Jungkook x reader

theme:Jungkook and you always had tension between and one time he comes out of the shower and you are in the room…so things get a little steamy ;)

requested by: taetaesbooty

type: smut

word count: 5.5K

“I’m so excited!“Jimin said suddenly.

Everyone else agreed but you.
"I would be equally excited if I wasn’t fucking suffocating between these two."you grunted trying to make yourself more room.

"Y/N no swearing!"Hoseok scolded you at what you just rolled your eyes.

Currently you were sitting in a car, struggling between Hoseok and Taehyung, while Yoongi was driving, Jimin sitting in the seat next to him.

"I just don’t understand why I couldn’t go in the other car? There would be room for everyone!"you said, still fighting elbows with Taehyung.

"Because I want my sister to be with me in the car!"Hoseok exclaimed.

"Well why didn’t you switch with someone from the other car then!?"you yelled.

Yoongi started chuckling from the from seat.

"What are you laughing at?"your brother asked him, obviously very annoyed at you.

Taehyung then started chuckling too. "You know why? Because mom and dad are taking care of the maknae."he then snorted, laughing at his own stupid joke.

He was referring to Namjoon and Jin, in the car with Jungkook.

"Are you serious?"Yoongi said and you could see his face in the review mirror, judging Taehyung.

You wanted to laugh, but you were also trying your best to show Hoseok how unhappy you were with the situation so you contained your laugh.

After another hour in the car, still struggling, sweating like a pig between them, not being able to sit comfortably because Tae seriously must’ve had ADHD.

You noticed that you were now approaching a gas station. Your only shot at freedom.

"Yoongi please stop and signal to Namjoon to do the same ."you ordered.

"I was planning to, we don’t have gas."Yoongi said, pulling over at the gas station.

As soon as he stopped the car, you jumped on Taehyung trying to open the car door and get out.

"Hey!"Hoseok yelled, grabbing your leg. "Where do you think you’re going?!”

“Help!!"you screamed.

Taehyung opened the door and then started helping you get out.

"No! You’re staying with me!"Hoseok whined which made Jimin start laughing hysterically.

He got out of the car and then started pulling you out by your arms. All the time, Yoongi just stayed completely chill, counting how much gas we needed.
These types of scenarios were normal for all of you.

After a minute of struggling, Taehyung freed your leg and you jumped out.

You ran out to the car behind you. You heard Hoseok get out of the car as well. "Come back!”

You laughed as you opened the other car’s door and jumped in.

“Lock the door!"you ordered Namjoon, yelling hysterically.

As soon as the door closed he did.

You watched as Hoseok stopped running. He shook his head as he leaned on his knees, breathing heavily.

"I don’t wanna know."Namjoon said calmly after a few moments.
Jin was laughing at Hoseok and he was just shaking his head at him.

"Umm, Y/N… Could you get off me?"someone suddenly said in a awkward tone.

Only then you realized you were practically lying in Jungkook’s lap as you just jumped in the car earlier.

Your jaw hung open as you stared at him.

You always had a thing for Jungkook so this was not the best situation for you to be in.

He raised an eyebrow at you and like it was a signal for you, you got up quickly and pushed yourself off of him, accidentally brushing your butt on his lap in the process.

You could see him smirk cheekily, looking down at the spot where you were just at moments ago.

Biting the insides of your cheeks, you stayed silent from embarrassment. You were now sitting next to him, wishing you stayed in the car with the others.

The thing is, you were friends with the six boys for almost four years now, since Hoseok introduced you to them. You became almost inseparable with all of them.
Except Jungkook.

You felt like there was always this awkward tension between the two of you. It was like it was impossible for you two to have a normal conversation without you stuttering or just the two of you not having any common topics you could talk about.

To be honest, you liked Jungkook. A lot.
It was kinda hard not to, seeing as he was one of the most gorgeous guys you’ve ever met.

You were just never sure what he thought about you.
He wasn’t noticing you that much, but then again, there were moments like this.
He’d sometimes give you looks that make all other girls fall to the ground.
He’d bite his lip and look at you, or he would just give you a glance across the room.

Other times it seemed like you were nonexistent for him and it was really confusing for you.

"Sorry."you mumbled as you basically scuttered in the corner furthest from him.

You could feel his gaze on you as you stared at your hands, begging for the car to start driving.

"Umm…how much longer ‘till we get to the hotel?"you tried changing the topic.

You met Namjoons eyes in the review mirror and he wiggled his eyebrows.

Shit, he saw everything.
Namjoon was he only one who knew about your little crush.
You didn’t tell him of course, but he kinda figured it out himself.

"It’s about half an hour from here."Jin answered the question meant for Namjoon, completely unaware of what was happening.

Now you could just pray for no more awkward moments.

The car ride itself was pretty awkward for you, even though you didn’t interact with anyone the whole time.

You all arrived at the hotel, and already took the keys for your rooms.

You were pissed at Hoseok again because no one told you they already arranged who’s where so that left you alone.

"But I don’t wanna be alone."you whined as you gripped Hoseok’s arm tightly.

"Y/N, stop."he rolled his eyes, still pissed at you since earlier today. "Who did you expect to be with anyway?”

“Um. You?"you said as a matter-o-fact.

He gave you a look that said ‘okay-but-what-about-the-car-ride-where-were-you-then’. So you bowed your head down and took the key with your room number on it.

"At least I’ll have a room for myself."you tried to cheer yourself up.

Then Taehyung butted in. "It’s okay Y/N we are literally in the room next to you.”

“Yeah and I think we are in the one across the hall."Hoseok said looking at the map placed on the wall.

"C'mon I wanna go sightseeing."Jin said and pulled Namjoon with him in the direction of their room.

"I’m going with you wait!"Hoseok ran after them.

Once you’ve finally settled in your room you decided to go see what the others where up to.

First, you knocked on the door of the room next to you.
Jin opened it and you noticed he was wearing his jacket and he looked like he was going somewhere.

"Um?"was the only thing you could say.

"Oh Y/N were going out. Me Namjoon and Hoseok."he answered your thoughts.

You got inside the room looking around. "Wow, this room is a lot bigger than mine."you grunted.

Out of the bathroom came Namjoon. Who said the same thing as Jin.

"Where’s my brother though?”

Pulling on his socks Namjoon grunted. “Oh he’s in the other room but were gonna meet outside the hotel.”

You sat down on the bed, feeling a little bit down. Noticing that, he asked you, “wanna come with?”

You winked your eye as you scrunched your face as a 'no’.
You really didn’t feel like going sightseeing with the three of them right now.

You were more in the mood to be doing something fun. Something hyperactive.


As soon as the thought came in your head you jumped of the bed leaving the room only saying his name. “Taehyung.”

You practically just walked in the room on the left side of the hall not even knocking first.

Inside you found Jimin, running around, seeming like he was trying to find something on the floor.
Yoongi was lying on the bed, laptop in front of him.

“Greetings."you said.

Jimin got startled by the sudden sound of your voice so he bumped into the bed, hissing in pain. ”Y/N!“he whined.

You just laughed at his facial expression. "What?”

After calming down for a bit he sat on the bed. “Taehyung just got out, looking for you.”

“Why?"you asked taking a candy from a bowl that was on the table. You popped it in your mouth waiting for Jimin’s answer.

"There’s an arcade downstairs, next to the hotel restaurant."he wiggled his eyebrows.

"We’re going."you exclaimed, getting up. "Just let me shower. I stink.”

Yoongi hummed in agreement. So you gave him the dirtiest look you could.

“I’ll get there in twenty, tell Tae that.”

And you got out, making your way to your room.

You were done with showering and you were practically all ready. There was just one thing missing. Your oversized hoodie.
The only two shirts you brought on this short trip were the shirt you were wearing today (all sweaty now) and the hoodie. But you could not find it.

You huffed as you pulled out your phone and dialed Hoseok’s number.

“What?"he answered.
He sounded like he was not in a good mood.

"Where’s my hoodie?”

A moment of Hoseok being silent and only Jin’s laughter is heard in the background.

“I-I think I’m wearing it."he muttered.

Jin’s laughter intensified.

"What? My black hoo-. Wait. How do you even mix your and mine-”

I don’t know mine is black too!”

“What am I gonna wear then??"you panicked as you started to pace around only in your bra and a white tank top.

Just- Jin stop it!“he yelled. ”Just take mine. I think it’s in my bag. My room is across from yours. I think I left it unlocked.

I rolled my eyes. “That’s smart.”

Yeah, okay I’m sorry- Jin!”

“Bye!“you said in a fake cheerful voice as you hung up on him.

Hoseok was such a sunshine with others but when it came to you he turned into another person. He was not bad, it was just one of those brother-sister things.

You got up, huffing, straightening out your clothes. You hoped no one was out in the hallways because it would be awkward seeing you in only joga pants and a tank top during winter.

Getting outside, you noticed no one. So you locked your own room and headed to Hoseok’s room.

And of course, he did leave it unlocked.
You got inside and the first thing you noticed was how big the room was actually. What was it with this damn hotel? Having a room for two this huge and yours was only big enough to fit a bed, table and TV?

You closed the door shut and headed over to the beds. Only then you heard the water running from the bathroom.


Someone was definitely showering.


You quickly tried to find Hoseok’s bag, before the person came out and saw you invading their room.
You shuffled quickly around his stuff and found the bag, opened next to the bed.

Just when you bent down to take it you noticed the water wasn’t running anymore.


You unzipped the bag and started searching for his hoodie. You had to get out fast or else this was gonna be awkward.

You hated moments like these where you had to work quickly and effectively, because, to be honest, you were not good under pressure.

"Yes!"you hissed when you found it.

And then the worst happened.


Oh no.

That voice. You recognized it immediately.
And then again, how did you not realize Jungkook was here?

Jin and Namjoon, Jimin, Yoongi and Taehyung, which leaves Hoseok- with Jungkook.


You were afraid to look up so you stilled in place like some kind of statue as you gripped the hoodie tight in your hands.

You heard a faint chuckle coming from the other end of the room.

“Y/N what are you doing?"he said.

You noticed his voice was a bit lower than usual. Fuck. That was doing things to you.

"Um…"your tongue was tied.

This was the dumbest situation ever. Why couldn’t you just talk?

"Are you okay?"he asked and you heard him stepping forward.

Suddenly a fresh, woody, musky scent filled your nostrils.
And it made your jaw drop just a bit as you inhaled the scent, closing your eyes.

You dared to look up and meet his eyes. But his eyes were not the first thing in your sight.

Jungkook was just- gorgeous. He was freaking beautiful.

He was standing there, only a towel wrapped around his waist, hanging dangerously low on his hips, droplets of water sliding down his lean and muscular body.
His hair was wet, clinging to his forehead and his skin was even steaming a bit.
He had a hot shower.

After you analyzed his chest and muscular arms your eyes finally met his face.

And he knew what you were thinking about when looking at him like that.
So he licked his lips, and he did it slow, parting his lips at the end and clenching his teeth together, breathing in.

"I just- Hoseok took mine."was all you managed to say. You showed him the hoodie in your hands.

You were trying really hard to concentrate on his face but your eyes kept going down to his chest.

He laughed slightly, and you watched his chest rise up and go down as he did.

You dared to look into his eyes, which was a big mistake.

You could swear you weren’t imagining it, Jungkook was giving you the most seductive look you’ve ever seen.

His eyes were wandering up and down your body, staying particularly long on your exposed cleavage.
It sent shivers down your spine and goosebumps on your skin. You felt naked under his eyes, like he was able to see everything under your clothes.

"I’m sorry for barging in like that I- I’m going now."you stuttered.

His eyes were still on you when you finally decided to move and you started making your way towards the door.

But when you were getting close to getting out he stopped you by stepping in your way, putting himself right in front of you.

You stopped abruptly, almost smashing into his naked chest.

He was dangerously close to you, so close that it was getting hard to breathe.

You could feel the heat radiating off his body and it only made your own body’s temperature rise.

"Um…Jung-"you started, but got cut off by yourself staring down at his lower stomach and the towel. You could not stop yourself from imagining what was underneath it.

You only managed to let out a shaky breath. You closed your eyes for a second trying to compose yourself. It was not working. Because the dim lights in the room only made it worse.

You courageously looked up, your eyes meeting… the way the shadows hit his face at that angle was beautiful.

Instinctively licking your lips, you looked down at his.

The sight of him biting his bottom lip made your lower stomach twist.

Fuck.“he suddenly breathed, looking down at your lips.

The sound of his voice like that, so low and husky, was making you weak in your knees.

"Don’t do that Y/N.”

You were confused about what was he talking about, but it was all cleared up when his hand reached up to your face and when he used his thumb to pul out your lips from your teeth gently.

You didn’t even realize you were biting it.


“Y/N we both knew this was about to happen one day."he said with incredible confidence, but you liked it.

"What do you mean?"you said shakily.

He smirked, and licked his lips. "Don’t act like you don’t know what you’re doing to me Y/N.” he got even closer if possible
“All the dirty little looks you give me across the room, the way you bend over just so you could tease me, the way you constantly bite your lips, and you lick them and all the while you’re looking at me.”

His voice was really low now. He sounded husky and it was making you uncomfortably wet.
His breath was warm and minty, making you want to kiss him right then and there.

“And you know that I love it.”

You almost let out a soft moan.
His voice was just too sexy when he was talking dirty.

He smirked, “you can’t tell me you don’t want this Y/N.”

The way he whispered those words gave you confidence you never thought you’d have in front of him.

You dropped the hoodie on the floor, and your hands found their way on his shoulders.

You let out a shaky breath as your fingers traced the outlines of his muscles and all the while his eyes followed your hand movements.

You breathed in deeply, “I do.”

“Then tell me what you want right now."he said huskily, daring you further, licking his lips.

His eyes were dark and lustful while looking at your own.

"Kiss me."you breathed.

And he did.

His soft, full lips smashed onto yours as soon as you said the words.
His hands gripped on your waist, pulling you as close as possible into his naked chest, while your fingers now tangled into his wet hair.

Your lips moved in sync together, he grabbed you by your ass, making you gasp.
And he took it as an opportunity to slip his tongue in.

You decided to not even try to dominate this.
He would not let you.

He bit your lip and tugged on it, making you moan loudly.

Damn..you sound good.“he breathed, pulling away.
And again, his voice was not helping your already soaked panties.

Suddenly something occurred to you. The door was unlocked.
"Jugkook, the door."you breathed.

Turning his head around quickly and then back to you, he bit his lip hard.
"Shit…lay down on the bed.”

You immediately did as he said, backing up and dropping down on the bed backwards.

As you did that, he quickly made his way to the door and he locked it, then he returned to you.

It was really happening, and you still weren’t sure if this was reality.
You liked Jungkook for so long, fantasized about him but you never thought he’d pick up on your attempts to try and get his attention.

But here you were, lying on the bed, completely soaked, looking at the gorgeous man that stood in front of you and the way the dim lights hit his toned stomach.

He pushed his hair back as he stared down at you.

You noticed his bulge under the towel was really big and the thought of him inside of you turned you on so much.

After staring at you for a few moments, he dipped down on the bed slowly, his body hovering over you.

His hands were on your sides as he stared into your eyes and then kissed you with hunger again.
Your hands found their way on his muscular back and you lightly pushed him down on yourself.

He chuckled at your eagerness.

“Eager, are we baby?”

“Mmmhhmh"you hummed, licking your lips. "I-I want you Jungkook.”

He smiled a wide beautiful smile at your words.

“I want you too Y/N. You don’t even know how badly."he said, his smile turning to a smirk.

He got up, kneeling in between your legs, his bulge practically on your wet core.

His hands tugged at the bottom of your shirt pulling it up, his hands tracing over your waist and stomach, revealing your chest to him.

He bit his lip harshly at the sight of you only in your bra, which made you blush hard.

"Let’s take these off too."he grunted sexily when he started taking off your pants.

You bucked your hips up, eager for him to take them off.
He tugged at them slowly, revealing your legs inch by inch and then finally pulling them off completely.

"Fuck."he drawled the word while he took in the sight of you only in your underwear.

You squirmed, feeling his bulge grow even harder. "Jungkook please. I need you."you moaned for him.

He then hovered over you again, pressing his body into yours, burying his head in you neck, biting softly.
"I know you do.”

Your hands moved down and you grabbed the towel, taking it off him and throwing it to the ground.
You couldn’t see it, but you could feel how big Jungkook actually was as his member pressed down over your panties.

“You’re so eager baby, but I want to go slower."he said, tracing over his teeth with his tongue.

Taking your wrists in his hands, he pinned them over your head on the bed, holding you down on the bed with his whole body.

He started to kiss your neck again, biting softly, tugging at the skin on your collarbones, surely leaving multiple marks on you.

You leaned your head, giving him more space for his lips to mark.

He hummed against your neck, sending vibrations through your body, making your legs shake slightly.

Jungkook then started to grind slowly, pushing himself hard on your core, the friction making you both moan loudly.
"Ah, Y/N you’re already this wet for me."he hissed in your ear with pleasure. He bit your earlobe and licked it lightly, sending a weird but good sensation through your body.

"Jungkook.."you moaned his name, making him grunt in pleasure. "P-Please…”

He released your hands then, immediately starting to work on taking off your bra.

You arched your back, giving him acces to unhook it.
Then he slowly, tracing the outline of the bra, started to take of the straps, sliding them off your shoulders slowly.

You saw his jaw hung open when he revealed your naked chest to him, and then he bit down on his lip harshly, groaning at the sight.

Fuck, Y/N you’re beautiful.”

His words were making you feel so good, almost as good as his touch.

Taking in the sight in front of him for a moment, he then backed up on the bed, getting his face in level with your breasts that were already hard and erect.

He looked up at you, the look giving you pleasurable goosebumps all over your body.

Taking one in his hand, he slowly traced his tongue around the nipple on the other one.

He kissed it, bit on it lightly, tugging it.
All whilst massaging the other one wih his big hand.

You let out a shaky moan as you threw your head back, closing your eyes. You could never imagine to be feeling so much pleasure from such simple touches.

You felt him smirk on you breast and then he dipped his head down and kissed between them, slowly making his way down on your stomach.

He was torturing you, the whole time looking you right in the eye, and you were loving it.

He stopped his kisses when he got to the hem of your panties.

Using both his hands, he pulled them over your hips and down your legs slowly.

He threw them on the floor and admired your body once again. Now fully naked.

“Damn…"he hissed whilst biting his lip again. You loved it when he did that.

You blushed hard at his words.
He was praising your body like no one ever did.

"What should I do next to you baby?"he asked, his tongue flicking to lick the corner of his lips.

You couldn’t say a word, so you just bucked your hips up and moaned indicating that you needed him badly.

"I see."he smirked.

He got off the bed, kneeled in front of it and then he grabbed you by your thighs pulling you closer to the edge of the bed.

You propped yourself up on your elbows looking at him and the way he was just admiring your body with his eyes.

Suddenly, you felt a finger start to slowly caress your inner thigh, getting close to your core.

His eyes showed lust and amusement on how wet you were for him.

"Oh baby, already I knew you were wet, but I didn’t know you were dripping..”

At those words, you felt the finger moving to your core and start to press on your clit lightly.

You took in a sharp breath with a small moan following it.

Jungkook slowly but surely, moved his finger around your dripping core, seeming like he was having fun with it.

“You like that don’t you? How about I do this?"he said as he inserted the one finger inside you.

His finger curled up, massaging your walls as he kept his thumb on your clit.

His movements made you moan loudly for his name and you started to buck your hips slowly, adding to the feeling.

"Hmm."he hummed as he watched you squirm under his touch. "Let’s add one more.”

Taking his finger out, he then suddenly pushed two inside, going deeper than before.

Your breathing became uneven. You were breathing short and heavy breaths and you started to fist the sheets.

You felt yourself getting wetter and wetter, if possible, around his fingers.

Fuck, I wanna taste you."he suddenly breathed.

"Yes, p-please… Jungkook."you whimpered as he continued his previous actions.

"Look at me."he said. "I want you to look at me while I’m eating you out.”

Breathing heavily, you listened to what he said and you looked at him, standing with his head between your legs, staring straight into your eyes with a lustful expression.

“Good."he smirked. Then he pulled his two fingers out, leaving you feeling a little bit empty, and whilst gazing into your eyes he brought the two fingers up to his mouth.

Putting them in his mouth, his lips wrapping around them, he licked them clean and then closed his eyes and moaned.
"God, you taste so sweet.”

Your head fell back again, his words and the way he was saying them were too much for you.

“Y/N, baby look at me."he repeated.

You wanted to look at him but it was hard, since the intense pleasure was making you throw your head back and roll your eyes.
But you did anyway.

Licking his lips once again, he dived his head between your legs. Firstly, leaving a few kisses on the inner side of your thighs, teasing you and then he wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking lightly.

"Ahh, Jungkook…"you moaned silently. You didn’t want anyone to hear you.

"I wanna hear you baby. I wanna hear you say my name."he said into your clit, sending vibrations throughout your whole body.

After that, he licked a bold stripe with his tongue making you shiver in delight.

Seeing how much you were enjoying this, he grabbed your thighs and then buried his tongue inside of you flicking in in all directions making you squirm and moan.

Then like he dived out he threw back his head, closing his eyes and licking his lips.

"You’re so fucking sweet."he said breathlessly.

"Jungkook…"you moaned for him, feeling empty without his tongue or fingers.

You were getting close to your high, your core was pleasurably stinging, wanting more of Jungkook.

"No baby, I want you to come around me."he said into your clit again, sending vibrations through your body once again.

He let go of your thighs and got up on his feet taking another moment to take in your appearance.

"God damn beautiful."he said to himself.

Now that he was on his feet fully, you could actually see his length, and it way bigger than you thought. He stroked it a few times, licking the corner of his lips, letting out small grunts.

You wanted him inside now, you were aching for him. But you also didn’t know if you could actually take him all in.

"Jungkook I don’t think that I can-”

You got cut off by him getting on the bed, hovering over you again.
Kissing along your jawline, one hand on the side of your face and the other still stroking himself he whispered “don’t worry I’ll stop if you can’t take it.”

You nodded slowly in response, still a bit worried. But you needed him now.

His chest against your breasts felt amazing, it felt like it should have been like that your whole life.

Jungkook lined himself at your entrance, his head already a tiny bit inside.

“You ready?"he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

You nodded nervously. You closed you eyes and bit your lip at the sensation of him slowly rubbing himself up and down your entrance.

"Hold onto me baby."he said reassuringly.

So you put your hands on his back, your nails already digging themselves in his back muscles.

"Go."you whispered into his ear.

Jungkook slowly but surely, started pushing his massive length into you.

"Ah!"you hissed at the feeling of stretching widely.

He stopped his movements, but still one third inside of you. "Are you ok? Should I stop?”

Gulping, you shook your head yes. “I need you Jungkook.”

Slightly smiling at your words, he buried his head in hour neck again and continued pushing inside.

He was about halfway inside when he hissed, “fuck Y/N you’re so fucking tight!”

Your nails were deep in his back now as you were biting your tongue from whimpering in slight pain.

Finally he was all in. You let out a deep breath at the same time as Jungkook groaned.

He looked into your eyes again, asking of you’re okay.

“Go faster please. "you moaned and he obeyed.

His hips started moving faster against your own, hitting ever right spot on you walls.

You moaned loudly for him and even screamed for him when he slammed into you harshly.

"Please, do that again."you said, sweat beads forming against your forehead.

Jungkook hit that spot over and over again and you were about to reach your high. The hotel room was filled with your moans, with the bed banging against the wall, skin slapping against skin…

"I think I’m I gonna-"you couldn’t finish the sentence.

"Come around me baby."he breathed out.

You could swear that Jungkooks moans were the most beautiful and sexy thing in the world.

He went even faster, and you were at the peak now.

And with a few more hard thrusts you came all over Jungkook’s length. You screamed his name loudly, arched your back into his body.

Jungkook pulled out of you and started moving his hand up and down his length quickly.

You waited for him to cum and it was not long.

Throwing his head back, moaning loudly he came, spilling his juices all over your upper body.

You gasped, but chuckled a little.
He was breathing heavily, biting his lip harshly as he came on you.

Fuck.“he hissed again as he watched you swipe your finger on your stomach,licking  what you picked up. All the while you stared into his eyes.

A moment later, you and Jungkook were laying naked and sweaty next to each other still breathing heavily.

"I waited so long for that."he broke the short silence.

You rolled on your side facing him. "I waited too, I just didn’t think you wanted me.”

His eyebrows went up and he turned his head to face your eyes. “You? That I didn’t want you?”

You nodded, looking down.

“Y/N you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. How could you think I didn’t want you?”

You chuckled at that and again, you laid in comfortable silence.

After a few moments you opened your eyes widely as you suddenly remembered that you had plans with Taehyung and Jimin.

From that moment, you did leave for Jimin and Tae, but you would never forget this, and you were gonna make sure it happened again because you were sure, Jungkook and you had something between that was more than just lust.

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Time to cry about STAR WARS fic? Ha ha, trick question, it’s ALWAYS time to cry about Star Wars fic. This is what life is now. Crying about Star Wars, especially via fic.

Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & rex & cast, NSFW, sith!obi-wan (sort of), dark themes, 17.5k wip
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
Capture and Release by Rocket_Sith, obi-wan/anakin, mild bondage, 19k wip
   Anakin’s past comes back to haunt him unexpectedly during a mission. What starts as Obi-Wan’s attempt to help him face his fears takes on a life of its own and evolves into so much more.
Heart of Kyber by Eirian Erisda, obi-wan & cast, 3k
   With part of the Open Circle Fleet docked for some much-needed shore leave after a harrowing battle, Obi-Wan gives the rest of the 212th the slip and wanders planetside alone.
The Cry of the Fallen Jedi by crowleyshouseplant, ahsoka/barriss, 5.1k
   Barriss looks for Ahsoka after she disappears into the Sith Temple.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan & anakin & cast, ~1k
   Prompt: Number 6 their vices with Obi Wan please
tap, tap, tapping on the glass by skymurdock, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, ~1k
   .so while I am screaming at this big bang (what do you mean you don’t want to move come the fuck on you got this far) here is a small destressing thing based off of Just Like Heaven.
The Light You Leave Behind by laventadorn, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & bail & asajj & cast, 28.6k wip
   Ahsoka has left the Jedi Order, and Anakin is haunted by the last words he spoke to her on the steps of the Temple: “I understand, more than you know, wanting to leave the Order.”
He Watched by temple_mistress, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 22.1k
   Obi-Wan secretly watches Anakin in lightsaber practice. Anakin is not having any of it. At all.
Temple History by sanerontheinside, obi-wan & anakin, 1.4k
   There was no way his Master wouldn’t see that bruise, and so now Anakin was hiding.
Sofa, So Good by Smitty, obi-wan & anakin, 10.9k
   Why would anyone want Obi-Wan’s grody old couch?
The Curious Feeling of Falling by Eirian Erisdar, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast, 2.6k
   There is a common misconception that Obi-Wan Kenobi has never felt the pull of the darkness.
A Falcon in the Dive by Eirian Erisdar, obi-wan & cast, 1.8k
   A dive is so very different from a fall. Obi-Wan dives into the unknown. From the Temple gardens to Naboo, Mandalore to Utapau, and in the Unifying Force to another Falcon altogether.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & yoda & mace & cast, ~1k
   “Disturbing, these findings are.” Master Yoda’s ears droop slightly, as his clawed hand gently lays the datapad he held back on the table.
Meet the Skywalkers by frodogenic, anakin & piett & luke/mara & han/leia & jacen & jaina & anakin solo, 34.8k wip
   Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn’t expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Vader is still his mortal enemy…right?
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & cast, ~1k
   Obi-Wan is tired. So, so, tired. He rubs a hand over his tired eyes, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep and not wake up until the war is over.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Restaurant Dates Are The Worst (Tom Hiddleston x Reader)

A/N: This is an adaptation of the Sebastian Stan version of RDATW (a very faithful adaptation, almost word for word except it’s written in third person and ot second). It’s for a dear friend of mine (me heartie @bathshebaa who has the hots for Tom Hiddleston *wink* *wink*)

Word count: 3.5k


She looked around her, scrutinizing the surroundings, letting her eyes wander on the walls, the chandeliers, the dark-red faux velvet chairs next to the bar section of the restaurant – she looked anywhere but at the man sitting across from her, ungracefully shoving his spaghetti into his mouth all the while twaddling.

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gotnojambangtan  asked:

Hello, do you have any good jikook fic recs? Anything will do,but i hope its mostly fluff :-)) Thanks ♡

Indeed I do! You could try to look for other jikook asks/recs on the jikook tag!

pine by wordcouture [1k]

home by wordcouture [1.4k]

Flower Talk by soranosuzu [3.2k]

admit it by parallels [1.7k]

oh, he is by sunsmiles [4k]

Scribbles and Drawings by evil_pandabear [2.3k]

You Don’t Bring Me Flour by superbroc [3.2k]

You’re the Closest to Heaven that I’ll Ever Get by armystarlightgirl [1.4k]

can’t take my eyes off you (don’t take your eyes off me) by astrochild [1.2k]

my only wish this year by atechamcham [1.5k]

The Petty Criminal Discount by Kingkiwi [6.2k]

my heart is beating (like a jungle drum) by euphoriae [5.8k]

Here you go! Hope you enjoy these~! Don’t forget to check out the jikook tag!!

-Admin Nana

anonymous asked:

hey, it's 5k anon! I had a big scare tonight. I fell and my leg swelled and bruised up a lot, and it hurt (actually it still really hurts) to move and put weight on, but thankfully we went to the ER and it is NOT broken. With how soon the race is, I would have cried if it was broken! I'm going to take some time off and rest it, but I promise when I'm healthy and can put weight on it again, i'll hustle hustle my muscle muscles, and i'll win this one for you Jyushi! You and mun both, thank you!

It sucks that you fell, but I’m glad your leg’s not broken!! Take good care of it and do your best!! We’re rooting for you!! =D HUSTLE HUSTLE!! MUSCLE MUSCLE!!

how dear their dwelling place

The girls chat about home. [gen, 1.5K]

I’d really like to see VM swing by the Gladepools at some point. Maybe stop by Byroden? Title from “She Walks In Beauty” by Lord Byron. 

There is something to be said for dusty southern summers.

Not the heat of the day––though that is part and parcel of these months as much as the rest of it, inescapable as the driving sleet and snow of Whitestone. But out of the glare of the sun there’s a magic to it all, easy to find when you know where to look (and Vex’ahlia has known where to look since she was such a little thing). Evening offers a pocket of golden time, dry heat of the land fading as the cooling sky swallows the day’s warmth, and with nightfall come the crickets and the breeze, smelling of hay and horse and the soft scent of the woods, always just out of sight, solid-steady walls of foliage that were old when she was a girl and will outlive them all a thousand-fold, even Keyleth.

“Wow,” says Keyleth, caught in one of these pockets of time, golden light of the evening setting her hair ablaze. “You used to live here?”

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Marry Me (Thanks From Kat #18)

@alejandra925 asked: Hi Kat! Congrats on the 2.5k followers! I have a RebelCaptain prompt/story request. I’d love a surprise marriage proposal or scavenger hunt proposal story for our beloved Jyn and Cassian.

Now, as it turns out, I am not a romantic person. Like, at all. I literally have spent so much time staring at a blank Word document with this prompt in mind, thinking of literally nothing to write. So, in short, this prompt is way late and I am so, so sorry about that. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I managed to come up with! (Also, as an apology, it’s also a full 1,000 words!)

With this prompt, I am concluding the Thanks From Kat series!! Thank you to all of my followers and especially to those who sent me amazing prompts. You all are lovely and I’ve loved getting to know some of you through this :)

The alternate title for this fic is “The One In Which Kat Using Way Too Many Italics”


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i was hoping to post the bbq fic tonight but i got distracted and it got me off track for about two hours, so i’ll have to finish it tomorrow. i’m at 12 pages, over 5k words, and the actual sex hasn’t begun yet. i’m about to pass out, so i’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

another man's come-up - keptein - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

another man’s come-up, 2,5k, bokuto koutarou/kuroo tetsurou

Tetsurou’s bag hangs heavy from his shoulder, and he pushes open the door to the charity shop with some effort. It’s cramped, racks of clothes imposing from all angles, but it’s easy enough to weave his way through the shelves and knick knacks to the counter, all the way at the back of the shop. There’s a few customers around, as far as Tetsurou can see, but it’s hard to spot anyone through the thick foliage of things - books, jackets, backpacks, jewelry, cutlery, garbage bins, it seems like everything in the world has somehow been crammed into this shop, which Tetsurou walks by every day on his way to class but has never entered before.

commissioned by @algebraicmutiny! thank you very much!

anonymous asked:

I wonder how the famethysts will act around modern humans if they visit earth .I mean they spend 5k years around humans that they cant do nothing themselves without a little voice telling them what to do .I also wonder how they will react when they learn that Steven is a hybrid and Rose is a part of him

Well … I don’t think they’d care, to be honest. I mean, they were probably around when all those Rose Quartzes got bubbled. It’s gotta be scary to see fellow quartzes bubbled away like that.

But as for humans, they work really well with Zoomans, so I think they’d do great with humans on earth too! It would just take time to adjust to how earth humans have such free will and free spirits.

darkavian  asked:

PLEASE oh dear please write more Emil/Mickey (if you have time) I thrive off the idea of Mickey as a cockslut in bed and you could do their dynamic so wrong and so so right. I'd die, and i wouldnt even be angry about it.


Here’s the deal. I wanna update my dirty nasty ass Michele/Sara fic (almost finished around 4.5k), and Line and Verse (2k written, those chapters are usually 6-7k), and Freshman year (2k written, those chapters are usually 4k).

PLUS I wanna update Pink or Blue, and Let the Record Drop dude. Like I would love to try it, and honestly I’m so into YOI hell it will probably happen. I just don’t know when lol.  

PLUS, like you said I can’t write Mickey as a functional human. Except Emil is so pure and deserves a nice boy!? Ah I gotta chew on this for awhile dude. 

I’m trying to get my mileage up without aggravating my injury, so I tried an easy 5K on the elliptical. 

I find the elliptical really awkward. I find it hard to find a comfortable stride and it’s hard to keep a pace comparable to running.

But hopefully, it helps me build my cardiovascular fitness without injury.