Extremely Rare Coin of the Roman Emperor Galba

This bronze sestertius, has the emperor’s name, IMP SER GALBA  and the date, AVG TR P (June 68) around the oak-wreathed and draped bust of Galba. The reverse has the image of Victory alighting, holding a wreath in her right hand and a palm branch over her left shoulder with the letters S – C on either side of her. Extremely rare and among the finest sestertii of Galba in existence. A magnificent portrait of great strength in the finest style of the period. A wonderful untouched brown-Tiber tone and extremely fine. Sold at auction for 112,675 USD.

The portrait on this fine sestertius of Galba, who ruled for only 7 months between 68 and 69 AD, is of extraordinary quality by a master-engraver, depicting the elderly emperor as a stern aristocrat of raw virtue. His expression is set in grim determination, and the oak-wreath resting on his head is so carefully articulated that the whole appears remarkably life-like. Contrasting with the depth of realism seldom reached in Roman numismatics of the obverse, the figure of Victory on the reverse, with her soft, youthful contours, is one imbued with a hopeful spirit.

However noble the message of the reverse of this coin, Tacitus records that Galba was only worthy of the empire before becoming emperor. His shortcomings were his severity and stinginess. While the latter was perhaps a legitimate ‘vice’ considering Nero’s carefree spending on frivolous projects which had depleted the Roman treasury and which caused Galba to levy enormous taxes on those areas of the empire that had been slow to receive him, he also refused most requests for citizenship out-of-hand, however well deserved, and had a number of men sentenced to death without trial. Additionally, he soon came under the control of his co-consul, the praetorian prefect, and a freedman, which further eroded his popularity.

His death sentence, however, were his refusals to honor the reward promised on his behalf to the praetorians for their defection of Nero during his long march on Rome, and his spurning of the loyal Otho for Piso as his successor. Galba rightly felt that soldiers should not be bribed, but the rot that had begun when Claudius paid the guardsmen after his elevation had been long established by the late 60s, and the praetorians turned against their emperor, hailing Otho emperor on 15 January AD 69. Galba was executed and decapitated by praetorians near Lacus Curtius, the mysterious open chasm near the Roman Forum.

ok here’s my college advice bc a lot of u guys are going into college soon
  • 9 out of 10 times, you’re not going to need the book the first week. get a feel for the class before you waste money on a book. some classes do in fact need it, while others put it as a formality.
  • if you are a student, you can get a 6 month free trial of amazon prime, but please make sure you cancel it before the 6 months! cannot stress this enough! otherwise you will be paying for an account! if you can pay for an account though, you’ll find it very useful for buying books
  • an acceptable time to go to bed is around 11-12. Set an alarm for 9, even though you will likely wake up naturally. It’s important to keep your sleep schedule consistent.
  • don’t take any classes before 10am unless you absolutely have to.
  • if you have to choose between a class with a lot of busywork and an 8am, pick the 8am. i know what i just said, but it’ll be better i promise
  • ratemyprofessors is a godsend. some schools have their own rating systems based on avg gpa as well
  • don’t room with friends (you’ll realize how incompatable you are and begin to hate each other), don’t room with people you already know (you may get stabbed), don’t room with people who others say are a lot like you and you will get along well (they play kingdom hearts at maximum volume while you’re trying to sleep and make you hate the franchise forever). your best roommate will be someone who you can just coexist and occassionally watch movies with. or just not there at all.
  • if you’re not used to studying, ur gonna have to start getting used to it. This isn’t high school where you can BS your AP History exam by picking the most depressing answer and sliding by with an 85%.
  • if you do study, you’re on the right track! keep up the good work!
  • if you are in a non-major class with a curved grading system and the people who are in that major ask you for homework help, HELP THEM, you probably got a 6/10 on the homework but everyone else who asked you probably got worse and you have an A now.
  • you may walk by a monitor with a screencap from the video game facade on it. don’t question it.
  • the first week is the most important week socially. if you don’t make friends this week, you won’t have many at all. (note: this is only if you go to a nerdy school like georgia tech)
  • research and internship opportunities are super important! Don’t wait til the last minute to do them! i’d say, probably 2nd or 3rd year.
  • do not spend a whole day in the library saying it’s a hardcore work day because you will only get half your projects done, you won’t eat anything except famous amos, and you’ll later pay money to watch big hero 6 and walk out wondering if you just saw a movie
  • college is not as busy as high school. you’ll have a lot of free time. don’t spend it all on the computer

DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 9: Anneke van Giersbergen
Born: March 8th, 1973 (Netherlands)

Bands/Projects: The Gathering (1994 – 2007); Agua de Annique (2007 – 2009); Solo (2007 – present); The Sirens (2014); The Gentle Storm (2014 – 2016); Vuur (2016 – present)

Collaborations: Duo Bad Breath (1992 – 1994); Farmer Boys (1995, 1996); Ayreon (1998, 2000, 2008, 2016); Lawn (2004); Napalm Death (2006); Moonspell (2008); Within Temptation (2008, 2009); Giant Squid (2009); Maiden uniteD (2010); Shane Shu (2010); Anathema (2011); Lorrainville (2011); Globus (2011); November’s Doom (2011); Devin Townsend Project (2009 – 2014); For Many Reasons (2013); Cellarscape (2014); Countermove (2014); Amadeus Awad (2015); Amorphis (2017)

She began singing at age 7, when she participated in a music contest. At 12 years old she participated in her school choir where she studied and toured through France. Later she began taking singing lessons and joined her first band. After this first experience, Van Giersbergen joined several bands.
Anneke musical roots are in classical and jazz music, but she enjoys rock and pop the most. Her main influences are Prince, Ella Fitzgerald and Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

Personal life: On 20 February 2005, she gave birth to a son named Finn, whom she had with her husband Rob Snijders.


(Plz read this took an hour)

-Green v neck with diamonds and jeans
-Slightly chubby
-Fandom trash and memelord

-Crop too and Shorts
-Blue hair
-Avg height
-Fandom trash

-Purple hair
-Plus size
-Loves sports
-Tank top and leggings
-Tumblr geek
-Secret bookworm

-Peach hair
-Blue shirt and peach shorts
-Skinny -Writes immense amounts of fanfiction

-Wavy brown hair
-Brown shirt and shorts
-YouTube freak
-Secret Weeb
-Writes books

-White eye patch
-Thin curvy
-Has no idea why the internet is popular
-Pours her heart and soul into books

Those are just some cute heacanons I made.Ask me about some other gems and i will do them for sure!

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Is 'milk and honey' by rupi kaur good?

its ok! i think its def overhyped. i think the reason it’s so popular is because its very straightforward and easy to understand, so it becomes relatable to a lot of people. i think its a great book to get the avg person into poetry! i admire rupi a lot for her success.