[bursts into song]

You have many of the abilities of a Disney princess. You can talk to animals, people burst into song around you, and it seems every other day a “Prince Charming” type falls madly in love with you. As one of the most feared mafia enforcers in New York, it’s tough, but you make it work.

in four days we’ll have powerful and inspiring lyrics from reputation (2017) quite vivaciously coursing through our minds. vulnerable, gentle songs will instil us with a warm sense of solace on a candlelit, crisp winter’s night, healing even our deepest scars. songs that wholly illuminate freedom and bliss will have been penned for an endless summer’s night spent twirling beneath neon lights and moonlit skies, where glistening glances, pulsating beats and adrenaline rushes run wild. it’s the most euphoric, exciting feeling to know our lives will soon be consumed by this captivating, iconic album for years to come.

Soulmate AUs

Send in a soulmate AU for a starter, or send in a 💖 for a random one

1. Red String of Fate: The ring finger of soulmates are connected by a red string. Some people can see them and some can’t. The strings gain more threads once the soulmates find each other, but if one soulmate starts to die, the threads will slowly turn black and fade away.

2. Light Up My Heart: Soulmates find each other by affectionate touches causing their chests to glow. It’s impossible for either soulmate to light up if one or both is constantly hurting the other. The touches must be gentle.

3. First Words: The first words your soulmate will say to you are on your wrist in their handwriting. Good luck finding them when it’s something generic.

4. First and Last Words: You have your soulmates first words to you on one wrist and the last words they’ll ever say to you on the other. You have no idea which is which, but they are quite ominous.

5. Tally Marks: (Not exactly a soulmate au, but close enough). When person A falls in love, a red tally shows up on their arm. If the person loves them back, it turns black, and if the person dies, it turns into a scar.

6. Timer: A timer on each person’s wrist counts down to the moment they will meet. Either this is with them from the moment they were born or they can choose to get one around the age of 13, it’s up to the writers.

7. Colours: The world is in black and  white until you meet your soulmate. Afterwards, the world is in colour until your soulmate dies.

8. Colours (Alternate): You can only see colour when your soulmate is with you and you’re touching. This gives a whole new meaning to them bringing colour to your world.

9. Writing: Everything you write on your skin shows up on your soulmates skin in the same spot. You can communicate that way if you wish, but it fades from their skin long before it fades from yours.

10. Can’t We Be… Eighteen?: People age until they turn 18, then they stop aging until they meet their soulmate. As long as their soulmate is alive, they continue to age, even if they aren’t around each other, so was it the pizza guy? That random customer? Killing your soulmate will make you freeze in your aging again. Polyamorous soulmates will age at half the rate they should until all the members of their relationship have been met. (OT3+ Safe)

11. Soul Crushing: You can feel an intense pain in your soul when your soulmate is in danger, enough danger to get them killed. This has saved many lives, but how can you save someone you’ve never met before?

12. My Inner Voice, That’s Me, Right?: The voice in your head, always giving you advice and expressing problems, that’s your soulmates voice. Does it sound familiar, or is it a voice you have never heard before?

13. Through My Eyes: When you were a child, you briefly saw the world through someone else’s eyes. This was confusing and frightening, especially to such young children, especially since the other person got into an awful accident. Now as an adult, you can talk to each other, see through each other’s eyes, and feel what the other person is touching.

14. Guardian Angel: If someone’s soulmate dies before they’re able to meet, the dead soulmate can choose to become a spirit to protect their soulmate. They do whatever they can so their soulmate can live a full life.

15. Real Life Disney Singing: Every time your soulmate starts singing, you have an odd urge to burst out in the same song (and you can’t fight this)

16. The Name of the Game: You have two names on your arms, one is the person you’re destined to fight, and the other is your soulmate. You don’t know which is which.

17. The Name of the Game (Alternate): You have one name on your wrist and it’s your soulmate. Isn’t that name pretty common? Why aren’t last named included?

ok but imagine muggleborns bringing disney to hogwarts

- muggle-borns singing high school musical songs only for other mb’s to join in
- everyone else is extremely confused
- screaming TO DEFEAT THE HUNS when teachers start lessons with “let’s get down to business”
- teaching all your pureblood pals the lyrics to all the songs
- prefects leading their houses in bursts of song
- the teachers constantly scold for all the singing but secretly hum the songs all day
- someone introducing mcgonagall to cinderella
- mcgonagall using cinderella in a transfiguration lesson bc fairy god mother changes all cinderellas shit
- the kids calling mcgonagall fairy god mother
- muggleborns showing pureblood kiddos all their fav disney movies
- pureblood kiddos LEARNING ABOUT DISNEY PARKS and losing their minds bc there’s an actual PLACE where this stuff comes to life
- showing all ur pureblood pals ur fav disney movies
- them criticizing everything bc ‘THATS JUST NOT HOW MAGIC WORKS!’
- but they secretly love it
- jamming to we’re all in this together in the common rooms during exams
- lee jordan yelling WHAT TEAM whilst narrating quidditch matches
- everyone in the stands yelling WILD CATS

105. The different Hogwarts houses celebrate birthdays differently:


  • On their birthdays, the Hufflepuffs get woken up with cake in bed before breakfast
  • The night before the other students prepare the celebration and the cake, and they visit the kitchen for ingredients
  • The Hufflepuffs make sure to never forget any birthday, and it’s a priority to celebrate every birthday equally much, even for students who are not their closest friends
  • The students who have their birthday in summer or during the Christmas break gets celebrated when they come back in autumn, no one is forgotten
  • The student is presented with little surprises throughout the day, like all the portraits wishing them a happy birthday 


  • The Gryffindor students have the loudest celebrations
  • The day starts with all the other students in their dormitory singing happy birthday
  • During the day the students will randomly burst into song, and they can be heard singing everywhere in the castle
  • The birthday girl/boy/person is sometimes given a crown or hat to wear during the day, and every time they see someone wearing one, they all start singing
  • Once, Fred and George Weasley enchanted the statues and suits of armour in the school to sing every time she/he/they walked by
  • The singing always drives the professors crazy, and all except Dumbledore, Lupin and Hagrid give out detentions to anyone who sings in their class 
  • “You’re SO OLD!!”


  • The Slytherins plan their birthday celebrations for a long time, with organised teams within the house for each part of the celebrations, like music, cake, decorations etc.
  • It’s important for the Slytherins to throw the perfect birthday celebrations, and the students pride themselves in having the best parties and surprises
  • Every student gets their own little party, sometimes with only their closest friends and sometimes with almost every student of the house
  • The parties are often supposed to be surprises
  • But the birthday girl/boy/person almost always figures it out beforehand
  • Every student gets a personalised verse of happy birthday or their own short song, prepared by the students in the “song group” 


  • Every birthday the birthday girl/boy/person has to complete a treasure hunt, and are given clues and riddles to find the treasure throughout the day
  • The clues are given written down on pieces of paper or in other magical ways
  • Each riddle leads to another clue and they eventually lead to the treasure that is hidden somewhere on the grounds or in the castle
  • The treasure varies for each student and is personalised for that specific person by their friends
  • The students of Ravenclaw always makes sure to prepare small but clever surprises for birthday girl/boy/person to discover throughout the day, all leading up to the big gift

rockerangel9  asked:

Hey,Again I wanted to Resqust another Headcannon of Richie and Eddie. This one is Eddie is out as gay and a kid from school is hitting on him. How would Richie react

~ First of all, Eddie loves telling his coming out story because it is literally one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to him in his whole life and it for sure made the situation less scary and stressful. 

~ He impulsively announced that he had something to say when all the losers were packed into Bills car and he was sitting nervously on the passengers side. He wasn’t quite sure why but this felt like the moment. His mouth spoke before he could stop it. “I have something to tell you guys!” he shouted and instantly regretted it. 

~ He hadn’t even thought about how being packed into a car meant he’d have no way to escape if it all went south. He bit into his lip as his friends quieted to give him attention, even Richie. He swallowed….thinking of all the ways he could possibly back out. “I…well I just wanted to say-”

~ Suddenly, the radio that had been playing some soft song, burst with it’s new loud choice-

~ “I’m Coming Out!” Chimed the radio in Diana Ross’s voice. The car went silent as Eddie took the leap.

~ “That! I wanted to say that!” 

~ “That…you’re coming out?” Beverly asked, a small smile started at the corner of her lips. 

~ Eddie nodded profusely and everyone broke into laughter, Eddie was worried for what felt like an eternity until Bill pats his shoulder and reassures him that they love and support him. 

~With that over with, Eddie walks with his head a little higher in school. He feels so much better about himself. All of the losers notice instantly. 

~ He’s not quite sure why or how, but most of the school just knows too. Eddie notices the decrease in boys comfortably around him. It kills him. His own lab partner seems to have to make sure they sit as far apart as possible. 

~ What quirks peoples eyebrows is the fact that Richie Tozier seems like he hasn’t gotten the memo. Everyone gives him odd looks when Richie throws his arm around Eddie like it’s no big deal. Richie still pinches Eddie’s cheeks like many students saw in passing before. And Richie still sat incredibly close to him. 

~ Eddie secretly adored that he hadn’t changed. He didn’t really think his friends would but he was still thankful that Richie kept on teasing him just the same. 

~ The students though, couldn’t seem to process it. They watched it happen with confusion until Skippy Peterson supplied Richie with smokes in the bathroom. 

“Y’know, Eddie Kaspbrak’s gay right? Aren’t you worried he’ll think you’re flirting with him? What if he thinks he has a shot with you?” 

~ Richie flicked his lighter on and took a deep breath. “I sure hope he does. I’ve been flirting with him since we were like ten. He could’ve had me back then. We could’ve been holding hands at recess if he wanted.” and then he spun out the door, leaving Skippy feeling dumb. 

~ Richie left the bathroom just in time to catch some dude loitering by Eddie’s locker. Which was his job. He started strolling over until Eddie came into view…he could only just hear the conversation.

~ “Hey, Eddie right? I saw you with your friends the other day but I was a little nervous to talk to you then.” 

~ “Why would you be nervous Connor? I have those notes you wanted in my locker, if you would’ve asked I would’ve given em’ to you.” Eddie shrugged as he opened his locker. 

~ Richie rolled his eyes, a little glad that Eddie couldn’t be more oblivious to the fact that this Connor guy was flirting with him. 

~ As Eddie stood on his tip toes to reach, Connor took the chance to look him up and down. That was the last straw. Richie bounded over and slung his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “How ya doin’ Eds?” he ruffled his hair and gave Connor a back off look. 

“Don’t call me that- Oh here you go, Connor.” Eddie handed him the notes and he looked like he might say something else to Eddie but then took another glance at Richie and decided against. 

“Huh, wonder where he’s going so fast?” 

~ “Probably to find some other guy to flirt with.” 

~ “He was not flirting with me.” Eddie rolled his eyes as Richie leaned against the neighboring locker, looking smug. 

“He had his eyes all over you, Eds. His flirting isn’t as good as mine though, Right?” Richie stuck his nose in the air. Eddie gave him a confused look. 

“How would I know?” 

~ “Because I’m always flirting with you…..is this not as clear as I thought?” 

Ways I relate to Delirious

- secretly bisexual *don’t deny this y'all
- can’t speak 95% of the time
- burst out into song about anything
- likes teddy bears
- likes Evan
- cinnamon roll but will probably kill you

Girlfriend Tag: Lesbian Edition

Here are some questions to answer when filming a girlfriend tag video with you and your girlfriend (or fiancée, wife). There are 90 questions, so if you don’t want to answer all of them, please read them over, because there are plenty of good questions. Have fun, and please reblog!

1. Describe how you met each other (be as detailed as you can remember).
2. What did you first notice about each other?
3. Who first asked the other out?
4. Where was your first date?
5. Who was first to verbally say “I love you”?
6. How did your first kiss happen? Who initiated it?
7. When is your anniversary?
8. How long have you been together?
9. What made you realize you were in love with her?
10. Where you friends before you became lovers?
11. Were either of you out before getting with your girlfriend?
12. Have either of you dated a girl before getting with your girlfriend or is she your first?
13. How does your girlfriend define her sexuality?
14. When is your girlfriend’s birthday? Who is older?
15. Do you live together?
16. Have you met your girlfriend’s parents? If so, what was that like?
17. How many people are in your girlfriend’s family?
18. Whose family do you hang out with more?
19. What nationality is your girlfriend?
20 What is a typical date night like for you and your girlfriend?
21. How do you usually spend your time together?
22. Have you ever been mistaken for sisters?
23. Have you ever experienced any discrimination or prejudice becasue you are a same sex couple?
24. Does anyone you know disapprove of your relationship?
25, How much PDA do you do?
26. Have you ever been on your periods together?
27. What is your girlfriend’s middle name?
28. Who usually pays when you go out to eat?
29. What is your girlfriend’s number labeled as in your cell phone?
30. Do you have any pet names for each other?
31. Does your girlfriend have any pets?
32. Have you ever worn your girlfriend’s clothes?
33. Who is more likely to cook a meal?
34. What is your girlfriend’s favorite food? Least favorite food?
35. Who is more likely to cry for no reason?
36. Can your girlfriend play any musical instruments?
37. Who is your girlfriend’s favorite musical artist?
38. What is your girlfriend’s current favorite song?
39. Do you have a couple song?
40. Do you have a couple name?
41. What is your girlfriend’s best physical feature?
42. Who is more likely to forget where they put things?
43. Which side of the bed do you each sleep on?
44. Who hogs the blankets/sheets more when sleeping together?
45. What do you argue/fight about the most?
46. How do you usually get over a argument/fight?
47. Does your girlfriend have a “look” (i.e. an angry/mad/annoyed stare)?
48. Who is more likely to refuse sex?
49. Does your girlfriend play any sports?
50. Does your girlfriend root for any sports teams?
51. Does your girlfriend have any quirky habits?
52. Who takes longer getting ready to go somewhere?
53. Who is more likely to remember an important day (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc.)?
54. What is your girlfriend’s eye color?
55. What is your girlfriend’s shoe size?
56. What is your girlfriend’s dress size?
57. What is your girlfriend’s favorite TV show?
58. What is your girlfriend’s favorite movie?
59. Who is the bigger neat freak?
60. What is one item on your girlfriend’s bucket list?
61. Who is more likely to utter a curse word?
62. Does your girlfriend prefer coffee or tea?
63. Is your girlfriend a morning or a night person?
64. Is your girlfriend more likely to save or spend money?
65. Who squashes the bugs?
66. Who’s better at telling when the other is lying?
67. What is your girlfriend’s favorite color?
68. Does your girlfriend collect anything?
69. Who is more likely to randomly burst out into a song?
70. Who is more likely to randomly start dancing?
71. Have you ever taken a vacation together? If so, where to?
72. How tall is your girlfriend?
73. Is your girlfriend religious at all?
74. Who is more likely to spontaneously be romantic?
75. Who’s laugh is cuter?
76. Who is the better driver?
77. Who is the better singer?
78. Who is the better dancer?
79. Who is better at math?
80. Whose handwriting is better?
81. Who has a better sense of humor?
82. Who is more likely to sign a card or a note from the both of you?
83. Does your girlfriend smoke?
84. Does your girlfriend drink alcohol at all? If so, what is her drink of choice?
85. Have you ever discussed marriage?
86. Have you ever discussed having children?
87. What is one thing your girlfriend does that you don’t like?
88. Is there anything about your girlfriend you think most people don’t know?
89. Choose one word to describe your girlfriend. Why that word?
90. Pass on one piece of relationship advice.