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Some Things Your Local Librarians Would Like You To Know

It is not a stupid question. Even if it is a stupid question, we have been thoroughly trained to answer your question without judgement or second-guessing. Besides, we’re mostly just glad you’re not asking us about the noise the printer is making again.

There are probably (at least) two desks in the library. One is where you check out books and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Circulation Clerk.” These people can answer your questions about damaged or missing books, fines, and how many forms of identification we’ll need if you want to get a library card but your mailing address is in Taiwan. The other one is closer to the books and computers and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Librarian.” These people can answer your questions about spider extermination, how to rent property to the United States Postal Service, and the number of tropical island nations in which you could theoretically establish the first United States Embassy. We would love to answer these questions for you. It would be a nice change from the printer.

We probably own a 3D printer by now. 3D printers, are cool, right? Please, please come use our 3D printer, it’s so lonely.

We spent a lot of money to hire this woodworker to come and teach a class at the library which you can attend for free. You will probably be the only person between the ages of ten and fifty in attendance, but your presence will fill the librarian with an unnameable joy. They will float back to their manager in a daze. “A young person came to my program,” they will say. You will have made their entire job worthwhile.

Every time you ask us for a book, movie, or music recommendation, a baby librarian gets their first cardigan.

Somewhere in the library, there is a form. If you fill out this form with your name and library card number and the details of the thing you are looking for, we will find you the thing. Sometimes the answer is “the thing is in Great Britain and they will not send it to us,” but more often the thing will just appear on hold for you, and one day you will pick up a copy of that out-of-print book you never thought you would read and maybe you will say, “Wow, the library is amazing,” and the librarian’s heart will glow. 

Please bring back book #2. The rest of its series misses it very much.

Five dollars is not a large library fine. Believe me, before I started working in libraries, I too wondered how someone could sleep at night, knowing they owed money to the library. When we laugh as you sheepishly apologize for your $2.50 in overdue fees, we are not mocking you, we are thinking of the ten people we sent to debt collection already today.

We really don’t care why you’re checking out Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe you have a specifically-themed ironic bachelorette party to plan. Maybe you’re working on a thesis paper about mainstream media’s depiction of female sexuality. Maybe you just got curious. We will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Whatever you’re smoking in the family restroom, please stop.

Somewhere on the library’s website, buried under “Links” or “Research” or “On-line Resources,” is a page that a librarian spent a month’s worth of work on. It contains many links to websites you thought everyone knew about, and one to a page that you could never have imagined existed that perfectly solves a problem you never expected to be resolved. 

Imagine the kind of person who would think to themselves, “Library school sounds like a thing I should do.” For the most part, you are imagining the kind of person who is now a librarian. We want very much to help you, but we’re not entirely sure how to do that unless you ask. You are not bothering us. Please, come and say hi.

someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

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Ok who wants to hear about my life? Nobody? Okay.

Seriously though I have this friend, and people have shipped the two of us together since October. There’s even a ship name: Bane.

And we’re so much like Dan and Phil it’s scary.

It’s all like poking and hitting each other and laughing at dumb things we do or say, and today we even started a mOTHERFUCKING CREEPSHOT WAR TODAY. And that got me thinking.

The only difference is that we’re actually not dating. Totally platonic friends. This is the one reason I’ve ever doubted phan. I ship it and believe it’s real. Don’t get me wrong. But i’m just saying. There’s totally a chance that they could be the anomaly of behavior that my friend and I are. They’re probably together, but the “Heart Eyes Howell”, however cute it is, means nothing.

Eyyyyyy it’s pride month! I’m not really planning on doing anything specific but look it’s a me! I sort of missed Asexual pride day but time is relative and stuff.

I haven’t scanned this one in becuz I have to do that in the living room and I’m not gonna explain this one to my parents. Oops.

(Relevant flags: asexual hoodie, aromantic flag, genderqueer hair)

(Fineliner and aquarel pencils on printer paper)

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

I am looking so fabulous this morning, I feel fantastic. I got up early, took a shower, got dishes done, started laundry, now I’m gonna work (and make baller money for the family) until someone wakes up and I’ll see if they need anything and I feel so productive and fierce and beautiful, this is GREAT. Why can’t I feel like this everyday? 

Whenever We Meet

okay but i saw this and its so cute i rlly wanted to write it omg

pairing - R27
series - KHR
FF.Net | AO3

It was an odd sort of state to have their room messy now. Reborn was meticulous about having things need and tidy, making it easier to keep things clean. Tsuna was glad that they lived together now because of that. He was terrible at cleaning up after himself. He guessed that was why the room had been so messy lately.

Reborn was at another three day shift so Tsuna hadn’t been bothered to do anything like cleaning. Reborn was the one to get after him.  

There was a hazard within their small apartment. There wasn’t much as there was a living room with two doors on the opposite wall. There was only a small path in the midst of the dish pile on the coffee table, clothes thrown at odd places on the floor, and garbage scattered. 

Reborn felt his lip twitch. He expected nothing more. It gave an odd feeling of comfort and a feeling that the house was lived in. It relaxed Reborn as he walked into their shared bedroom, seeing Tsuna stir at the faint light spilling into the room. It wasn’t completely dark yet but they had black curtains. 

“Reborn?” Tsuna mumbled, turning onto his stomach so he could see the door. 

“Who else?” He said quietly. Tsuna smiled gently, his brown eyes tired yet gentle. 

“How was it this time?” 

“It was slower than usual. We expected a lot more than we got.” Reborn shrugged. His job as a nurse was always taxing but he wouldn’t give it up for the world. He liked being a doctor. 

“T-That’s good. Are you going to take a shower?” 

Reborn nodded. He set down his bag and a ukulele one of his patients had suddenly given him. They said he looked like a guy that would like ukulele. He had left, coming back a few minutes later. Tsuna was never over the fact he could take so little time in the shower. 

“You woke me up; now I can’t go back to sleep”, Tsuna said sulkily. 

Reborn let out a laugh, pressing a soft kiss to Tsuna’s lips. “One of my old patients, Hayley, gave me a ukulele”, Reborn muttered against Tsuna. “Said that she wanted me to have it. We could practice that until we fall asleep.”

“I’m terrible at music, you know that.”

“Never hurts to learn. I also had a redbull and coffee mixture to stay awake and it hasn’t worn off yet.”

“You’re a nurse and you drink that stuff?” Tsuna asked scathingly. Reborn would know the affects the most yet he still used it. 

“I also have a PhD in mathematics so I know how to portion it so there are no harmful effects.”

“Show off”, Tsuna said. There was no bite as he smiled, pulling away from Reborn. “Do you know how to play?”

“I learned when I was younger. I was forced to learn instruments so I could go into a lot of competitions. Ukulele was one I never thought I would use again though.”

“Teach me then”, Tsuna exclaimed brightly. “You know more than me; it only makes sense.”

Reborn felt a soft smile, one only reserved for Tsuna, play across his face. As always it took Tsuna’s breath away in the best way possible. He got up and retrieved the case, sitting between Tsuna’s legs. 

“What songs do you know?” Tsuna asked. He wasn’t keen on actually learning since he knew he’d get nowhere, he just wanted to see Reborn play something. He had always hinted he knew a lot of instruments but Tsuna had never seen him actually pick one up.

“An Elvis song. It was originally played with an entire band. I learned it with a ukulele though. I also know Darude Sandstorm.”

“Can you play me the Elvis song? My dad was a fan of him, always played the record he had when he was home.”

Reborn leaned his head back, smiling wickedly. “This isn’t much of a lesson if I’m just playing.”

Tsuna looked apprehensively down at Reborn, not sure where this was going. They had been friends since high school and every time he’d heard of Reborn tutoring other students, there’s always been horror stories. Reborn forced them to walk on eggshells if they got a question wrong; he made them put their hand in cold water if they mistranslated something; the list went on. Tsuna had been a lucky one apparently as Reborn seemed to like him more than the other students he tutored and only made him fight with his sibling Fon when he got things wrong.

“Are you tricking me into a prank again?” Tsuna asked suspiciously.

“That was one time, Tsuna. And it was April Fools.”

“You did it in July, Reborn.”

“Details”, Reborn said, waving a hand nonchalantly. He sat up, handing the bright purple ukulele to Tsuna. He adjusted Tsuna’s hands to the correct position for a C chord. “That’s a C, strum down from the second string. Yeah, like that…”

In the messy apartment, sleep rumpled and still tired, Tsuna could honestly say he was happy. Reborn was easily home to him and the comforting presence he looked forward to coming back to. The smile never left Reborn’s face as he taught Tsuna the first verse. Tsuna honestly wished he could live in this moment forever. Reborn was never this open with his emotions and the rare display was a testament to how relaxed he was.

“It’s almost eight,” Tsuna commented. The two had been playing for over two hours by now. Reborn nodded, gently taking the ukulele out of Tsuna’s hand and putting it back into its case.

They settled together. Tsuna tucked his face against Reborn’s neck and listened to his heart beat idly.

“I can’t believe you only just got the first line down”, Reborn remarked.

Tsuna let out a bubble of laughter, bright and airy. “I told you I’m no good.”