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Hey, I'm in the hospital with an intestinal tear. Sadly I'm gonna be here for awhile, but I'm wondering if I could get some Love From Jacob and Emmett???

Jacob and Emmett weren’t doctors by any means—could patch up a bone break here and there depending the severity, wrap a wound, and clean it…but hearing what you had made them worried as they stayed by your bed.

“If you require anything from us, merely say the word,” Emmett insisted, his hand upon your shoulder as he felt bothered for the condition you had.

“Same for myself,” spoke Jacob in turn, his wrinkled brow wrinkling all the more as he shrugged his forehead in concern. His hand taking to the one closest to him, he curled his fingers in love and affection before moving forward to kiss your cheek.

“We’ll be here and read you some stories if you so like?” Emmett offered, but upon seeing his father give him a funny look (as the man still disliked reading after all this time), he cleared his throat and corrected himself. “I will be happy to read to you, if you like?”

{Goodness me, dearest~! =( Please, do get better! I wish you the best~}


Spock x Reader

Plot: Spock visits the reader in the medical bay after saving her life.
Words: 1354
A/N: It’s been so long, oh god. I’m so sorry. But you’ve all been so patient and faithful and wonderful. I’m still gaining subscribers every day, despite me giving you guys no content. I love you all, and recently; I think I might love Spock. Is that weird? It’s not weird. Psh. I hope you love this, and I apologize if my Trekkie lore isn’t up to scratch. I’m new to the fandom and it’s a work in progress.

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Throbbing pain jolted through her skull, the sound of the life support system whirring to life as she slowly regained consciousness. She wheezed, feeling a sharp stabbing in her chest, her eyelids fluttering open with great effort.
The light was white and blinding, a blurred world of blankets and machines. (y/n) reached up to press her fingers to her temple, gasping in pain at the tugging of skin against her ribs. She had memories; vague and distant, of falling from a great height, the scorch of a laser against her right side. But finding these memories was like sifting through sand; as soon as they were within her grasp they fell away through her fingers.
“-I’m a damned doctor. I’m not here for twenty questions.” Bones strode past the foot of the bed, his fingers tapping on his medical device. In pursuit, Spock followed, his blue uniform bright against the white walls, making her head ache.
“The captain sent me to the medical bay for a status report on the Lieutenant. Should I return to him without the necessary information I would find-”
“Stop. Damn it man”. Bones hissed, pushing his fingers against his temple “look, alright. Here, take the damned comms pad and go nuts. Tell Jim if he wants someone down here next time he can beep me. Right now, I’ve got a patient with a broken leg and some serious paperwork to fill out, so go for your life.”
Spock held out his hand, his brows steady as Bones shoved the datapad into them, Bones turning with palpable annoyance and striding off to see another patient. 

Spock’s steady gaze flicked to the datapad, his eyes scanning the information charts Bones had given him. (y/n) always thought he seemed lost in thought; his face was cool and collected, but it was as though his eyes betrayed a deeper layer to the Vulcan; emotions hidden under knowledge, reason and logic. A cold and lonely star, burning in the depths of space.
Spock looked up, then, and their eyes locked.
“Lieutenant. You’re awake” Spock stated, moving to stand closer to the bed “you fell approximately twenty meters, breaking two ribs on impact. I carried you from the site, but estimated there was less than a fifty percent chance of survival when coupled with the gunshot wound.”
(y/n) grimaced as she tried to shuffle upright, her ribcage sharply stabbing against her skin. Spock pulled up the chair next to her bed with one graceful movement, sitting upright against it, hands perched on his knees.
“My head is killing me” (y/n) breathed, feeling the sweat clinging to her back as she moved.
“Pain is, most likely, a sign of the concussion you experienced from trauma. It should pass in time.”
“Is everyone else…did Scotty make it out okay?” (y/n) coughed, a pang of sharpness in her chest.
“The rest of the previous ground team remained unharmed. You were particularly unfortunate” Spock added, his eyes scanning to her ribs “are you in a great deal of pain?”
(y/n) smiled, her eyes scanning downwards to the bandages pressed against her chest “it’s nothing I can’t handle, Spock. And thank you - for taking me to safety, that is.”
“Of course. The route was easily managed. Leaving you there for longer than necessary would have been…illogical.” He paused on the last word, his eyes dropping to his hands for a split second. In that moment, (y/n) swore she saw something cross his face - some spark in the corner of his eye. But when she blinked, he was facing her again, his face a collected mask and nothing more.

“So what’s the Captain sending you down here for? Sending you to torment Bones some more?” (y/n) chuckled, sending shooting pains through her ribs.
“My ability to aggravate Doctor McCoy does not hinge on the Captain’s ordering of me to do so” Spock stated, his mouth quivering upwards slightly.
(y/n) blinked in shock.
“Was that…was that a joke, Spock?”
“That was an attempt to illicit an amused response from you” Spock mused, cocking his head slightly “the Captain asked that I retrieve your datapad from the medbay. His motivations remain…unclear.”
“Well, I’m glad you’re here - that is to say, I’m glad someone is with me” (y/n) smiled, her hand twitching against the blankets.
“I am content to be of service - and am always willing to provide comfort and amusement should it be needed” Spock added, his eyes darting sideways. 
(y/n) caught it, then. The glimmer of emotion, the sweep of something across his face, contorting it slightly.
“If you’ll excuse me Lieutenant, I have business on the bridge” Spock added, his face flushed with a bizzare shade of green “I wish you a speedy recovery”.
“Thank you…Commander” (y/n) muttered, her heart suddenly skipping against her chest.
Spock paused for a few moments, his eyes darting across her face.
If she wasn’t so aware of it, it would have seemed like no time at all - but the pause was just slightly too long, the way his eyes moved was just slightly too deliberate. 

He smiled slightly, politely, before striding off, his hands balled to fists at his sides.
What the heck was going on? Spock, of all people, was making her feel giddy? Not Kirk, the man that every lady swooned for? Not Bones, the handsome doctor, or Chekov, the gorgeous ensign?
She groaned, slumping back against her pillows.
This was not good.


Spock heard the singular shot from the disruptor before he heard the impact; a loud whirring and a bright flash zooming across the wastes. (y/n) had her hair pulled back, her yellow command uniform glaring against the crystaline rock. As the shot sank into her right side, she stumbled backwards, the crimson blood already soaking through her uniform. He heard Scotty shout, but it was too late - she was already falling.
Spock felt waves of fear crashing over him; intense and giddying, the loss of control blinding him for a brief second before he pushed them down. Fear was illogical. Fear would impact his ability to confront the situation.
He sprinted towards the ledge, his head ducked as Scotty and some of the other ensigns provided covering fire. Forcing himself not to look down, he clambered down the rock face, his swift Vulcan reflexes allowing for a reasonably simple climb. It was logical, he reasoned, to assess the condition of the Lieutenant as opposed to leaving her to her fate. She was a member of command; replacement was difficult, and few held the knowledge of alien culture that she did. 
At least, that was what he told himself.
When his feet met the earth, he turned to face her.
Human blood soaked the ground; it had come through her shirt as she lay face-down in the dirt. She was clearly unconscious; a large welt on her head from falling from such a height. He estimated a 43% chance of survival from the fall and the shot, but the likelihood of not incurring severe damage to her ribs was low. He reached a hand to her neck swiftly, feeling the warm pulse he found there.
He felt a sense of emotion he barely understood leap through him; filling his body with warmth and relief. She was alive, and seemed to be in good enough stead to carry.
Pulling her into his arms, he turned her over slowly, her face pale and bruised from the fall, but warm and soft and very much alive. Her blood smeared his shirt, and he felt a pang of something - a keening to protect, to look after. But this was logical. To protect when there is so little risk to your own life is logical.
But as Spock approached the Enterprise, her blood against the blue of his uniform, her life resting in his arms; he knew what he had always known, from the first moment she had strode onto the bridge.

Shon-ha'lock, they called it. Spock had never believed in such a thing.
But with her in his arms, there was no logic that could deny it.


Get well soon, Larisa! The entire gymternet is heartbroken for you and wishes you a speedy recovery. You’ve been through so much - from all your injuries, to missing out on Rio last year, we really thought this would be the year where everything finally fell into place for you. Whether they are fans of your gymnastics or not, gymnastics fans can all agree that your determination, passion, and sportsmanship are very admirable. We know you’ll be back in competition and on top of that podium soon! Te iubesc, Lari!

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I've been dealing with an extremely painful back injury for the last week and a half now with no end in sight anytime soon, and the constant pain is exhausting me both physically and emotionally. Can I please have a good Yuuri or two to help me keep my mental state positive and get me through my chiropractor's therapy treatments so I can hopefully start healing soon? :c

A fledgling Yuuri to support you through this :/

Injuries that go on are horribly draining, Yuuri wishes you a speedy recovery ❤

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The Lense eye: Can we actually see the discussion about the lineages we've been missing? Also, how is Cana going to spin that when Anakin & Obi-Wan R lineage parent-child like set up would be husbands? Like since she knows they R married ti eachother (& Padme) she obviously doesnt was to make lineages seem too neuclear family like, because ew and that will just make that OT3 marriage a mess if it ever hits the news, but like still making lineages seem like a clan? Idk, that' why your writing it!

“So, on the subject of lineages.” Cana settled on the chair by Knight Skywalker’s chair, watching him closely while trying to ignore the injured human behind her, Kenobi’s soft breath’s filling the air though if she listened close enough, she could hear a hitch in it.

Skywalker visibly perked up at the question. “Oh, you know about lineages? Its an internal thing really, you see, Jedi aren’t families in the same way its outside the temple. But we recognize ourselves as a unit still. Master’s picking padawans. Grandmaster’s and grandpadawans, sister or brother padawans…that kind of thing. We all know which linage we belong to.” The blond shifted a bit. “Personally I belong to Yoda’s linage, who trained Yan Dooku, who trained Qui-Gon Jinn, who trained Obi-Wan and who in turn trained me. And I’m now training Ahsoka Tano.” Pride etched Skywalker’s face.

Blinking in surprise, Cana’s wings fluttered and obviously something in her expression gave her away to the Jedi who frowned. “When you say Yan Dooku, do you mean as in Count Dooku?” She questioned softly, aware that the count had at one time been a Jedi but…

Anakin’s face twitched at the name then he nodded tightly. “Technically speaking, he’s my grandmaster. We… don’t like each other, even before the war. What was it he called me Obi-Wan?” He glanced at the other Jedi, brows knotting briefly when the other didn’t even lift his hand.

“An arrogant whelp I believe.” The redhead chuckled faintly, the holocam briefly turning his way before returning to Anakin.

“Right, that. He called me that before he left the Order even.” Skywalker snorted quietly.

“Forgive me for saying so but from the way you’re saying it…it does sound like your family. A large extended family full of siblings, uncles and aunts who teach the younger generation. Even grandparents.” Cana offered.

Skywalker a looked a bit lost and glanced over to Kenobi, searching for his input.

“…We don’t recognize it as family because most of us has never had it. But I guess in a manner, we are family, we grieve when we lose each other, we delight in each others accomplishment and like all families we have squabbles.” Kenobi volunteered quietly. “An outsider might look at us and just see an apprenticeship and cold distance, but… Force wielders… we speak through the Force as much as we speak with our mouths. Emotions and thoughts and for deep bonds even conversations can be exchanged in silence.”

The Jedi master shifted and then grunted in pain. “…Forgive me, I’d talk longer but I don’t think I’m honestly up for much right now.”

Cana stared at him before shaking herself. “Yes, yes of course Master Kenobi, apologies, we should have taken another time for this.”

“I don’t have a lot of down time honestly, its easier to catch me while in convalescence for interviews or talks honestly.” Obi-Wan chuckled faintly.

Infallible, always dutiful Master Kenobi, the Negotiator.

Not even well enough to sit up, bed ridden, visibly injured and out of sorts.

“Its alright Obi-Wan, leave it to me.” Anakin soothed at the other, looking like he desperately wanted to jump out of bed and move to the others side but too injured himself to really leave the bed even if he could sit up.

“I believe we have what we need for this shot of the documentary gentlemen. Please don’t strain yourselves on our account.” Cana fluttered up. “We’ll return to another interview another time. We all wish you both speedy recoveries.”

Anakin gave her a wry grin and waved at them with his hand before perking up when a healer entered the room. “May I make a suggestion Miss Cana?” He asked as the healer went for Kenobi first to give him his painkiller.

“Yes of course.”

“If you want to know more about being out in the fields and more about the clones, you should track down my padawan, Ahsoka Tano, she says a lot with my men while on Coruscant and I’m sure they’d be able to tell you more about working with Jedi.” His grin was friendly.

On the bed, Obi-Wan hummed, a drowsy sort of noise from the speedy painkillers working away at him as the healer moved on to Knight Skywalker. “And if you can, I’d interview Master Yoda…”

“I’ll see what I can manage, thank you for the suggestion Master Kenobi, Knight Skywalker.”

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Hey Joel! Just wanted to say thank you for being awesome and making great content! I got out of a hernia surgery 1 1/2 days ago and your videos are helping me through recovery.

Glad to hear you’re recovering, I’m glad my dumb streams can entertain you going through a tough time, I wish you a speedy recovery, stay strong.

Lifeline ~Roman Reigns imagine

The match was going on according to plan until you hit your knee the wrong way on the floor. You waved off the ref, telling him you could finish this.

You just didn’t want to leave Roman all by himself. He was currently in the ring with Braun. It was a tag team match, you and Roman against the unlikely duo of Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowmen. You were currently clawing your way to the top for the Raw women’s championship.

You and Alexa had battled it out before countless of times. So you were expecting her to come over and pull you off of the apron. Though the agonizing pain shooting through your leg wasn’t planned.

Roman glanced to your corner to see you weren’t up on the apron again. Worry filled him until he was knocked down by the massive man. A quick cover was made but Roman broke the count right before the ref got to three.

He was trying to stand up when he felt a slap across the face. Alexa had hit him. The crowd was cheering for this, and she just smirked. “What are you going to do about it.” She mocked him.

Before anything could be said or done, she was tackled to the ground. Y/n had made it back into the ring to take care of Little Miss Bliss.

“That’s my girl.” Roman chuckled before turning his attention to Braun.

The ref got things settled between you and Alexa, and sent you both to your respective corners. Your limp was was very apparent but you were going to finish this.

This time you were ready for the tag and you came in as fast as possible to take on the smaller girl. She took notice to the slower pace, and took advantage of it. As soon as she she went to pin you, you quickly rolled her over into a pin and won.

Your music hit and you moved away from her. The ref leaned down and whispered that you needed to go to the trainer’s room.

Roman helped you up before raising your hand. The crowd cheered as you both made your way back stage. Once back there you were swarmed by a group of people and you lost Roman during this.


The medics came in and examined your knee. At the time they couldn’t tell you what was wrong, so you were definitely not wrestling for awhile.

Some of your friends came in to wish you a speedy recovery, even Alexa apologized but you waved her off. Accidents happened often in this line of work, no need to hate her for it.

Roman was the last to come in. “How is my girl?” He asked as he walked over to you. He eyed your wrapped up knee. “They know what’s going on?” He motioned.

“Not yet. They said I’ll more than likely need to get an x ray done.” She explained.

Roman carefully pulled her into a hug. “Whatever it is, I’ll be right by your side.” He kissed the top of her head. In that moment, that’s all she needed to hear.


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An: sorry if it’s too short, but I hope you enjoy it. Also remember requests are open.

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Okay so like, I got my tonsils taken out and this blog is bringing me a lot of happiness and distraction from the pain in my throat God bless <3

((…’we’ as in, me and all the muses :D these types of messages are always my favorite. if my blog is helping anyone through anything right now, surgery pains, mental illness, anything - I’m so glad to be a means of escape from your troubles. Wishing you a speedy recovery, anon! <3))

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Wishing you a speedy recovery for yr broken arm, @teddysphotos✨ | 🎨: @hoiyanshing

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Hi Rem! How is your arm? Are you fully recovered and can you make any movement without problems or still it hurts? I wish you a speedy recovery ❤

It’s definitely better. Sometimes it hurts, but less than the last two months. I recovered the mobility quite well and yesterday I drove my car for the first time after so long…

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