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William & Dolores + killing for each other

Post-adventuring, Percival and Lady Vex'ahlia de Rolo host a lot of fancy political dinners in Whitestone and the two of them are notorious for being intimidating as fuck because they’re both absolute legends and at these dinners, they’re charming and funny but every so often one of them will imperiously survey the room, turn to the other and whisper something in the ear of their spouse, who will either nod or whisper something back, face impassive
It’s terrifying

In reality, Percy and Vex have a game they play during boring dinners where they will whisper progressively dirty things to the other, trying to get the other to break, but they both have AMAZING poker faces 

They get away with it for like five years until one day Vex whispers something in Percy’s ear and he turns beet red and spits coffee all over the guy next to him, and spends the next ten minutes apologizing profusely to a very confused diplomat while Lady Vex'ahlia laughs so hard she almost falls out of her chair

{PART 4} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook learns more about you and your life, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to date a man of his power - before asking him something you’d never thought he’d say yes to; not in a million years.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Worth Keeping

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Fluff, smut, smut with feelings, biting kink (idk how that got in there)

Words: 3,326

A/N: It’s been too long and I apologize profusely, please take this as a peace offering :)) I reallly like this one :)

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yo i don't know if you've done this before but what are ur 5 (or 10 idc) fave pics of auston? :-) (and if u have done this before u can ignore me sorry!!)

i’ve answered questions like this before but i always want to share pics of auston so i got u anon these are my all time favs

also bonus! pics! of the best soft hockey bros

inktober - Day 12: The tan is a surprise, though. (Oswald Cobblepot & Ed Nygma) (Gotham)

I like to think about what happened between episodes 3 and 4. Show off your posters, Oswald. Be a proud penguin.
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Btw where’s Damon’s apology to Stefan for falling for his brother’s girlfriend and sleeping with her the day after they broke up?

Everything Damon did to get Elena was done without any thought for his brother, from trying to kiss her, to dancing with her, to the necklace drama, and all of that was while Stelena was still a thing.

If anything, that’s the apology this final season should be focusing on. Not an apology for who turned Damon, because guess what Damon? Half this cast are vampires and most of them have their shit together.

ok but get this. dick grayson and tim drake going to a superhero convention (similar to our rl comic con) and going in full costume. a little girl comes up to them and exclaims “they looks so much like nightwing and robin!” stars in her eyes and shit. but then some guy is like *snorts* “dude robin is not that short” and tim wants 2 fight. dick has to apologize profusely.

You know, everyone always dwells on Lusamine’s abusiveness towards Lillie and Gladion, which definitely makes sense, but like there’s one major thing that I’d like to point out. Lillie and Gladion lost BOTH of their parents around the same time. Like, Mohn goes missing (apparently), and then they probably had some issues there because their dad is suddenly gone, and then freaking Lusamine starts getting abusive with them right when they need some support. Heck, right when SHE needs some support. And you know what? Those kids kept trucking right along, albeit painfully, with neither of their parents really present in their lives.

I mean, they kinda had Wicke? But she definitely couldn’t be there enough to give the structure that kids really need to grow up into healthy human beings. And actually, they did a REALLY good job growing up into healthy human beings. Sure, they definitely show the signs of abuse (Lillie not changing her clothes for a while, apologizing profusely for using any of you m/cs time, Gladion being very emotionally reserved, etc), but for the most part they know they were treated badly and didn’t deserve it, and are ready to move on from the past and start new relationships.

In conclusion, Lillie and Gladion are tough as nails and definitely need some hugs. And maybe a visit from their gosh darn dad out in his gosh darn bean field.

another thing abt the sardonyx arc is pearl hurt her Family, the whole family dude

pearl is all Mopey around steven, making him conflicted and feeling a rise to Do Something About This Thing That A Kid Shouldn’t Be Responsible For. while garnet attempts to keep him out of the dispute, and when her efforts backfire in Keystone Motel she profusely apologizes for it

amethyst’s bond with garnet shakes when she comes to pearl’s defense, cuz yknow, she’s confused and scared and doesnt want her family to get into a fight over this

and like obviously she hurt garnet

and she gets away with it. pearl can hurt Whomever she pleases, and it just keeps happening

Had a girl come in today and give me a 50 for her 8 dollar order.
But I wasn’t mad.
I wasn’t mad because she was nice and understanding and I saw her uniform under her jacket.
She apologized profusely and told me she felt so bad because she knows exactly how shitty it is to be handed a big bill for a small order.
I told her I only had fives and ones, and she literally was like “I used a big bill, fives and singles are all I deserve. I didn’t have time to stop at the bank, I’m on my lunch right now, I’m so sorry.”
You’re being nice about this, and I already know you feel me. I’m not mad tbh

Safe Place

Character: Credence Barebone

Prompt: 83

“You could do much better than me, really.”

A/n: I feel like I made Credence a little OoC in this one, but I wanted him to have more dialogue than in my previous imagines.

• It had been a month since you stumbled across Credence Barebone, a terribly shy young man that ran into you one day as he was running down the city streets.

You went stumbling into him, cause you both to fall over and for the pile of flyers that were in his hands to fly everywhere.

The both of you scrambled to your knees, trying to gather all the papers again, apologizing profusely the entire time. Throughout this chaos, the two of you managed to knock your foreheads together as you reached for the same flyer.

You stopped momentarily, bringing your hand to your head and grimacing at the pain.

“I-I’m really sorry.” The young man said, holding his own forehead.

You looked up at him, a moment of silence passed before you started laughing. “It’s fine.” You managed to muffle out.

Credence looked at your face for a moment, before finding himself laughing as well, not as loudly as you but it was still there.

“I’m sorry about running into you.” You said tapping the flyers into a neat pile, noticing they were for the NSPS group you saw around the city sometimes.

“Here.” You said, handing them over to him.

“It was my fault really.” He explained, standing up and assisting you in doing so as well.

“Well I might as well introduce myself. My name’s (Y/n).” You said, adjusting the hat on your head.

“Credence.” He said, nodding his head at you. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“To you as well, so where are you heading?”

“Well, I wasn’t really going anywhere. I’m just supposed to stand at street corners and hand these out.” He explained, holding up the flyers.

“I see, well would you mind if I kept you company?”

Credence looked over at you with a puzzled expression, but he shook his head. “No I wouldn’t mind at all.”

The two of you weaved your way through the seas of people, the streets always being crowded at this hour.

After that the two of you saw each other often, weither it was one the streets again or if caught sight of one another in a shop.

You learned a lot about him, how he was usually more of the silent type, carefully observing the people around him than starting conversations.

You learned he had two sisters, Modesty and Chastity. And that his mother wasn’t a very wonderful woman, often being cruel to Credence especially.

However you didn’t bring it up often, knowing it would make him uncomfortable, despite the sinking feeling you felt knowing he was stuck in such a horrible environment.

“Would you have time to come back to my place? There’s a book I think you’d like.” You said as the two of your took your daily stroll.

Credence and you shared an admiration for books, them being them being the focal points of your conversations.

“You want me to come over?” He asked, the question being foreign to him.

You nodded. “Yeah, why not? It shouldn’t take that long.”

Credence didn’t answer for a few seconds, trying to calculate if he would have enough time before his mother became suspicious.

“Okay.” Came his simple response.

You grinned, gently taking his hand and leading him across the street.

You pushed opened the door, removing your coat and laying it on the back of your armchair.

“Just make yourself at home and I’ll be right back.” You told Credence, walking off to get the book from your nightstand.

Credence looked around your living room, noticing the bright colors of the wallpaper and the various paintings you had lining the walls.

His eyes continued to flow around the room, stopping at one of your sheleves. There were a bunch of small porcelain animals and other trinkets lining each shelf.

He stepped closer to it, eyes finding a decorative box standing on it’s own. He reach foward opening it, heart stopping whenever music started playing. He quickly shut it and moved far away.

“Aha! I found it.” You said, walking out of the room with a dark blue paperback book in your hands. “There you are.”

Credence took the book from your hands, looking at the bright yellow lettering. “The Great Gatsby?” He asked.

You nodded. “It’s a good read, let me know if you like it.” You said smiling st him.

He nodded slowly. “Y-yes, I will.” He said, tucking the book into his inner coat pocket. “I should probably get going now, my mother worries when I’m gone too long.”

You nodded. “Of course, I hope you find your way okay.” You said, knowing he wouldn’t let you walk him home.

Credence gave you a small smile before heading towards the door, turning the handle and opening.


He turned around, looking at you expectantly. “Yes?”

“You know that if, you just ever want to get away. You’re always welcome to come over and stay as long as you like.”

Credence’s gaze softened and he nodded. “Thank you.” He said looking down at the floor. “I’d appriciate it.”

You sighed in relief. “Good, just let me know whenever you need me.”

“I will.”

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otabek/yurio headcanons because i can
  • yuri’s 20 years old when he asks otabek to move to russia to skate under yakov as well
  • yakov prays to whatever god will listen to him that this isn’t another case of “viktor and yuuri” because he still hasn’t recovered from that
  • yuri’s won the grand prix finals another 2 times since his senior skating debut; the second time otabek had been the one to stand next to him on the podium with a silver medal
  • otabek wins the next year in a season where everyone was skating personal bests at the finals
  • the two of them don’t quite remember how otabek basically ended up moving into yuri’s apartment
  • otabek asks yuri out on a date a week after he wins gold at the grand prix finals
  • he makes reservations for a fancy restaurant viktor recommends and the morning of the date there’s an actual blizzard that blows through
  • they’re stuck in their apartment with whatever’s left in the fridge
  • otabek apologizes profusely and yuri reassures him that they can just eat at home and watch movies all day long for all he cares
  • “as long as we’re doing it together.  that’s all that matters”
  • they both reheat the pirozhki yuri’s grandpa left last time he came over and end up cuddling on the couch watching a documentary on bears
  • yuri refuses to cut his hair as a result it’s hanging a few inches down his chest
  • he usually keeps it in a ponytail but since he’s home it’s loose and falling in front of his eyes
  • yuri has a habit of falling asleep when they watch movies
  • otabek brushes the hair behind his ear and softly kisses his temple before turning off the movie and closing his eyes as well
reasons why leia should adopt me as her new child
  • i dont even have the force so i cant fall to the dark side
  • i would never dream of spending her hard earned money at hot topic or on hair product 
  • i would love her unconditionally and recognize shes smarter than me
  • i’d only fight uncle luke if she asked me to 
  • if i ever threw fits i wouldnt destroy her house
  • if i became a disappointment i’d apologize profusely instead of going off to wreak havoc on my own
  • adopt me general leia organa youre my only hope