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merry christmas, juhaku fans! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

…yet another edition of “why juhaku” - though this time, it’s inspired by my conversation with the very lovely PreseaMoon ❤ we were fangirling about how judar has the best range of emotions when it comes to hakuryuu. he’s always so into hakuryuu and he’s shown his happiest expressions while he’s with hakuryuu. on the flip side, he’s also had the angriest reactions whenever something bad happens to hakuryuu.

and because research is important (not to mention very fun), here are some scenes of judar’s expressions whenever something bad happens to himself / to others / to hakuryuu:

→ his expression when his mind gets broken in by solomon’s wisdom:

→ his expression when he sees others get hurt (from the alibaba vs dark djinn cassim / seeing balbadd suffer / his face while watching the fight with the medium) (he has pretty much the same hot smirk whenever something shitty happens lol):

→ his expression when he’s about to be hurt LOL:

→ …now compare that to his expressions while he’s watching hakuryuu get hurt (during his confrontation w/gyokuen, round 1):

→ …and also, his expression(s) when he confronts kouen re: phenex / when he sees hakuryuu get affected by phenex / sees hakuryuu get owned by gyokuen:

… tl;dr: what a difference in reactions/expressions pfft.
…yeah, judar makes it so easy to ship juhaku LOL