[Prototype 2]


Scenes from our game prototype (Pt. 2)

We’re creating an entire cyberpunk city from voxels, cube by cube built in a software called MagicaVoxel and then Unity to bring all the pieces together. We want to display hundreds of civilian characters and vehices on the screen at the same time to make the game as immersive as possible.

At the moment we are building more assets to be able to record a trailer and finally announce the game. Until then enjoy these little snippets.


Plymouth Voyager III Concept, 1989. A prototype for two vehicles in one designed by Tom Gale (who also styled the Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler). When the rear module is attached the six-wheel MPV could carry 8 people. Both ends were powered, with a 1.6L propane-fuelled four cylinder engine in front and at the rear a 2.2L petrol 4. With both are electronically linked it had the equivalent of a 3.8L eight cylinder, four-wheel-drive power train. When the extra seats aren’t needed the 3-seat front can be driven independently by lowering the centre axle. When I first posted about this concept I incorrectly branded it as a Chrysler, it was badged as a Plymouth though it also appeared as a Chrysler at some motor shows

Photograph of KV-5 prototype “Победа” shortly before it tipped over and exploded during pre-production trials, 1943. After the German seizure of Leningrad and subsequent two-pronged advance toward Moscow, Soviet industry went into overdrive, creating increasingly bizarre stopgaps as supplies of raw materials began to dry up.

The KV-5 was one of these. Intended to be a mobile artillery battery, it instead proved to be a massive failure. The first prototype, shown here, fell over during maneuver testing. Poor design of the ammunition storage racks caused the vehicle to explode, killing the crew as well as the photographer.

The second KV-5, “Родина” survived maneuver testing, but the recoil of the upper main guns broke the turret in half during weapons testing. By that time, 50 KV-5s had already been produced. Most saw success, laid on their sides, as roadblocks during the 1945 Battle of Moscow.

Happy Video Games Day

Let us celebrate the beauty of video games. They’ve helped us so much in so many ways, from shaping our childhood into an adventurous one, to helping us discover and form friendships, and even to cheering us up and giving us strength during our darkest and saddest moments. Now, let’s play all the games!!! 😆😍💕 #VideoGamesDay

My favorite games of all time:

1. Megaman Zero 4 (my childhood game)

2. Persona Series

3. Max Payne Series

4. Counter Strike Source

5. Team Fortress 2

6. Payday 2

7. Devil May Cry Series

8. Prototype 2

9. GTA Series

10. Marvel vs Capcom Series

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Just want to show you guys a snippet of a project i’m doing for fun

it’s going to be angsty af  👍

ikanaide sung by Nansu


Toyota SV-2, 1981. Displayed at the 24th Tokyo Motor Show (see poster above) where Toyota’s theme was "Toyota Opens the New Age". The “Sporty Vehicle” concept was developed from the Celica Double X 2800GT (known outside Japan as the Celica Supra). It had a removable glass roof panel that turned the coupé into an open-roofed targa.

From the press release: The SV-2 embodies a brilliant combination of a beautiful exterior with excellent aerodynamic features and top-flight comfort. Developed with the Celica Double X 2800GT as base, the SV-2 was designed for true aerodynamic perfection, with large air-cut flaps reaching from the front around to the sides, a three-dimensional curved glass hatch in the rear, aero-wheel covers, urethane covers on the lower portion of the body and other sophisticated equipment. The SV-2’s elegant appearance is further accented by a fully detachable glass sunroof, bronze-tinted windows and handsome decorative additions. The interior design makes lavish use of suede to provide a truly luxurious feeling, and is outfitted with a superb audio system featuring an array of speakers―including sunvisor speakers equipped with eight thin-surface type super tweeters―designed to make driving a real pleasure


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