Sebastian Stan In Every Decade
For @steverogersnotebook + the anon

i really love the hc that keith being super duper gay is known to everybody except lance the same way as pidge being a girl was until keith casually mentions something about a dude being hot and nobody in the entire universe bats an eye cause they all guessed but lance loses his goddamn mind

‘EXO TOURGRAM’ Episodes Compilation (+Eng Sub)

This compilation will be updated until all 20 episodes and 4 bonus videos are subbed!

LIVE Special Talk w/ Suho + Sehun: V LIVE+Dailymotion (PW: ITS ABOUT TO GOGO), Google Drive
Episode 1: V LIVE+Dailymotion (PW: IT GOES DOWN DOWN BABEH), Google Drive
Episode 2: V LIVE+Dailymotion (PW: SHIMMY SHIMMY KOKOBOP), Google Drive
Episode 3: V LIVE+Dailymotion (PW: I THINK I LIKE IT), Google Drive