people who are commenting on that plo and mace post I made that mace is the worst jedi out there and that he deserve to fall out that window make me sad

do I think he fucked up when talking about the trials to Ahsoka? Yeah, definitely, I think that he should have maybe saved the fact that that was her trial until later, because she deserved a concrete apology at that moment

however, I will stand by the fact that Windu is a good Jedi, an innovative man, able to balance the light and dark sides on a knife’s edge, one of the best with a lightsaber in the entire Order (if not the best), and would probably have been the one to take Yoda’s place as Head of the Council

how can you hate ron weasley? how can you hate ron “sneak out in the middle of the night in a flying car to rescue you” weasley? how can you hate ron “sacrifice himself at the age of 11 to do the right thing” weasley? how can you hate ron “make you part of my family because I know you don’t have one” weasley? how can you hate ron “stood up in a broken leg to defend his best friend” weasley? how can you hate “followed the spiders even if it was his biggest fear just to be there with his best friend” weasley? if you disagree im ready to fite you