He tricked me. I fell for his charm, like I always do, and… he left me like he always does. He just doesn’t know you. If he would spend one real second with you, he would know that you’re the most caring, most loving, most amazing person in the world. If you make the “Ravens” TV show, can you make him get hit by a bus or something? I’ll probably just leave him out.

I remember thinking that doing a Season 9 of One Tree Hill was a really stupid idea and they should have just let it die with Season 8, but then it totally ended up being one of the most badass and intense seasons they had overall (maybe minus the whole “I forgot I had a kid for 6 years” storyline). 

Gotta love a re-watch!

Capricorn (m) & Scorpio (f)


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First Kiss:

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In Public:

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Making Up:

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