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I just…I just can’t even believe how amazing that episode was? So we have:

  • Mac openly talking about how he’s worried if his sexuality is bothering his best friend and trying to start an open dialogue with his other best friend about it
  • Dennis finally admitting he has feelings, BIG feelings (and apparently they hurt which is something I could have gone without but beggars can’t be choosers)
  • Mac getting Dennis his first Valentine’s Day present and it’s the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world and Mac fucking knew it because Dennis is his best friend and he knows him better than anyone excuse me while I go sob
  • DENNIS ADMITTING HE HAS FEELINGS I need to say it again because it’s just so wonderful
  • The Macdennis was strong in this episode, as was Serial Killer!Dennis (so I was a pretty happy camper especially since they came together in the most marvelous way)
  • Hell, there was even some Chardee, which I something I can always appreciate
  • Also, Dee was amazing, just throwing that out there
  • We didn’t have soft-hair!Mac, but we did get swoopy-hair!Dennis, so I think it evened out
  • Dennis was Mac’s Valentine. And the look on Mac’s face when Dennis opened the crate and found the RPG was beautiful. As was Dennis’ face when he saw his very first present, second only to his breaking voice and watering eyes
  • “I love it. You figured out the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the entire world, and you got it for me, and it’s perfect” <– That is a fucking canon quote and you can rip it from my cold dead fingers

Honestly, tho, like, Kal doesn’t for a second seem to consider that if he misses the Nulls terribly, how much must the Nulls miss each other?

It’s Kal’s idea, in the beginning.

Everyone rotates. That’s how it works. Ordo stays on Coruscant—he’s the most proficient at logistics. They all can learn, true, but he has the eye for it. His mind constructs the paths to follow in a way that isn’t learned, can’t be taught.

High efficiency in half the time, and ARC Captain shouldn’t be in the field half as much as the jetiise say.

Mereel keeps his big mouth shut with a smile and terrible twinkle in his eye.

Ordo is safe that way. Safer. Safe enough.

They don’t argue—why would they?

They don’t talk about Geonosis like they don’t talk about Before. Before Kal is a whisper, a laugh, a choke hold in a starless night that happened, happens, happening, to someone else. Not then, not them.

Memory is funny.

Happened to someone else is a defense mechanism, they all know the lines they tell themselves to pack it away. On edge, dancing a tight precipice honed sharper by the day, and Someone Else scraped tighter by the spectre of Ordo before the fog. The fog that chases them, the fog that creeps in—that Ordo’s presence keeps at bay.

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Adrinette Month Day 8: Disney/Dreamworks AU

I decided to make a 101 Dalmatians AU. 

Roger and Anita are a very cute couple and I think it fits how Mari and Adrien will behave when older. Also Roger being a little shit with Cruella is the way I see Adrien behaving too xD

practicing a new style! ; w ;


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)





Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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