[alex voice] no girlfriend

Homecoming, continued.

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Word Count: 3,469
Warnings:  SPOILERS FOR 2x14!  DO NOT READ if you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to be spoiled!!
Prompt:  I wanted to flesh out and extend the ending scene with Alex and Maggie from 2x14.  It was such a heartfelt, emotional scene that I thought it needed “completeing”, if you will.  I started with describing the scene we did get in more detail, then adding my own interpretation of what happened next.
This is my first actual Supergirl fic, so I hope I’ve done it justice.

Here is a youtube video of the scene in question for those of you who have expressed interest, but have not seen the episode. (Its more than just that scene, but I have linked where the scene starts at 2:06)

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              Numb.  That’s finally how Alex was starting to feel as she tipped the glass to her lips once more, draining it in one.  It’s exactly how she wanted to feel.  It was a calculated move, drinking this much hard liquor.  There always came a point of numbness, and though it wasn’t much, it was a lot better than the horrible feelings she was trying to escape.  She reached for the bottle and poured some more into her glass, her grip somewhat clumsy.  She managed to avoid spilling as she set down the half-empty bottle and brought the drink to her lips again, sipping half of it back just as someone knocked on the door.


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Maggie’ POV Running into Emily

No one makes her giggle.

Not anymore, anyway.

But Alex Danvers?

A league of her own.

So she finds herself practically squeaking in the middle of the street, because Alex is just… Alex is everything.

And here she is, slinking her hand through Maggie’s arm, calling them that couple, and it’s perfect, and Maggie says as much, because it is perfect, because Alex is perfect, but then her stomach drops, and nothing, nothing, nothing is perfect anymore.

“Emily?” she calls, because she can’t help it, because it was years ago, but it was for five years years ago, and because god, god, god, she knew they were lesbians in rain boots and carrying yoga mats but she didn’t realize they signed up to be on an episode of The flipping L Word.

“Maggie,” is all she says, and she remembers that look, she remembers that voice, like it was yesterday, like everything was yesterday.


“Uh – “ Emily starts, and Maggie starts at the same time.

“Are – are you, um, back in town?” Because she’d only left because of Maggie.

Only left because of those stupid, drunken nights, those stupid, fucked up mistakes.

Those stupid, reckless blunders – because Emily was starting to talk about getting married, because Emily was starting to talk about Maggie being the one, and no, no, no, that couldn’t happen because no, no, no, it couldn’t be real, it was too good to be true, how could it ever be true, she’s just a fucked up kid from nowhere Nebraska with more scar tissue than skin – that ruined everything, everything, everything.

Just like she always does.

“Yeah. Yeah, just for the week. I’m staying at the Baldwin.”

Of fucking course she’s staying at the Baldwin.

The Baldwin, where Maggie had taken those women, during that awful week, that stupid week, that self-destructive, hey-baby-my-girlfriend’s-out-of-town week, to crash, to drink, to fuck away the terror of being loved, because she’d only leave in the end anyway, because everyone did.

Might as well speed it along.

Or at least get some release out of it.

Of course she’s staying at the fucking Baldwin.

“Oh. Okay.” She forces a smile and she closes her mouth and she stares, because she doesn’t deserve to be happy, and Emily was right, she was right, and she was right to take that little dig, that little reminder that you cheated, that you’re a terrible person, that you could never be happy because you don’t know what happiness actually feels like, because I was always at arms length all these years, wasn’t I, you don’t deserve to be happy because hell, Maggie, you don’t even want to be.

“Hi! I’m Alex.”

Alex’s voice makes her jump slightly, and the pit in her stomach grows. Something she didn’t know was possible.

“Oh, I’m sorry. This is my – my girlfriend, Alex.”

Her voice softens when she says her name, because her name is her only anchor right now.

Her name is her only anchor.


But it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be because god, god, god, she doesn’t deserve it.

And she certainly doesn’t deserve Emily seeing the way Maggie’s found herself another white girl with kind of red hair, the way she knows they look perfect together. Emily doesn’t deserve that.

And Maggie doesn’t deserve an anchor.

“I’m Emily, nice to meet you.”

Maggie knows that tone, even after all these years; that tone, that face. The rushedness of her words, the curtness, but the politeness.

Knows she’s in pain.

And god, she thought she couldn’t hate herself more than she already did, but she can still stir that up in Emily, and god, what if one day she does that to Alex?


Not to Alex.

It was years ago. She was a kid. She was… she has no excuse.

But not to Alex.

“We used to date,” she tosses up her hand, because what else is there to say, and from Alex’s “oh” and little hand clap, she knows Alex already knew, knows Alex already detected, but hearing it out loud is probably giving her a pit in her stomach something akin to what’s roiling in Maggie’s.

Another thing to hate herself for.

“It’s been – “ Maggie starts.

“A lotta years.”

Three years, about eight months, give or take a couple of weeks.


Emily’s eyes rake her body and she remembers the sex they had – the wild, unrestrained, loud, rough sex, in the Baldwin, because Emily wanted her to fuck her one last time, wanted her to fuck her like she’d fucked those other girls, where she’d fucked those other girls – and she knows, she knows, that Emily’s thinking about it, too.

Knows because of the way her voice drops like it always had when she was thinking about sex when she says, “We should catch up sometime.”

Maggie almost splutters, but manages not to. “Sure, yeah. That would – that would be good. Sometime.”

The ground. Alex. Her anchor.

Doesn’t deserve an anchor.

The ground again.

Back to Emily’s face. Emily’s face that had been tear-stained and angry the last time she’d seen it, when she’d begged for forgiveness, knowing she didn’t deserve it, not knowing if she really even wanted it.

“I should go. Let you guys get up to whatever you’ve got going on, but it was really good to see you.”

“You too,” Maggie answers, a little too quickly. A little too quickly because god, this hurts.

“Uh, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, yeah.”

She turns to Alex – oh, Alex, Alex, still playing with her hands, because she doesn’t know what else to do with them when they’re not around Maggie’s body, when they’re not holding a gun – and she starts walking away, because she needs scotch. Preferably sooner than later.

But Alex stops her. “What about tonight?”


“What, she wants to catch up, we don’t have any plans.”

Maggie’s stomach sinks again, and her heart starts racing, and now she thinks she needs a Klonopin instead of a scotch.

“No, I can’t, come on, it’s cold – “

“Hey, do you see how cool I’m being about that?” She can’t help but smile, because this nerd. This nerd.

She doesn’t deserve this nerd.

“I mean, come on.”

She doesn’t think. She just does.

“Emily. Do you wanna have dinner with us tonight?”

A long pause, during which Maggie wants to disappear into the wet concrete.

“Uh, yeah. Sure. I have the same email, just… let me know where.”

Maggie nearly throws up at the mention of the same email – the same email that they’d sent countless letters from, countless dirty pictures, countless everything – but she knows she deserves it.

She couldn’t be more grateful when Alex answers for her.

“We will.”


Alex puts her arm around her as they turn again. “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

It was, it was, it was.

But Alex had said “we.” We. Us. Alex and Maggie.

She isn’t going anywhere.

And Maggie isn’t going to fuck this up.

Not again.

Even if she doesn’t deserve the woman kissing her cheek as they walk, asking what kind of food Emily likes, and where she thinks they should go tonight.

Even if she doesn’t deserve her at all.

Warfare - by @redlance

“Kara.” Alex’s voice is strained and tense as they walk. She’s on the verge of being angry and Kara knows that. “You can’t keep doing this. Protecting her, it’s not right.”

“Protecting people is what I do,” Kara argues, a hint of a smile teasing her lips.

“This is not the same. And you know it. Lena isn’t…” Alex pauses, lifting her free, weaponless, red-splattered hand to her forehead in frustration. “This is war, Kara. She isn’t on our side this time.”

“Babe.” Maggie’s voice is soft at Alex’s side and she rests a hand on Alex’s arm in a quiet attempt to subdue her girlfriend. “I think you might be over-reacting.” Alex shoots her a glare and Maggie takes her hand back. “Just a little.”

“Alex, you’re my sister and I love you-”

“Exactly!” Alex bursts, cutting Kara off. “We’re sisters. A team. As in, on the same side.”

“So?” Kara’s smile widens, as she looks down at her shirt and idly picks at the drying splotches of colour covering it.

“Do you not understand how this works?” Alex stares at Kara hard enough that the blonde is sure she’s managed to develop her own kind of heat-vision.

“I might be from another planet,” Kara quips, turning her head to look at Alex. She hears Lena chuckling softly beside her. “But yes. I know how paintball works.

“Oh,” Alex says, in a breathless kind of tone that makes it sound as though she’s had some kind of abrupt, amazing revelation. “You do know.” Then just like that, she’s back to being frustrated. “So, then you’re aware, that when we picked teams, we were committing ourselves to supporting one another.” Kara doesn’t say anything, only hums her affirmation. “To do everything in our power-”

“Minus flight and super-speed,” Maggie helpfully adds.

“Minus that, to protect one another. To win. Together.” Alex hits the last word hard and Kara finally stops, turning to look at her sister with wide eyes.
“Yes, Alex. I was there when you quoted the pledge.”

“We all were,” Lena mutters, somewhat remorsefully. She’s teasing, but Alex is teetering, and so it’s maybe not the best time.

“So, you can understand how throwing yourself in front of Lena every time I tried to shoot her hindered our ability to do that.” Alex’s expression is slightly manic; her eyes are wild and she’s wearing the smile of a desperate, mad woman.

“I thought this was supposed to be fun,” Kara laments, with a forced, overly dramatic sigh. “You don’t seem like you’re having fun.”

“I’d be having more fun if you’d let me shoot your girlfriend!” Alex finally explodes, her voice echoing through the trees. Kara sighs again, but the smile never leaves her face.

“Seeing my girlfriend get shot isn’t really fun for me.” Kara crinkles her nose, hoisting her gun up so that it’s resting against her shoulder. “Driving you crazy, though? That never gets old.” Then Kara’s off and walking again, Lena following close behind.

“Kara!” Alex bellows at the back of her sister’s head. She doesn’t get a response. She watches as Lena tips her head to say something to Kara and Kara bursts out laughing. Maggie sidles up close to Alex, wrapping an arm around her waist and resting her cheek on Alex’s shoulder.

“Young love,” Maggie murmurs, wistful. Alex inhales sharply through her nose.

“I’m going to kill both of them.”

How you guys break up (13rw preference)

a/n: I only did three of the guys because these were pretty long, let me know if you want a part two with some more guys?

Zach: It was clear to see that we were both reaching the end of the year meaning we would be departing from one another, then leaving for college.   We would always tell each other that the long distant relationship would work, but I could not see myself being able to cope with it, not if we were miles and miles apart from one another.  When we were reaching one of the last days I pulled Zach into an empty classroom and sat him down.
“Babe what’s up?” he asked, his eyes wide seeing that I did not look so happy myself.
“Zach, you know you mean a lot to me and I’ll always love you, right?” I questioned and he nodded his head.
“Look, I haven’t done anything wrong have I?” he asked me, seeking for answers in my eyes.  For clues of the very words that would escape my lips.
“Zach, we can’t be together,” and I watched his mood switch instantly, he looked upset and hurt but mostly confused and angry.
“It’s not Bryce? Y/N you know what he’s like don’t let him get to you…” it was clear to say that Bryce was not my issue. Zach was nor my issue either, I just believed that we could not put our relationship under so much pressure, someone would end up with a broken heart.
“We leave for college and I don’t think that we can handle this,” I searched for his eyes but he had just turned his head away. “If we’re meant to be Zach we will find each other, if we’re not meant to be then that’s it,” I told him and he slowly came into realisation.
“You’re right, I don’t think I would’ve coped being all alone, I think I needed a fresh start from everything,” Zach slowly pulled me into a warm embrace. In that moment, we were not lover’s like we had been recently we were friends, friends who had such a good, strong bond and now we were about to leave each other. The tall boy slowly made his way to the door.
“I’ll see around,” I smiled and he grabbed the handle of the door about to exit it, but hesitated.
“Y/N,” his voice sounded in my ear, I looked up to his sad face.  “If you ever need anyone, my number will always be the same… Have a good life.” And with that he left, leaving me heartbroken, sad and alone.

Clay (so just a little head’s up Clay’s is set when Hannah is alive because I got my idea off her and Clay’s relationship/friendship)
I always saw the way he looked at her with such love and admiration, the looks that I never received. I never had a problem with it I mean Hannah is a beautiful, smart and clever girl I just knew I wasn’t the one for Clay. I’m okay with that.
We were sitting at his house studying his chest when I brought up the subject.
“So, Hannah Baker?” I asked and Clay shot me a perplexed look. “What’s she like?”
“She’s okay I guess,” he mumbled, his pencil scratching on the paper.
“Clay! She’s more than okay, she’s beautiful, smart, she’s the real deal.  You’d be the perfection match for her,” I told him.
“No Y/n, I’m with you, anyway you’re smart and beautiful,” he replied, clearly not wanting to discuss that situation.
“Clay, stop being awkward! I’ve seen the way you look at her, gosh it’s like love’s hit you straight in the face and you’re so blind about it,” I began to get hot-headed. Not because I was jealous because I knew Clay was a great guy, I was mad because he did not want to open his feelings for Hannah.
“So, what if I look at her, I look at all the girls,” he grumbled slightly, I removed his work away from his so all focused was on the subject.
“Not in that way,” I said gently. “I’m not mad Clay, I want the best for you.”
“So, you want to break up?” he asked and I nodded my head slowly. “We’re still friends though?”
“Of course!” I blurted out immediately. “Why wouldn’t we be friends?” he shrugged his shoulders.  “Clay, I just want the best for you.”
“I want the best for you too,” he replied, sympathetically. That night I left the Jenson’s house as a single girl, who had helped a friend out.

Alex: “You’re driving me insane!” I screeched, tugging at my hair with stress.
“Oh yeah and you’re not making me mad as well,” Alex spat back.  His face was covered in bruises, scratches and marks.
“I’m not the one being so sketchy, leaving all the time going to people’s houses, discussing these tapes… When have you been friends Bryce?” I questioned, getting angrier and angrier by the second.
“I’m not we’ve just got some issues to sort out.  These tapes are none of your business!” Alex also grew madder, scaring me a little.
“Why not? I know Hannah Baker was part of these tapes,” I warned, but he just tutted, as if I was a child discussing things I didn’t know. I knew, I knew exactly what them people did. They made Hannah so upset and sad that she killed herself!  “You killed her, not only are you trying to turn me insane but you also did that to an innocent girl at our school- “
“Shut up! Shut up!” he shouted kicking things across his room. “Stop talking about things you don’t know- “
“Then tell me,” I pleaded out, my voice weak.
“Alex I’m your girlfriend we have to tell each other things, things that’s obviously disturbing us.”
“Fine then,” I grunted. “If you won’t be honest with me anymore I don’t want to be in a relationship. Why should I put in my heart for you, when you only put half of yours in?”
“Go then,” he stated. “Leave.”
“With pleasure,” I snarled and with that I left. Thinking I was leaving all my worries behind but these tapes were dancing on my mind – faintly – but they were there.

ATL imagine where your best friend Jack falls asleep on your boobs after his show while you're reading and then the boys make fun of you and he wakes up and you kiss him and he asks you to be his gf and fluff?

Your POV

“Thank you, and goodnight!” Alex called out into the sea of screaming fangirls. I was lucky to be backstage. Not only had I been able to be backstage, but he had invited me to go on tour with him. The rest of the band hadn’t objected to it. Alex brought Lisa, Rian brought Cassadee, and Zack was off doing Zack things. One never really knew with him. I sensed he had a girlfriend with the way he always smiling at his phone. I guessed she couldn’t come along.

The guys had always teased me and Jack about getting together. We were always hanging out, doing whatever. Each time one of us would look at the other and make some weird face along with a gagging noise.

I knew Jack didn’t have feelings for me. He couldn’t, he was physically incapable. We have been best friends since high school and each chick that he had hooked up with was more of a wreck than the last. He didn’t really date. That wasn’t what he did. He had moments. Moments of women in his life. They would come and go, and to keep himself from getting hurt, he wouldn’t get attached to them.He never told me any of this of course, it’s just what I had picked up through the years.

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