What happened to Keith’s bond with Red Lion?

One of the many things that baffles me about the Lion switch is how it somehow made Keith’s bond with Red Lion suddenly disappear.

For 2 seasons it was hammered to the audience that Keith and Red had a bond that was so special that it exceeded the others with the way Red goes on autopilot to save him. Even Keith’s dreams and visions in S2 always involved the Red Lion.

Add to the fact that Keith is the only Paladin in the whole history of Voltron to have such a natural connection to his Lion that he can connect through vast distances. Coran has stated so when he said “No Paladin has ever been able to connect with a lion over a vast distance.”

Zarkon connects with the Black Lion only through the use of magic and quintessence. And even when Zarkon connects with the Black Lion it is lifeless when he tries to steal it from Shiro. Keith on the other hand is able to long-distance connect with Red in such a way that that it goes on autopilot to save him.

But the main unresolved thing with this is that Lance is shown to have a heartfelt parting with Blue Lion and passes the care of the Blue Lion to Allura but Keith doesnt even have that. The only time in the whole Lion switch business that harkens to Keiths bond with Red is when he tells Lance to be careful and then that’s the end of it.

Which begs the question, does Keith not consider his bond to the Lions as something personal? Is Keith like Zarkon that he only sees the Lions as weapons that he can use to further his agenda? And does Keith being Galra have something to do with this?

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-René Magritte:

  ·Les mémoires d'un saint (1960)
  ·La parade (1940)
  ·The Pleasure Principle (Portrait of Edward James) (1937)
  ·L’automate (1928/1929)
  ·La belle de la nuit. Magritte (1940) 

-Twin Peaks Season 3 (David Lynch & Mark Frost, 2017) & Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (David Lynch, 1992)

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