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Patsy Cline wearing the banned pantsuit in a photograph taken for an Opry sponsor

Patsy Cline was outspoken, brash and bawdy, but Opry management preferred that female cast members present themselves as demure and ladylike – preferably in full, square dance-style dresses. When Patsy Cline appeared in a lavender pantsuit and cowgirl hat, she was asked not to wear the outfit on the show again.

January 9, 1960: Patsy Cline becomes a member of the Grand Ole Opry, after approaching Manager Ott Devine backstage and asking “Mr. Devine, do you think I can ever become a member of the Opry?” Devine replies, “Patsy, if that’s what you want, you’re a member.”

Apparently, up to that point, Opry management was unaware that Patsy wanted to join the cast. And, to this date, Patsy is the only cast member ever to have joined the show by asking.