[aggressively punching myself in the face]

“I like traveling alone. I went to Portugal recently and it was a very rewarding feeling having done everything by myself. One night I went to a bar and there was this annoying guy who would not leave me alone. He turned aggressive and I thought, ‘Oh no, these are the kind of things I’m afraid of. I wish my boyfriend was here.’ But I had only myself, so I wound up and punched him in the face as hard as I could. There was blood everywhere and people were looking and I just ran. In a weird way, I was very proud of myself and happy that I did it, even though it was out-of-character.”

Mixed villains

Part I, Part II

“Holy fucking shit” I said sighing, with my phone pressed to my ear. “Please, pick up the god damn phone Michelle” I was walking side to side, in front of a building while I tried to reach Michelle. I groaned as the call ended, not knowing what to do.

“The fuck do i do now?” I sighed and looked down. I scratched my head as i continued to walk side to side. I was thinking what i was going to do, until someone interrupted my thoughts.

“Hello princess” A man with a soft, yet creepy voice, was talking to me. I turned around and looked up to a middle-aged man that was behind me, checking me out. I groaned, not wanting to talk to anyone except for Michelle. And least to a creepy stranger

“Not interested” I sad, while I turned around, facing the building, thinking that this man will leave after I turned him down.

“Well, well, well, princess has an attitude, doesn’t she?” I turned around and found the stranger closer to me than he was seconds before. “Tell me princess, what is a pretty girl like you doing at 3 AM alone in Queens?”

I could smell the scent of alcohol that the stranger had, and I was starting to get scared.

“I’m waiting for a friend” I said, pointing at the building and I started to walk backwards.

“This is not a safe neighborhood to be in the middle of the night, did you know, princess?” The man said while walking towards me.

The weird behavior of this drunk stranger was starting to scare me more and more. “Thank you sir, I’ll have that in mind next time” I said, while this man got closer to me with each step. I started to breathe heavier.

“Look around princess” The stranger said, stopping. He opened his arms and turned around. “There’s no one on the streets. If something happened to you, no one could help you out…”

I started to freak out, as the man started walking again. I walked until my back hit the brick wall. He got closer to me and placed his hands against the wall, not allowing me to escape.

“Not even me” He said and abruptly pressed his lips against mine, trying to kiss me. I started punching and kicking him in anyway i could find possible.

He pulled away from the kiss. “Now punching me or kicking me is not going to help now, isn’t it princess?”

“Help! Help me, please!” I managed to scream, only causing the stranger to put his filthy hand over my mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch” He said as he dragged me towards a dead end. I kicked the air with my feet, trying to get off his grip. Failing, i started crying. He pinned me against the wall once again, and started kissing my neck, and touching my body with his hands. I couldn’t do anything but cry, feeling helpless and weak. He lowered his hands and grabbed my ass, under my dress.

“HELP PLEASE! HELP ME!” I screamed, after I gathered strength to do it.

He stopped kissing my neck and let go of my ass, only to punch me really hard in the face, repeatedly. When he stopped I covered my face with my hand, crying as i never cried before. I started getting dizzy, and my head was spinning around “You don’t learn, do you princess?”

His words disgusted me. The soft and creepy voiced he used disgusted me. His scent of alcohol disgusted me. His aggressive touch disgusted me. His kisses disgusted me. The way he punched my face disgusted me. The way he did whatever he wanted to my body, without my permission disgusted me. He disgusted me.

He started touching my body aggressively, and I gave up trying to save myself. I closed my eyes and wished for it to be over. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel his repugnant body over mine no more. I lost my balance and fell to the floor, hitting my head with the concrete and passing out.

I was woken up minutes after by a man. My sight was blurry, but I could spot a red mask over the guy’s head. “Are you alright, miss?” He asked. My breathing started getting heavier, and I started crying again. I was scared, and confused. What did just happen?

The masked man tried to grab my arm, but I got scared and i started to punch him, crying harder.

“Hey, hey, hey” He said “It’s ok, don’t worry, you’re safe now”.

“HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!” I screamed, frightened. The masked guy tensed, not knowing what to do.

“Please calm down miss, you’re safe now, you aren’t in danger” He said as he tried to reach for my arm again.

My sight cleared and I managed to spot a man webbed to the floor, with his head bleeding. Then i turned my sight to the man who was in front of me. I froze.

It was Spider-Man.

I looked at the man on the floor once again, and all of a sudden, it all went black.

500 followers special: Warren Worthington iii headcanons

1. He loves his head rubbed and scratched and touched. After the few scars that spread across his face and into the skin of his his head healed from the crash, leaving lumpy, discolored lines and marks behind, Warren now secretly loves it when someone just rubs over them and gives him a good massage. It makes him feel better about himself, and feels amazing on the new skin.
2. He loves strawberries. He had them once as a kid a long time ago, but when he arrived at the mansion and ate some for the first time in ten years, they were immediately a favorite.
3. Warren hates cleaning his room. He prefers the usual: nest for a bed, wide variety of clothes on the closet floor, bottles covering the dresser, old records stacked on the desk, windows closed and curtains drawn, etc. Kurt is usually the one to walk in and actually straighten up the boys cave of a room.
4. Warren probably likes a rat for a pet. The team is disgusted when he comes home and pulls a large, black and white rat out of the pet store box to kiss and hold.
5. Since Warren learned to drive, he totally revamped the car to be able to fit his wings comfortably. The gang is shocked when they all go out and see the drivers and passengers seats cut into so there are two large indents right under the shoulder areas. The holes go into the middle of the seats until they are only half a foot apart, down three feet, and then end around where a person’s waist would rest.
“What the hell did you do to my car!?” Scott stares in horror at the craftsmanship and careful stitching, and Warren couldn’t care less what the leader thinks.
“Its not your car Scottie, calm down.”
6. This boy will have a container of cheeseballs gone in a day. Kurt doesn’t know where he puts it all.
7.  Warren’s skeleton is set differently than the rest of the X Kids to be fit for his wings. His bones are more hollow than a humans, he has two extra ball-socket joints in his back that hold his wings (and look really weird when they move,) and his ribs go down three inches closer to his pelvis- which also goes up two more inches- so that his waist is slightly less flexible than normal. The team eventually notices all these weird quircks, and Warren spends an hour teaching them all about his weird anatomy that keeps him comfortable in the air.
8. His piercings would be: two in each hip, one in his tongue, fake gauges, a penis piercing in there somewhere, and maybe a lip ring.
9. During unpleasant topics in class- such as drug addiction, alcoholism, drug use, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.- Kurt always makes sure to sit behind Warren and gently rub circles into the base of his wings. Warren is thankful for the teleporter keeping him all the way there; tugging lightly on the feathers and rubbing the skin between them in comforting motions to keep the angel comfortable. It’s a way to let Warren know that  he is okay- he is safe, and Kurt is right there for him.
10. Warren would be the one to build an old extreme-horsepower car in the garage. He’d pick up some classic fastback and totally fix the engine and have it running like a demon; scarring the shit out of Kurt when it comes to life and nearly makes them deaf.
11. He loves soft things. He’ll never admit it- but he does indeed love wrapping himself in a nice, cozy blanket, especially with Kurt.
12. Warren can sketch really well. He would never do it in front of people, and the only way Kurt found out was when he bamfed into their room at five in t morning and caught Warren doodling like an expert on the paper. (He loves Warren’s beautiful drawings, but the angel never shows them to anyone- not even Kurt)
13. He hums music in his sleep.
Kurt will commonly find Warren sound asleep at night humming and quietly moaning along to a random song that he’s never heard before. He wonders where Warren gets the strange tunes from- if they even came from a source at all- and falls back asleep with a gentle smile on his face to the angels quiet, sleepy, rythmed noises.
14. Warren was offered a ‘spot’ in the schools emo group- the punk rockers that dress and talk just like him- but he declined rudely. The 'leader’ of the rough group had acted as if it was an honor to be asked to join their drugged up, rock and roll, smoking, leather-wearing get-together when he sauntered up to Warren, and the team watched with worry as they were sure their Angel would leave them to be with people like himself.
They were all surprised, however, when Warren replied to the rube boy with a cracking punch to the nose that sent him to the floor, both gangs gasping and staring in shock at the angel stood over the unconscious punk. Warren ignored them, and simply turned back to join the X Kids silently as they continued on down the hall, leaving the emos behind.
“Y-you don’t vant to be vith them instead?” Kurt asked, worry and confusion in his quiet voice.
“Why would I want to go be with THEM? Don’t you know I’m too much of a loner and too aggressive to hang out with people like myself?” Warren says with a straight face, and Kurt and the others relax with knowing smiles.
15. Warren loves attention. Not the kind of attention where he’s called out in class and argues with the teacher, no. Warren loves the attention where people touch and pet him like a human puppy. He almost always spreads out over their group on movie night or any time they find themselves lounging, and stretches at the nice hands of Kurt or the others massaging him. Warren will always fall asleep like this, and smile at knowing he will trap all of them under his heavy body when he’s out.
16. Warren is an amazing flyer. The team always thinks he would be sloppy in the air with how he walks and talks on land, but are always surprised when the angel takes off and has the precision and speed of a falcon in the clouds and through the forest.
17. Warren was fired from the strip club after his stunt with Kurt. They both were- in fact, but Warren doesn’t mind. He and Kurt can’t do whatever they want in their own home in their own room.
18. Warren can fly with wet wings for a short amount of time, but once they become soaking and heavy, he has to stop. The gang always laughs at the sight of poor Warren when he gets caught in the rain and lands with messy, dripping wings shivering like a dog, and the angel glares at them as he shakes off and sprays them all.
19. He still has bad flashbacks and night terrors every now and then, and Warren doesn’t think they will ever go away. Every now and then, when something happens to trigger one and send him into a full blown panic attack, Kurt and the others are always there to calm him down and bring him back.
Warren also doesn’t think he will ever get used to so many nice hands on him treating him with caring kindness in such an embarrassing time of need.
20. Warren often has doubts in himself when it comes to his relationship with Kurt. He feels as if he screws up too much- he gets too drunk, he’s too loud, he’s too aggressive, he’s too angry all the time, and GAH! Why can’t he ever get this right!?
But Kurt doesn’t think so, however. He knows the angel needs a lot of reassurance, and the teleporter gladly gives it to him each and every day.
21. Warren has a food problem. He hasn’t been able to have confidence in a steady, fulfilling diet since he was a child before his wings grew in. In the cage, they never fed him properly. On the streets, he had to fend for himself. When he was a child, he was locked in his room to be hidden from society.
So when he arrives and heals at the mansion, Warren can’t help but return to his old habits of survival. He sneaks into he kitchen late at night and stuffs his shirt with whatever he wants, and runs back up to his room to keep it stored safely away. Warren still can’t comprehend or believe the fact that he is allowed whatever food he wants here- he has NEVER been used to such stability- and continues on hiding food and skipping meals.
The team notices right away the angels hard-driven habit, and leave it be for a shortwhile; thinking he will break and get over it.
But Warren doesn’t, and soon the gang realizes that their Angel needs a little help.
A little convincing, a little trusting, a little bit of time- and soon Warren finally allows himself to trust the school to feed him well.
He’s not used to it. Warren can’t take in the feeling of this place officially being home.
But he will someday, Kurt tells him. And Warren likes to believe it.
Lets just… think about these for a moment, shall we?

Bite Me pt. 3 [Chanyeol]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Summary: Coming home from the book store that you’d love to go to you get bitten by a wolf on your way home by the forest that was rumored to have supernatural beings lurking. From a wolf bite but to be more exact werewolf bite you start to have weird symptoms ranging from heightened smell, hearing, strength, and healing. Finally as the full moon arrives you change and meet someone unexpected.

Word Count:

Type: Scenario/series

Genre: Wolf! au

Member: Chanyeol from Exo

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I’m BETTER than HIM | Jimin/Jungkook Scenario | 01

Summary: Jimin told Jungkook to stay away from me but he didn’t

Words: 1456

Pairing: JiminxReader (feat. Jungkook)

Warnings: Implied smut (Rape) | Violence 
(Don’t read if not comfortable) (It’s the only part with those warnings)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | – (on going)


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A/N: Well, tbh I’m not completely satisfied with this. I might write a part two of this anyway, bc I think it’s incomplete, but it would be really nice if you told me what you think about this one :3 
In other new, I GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM A UNIVERSITY THIS WEEK SO I’M PUMPED!! This also means I gotta save a lot of money though :(
Anyway, I enjoy!

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

The hot sun of Georgia was burning on your back as you walked, tagging along behind the group. There was no destination of your journey; the only goal was to stay alive. You’d all found each other again after the downfall of the prison and the Terminus incident. You were relieved that you had a group again, but on the other hand you were also a bit worried. You’d been doing just fine on your own, and if you got to close to these people you knew you would just get hurt. Eventually all of them would die.

That was also the reason why you had no close ties to the people of your group. You’d been with them for over a year now, but whenever one of them had tried to bond with you, you had pushed them away. You just couldn’t afford to get too close. The only person you allowed near you was your best friend, Tina, who you’d known since your childhood.

That strategy had worked out for you so far, but after all the turmoil and betrayal you knew people were starting to doubt you. Especially Daryl had been throwing you suspicious glances lately. You knew he just wanted to protect his family, but you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt at the mistrust he felt for you. Not that you couldn’t understand his motives.

Especially now, that you were trudging through the wilderness, the tension rose with every step. Daryl didn’t even try to hide his angry looks anymore, and from time to time one of the others would turn around and glance at you questioningly. You shrugged their eyes off as if it didn’t bother you, but deep inside you knew it couldn’t go on like this.

It turned out you were right with that assumption. At nightfall the group had found a little clearing, where you’d set up camp. A fire was built and Carol and Rick started to set up everything for dinner. You and Tina set down a bit apart from everyone else, sharing the last bit of your water supply for the day.

“I ain’t gonna stay silent about this any longer!” Daryl suddenly piped up.

Everybody looked up, frowning at the outbreak of the usually silent hunter.

“I know I’m not the only one thinking this. (y/n), why are you such a bitch to everyone? You don’t seem to like anyone in this group, except for Tina, so why don’t the two of you fuck off and do your own thing? Would be better for everyone involved!”

You were a bit startled at this open confrontation, but you weren’t about to give in in front of the entire group.

“I’ve got my motives, Dixon! Now, what do you expect me to do, anyway? Do you want me to have a cuddle-fest with everyone in the group?” You stood up and opened your arms. “Go ahead, if you want a hug come and get it!”

Daryl scoffed, while Tina rolled her eyes and patted your back. Nervous chuckles echoed over the clearing, but you knew Daryl had struck a nerve.

“Fuck off.” The hunter retorted, flipping you off. “Nobody expects you to cuddle anyone. But would it really hurt you that much to talk to people?”

“He’s right!” Tina chimed in. “I mean, these are nice people, (y/n), but you only ever stay with me. What’s up with that?”

Surprised you turned towards your best friend, betrayal burning like acid through your stomach.

“You’re on his side?”

Guilt flashed over her face, but she bit her lip and nodded, avoiding your gaze.

You sighed and sat back down, wrapping your arms around your knees. Biting your lip you shook your head, trying to keep a clear head.

“To answer your question Daryl: Yes, it would hurt me to talk to any of you. I intend to survive this shitstorm, but we all know there will be many casualties before this is over. It’s better not to get too close…” You sighed, scanning the faces of the group with your eyes. When you found nothing but disbelief and shock you went on. “I mean, I’m sure y’all are amazing people…I just don’t wanna find out, you know? The more I know about any of you, the more it’ll hurt when you’re gone.”

For a while there was silence, until Michonne stood up, shuffling her feet awkwardly.

“I thought the same way as you a while ago. But… you can’t make it without people anymore, you know. You say you wanna survive, but do you want to give up living for that cause? You need people… We all need people to remind us of our own humanity.” She was silent for a while. “As someone once told me: “When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package.” But that shouldn’t stop anyone from caring, because once you stop … there is no going back.”

You frowned, thinking about her words.

“She’s right.” Daryl spoke up, surprising everyone. “I thought I could protect myself, survive on my own. But you just can’t anymore.” He shrugged. “Getting hurt is inevitable.”

You sighed, throwing a glance at Tina through the corners of your eyes. She nodded encouragingly, nudging you with her shoulder. You rolled your eyes and threw your hands up in defence.

“Alright, Alright. Y’all convinced me with your hippie-shit. I’ll stop being a bitch. Satisfied?”

“Barely.” Rick nodded, a smirk playing around his lips. “But for now it’ll be enough.”

The next morning, when you were up and walking again, you made an effort to be extra-nice to everyone. You talked to them, finding out a little bit about their backstory. As much as you hated to admit it, it felt good to joke around and laugh with everybody. The only one you didn’t dare talking to was Daryl, but you saw him glancing at you from time to time, amusement and satisfaction shimmering in his gaze.

Truth be told, he was exactly your type. He was lean and muscular, and clearly something you would’ve called a typical “Bad Boy” back when things had been normal. Back in the day, you probably would’ve been all over him. Not that you had had any interest in relationships – they had been way too complicated and painful in your experience. But you didn’t have anything against casual sex and Daryl would have been the perfect affair material for the old you. Of course, nowadays, an affair was not the first thing on your mind. You saw Daryl every single day. Even if you tried to keep things strictly physical, you wouldn’t be able to keep emotions out of the deal. 

“So how long do you wanna keep avoiding me?”

You startled and almost tripped over the root of a tree. Daryl watched you in amusement, while you mustered him with your best bitch-face, rolling your eyes.

“I wasn’t avoiding you.” You defended yourself, even though he was right. “I was just doing what you wanted me to: Playing best buddies with the rest of the group.”

“Except for me.”

“Well, you’re not exactly Mr. Social yourself, so stop criticising me!”

He rolled his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so defensive, I’m trying to play nice here.”

You let out a huff of air and shrugged.

“Okay. Thank you , I guess.”

He scoffed. For a while you trudged through the undergrowth in silence. You didn’t really know what to say. Daryl didn’t seem to be the type to joke around with, like you had done with the others. But you guessed that since he approached you, he had something to say and that eventually he would talk. For now you were content with walking and minding your own business.

“You know I get why you were such a bitch.” Daryl finally muttered. “I really do. Hell, I used to be the same. But you’ll realise, over time, that closing off isn’t the solution. You’ll just end up hurting yourself.”

You raised your eyebrow, not really knowing what to say. You weren’t even sure if he wanted an answer or if he just needed to talk to someone. Daryl scoffed again and shrugged, his crossbow dangling against his back with the motion.

“I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. But when I saw you again… something about you told me. I knew you were the same as I was. And I couldn’t just watch while you were digging your own grave. Plus, the group can’t afford any ego-trips right now. We have to stick together, you know.”

You let out a sigh and nodded.

“Don’t worry. I get why you did this, I do. It’s just… I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing by listening to you.”

Daryl shrugged. “Can’t be sure of anything nowadays. You’ll just have to try. I can’t promise you it’ll all turn out okay, but I think I can say it’ll turn out better than if you keep to yourself.”


Again there was silence for a while, until Glenn proposed to stop for a while, eat a quick snack and relax for a minute. After the group had made sure the surrounding area was clear of walkers, you sat down and rummaged through your backpack for a can of beans. Your search was unsuccessful, and you were just about to turn to Tina to ask if she had packed your provisions, when a hand appeared in front of your face, holding your food. You looked up, only to see Daryl grinning down at you.

“See. You forgot to pack your lunch. Now imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t like you. I could’ve just eaten it myself.”

You snorted, grabbing the can out of his hands.

“Yeah. Right. And then I would ‘ve punched your stupid face.”

Daryl let out a huff and sat down beside you.

“No need to be that aggressive!”

He pulled some beef jerky out of his bag and took a bite, before offering some to you. You declined by shaking your head, opening the can of beans.

“Since you didn’t eat my food, I’m not gonna eat yours.”

“It’s all the group’s food anyway.” Daryl mumbled his mouth full of meat.

You shrugged, munching on your food.

“So how long exactly do you wanna pester me? Or did I just miss the memo that we’re best friends now?”

Daryl raised his hands in defence, before getting up.

“Alright, princess, I’ll leave you alone.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down again, shaking your head.

“I’m sorry. I still have to get used to this bonding crap. Stay.”

He sat down again, one of his rare smiles appearing on his face.

“Whatever you say. If it gets too much, just tell me, and I’ll leave. Seriously.”

You ate your lunch together in silence. Even though you had trouble to admit it even to yourself, it was nice to have someone to be quiet with. It wasn’t an awkward silence, or one you felt the need to fill with empty words. Whatever was blossoming between you and Daryl, whether it was friendship or more, you were looking forward to watch it bloom.

My very first memory of my father is with my mother pinned against him by her arm. It’s about 9 at night, and I’m no older than 7. I’m crouched in a corner and I’m watching, never once looking away, my brother with two butcher knives in hand. The next memory, my brother is chasing some neighborhood boy with a baseball bat, and my father is chasing after them both with a steak knife.

And this is how manhood worked in the neighborhood I grew up in. Men broke things— most times those things were their wives and sons, and sometimes their daughters, too. There are no true memories of my father once I was past about 9 years old. Before the blood my father splattered across our lives dried, my brother was cutting new wounds on women and his sisters.

I have told these memories a hundred times, and they are some that define me. they are the memories I go to when I’m asked to “talk about a significant memory from [my] past”

Fast forward. I’m the girl in elementary school everyone thinks is aggressive and stand-offish. I once, in the 6th grade, punched a kid in the face at the bus stop for calling me bitch. I once, in the 4th grade, dug my heal into the side of a girl that called my sister stupid. Today, I’m often the woman that the men hate. Sometimes pissed off dudes come up to me after a show, spitefully ask me do you hate all men?? and I usually respond with nope. Just you.

Everyday I have to erase my father’s face glowing back at me from my loves eyes. Each day I have to remind myself that not everyone is here to show us how to fight with our hands.

My father sends me an apology text every few years. He apologizes for “not being there” or for “leaving” or whatever he thinks I think he did wrong. But he’s never apologized for trying to  kill my mother, throwing my brother through a closed window, or taking a chainsaw to my brother’s face. He’s never said, sorry I changed you forever. Sorry I made you look for drawn claws under every furry paw. Sorry that you can’t look at a man without imagining him shucking you from your skin because of me. Sorry I didn’t leave soon enough, sorry I left my fingerprints on everything.

Sometimes I ask my mother if I can write about her— if I can tell thousands of people the most traumatizing moments of her life. She often laughs and makes some joke about how long ago all that stuff happened, jokingly asks if it actually did happen. And how I hate my father for erasing my mother’s trauma, simple as that. How he disappears and she thinks her story does to. How I see my mother, and in her wrinkles I see my father’s name etched carefully into each.

No Need For False Love pt. 1

Author: daynawritesmarvel
Word Count: 1,636
Summary: The reader is notorious for one night stands with men she meets at Tony’s party and it drives Steve crazy, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. Will he be able to change the reader’s reckless ways? It also ended up rather angsty at the end and I’m not even sorry
Pairing: Steve x Reader (with a wee bit of cute Sam fluff in the beginning. And by wee, I mean all of two sentences)

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