Changing Wings

Cas One Week Writers Challenge: @deanwinchester-af @sis-tafics

Prompt: Not a Typical Sunday

Word Count 3123

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Tags: Soulmate AU - Kinda, I twisted it. You’ll see. Reader injury.

First of all, can I say wow. Thank you all so much for your support! It’s making my day to jump online and see all the likes and reblogs so thank you all so much!! Secondly thanks @deanwinchester-af and @sis-tafics ’ for running another prompt week. I’ve had an absolute blast, and can’t wait for the next one to roll around. Are we going with Sam or Crowley next time? ;P

Also, this one ran kinda long, and I forced myself to stop. If you want more/ a continuation lemme know? Thanks!

You groaned, raising your hand to your face. Letting it drop when you felt the warm trickle of blood hit your fingertips. You knew you were rusty, but not quite this bad. Sam’s face swimming in front of yours as he knelt beside you. Dean’s shoulder in your spine. Propping you up. You were aware Sam was trying to talk to you, but you couldn’t hear him. Unable to read his lips as he spoke. Your head swam, and your vision faded to black.

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50 Last Dates

Title: 50 Last Dates

Last day of the cas-one-week-writers-challenge

Prompt: I would assume those would be one of the times you would want me to lie?

Warnings: Teen and up

Characters: Dean, Charlie, Castiel, Ephraim

Tags: coffee shop AU, fluff, pining Dean, clueless Cas

Word count: 1300

Thank you for all your work this week @deanwinchester-af and @sis-tafics , and thank you for letting me take part in this :)

Dean let the wet rag swirl over the counter, inching closer to the far left corner with each swipe. His eyes were trained on the two tall men sitting 15 feet away from his position, at one of the small tables. He could see both their profiles and from the look of it, the brown haired, younger man didn’t seem to be all too happy.

The dark haired, scruffy guy leaned forward and tried to take the other man’s hands, but he pulled them away in a rather over dramatic gesture. Dean rolled his eyes and sighed, it was one of those guys.

“Is it the fifth dude he’s dumping or the sixth? In what, five months? Your crush is a heartbreaker.”

Dean jumped a little and threw his towel at the small redhead behind him.

“For the love of…Stop sneaking up on me, Charlie!” He resumed his cleaning and ignored her pouting face completely, trying hard to focus on the personal drama unfolding in front of him. A sharp pain shot through his shin.

“Did you just kick me? Ouch! What was that for, woman?”

Charlie turned his head with a surprisingly strong, one handed grip to his cheeks.

“Listen, loverboy, I know blue eyes there is kind of dreamy, but he only ever shows up here to get rid of his latest boyfriend.”

It was hard to talk with squished together lips, but Dean didn’t dare to remove her fingers.

“He does not! He gets a coffee to go now and then, in between, you know, relationships.”

Charlie dropped her hand and Dean massaged his aching face.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, okay? You are like the big brother I never wanted and that man smells like trouble.”

Dean wanted to object, he smelled like cinnamon and watermelon, not that he’d sniffed the guy, that would be creepy, ahaha, but he kept that info to himself.

“Listen, Charlie, it’s not like I wanna date him, I’ve had opportunities to ask him out, let that old Winchester charme work its magic.” He winked but Charlie seemed utterly unimpressed.

“I just don’t wanna be the rebound guy or a feel good hook up. Dude comes in for more than a month without a new conquest,” he pointed his thumbs at his chest and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, “it’s gonna be on like donkey kong.”

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader 
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: sassy cas (Yes that’s a warning)
A/N: It sucks & I wrote it at 2 am
Tag: @deanwinchester-af & @sis-tafics

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Cas and Y/N sat curled in one of the arm chairs in the library when Dean walked in. He looked at the angel and the hunter, smirking when he saw them curled around each other. He could tell Y/N was sleeping, though he knew Cas didn’t sleep he couldn’t tell if the angel knew he was standing there. But before the angel could sense his presence he backed out of the library, the knowledge of their relationship burning in the back of his mind. 

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Sniffles And Snuggles

One week writers challenge (Castiel Version)

A/N: I know it’s a short one but I think it finishes off the week perfectly !!

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Tagging: @deanwinchester-af

Warnings: Swearing, sickness? I don’t know

Word Count: 847

April 12th Prompt: “I would assume this would be one of the times you would want me to lie?”

I felt it as soon as I blinked open my eyes, the heaviness weighing down against my skull, the bubble of congestion that hung over my head making it hard to breathe. This was just fantastic.
Hunter’s didn’t get sick…or at least they couldn’t afford to get sick, especially when the world around them was over run with nightmares.
With a pitiful groan I slipped out from under the covers, shivering as the cold air hit my skin, my arms wrapping securely around myself. I knew that it wasn’t that cold, Sam had fixed the bunkers heating system a month ago and it was always a comfortable temperature; but no matter how much I rubbed my hands over my arms I couldn’t warm myself up, goose bumps pimpling over the exposed skin.

Shuffling slowly I made my way into the library, finding both Sam and Dean standing by one of the tables, books laid out over the surface and Sam’s laptop open onto a news site. They both looked up as I coughed loudly, sniffling back the shit in my nose, rubbing the heel of my hands against my eyes.
“Hey” I croaked, sitting down in one of the empty chairs.
“Hey” Sam replied, looking at me with his wide hazel eyes, “You okay there y/n?”
“I’m gre -” another loud string of coughs echoed around the room, causing both Winchester’s to take a step back.
“Maybe you should just go back to bed” Dean suggested, scrunching his nose up in mild disgust.
“Dean I’m” Cough, “Fine” Cough.
“Yeah shocker we don’t believe you” He replied.

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she scratched 
perfection into her skin,
beauty carved with
pointed edges
so she could really feel it,
through the thickened
scarred layers
that concealed her honesty
from her own perception

she drew
perfection into her skin
judged too often
by appearance,
false impressions formed 
by myopic vision
hoping one day
maybe they’d believe it,
though she had no faith
in it’s (im)possibility.