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Prompt: does shiro have any 'babysitting ' stories about Keith to share?:3

“I don’t need your help,” Keith mumbled. He drooped to the side and almost fell over, and Shiro caught his arm and hauled him upright again before he hit the floor of the bus.

“You just had your wisdom teeth out and the sedative is messing you up,” Shiro explained patiently, as he had already done at least a dozen times. “I’m staying with you until I’m sure you’re safe to leave alone.”

Keith gave a long, exaggerated blink. His attention wandered away, and he blinked again in surprise and pleasure. “Oh hey. Look at all the pretty fish.”

“Those are cows, Keith.”

Keith pressed his nose against the window and stared longingly at the ranch as it passed out of view. “Fiiiisshhh.”


“Shiro, I’m hungry.”

“We’ll get you some food when we get back to the Garrison.”

“I want ten fish sandwiches.”

“You can have some applesauce and a nap.”

Keith nodded slowly, nose still pressed to the window. “As long as I can keep the napkins. I need them for science.”

“Sure thing, buddy. Whatever you want.”

This was going to be a long day. Hilarious, though.

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Public Indecency

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 841
Warnings: Violence. Blood.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @magellan-88 Prompt: Ford Mustang / Quote: “You’re sexy when you’re mad”
Challenge: This was written for @beckawinchester’s Becka’s Birthday Challenge. My quote was “You’re under arrest for public indecency!!” and my location was a police station.

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2000 followers special prompt: the paladins travel to Space IKEA

Within five minutes, Lance had found ten items that they desperately needed. He brought the tags to Shiro and placed them in his hands for safekeeping, then went back for more. Shiro squinted at the names and descriptions on the tickets, but of course he couldn’t read it. “Lance!” he yelled, as Lance gravitated toward a bedroom set. “Allura and Coran sent us here for spaceship parts.” 

“Hunk and Pidge have that covered down on the first floor!” Lance called back. “I’m just thinking ahead! We’re gonna need all of this stuff eventually!”

Shiro went to the balcony and peered down into the open floor below. Yep, there were Hunk and Pidge. They had found the equivalent of a trampoline and were jumping on it, laughing loudly, while Keith watched from the sidelines with his arms crossed over his chest and an eye out for danger.

Shiro closed his eyes and pressed his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose. Quiznak give him strength. He was at Space IKEA with four toddlers.

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I love all of your work! I was wondering if you could write one of your micro writings with Lance and Matt?

“Hey, thanks for taking care of my little sister for me.”

Lance raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t expected Matt to come hunt him down and talk to him one on one. Surely he’d rather been spending time with Shiro and Pidge, right?

“Um, sure.” Lance rubbed his head. “It wasn’t much, but I mean…what makes you think I even tried? Pidge is her own person, pretty independent.”

Matt’s smile widened. “I can read between the lines. She won’t stop talking about you. Well, you and Hunk, but mostly you. You…raided a mall fountain for money to get her a video game, right?”

Lance nodded mutely.

Matt laughed. “Reminds me of the time I broke my piggybank to get her a robotics kit. It’s cool, man. She’s a brat. She needs a big brother. I’m glad you were there for her, and I hope you won’t stop looking out for her just because I’m back now.”

Lance smiled back, slow at first, then big and wide. “Sure thing. Wasn’t planning on it. Ever.”

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Here's an idea: What five Pink Rangers would you have as a team?

Oooo good question.  Well, I’d have to hurt myself if I didn’t put Peggy Matsuyama/Momo Ranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger in there first.  

A brilliant badass and weapons engineer, she brings skills and experience to the table very few other Pink Warriors can match.

Next, I’d go a bit softer but no less important and add Ahim De Famille/Gokai Pink from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

She is the voice or reason, moderation and diplomacy on a team of reactionary and devious pirates. If you need someone to help talk your way out of a bad situation or get the civilian populace on your side, you need look no further.  She’s also the conscience of her team and the person people can go to for support both moral and emotional.

Third, I would feel bad if I passed on Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Rei is an inventor with a gift for connecting with animals (except cats) and a skilled fencer.  In a fight or when dealing with problems of a scientific nature, she’s one of the best there is.

Houka Ozu/Magipink from Mahou Sentai Magiranger is next on the list.

We need someone with an understanding of magic and though she may be a bit flighty and would probably try to play matchmaker for all of her teammates, her knowledge of transformation magic and ability to turn herself into various things would be an invaluable resource for any team.

Lastly we go back to the utterly competent badass pinks and take GoGo Sentai Boukenger’s Bouken Pink/Sakura Nishihori.

Second in command of the Boukenger team and expert in weapons and tactics, being a former officer in the Japanese Self Defense Forces. She knows her way around many military vehicles, is an expert at hand to to hand combat and a crack shot with a rifle.  She would be a perfect #2 for the team under Peggy.

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If you're still taking requests, can you do something fluffy and klance please?

Sorry, my dude, I’m not a shipper. Have some gen.


“Yo, Keet, pass me the rilik sauce, would ya?”

Keith didn’t even look up as he picked up the requested bottle and moved it closer to Lance’s plate. “Anything else for you, Yance?”

“I’m good.” Lance doused his food liberally with sauce, then stuffed a bite into his mouth.

Pidge watched them from across the table with narrowed eyes. “…This doesn’t feel right,” she said slowly. She looked up at Hunk, seeking corrobation. “Does it feel like they’re plotting something? It feels like they’re plotting something.”

Hunk was big-eyed and mushy, his hands clasped in front of his chest like he was looking at a basketful of kittens. “Look at ‘em, Pidge,” he whispered, choking up. “They’ve bonded.”

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