyze musicals and movie musicals… they try to be sooo clever but they’re not. we get it, doug, people in real life don’t burst into song and fall in love so quickly. just let me enjoy patti lupone screaming into my face


annyeong, annyeong.

Best Moments from Lin’s Drunk History
  • He starts out so #Lit like??? “Do you wanna get drunk?” “YES YES”
  • “More into the Monkees than the Beatles, I think that’s really cool of you Lin. Cut.” “Bullshit!”
  • Looks like he could burst into tears or song at any moment 
  • The person playing Hamilton is so freaking cute like 🔥
  • “A hellish, Dickensian childhood”
  • I didn’t know Hamilton ship was on fire!?!
  • “Your ass will never be the same” *giggles*
  • “I was just fucking this lady” Lin stop
  • “I could give her money or I could fuck her” “dick 101″
  • “You interrupted me, I have to start again”
  • Questlove and his girlfriend got together over Drunk history and that’s so adorable
  • “As long as I got a job you got a job” Lin @Chris 😭😭
    • Lin loves Chris so much and I cry every time 
  • “I wanna order Dominos” 
  • bruhbruhbruhbruhbruhbruh
  • pressed like juice???
  • Ham and Burr’s last night together was so pure
  • How does he still play piano while drunk????
  • said the word fuck 26 times
    • so that’s 26 fucks in about 20 minutes and if you do the math that is 1.3 fucks per minute
    • So on average, Lin say’s Fuck at least once if not twice per minute in everyday life
    • you’re welcome
  • In the end when Lin and Derek are cuddling and eating fries, god bless👏🏾🙌🏽

After all this time, I’ve realised that I want to become a thinker of brave and dangerous thoughts once again. I want to be sunshine, with my words radiating pure kindness and warmth, and I want to allow them to dance softly to the rhythms of conversations and not be scared that someone will try and stop them dancing.

I want to stand strong and tall and beautiful and know what the blissful feeling of having no fear is. I want to be fearless, as though I have a big red cape and magic powers, there for me to rely on instead of constantly depending on others. So instead, I can fix myself, and maybe help them along the way as well, as a sort of thank you.

I want to start to document those moments in life that show me where I truly belong and where my mind is just bursting with song. I want to be able to look back on those moments where I am shaking from euphoria and the pure thrill of being alive; when it feels as if my soul is smiling and I am laughing. I want to be able to remember things like camping on the beach in the summer, the days of sandy knees, bitter whisky, and all the best kinds of people.

I want to always be reminded of those moments that show us how we are all tornadoes, raging through days and nights, never quite sure when we will stop spinning. And that is the beautiful thing, because each morning when the sea kisses the shore and the sun blesses us with its rays of warmth once again, we still keep going, these crazy tornadoes, spinning on and on.

So I think I want to feel like that again, and live experiences like that again, for there is no more perfect cure for a muddled soul and a bruised heart than to start to simply appreciate being human.

—  carlinrose
BTS Reaction #22 - They walk in on their wife singing to her belly when she’s pregnant

 @eddycakeway18 asked: Monsta x and Bts walking in on their wife singin to their 9 month pregnant belly

Seokjin: He would smile sweetly and suddenly be overcome with thankfulness for his amazing wife and soon to be amazing baby. He would walk over to her and start singing backup vocals to her song

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Yoongi: He would lean in the doorway with a huge gummy smile on his face, watching her sing until she finished her song.

“Babe your singing voice is way better than mine. Promise me that you’ll always be the one to sing to him/her to sleep and I’ll just give you backup?”

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Hoseok: Honestly he would burst into song along with you and sing loudly, throwing in an interpretative dance for good measure.

his wife: “Hobi the baby can’t even see you!”

Hoseok: “Yes but you can see me and the baby can hear me! I’m entertaining you both!”

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Namjoon: Lots of smiles and hiding his face with his hands while he listens from the doorway. He’s so in love with her and so overcome with emotion that he would tear up and hug her before she even finished her song

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Jimin: He would cry for sure. He’d go up to her and kiss the top of her head, burying his face in her hair.

“I love you two so much jagi. I want you to know that you are going to be an AMAZING mother to our child.”

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Taehyung: Would walk in and put his hands on her belly, urging her to continue singing. He’d even kiss her belly and hum along with her tune.

“I want to see if you can get him/her to kick!”

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Jungkook: He would start singing with her from the doorway, but let her take the lead vocals. He’d then walk in as he sang and help his wife up so he could dance slowly with her, kissing her gently once the song ended

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A/N: This was so cute TT.TT I’ve got all the feels

Of the Importance of Silliness

I got thinking yesterday, pondering on the question “what makes a good relationship?” And sure, there’s the fluff, the communication and the ability to compromise, all that good stuff. But being able to be silly with your partner is also such an important concept??? So I give you:

Les Amis (and Co) being silly with their significant others

Enjolras & Grantaire: Grantaire has the habit of bursting into song about everything and anything, narrating his surroundings, drumming on every available surface and making rhymes up as he goes. Enjolras is more often than not at the heart of the songs, so he tries to retaliate with spontaneous songs of his own concerning Grantaire. Poorly.
They end up talking in rhymes sometimes, making “alas” rhyme with “jackass”, “meme” with “supreme”…

Courfeyrac & Combeferre: Courfeyrac is an amateur of fine memeing and never fails an opportunity to slip in a little “wow much doge” meme, quickly infecting Combeferre. They also “speak” whale around the flat, like Dory in Finding Nemo, because they find it hilarious.

Joly & Bossuet & Musichetta: Always up for a challenge, they watch those “Try not to Smile or Laugh” challenge videos together. Except they brought a variation. Every time one of them laughs, that person has to put a marshmallow in their mouth. It ends up with them looking like hamsters, crying with laughter, watching each other snort and spitting out marshmallow paste.
It’s grand.

Bahorel & Feuilly: They dare each other. And double dog dare each other if needed. And it’s not like the game ever freaking ends, because they both want to win that unwinnable game, okay? As a Broadway enthusiast, Bahorel knows all duet songs and choregraphies by heart, and brings Feuilly along for a two man show in their kitchen. Feuilly makes most of the lyrics up.

Jehan & Montparnasse: They send each other snaps constantly. And not the cute kind. They pull the worst faces, use the worst filters. Even when they’re in the same room, they try to make each other laugh via snapchat. Parnasse trusts Jehan not to screenshot the ugliest ones. That is real hardass trust right there

Eponine & Cosette: They speak PTA mom. To each other. And it’s very hard not to crack up, because they call each other suburban mom names with a high pitched voice, saying they want to see the manager at the mildest “inconvenience”. Eponine makes a very convincing tiger mom when she wips her fringe and purses her lips, and Cosette gets fits of laughter every time

Here are my headcanons about what the Newsies' favorite musicals would because I'm trash

Jack: West Side Story. He’s a romantic sap, to be honest, plus he loves the setting and the turf wars and stuff. He sees himself in Tony. He also really likes Rent.

Crutchie: He loves all those classic, black-and-white musical movies, like Singin’ In The Rain and White Christmas. Annie Get Your Gun and The Sound Of Music are favorites too. He likes anything that’s Golden Age with upbeat music and extravagant numbers.

Davey: He’s not a huge musical person (“It’s just not realistic for someone to randomly burst into song.” “Have you ever spent five minutes with Romeo? It’s very realistic.”), but Romeo (the resident theatre kid of the group) introduced him to Dear Evan Hansen, and Davey was shocked and touched to see anxiety portrayed so realistically, and instantly fell in love.

Katherine: Heathers. She can often be found belting out “Dead Girl Walking” in the shower, though no one needs to know that, in her opinion.

Race: In The Heights. I really don’t know why, I just feel like he’d really like it.

Spot: Like Davey, Spot’s not a huge musical person, but for some reason, he knows every word of Phantom Of The Opera??? But, if anyone asks why he knows this, they’ll get sucker punched, so it’s best to leave it unquestioned.

Romeo: Anything and everything. Asking him to choose a favorite is like asking him to choose a favorite child.

Specs: Sweeney Todd. No one expects him to like something that gory, yet, he adores it.