[LIST] What BTS wanted to be if they wasn't idols

V wanted to be: A Saxophonist or he was going to be a Farmer to help his grandmother

Suga wanted to be: A Construction Designer

Jin wanted to be: An employee of a company

Jungkook wanted to be: A Boxer

RapMonster wanted to be: A Writer, a Poet or an Apartment Security Guard

Jimin wanted to be: A Police Officer

J-hope wanted to be: An owner of a Café

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BTS Interview on The Morning Blend

BTS Reaction to You Thinking You’re Too Heavy For Their Lap



“Where is this nonsense coming from? You’re perfect the way you are. So, come and sit on my lap, now.” You and he had a body worship session later. but y’all gotta keep it pg rn bc of the children i mean other members.

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“You’re too heavy? Yeah and I suck in bed, now that we both told lies, let’s get back to watching the movie.” He shut down that shit down so fast. He was not amused that you thought that way of yourself. 

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“Does that mean you are too heavy for this dick?” Hobi didn’t care if other people heard him. Hoseok is the king of curves. He loves your curves more than Yoongi loves music. Hoseok then spent that night making sure you knew how much he loved your body and after he would whisper sweet nothings after the rough, but sweet, night. 

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(this gif sent me into cardiac arrest) 

Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

When you told him that you were too heavy for his lap he was glad the other members weren’t around. One hand was cradling your face and the other was on your ass. His lips were on yours. 

“My babygirl/boy is never too heavy for me,” Namjoon whispered. 

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Jimin sat and listened as you ranted about how you thought you were heavy for him. He understood you completely having thought the same thing about himself at one point, and every once in a while. 

“I love you no matter what you look like. I fell in love with who you are as a person, your beautiful body is just a plus.” His eyes would stare into yours and you knew he was telling the truth. 

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“But jagi, you’re perfect! How can you think such things?” He asked. He was devastated that you couldn’ t see you in the way he did. “Every time I look at you I can’t help but ask myself how I am so lucky to have someone as great as you.” 

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“You. Me. Bedroom. Now.” He spent all night worshiping your body. He whispered things he loved about your body every time he fucked up into you. He took his time, too. Your body was perfect to him and made sure you knew that. 

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{some of these are kind of dirty…whoops} 

I know nothing bad will happen, But I still worry.
The person who threatened to “kill” Jimin is a disgusting human being, and I don’t give a fuck if it’s a joke like some people are saying! YOU DONT JOKE ABOUT KILLING SOMONE.
It’s a horrible thing to say or joke about, I don’t understand. Why would you wanna harm someone? Or hate? We don’t need hate in our world we already have enough. This shit needs to stop it’s going too far. Park jimin is a wonderful, kind, talented, beautiful, lovable person that deserves nothing but love.
I honestly just wanna give my chimchim the biggest hug and hold him so no one can hurt him.♡