The section beneath the description of Lung and his powers covered his subordinates. He was estimated to have forty or fifty thugs working for him across Brockton Bay, largely drawn from the ranks of Asian youth.

I believe I guessed that the Azn Bare Bears amounted to about 50 people, after the comment that Lung was more powerful than fifty people with guns. It seems only half of them were present when Taylor attacked. A bunch of them were with Oni Lee, but it sounded like he didn’t have anywhere near as many people with him as Lung did, so where were the rest? Maybe there was a third group led by Lung’s other superpowered lackey, the bomber gal whose name I seem to have forgotten?

It was pretty unconventional for a gang to include members of the variety of nationalities that the ABB did, but Lung had made it a mission to conquer and absorb every gang with Asian members and many without.

Makes sense. If you look beyond nationality, you can amass a larger gang, and thus more lackeys to do your bidding.

Once he had the manpower he needed, the non-Asian gangs were cannibalized for assets, their members discarded.

Hm, or you can do that.

Even though there were no more major gangs in the east end of town to absorb, he was still recruiting zealously. His method, now, was to go after anyone older than twelve and younger than sixty. It didn’t matter if you were a gang member or not.

Those are some pretty lax requirements. Perfect for undercover intelligence to get in. I wonder if any members of the Protectorate woke up with a lot of stings this morning.

If you were Asian and you lived in Brockton Bay, Lung and his people expected you to either join or to pay tribute one way or another. There had been local news reports on it, newspaper articles, and I could remember seeing signs in the guidance counselor’s office detailing where people who were targeted in this way could go for help.

But why is he so hung up on “Asian”, if his goal is getting as large a gang as possible? I mean, it is a logical next step after looking past national borders, but it would make sense for Lung to take that open attitude even further. Is his main goal to unite the city’s subcultures of Asian descent?


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