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Can you please give us your opinion on 2b from Nier: Automata?

Alright, I’ll be honest here - she’s great, but there are a few things about her design I would prefer looked different.

Right off the bat, the design’s very pandering in a Lollipop Chainsaw sort of way, and we as an audience sort of just have to accept that. I don’t think it’s that dramatic of a problem, anyway. Platinum and Taro have made sexually charged characters and outfits before, and compared to Bayo, I think 2B’s relatively fine on that front. She’s less gratuitous than Kainé, at the very least.

Speaking also as someone who’s got an ‘oops-I-forgot-I-made-a-cup-of-tea-last-evening-and-accidentally-left-the-teabag-in-the-mug-overnight’ strength affection for thigh highs, her outfit does really do things for me there, but perhaps my biggest complaint regarding her design is that her underwear goes up very quickly and thus it looks like she’s wearing a leotard, which I don’t think looks very good personally. Also the skirt goes up so readily there’s not really a whole lot of ZR on display, either. And the thigh highs are actually more thigh high boots. But hey, thigh highs are thigh highs are thigh highs. And they’re good thigh highs.

 As far as her personality goes, I don’t know much, but I do know that the whole shebang’s got that ‘robot who doesn’t want to admit it has emotions’ type of feel to it, which could be very interesting when thrown into a story with as many emotive themes as NieR’s.

There are a lot of other smaller quibbles I have with her - short white hair instead of long white hair, the blindfold I’m not a huge fan of, etc. - but I still think her design is, overall, fantastic if pandering. And again, Platinum and Yoko Taro pander. It’s their shtick.

It’s a fine shtick.

This is city of Ashes. But they are allowed to do more things since the characters are older. I ship Sizzy and Clace as endgame but Climon is here, for now. At least until 2b when we get the Seelie kiss!!!! ❤️❤️ and Simon (and Clary) realise they AREN’T meant to be more than friends. For now, like Kat and Alberto, I’m just enjoying the ride. People are upset I get it. You don’t think I’m upset? We barely get Sizzy and I’m not raging on the characters, writers, and producers. I’m letting it happen because it’s suppose to happen.


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The good thing about them being in the process of filming 2B though is that the episodes aren't finalized, so the criticism from 2A can be partially taken into consideration. It's just going to be frustrating waiting for 2A to finish because we all know they messed up and can't fix it, it's done, we just want to get it over and done with. I hope fans keep bringing it up on twitter though because I don't want them thinking that the anger faded so they don't have to fix it after all.

See, Anon, that is my hope for 2B, too. But then again, they have already filmed 3 episodes at this point, I believe. I am sure they have outlined the rough plot for the second part of season 2 months ago—even though they haven’t written all the books for it yet.

I dunno. I am just hoping there is still some “time” or a chance to change at least tiny details. Because this, right now, is not working. And I am definitely not only talking about the way how they are treating Malec lately.

And trust me, a lot is going on over at twitter. The new Climon sneak peek was the final straw that’s why people are trending #MalecDeservesBetter right now. Not that the fandom was silent before that because the mess is too big to simply ignore it. So I really hope they don’t.