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The Charity Heist (AU) - Part 1

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Summary: Dean x Reader - The reader and Winchesters’ heist group gets a new case that forces Dean and her to spend a bit of quality alone time. 

(Con man AU inspired by Leverage)

Word Count: 2153

Triggers: None

Note: My first attempt at writing an AU (If you don’t count Wonderland since it wasn’t technically an AU) >< Please let me know what you think and if you wish for me to continue it, since I might suck at this AU stuff Oo World building is my weak point in writing. 

Part 2 Part 3

“We’ve got a new mark,” Bobby’s voice was clear over the phone as the rest of your little ragtag group sat down around the table in the Winchester brothers’ hideout bunker. As always the older, retired military man was the man with the plan and the guy who decided on your cases. Grinning you kept your eyes glued on the speaker attached to the phone as you accepted the manila folder from Sam, the youngest of the notorious Winchesters and your intelligence guy, already feeling the adrenaline burst that came with a new con. “These guys are real monsters,” Bobby added from the speaker system as you quickly skimmed the pages detailing the target of your next heist.

Your group was designed for these type of cases. Dealing out your own special type of vengeance. Handling the cases that somehow bypassed the law. Occasionally stealing from bad guys just to steal from bad guys… ‘Cause the days and sometimes weeks between cons could get boring.

You loved it, you got to go scaling buildings, trick the best security systems in the world and pretend to be Catwoman, though you knew you were technically better than her, all whilst doing good. Though the police most likely wouldn’t agree with ya. Not that it mattered. Your little nameless group of the best fighters, specialists and con men in the world were just too good to be caught. 

Confidence was everything, the literal “Con in Con Man”. You could probably all walk into the office of the head of FBI and gain control of the task-force out to catch you if you wanted to. Actually, Dean had told you once in between cases that Bobby apparently had the Interpol task-force out to catch you in his back pocket. 

“Charities? Really? Do these people have no soul?” Your hacker, and best friend, Charlie was the first to speak up as you read through the detailed case folder Sam had created. The words laced with disgust and seasoned with a frown as she read through the papers. As always being nearly a full page in front of everyone else due to her speed reading. The girl was a genius, a kinda scared and slightly neurotic genius, but a genius all the same.

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pll- truth or dare- part 3

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request: pll preferences- the boys asking y/n truth or dare questions (with both options of truths and dares)??


It was your birthday and you decided to invite some of your friends over to your house; you invited wren, Jason, toby, Ezra, mike, Caleb and noel. You also invited Emily, aria, spencer, Hanna, Alison and Mona.

With everything that was going on you wanted to have some fun, so you all decided to play truth or dare in your living room. Everyone sat in a circle and placed an empty glass bottle on the floor to spin. You all took turns asking and answering questions, depending on who the bottle landed on.

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Based off of Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey. ——————————————— It had been four years since my last heartbreak and I was set on keeping it that way. After everything that happened I wasn’t going to sacrifice my heart for anyone.

I still look back on the day I moved away and honestly I regret part of what I did that day, because when I moved away I left so much. I left my everything. I left Jack my boyfriend and I left my family. He was my only family and that day four years ago I left him. My parents died and left me with a huge inheritance, due to the businesses they owned, and I was the nineteen year old billionaire who had no clue what to do with her life. I was hurt and I was going to travel with the hopes of forgetting any pain in my body. Turns out I caused more pain than imaginable when I heard he moved on.

I was in Germany when I heard that he was seeing someone else and that day I just decided it was best if I forgot about him and everything about what we were. I traveled to Portugal, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China, Japan, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Haiti, and Iceland. It was the most incredible four years of my life and I don’t regret leaving him to do it. Yet, I do regret that I left someone who I loved and who loved me. During my journey I figured out what I was good at and I realized who exactly I wanted to be. I was good at writing about my experiences and traveling.

I realized I was good on my own.

Right after my last stop in Iceland I headed home. Well the place that once was my home. Technically everywhere I stopped became my home at one point. I made friends here and there, but I had to leave them behind because I was too afraid to stay in one place for too long. I didn’t want to get attached to anyone.

Now that I’m standing outside of my apartment in London I’m hesitant to open the door. I had continued to pay for my apartment back here in London because I knew I’d eventually come back. I’d eventually settle down for sometime before possible picking up my life and moving her again.

As I stand outside the door to my apartment I see a familiar face standing down the hallway. I quickly scurry into my place before shutting the door behind me.

“If that was who I think it was, I might just be getting on another flight to who knows where.”

Jack’s POV

She left four years ago. She said she was sorry, but it had to be done. I begged her to stay but she didn’t listen and soon after I never heard a thing from her. In her defense I never tried to reach out to her either, but the phone goes both ways. After the first year of her being gone I got over her and tried to move on with another girl, but that girl wasn’t Y/N. Nothing was the same.

Occasionally I’d check on her Instagram and one day I saw her the happiest she’d ever been. She was in Japan with a group of people and I realized that she had moved on as well. She genuinely looked happy and I knew that she needed to go. She actually did need to travel and get away, so she could heal. Now she’s a famous blogger who travels across the world.

I never thought I’d see her again in person after she left because she was never here in London for more than two days or so. She would occasionally stop home and then leave to another place shortly after. In fact I tried to avoid going out when I heard she was home because I didn’t want to run into her. I didn’t know how to react.

During the time she was finding herself I was also finding myself. I started making YouTube videos and I found some joy in doing that. I was able to meet new people who I realized were important to me. I just never thought I’d see the one person I would always consider important to me.

Then I did.

Walking into her apartment next door was Y/N with a backpack and two suitcases. She was back and I can’t tell if I’m ready or not.

I was currently on the way to a hotel where Zoe was having the launch for her book and other products. I was with Josh, Conor and Mikey, while Joe, Oli, and Casper are trailing behind in another car. It was good to be getting out because I’d be able to get my mind off of what I think was Y/N.

Part of me hopes it was her, but the other part wants it to be a random look alike.

“Mate we’re here. Are you gonna get out of the car or what?” Mikey nudges me and I nod before opening the door and stepping out into the cold air. Once we walk into the hotel we head up to the penthouse that was rented out for the night.

“You’re here.” Zoe smiles as we all enter and I give her a small hug before looking around to see if Oli and the other have arrived yet. I see Joe standing by the bar and I head over.

“Hey man.” I smile and he turns around and let’s out a small laugh.

“I thought we were gonna be the last people here. Turns out it was you.”

“Very funny.” I smile before ordering a vodka lemonade.

“Jack man I think you should come see this.” I feel a nudge on my side and I roll my eyes.

“Mikey what now?”

“Okay fine just don’t be surprised when you see someone you’ve been avoiding for the past four years.” He laughs and Conor who is sitting to my left also turns around.

“Y/N is here? Where?” He stands up and Mikey points to the girl in a short black dress who is talking to Zoe.

“Did you forget she has one of the biggest blogs in the world?” Joe laughs and I roll my eyes.

“I tried to, but it turns out I can’t escape her today. I thought I saw her walking into the apartment next to us and now this?” I take a sip of my drink and Conor places a hand on my back.


I was at a book launch for my friend Zoe who I had met two years ago when we were both on vacation and I was absolutely happy to be focusing on this instead of Jack.

“I’m so happy you’re back in London. It’ll be good for you to settle down for a little while.” She gives me a second hug and I nod in agreement.

“Yeah I think it’ll be good because I know I eventually am going to start traveling again. Maybe now I can act like a normal person and stay in one place for more than three months.”

“Go get a drink relax a little. Go talk to my brother. He and his friends are here. Some of them are very cute and I think I know which one you’d love.” She motions towards the bar and I nod.

“Not gonna lie, I’m a little intimidated.” I mumble and she grabs my arms before pulling me toward the bar.

“Joe you remember Y/N. The one who never stays in London long enough for me to film with her.” Zoe jokes and he turns around along with some of his friends who are huddled around each other.

“Yeah I remember. She’s got the blog with the pictures of practically everywhere in the world.” He jokes and I nod.

“Where was the best place? By the way I’m Josh.” A tall red head asks before shaking my hand. I take a deep breath and try to think about my answer.

“I loved everywhere I went. I think Iceland was really beautiful in its own way. It was nice to be in such a scenic place and get to just experience nature. Most of the places I went were hectic like Japan and China. I did like Portugal a lot though. That was actually the first place I visited.” I smile and he turns someone next to him around.

“Jack was just in Portugal with his family last week.” I look up at the person face and I freeze. Conor also turns around and looks at me. We all become quiet and Zoe looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Do you guys know each other?”

“Yeah we dated for two years before I went traveling.” I admit and she looks sympathetic.

“I’m going to go and make a phone call. I never called my parents to let them know I’m back.” I make up an excuse and walk away from the whole situation. I head out to the balcony where nobody is currently sitting and I walk to the far end of it so I can be alone.

“I know we haven’t spoken in four years, but don’t expect me to forgot that your parents died when you were nineteen. I was there in the car, I remember.” I hear a voice and I know it’s Jack.

“Jack I didn’t think you’d be here. I didn’t even think you would be here in London. I expected you to be in Brighton.”

“I moved a year after you left. Turns out you moved as well.”

“I did and it just so happened you moved right next door to me.” I look over at him instead of looking down to the street below.

“You changed a lot.” I immediately let the words slip from my mouth and he nods.

“So did you.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean I didn’t know you when you had a nose ring or a skull tattoo.”

“And I didn’t know you when you were the famous blogger.”

“Yeah about that… I never wanted to become a blogger. I just wanted to post my picture and keep a journal of what I did. People just started to like it.” I laugh and he nods while laughing.

“You never liked being popular or the center of attention.”

“Still don’t, but I’m trying to act more extroverted. I remember Conor always trying to get me to talk louder and be less afraid when we were younger.”

“He did that with Anna a lot. Now she never shuts up.” He jokes and I nod.

“How is she?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Like any other teenage girl. She was actually the one who showed me your blog.” He admits and he pulls out his home to show me a picture.

“Still doesn’t look like you. You must be adopted.” I tease and he glares at me for a second before smiling.

“My bad.”

We stand in silence for a few seconds before he decided to ask the real question.

“When are you leaving?” He asks and I’m taken aback. “I mean because you’re always traveling. I’m just assuming you’ll be gone within a few days.”

“Um well I’m actually staying for a few months or so. Then I have a trip to Australia for a month and I’m gonna also visit New Zealand while I’m at it and I’m just gonna have some fun. I do plan to come back after that trip and stay for another few months.”

“I always wanted to go there. It looks cool.”

“You should go.” I encourage him and he shrugs while looking at me.

“You travel alone. I’d feel a little weird walking around Australia and exploring by myself.”

“Come with me.” I encourage and he looks shocked.

“I mean it Jack. I did love you at one point and I still do. Leaving you was a mistake, but I love traveling and I needed to do what I did. But you should come with me on the next journey. Maybe we’ll find something to salvage between us.”

“I think that might work.” He cautiously answer and I move closer to him.

“I never got over you Jack. I just need you to know that. I never stopped loving you and I don’t go a day without thinking about the day I left and wondering if I made the worst decision of my life.”

“You didn’t Y/N. You did the right thing and somehow we ended up here tonight and are actually talking. Things aren’t ruined Y/N. They most definitely aren’t.”


I hope you enjoyed this imagine. It was requested anonymously and it just so happened I was about to start writing this anyway lol. Thanks for the support!

One Piece 833 - Review/Thoughts ...and Sanji!

I’ve already posted some of my thoughts on this chapter HERE, but I’ll still talk about them in this review and go more into depth about things I didn’t mention. As you can probably guess this review will be long as there is sooo much to talk about. I loved this chapter, and not only because it focused on Sanji, but it was just really exciting and emotional. It even had some quite funny moments too, so basically this chapter had pretty much everything I love about One Piece in it. Not to mention it looked beautiful.

Also, first things first; I love this color spread! It’s so beautiful. I always love how Oda colors, but this one is particularly well done. The goldfish and the huge watermelons are really nice addition that really makes me think of Japanese summer.  And seeing them all dressed in yukata enjoying the summer festivals is so nice, I love seeing the strawhats in all these (kinda AU) situations.

Spoilers under the cut for Chapter 833 – Vinsmoke Judge

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Rewatching Yearbook: Stray Thoughts

Good lord, Riley’s reactions to Farkle now that I’m looking out for them, wow. This episode really is when she starts to see him differently.

Lucas’s reaction to Riley’s initial freak out over the Best Couple thing is, yikes. He just looks at her like she’s a weirdo…tell me again how he’s supposed to be her unofficial boyfriend? (Meanwhile Farkle looks on lovingly.)

That little smile “Morotia” tries to hide when “Donnie” arrives at her window.


Lucas’s initial reaction to Riley changing: “What the—? Is this a New York thing or what is this? Maya?!”

Lucas’s initial reaction to Maya changing: “NOOO!!! This is your solution Maya?!”

Lucas’s whole rant, really. He plants himself in front of MAYA’S desk instead of Riley’s (wtf, please explain to me again how he’s supposed to be her unofficial boyfriend?). Then he gives Farkle and Riley one sentence each, boiling them back down to their Yearbook superlatives (“You’re the best Farkle we got and everyone knows it.”/“And you are a complete ray of sunshine!”)

But then for Maya? He launches into a freaking monologue when she says she’s not coming back, damn. And he gets so flustered he actually hurts her feelings by talking about her home life which he NEVER does. “Maya, you’re the most secure person in this room, you have a great life why would you change?! Okay, not GREAT life, your family life could be, ya know, better, but at least at school you’re uh, you’re here a lot! Right? A little help please?! [he asks for help while still looking at Maya, notably] Donnie Barnes?”

And he looks straight up HEARTBROKEN when Maya says you’re never gonna see her again and she starts “la la la”-ing. And he’s STILL planted in front of Maya’s desk, staring at her forlornly while his pseudo-girlfriend is literally three feet away, all gothed out and staring bleakly into the distance. What the fuck.

(And the whole “I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are. And you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.” bit in between the Farkle/Riley commentary and the “you have a great life” bit deserves its own post, but let’s just say I think it ties pretty neatly into the missed opportunities theory.)

Okay, so once again I think it’s really telling that the whole “when you’re too close to someone you can’t be them” thing comes in a scene separate from the “you might find out a secret” bit. We saw Katy do a Riley impression so good that Riley had to “gasp” in agreement, then we see Maya doing basically that same version of Riley in class. Then we hear Katy say you can’t become someone you have strong feelings about before doing a NO GOOD Shawn impression. Which immediately brings to mind how BAD Maya’s Lucas impressions are (“I don’t talk like that, I just don’t!”).

So, while the “you can’t become someone you have strong emotions for” scene clearly had a point, I don’t think the point was that Maya’s too close to Riley to be basically accurate about what she discovers when she “becomes” her. Because we’re shown through Katy what it looks like to successfully “become” someone, and what it looks like when you’re too close to “become” them. And Maya did a pretty good job of “becoming” Riley based on that, (and her Lucas impressions are terrrrible).

Frankly, I think Maya falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to Riley. Her impression is pretty good (if exaggerated), but her “discovery” is a bit off even if it may be (IMO *is*) basically true.

“Coming to terms with your identity can be so difficult at their age.”
“Well, I went through it. I’m sure you and Cory went through it.”
“Yeah. I was weird, Cory was celery.”
“Something will change because of this. When you become someone else even though you’re just acting, it’s impossible not to discover something you didn’t know before.”

That whole exchange just screams META for the casual viewers who may not have picked up on Lucaya yet, tbh. When Yearbook aired, a lotttttt of people in the hardcore fandom still saw Lucaya as a crackship. Even its own shippers. So it stands to reason that most casual viewers probably hadn’t picked up on it hardly at alllll yet.

Then we’re back to the classroom, where Lucas is STILL planted in front of Maya before he starts walking back to his seat and preaching.

“Alright. You say I’m most likely to be okay with anything? Well, I’m not okay with any of this! I’m. I’m not okay with all you guys not realizing that what you say about people matters. AND I’m not okay with you guys (gestures to core four) thinking that what people say about you matters.”

And then he shoots Maya this LOOK and slams his hands on his desk as he’s sitting down. Like SERIOUSLY WHY ISN’T HE DIRECTING THIS STUFF TO HIS SUPPOSED LOVE INTEREST WHO IS UPSET AT HIM BEING VOTED BEST COUPLE WITH SOMEONE ELSE? I mean, honestly it’s ridiculous at this point.

And then we come to “you know what happened when everybody went to Greenland because someone told them to?” bit.

“They came to an inhospitable, uninhabited ice ball named Greenland because someone said it was pretty. And the first thing they did, was die.”

Oh. You mean like maybe how Romantic Rilucas came to head at the end of S1 with that kiss and the first thing that happened after that was they didn’t speak for 2-3 months and then they had to force themselves to hold hands and basically all of their behavior suggests that they don’t actually like each other romantically anymore, but don’t know what to do about it? That little ship already crashed onto the rocks tbh. We’ve been waiting for it to get back to sea all season. But it hasn’t. And romantic Riley and Lucas exists basically because BMW-goggled assumptions dictate that it HAS to. Everybody says! She’s the Cory! He’s the Topanga! (In the trope ish sense, not the exact character analog sense.)

Unless they’re not.

“But you should listen to the people who care about you. Because they have you best interests at heart.”

As Lucas delivers that line, his eyes go: Cory, Maya, Farkle, Riley, Maya. Then he goes back to Farkle (with a brief glance to Riley) with “Right buddy? You’re much more than just a regular guy.”

And then, and THEN Maya does her best Riley impression yet. She’s not exaggerating about bunnies and world peace. Hell, for part of this monologue, she’s all but directly quoting Riley from earlier in the episode! “Aaaawwww, Lucas you’re a very sweet guy. That’s why I always liked you since I fell into your lap on the subway, it’s why we should have been favorite couple, because we’re so much alike, you know? It’s like we’re two sunshiney people from the same sunshiney family, that’s why I like you so much! It’s like you’re my brother!”

Except for the last line, Maya really is doing a pretttttty good Riley impression, tbh.

Also, I just realized how long Lucas freezes. From the moment Maya says “oh” until she says “I’m Maya.” Whoa.

Then we get the Bay Window scene, where in retrospect, Maya basically lies to Riley and Riley knows it. She heard what Maya said. Honestly? I think Riley KNEW Maya lied here, and that’s why she finally started noticing Lucaya stuff as much as she did. Especially since, after Semi-Formal, Lucas starts putting Maya in situations where it’s basically impossible for her to hide her reaction to him. But Riley still doesn’t 100% GET IT until Texas 1.

And then we come to the final scene at Topanga’s. Riley and Maya are back to “normal” but Farkle’s still in his new garb. We get pretty significant looks between Lucas and both girls although I’d argue the Maya one is more charged (plus he peeps her cowboy boots), but whatever. And the episode’s almost over, so LOGICALLY they should be addressing the best couple thing right about now. Lucas should go have a conversation with Riley for SURE and maybe one with Maya too, since they’re the ones whose relationships with him were called into question. But instead he goes outside and basically has a DTR (defining the relationship/friendship) convo with…Farkle. What the actual hell?

So, I have some new thoughts/theories on this episode that I’ll try to break out and break down in the next few days. The long and short of it is that this episode is way important if you take all the Iceland/Greenland/what people say stuff as a metaphor for the show itself. Basically, if you buy into the missed opportunities theory and the idea that GMW is gonna break out from what “has” to happen based on BMW-goggled assumptions, Yearbook is a HUGE episode.

Anyway. I’ve gone on long enough, and this is basically just a brain dump so I can come back to it later. I’ll stop now.