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AU where punk!phil lets pastel!dan paint his nails pastel colours even if it ruins his punk aesthetic because it makes his baby boy happy (reference pics from hayley kiyoko’s girls like girls music video)

kind of a part 2 to my hairdresser AU

Let’s try now M.C

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warning: smut

word count: 1900+

summary: Michael wants a baby but y/n isn’t so sure. After some convincing y/n agrees and they try for one.

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! This is also dedicated to the other Anon who wanted more Michael smut, I told you Michael smut was coming ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I reply to all!

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【MeseMoa.】Shadow Kiss【1st album】
2017年4月29日(土)発売! MeseMoa.1stアルバム『Secret』より。 ◆発売記念イベント http://lineblog.me/musumen/archives/8330332.html 【作詞/作曲】 halyosy 【映像監督】 KAYAC inc. & 田村啓介 【振付】K'suke ※敬...

Shadow Kiss officially hit 1 million views!!!

MeseMoa Info: One million views! Thank you so much for watching.

Aoi: Thanks for a million! 😊💮

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merry christmas, juhaku fans! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

…yet another edition of “why juhaku” - though this time, it’s inspired by my conversation with the very lovely PreseaMoon ❤ we were fangirling about how judar has the best range of emotions when it comes to hakuryuu. he’s always so into hakuryuu and he’s shown his happiest expressions while he’s with hakuryuu. on the flip side, he’s also had the angriest reactions whenever something bad happens to hakuryuu.

and because research is important (not to mention very fun), here are some scenes of judar’s expressions whenever something bad happens to himself / to others / to hakuryuu:

→ his expression when his mind gets broken in by solomon’s wisdom:

→ his expression when he sees others get hurt (from the alibaba vs dark djinn cassim / seeing balbadd suffer / his face while watching the fight with the medium) (he has pretty much the same hot smirk whenever something shitty happens lol):

→ his expression when he’s about to be hurt LOL:

→ …now compare that to his expressions while he’s watching hakuryuu get hurt (during his confrontation w/gyokuen, round 1):

→ …and also, his expression(s) when he confronts kouen re: phenex / when he sees hakuryuu get affected by phenex / sees hakuryuu get owned by gyokuen:

… tl;dr: what a difference in reactions/expressions pfft.
…yeah, judar makes it so easy to ship juhaku LOL

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why the hell am i not following you?! *clicks the follow button* THERE! :D just wanted to say, your drawings are really amazing! :3 keep it up! :D

The first thing I though was “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ?!”

ASDFGHJKL !!!! Gosh I love your art so much, it’s so incredible !! 



so here’s another edition of “why juhaku” - or more generally, why Judal is NOT just using Hakuryuu:

• in ch 250 - when arba/gyokuen blows herself up - she’s holding onto hakuryuu’s leg
• judar could have escaped the barrier all alone - it would be much faster that way, because let’s face it, he’s not the quickest/sturdies/strongest one out there
• his goal was pretty much already fulfilled - he hates gyokuen (so if she’s blown up, then that’s good) - without gyokuen, al thamen is goners - plus gyokuen has already attacked all of the al thamen in the castle
• so in short, he did NOT have to rescue hakuryuu, right???
• he’s the type of person who runs far away from danger (see: his epic lolgoodbye previously)
★ …but guess what? he spends precious seconds (which he could have used to run away by himself) to also help push hakuryuu out of the barrier and he saves them BOTH. (then spends time probably gloating over their victory while inside his borg)
★ tl;dr - judar cares about hakuryuu okay??? whether it’s purely deep friendship, camaraderie, bros, romantic or what isn’t the point. but HE CARES.
★ maybe i should make this juhaku hints a daily thing or something. like 7 days of juhaku hints lol or maybe i can make one too for my other otps. hmm.

After Practice (Junhoe Smut)

I sat in the front of the practice room as iKON ran through their DUMB&DUMBER choreppography for the twentieth time. They were all dripping with sweat, their clothes sticking to them as they finally pulled off the routine to B.I’s liking. “Good. Not great, but it’s good enough for today. You guys are good to go. Were meeting back here tonight for night practice. Eat and drink lots of water, see you later.” The boys huffed and puffed as they went to grab their thing. I walked over to Junhoe and gave him a kiss. “Looking good.” He tried to smile still catching his breath. “Yeah, I think the dance is really fun, the fans will love it.” I looked at him laughing. “I meant you babe” I gave him another kiss as we walked out of the practice room. “Hey, I’m so sweaty and gross. I’m gonna shower here i that’s okay with you?”

I sighed , not wanting to wait around here any longer, but giving in because Junhoe really did smell. “Fine.” He walked into the locker room and I waited outside. By the time we finally got back to the dorm, got some food, we would have barely anytime together before he would have to leave again for his night practice. I sat in the hallway on my phone, annoyed at how little time I’ve gotten with my boyfriend these past few weeks. I mean they are in the middle of a huge promotional time right now, so really I should’ve have seen this coming, but it still sucks. I looked down the hallway, it was empty. I decided to sneak into the locker room and take advantage of the situation, I mean it’s been awhile since June and I have, you know what I mean, and his dancing earlier got me horny. And who knows when we might get another window of time to do this. Plus shower sex? I’m pretty sure it’s crossed his mind before.

I took off my clothes quickly putting them with June’s, grabbing a towel to cover myself up and walking towards the showers. Luckily, June was the only one who ever seemed to use these showers so I didn’t have to worry about accidentally picking the wrong one. I hung the towel on the hook and pulled the curtain back quietly, Junhoe being completely oblivious. I stepped in behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist, causing him to jump. “What the-Y/n! What are you doing?” He turned around facing me, looking around as if someone was going to catch us. “Shh, June. You can’t honestly say you haven’t thought about this?” I leaned up pulling his lips to mine. His hands falling to cover himself, as if I hadn’t seen him naked before.

“Really June?” I looked down at his hands with a cocky grin. I pulled his hands away, replacing them with mine as I took his length in my hands, slowly stroking him. A small moan escaping his length as I dropped to my knees, the hot water coating my back. “We gotta be quiet, just in case.” I smiled up at him as I licked along his length,, ending with a flick of my tongue over his tip. “Fu-” He covered his mouth knowing he needed to control his noises, not wanting to get caught. I held his hips as I took his length into my mouth. I began bobbing my head up and down, his head leaning back against the wall, his eyes tightly shut as the pleasure taking over him. “Shit, y/n. That feels so good.” He softly breathed out, pulling my wet hair away from my face. I took his as deep as I could, his tip hitting the back of my throat, making me gag slightly.

He pulled me from him knowing if he didn’t stop me soon, he’d be a mess beneath me. He pressed me against the wall, the water now splashing at his back. His lips attacking my neck as his hands traveled my body. One hand focusing on my breast as his other found its way between my legs. My head falling back, giving him more access to my neck, leaving kisses and bites down to my collarbone. My hands gripping at his wet hair as his fingers traced my slit, eventually pushing past my folds. I moaned out, resting my head onto June’s shoulder. My teeth sinking into his skin as his fingers continued to pump in and out of me. I was standing on my tiptoes just as he pulled his fingers from me, a whine leaving my lips. He teased my entrance with his tip, causing a needy moan to leave my lips.

He rested his forehead on mine as he thrusted up into me. His lips quickly meeting mine to muffle my moans. The hot water now feeling amazing, intensifying every kiss and movement of our bodies. Our bodies wet, slipping and gliding against one another, almost making this a challenge that we both wanted to take on. June picked up one of my legs, resting it on his hip as he thrusted deeper into me. I bit my lip as I felt my walls closing around him. “June, I-I’m gonna cum.” He pulled my face back to his, his eyes looking deep into mine. “Me too. I’m so close baby.” His thrusts now sloppier than before, he was wincing at the pleasure overtaking him. My nails digging into his back as I came around his length. I rode out my orgasm as he continued thrusting, soon reaching his climax.

He pulled out of me as he proceeded to wash my body while I washed his. He turned off the shower as we both stepped out drying off. Once dry we got dressed and left to go get something to eat. “You know babe.” Junhoe wrapped his arm around me as we searched for a restaurant . “I might need to take another shower after our night practice.” He smirked down at me and I chuckled. “And I might need some help washing my back.” “I think I could maybe help you out with that.”

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could you recommend some good music, please? also, have a good day c: *whispers* you are amazing

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I- is it okay if i link to some songs i relate to Haikyuu…? 

Kuro/ Kuroken: ,


The fam: 

Bokukuroo: (I’m blaming keptein for my overwhelming bokukuroo feelings and the fic that destroyed my life. if i haven’t read it 239842093 times may a lightning strike me)