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Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

An addition to my earlier post:

Consider Hiyori being fiercely loyal to Trash Dad after becoming his Regalia.

He kills her and then before even cleaning her blood off his hands, presents himself to her spirit as someone who just killed a phantom to save her life. He acts like he’s her divine rescuer and gives her a name with a beautiful meaning, like Hikari or something. He convinces her that she would’ve died had it not been for him, and naturally, she is beyond grateful.

Now he presents Yato as a horrible enemy who will stop at nothing to kill him, and Yukine as Yato’s deadly Blessed Regalia who has slain thousands. He paints a picture of Yato being absolutely despicable, someone who is the antithesis of everything Hiyori believes in, and Yukine as his loyal enabler. Of course Hiyori believes him, and once the battle starts, she’ll stop at nothing to eliminate these threats to the man who saved her life.

And Yato and Yukine know the truth, but are powerless to reveal it because they can’t kill Hiyori. Hell, they can’t even say her name.

She’ll believe to the very end that Trash Dad gave her a place to belong and a person to be, not knowing that he had ripped those same things away from her in her past life.

[Bonus: Hiyori’s weapon form is a pair of boxing gloves that give Trash Dad a really powerful punch and also make him more agile.]

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(Assuming that The Elder One hadn't interrupted things) Do you believe that the Conclave could have achieved a long-term compromise, or would it have been the Thedosian Versailles Treaty, a stop-gap prelude to another inevitable conflict? I liked the story of DAi, so I understand why we couldn't see the end of the peace negotiations, but I do wish it had been explored more.

I appreciate what you’re trying to say about the Treaty of Versailles as a representative of things that really did not help in the long term. I do. But I think it’s always important to remember that this wasn’t that kind of war.

World War I was, for all its horrors, a war fought between nations. Nations that had land and resources and money. They didn’t have all of these things in equal measure, obviously, but they had them. When you’re talking about the problems of the Treaty of Versailles, you’re talking about the problems of the details of that agreement. A conference to discuss who was going to take disputed territory and who was going to pay for all the damage is not an inherently absurd idea. That’s how you end a war of nations, if you don’t intend to end it by invading and conquering your opponents.

This was not a war of nations. The mage-Templar war is more rightly named the mage rebellion. The mages are people who have been kidnapped, largely as children, and held against their will. That’s at bare minimum – any number of other abuses may be heaped on top of that.

They seem to be stateless persons: in dialogue Vivienne says:

“I am from the Circle, my dear. One’s country of origin rarely matters there.”

Vivienne dialogue

She herself was sent from the Ostwick Circle in the Free Marches to the Montsimmard Circle in Orlais; Karl Thekla, likewise, was transferred from the Fereldan Circle to the Kirkwall Circle. Once taken to a Circle they no longer belong to their homeland and can no longer rely on their government – or any government – to protect them.

In Dragon Age 2 an Alistair who was made king is apparently trying to protect the mages:

Hawke: You were having an argument about mages?

Alistair: Yes, well, apparently I don’t feel the same way about mages as the Chantry does. So we’re in disagreement. That means they get nasty. They’re like that.

Hawke: Sounds like the Circle is better off in Ferelden.

Alistair: You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Sadly, I don’t control the Circle. I can only deal with mages outside the Circle … of which there aren’t many.

Hawke: Aren’t they in your kingdom? Why not just kick the Templars out?

Alistair: Ha! Easier said than done!

Alistair Dialogue

He apparently has no legal authority to intervene on behalf of the mages in the Fereldan Circle, even though most of them were likely born Fereldan citizens. The only way to really help them would be to attack and evict the Templar Order from Ferelden. While it’s implied that idea isn’t entirely off the table, it’s clear that Alistair is just barely keeping Orlais at bay and can’t afford to kick the military arm of the empire’s official religion out of the country right now.

These people are Chantry wards. They own nothing. At most, those from wealthy families, and those who have acquired wealthy patrons, will have a bit of portable wealth: fine clothes, jewellery, books, wine, art – that sort of thing. Assuming some of them had time to pack when fleeing the Circles, that’s the most wealth we could expect them to have to negotiate with.

Except … they’re not negotiating about land or a mine or a strategically placed river, are they?

So when you ask whether I think the Conclave could have produced a ‘long-term compromise’ I think it’s worth remembering exactly what they’re negotiating here. The Templars have held absolute power over the mages for centuries. The mages have fled from that, seeking the same freedoms that any other Thedosian might expect (maybe not all that many freedoms, depending on which nation we’re talking about, but still better than what they had). We are now negotiating how much power the Templars should be allowed to have over any poor bastard who happens to be born with magic.

The Templars are a religious order, enforcing their particular doctrine – their particular view of magic. They aren’t guardsmen or police officers, protecting people from criminals – on those occasions that they do accomplish that, it is incidental to their true purpose. They have murdered people simply for practising their own faith, because that faith included magic that is not accepted under Chantry law.

Chantry law says it’s okay for:

  • children to be abducted from their homes, and potentially dragged off to a completely different country never to see their parents again
  • people with magical ability to be incarcerated indefinitely, without trial, with any ‘release’ (be it short or long term) to be contingent on receiving official permission to be absent from the Circle
  • people to be permanently surveilled, with phylacteries allowing Templars to track and kill them if they try to leave without permission
  • people, usually young people, to be forced to fight a demon to the death
  • people to be mutilated and given what is functionally brain damage to make them compliant and destroy their magic should they refuse that fight
  • people to be summarily executed for ‘blood magic’ or spirit/demonic possession without either trial or any attempt to assist the person in question
  • entire communities to be wiped out on the authority of a religious official (usually a grand cleric) without trial on the entirely vague grounds that they ‘rule it irredeemable’.

All of that is completely legal and normal before we even get into things like people being kept in small cells or solitary confinement, being starved to death, flogged, raped, or made Tranquil once Harrowed.

Which of these things would you say that the mages should have to agree to, to end the war? I would say none of them. There can be no long-term compromise between mages and Templars, because the only reasonable amount of power a Templar should have over a mage is none. A religious institution should never, ever be allowed to have any legal power over a person’s life. The Templar Order is not, under any circumstances, the right group to be handling magical crime.

We, the mages of Ferelden and Orlais, do hereby dissolve the Circles and renounce our sworn submission to the Order of the Templars, effective immediately.

We reiterate Andraste’s assertion that magic was made to serve man, not rule over him, and state unequivocally that we will use our abilities only to defend ourselves from those who would see us relinquish our lives and freedoms under the presumption of guilt for crimes we have not committed.

We condemn those practitioners of magic who, through illness of mind or understandable but misguided anger at those who oppressed them, would use their Maker-given powers to threaten innocent lives, and we pledge to aid any legitimate and impartial government in bringing these lawless apostates to justice.

We look earnestly to a future of cooperation between all peoples of Thedas, free from persecution and prejudice, and hope to build a better world alongside all who approach us with friendship instead of fear.

Rebel Mages

That’s part of the mission statement of the rebel mages. I would say that, right there, they have already agreed to every reasonable condition. They have agreed that offensive magic should only be used in self-defence, and committed to cooperating with secular law-enforcement in dealing with magical crime. Are there details still to be hammered out? Sure. But with the governments if the lands in which they take up residence, not the Templar Order.

The Conclave is an absurd and inherently evil thing. It’s happening for two reasons, one in-universe and one out:

  • In universe, because the mages are not an army – they are refugees with children and elderly people in tow, and many of them will have no idea how to fight or plan a battle. The Templars are an army, and thus can terrorise these people into a position where they may agree to any damn thing to make it stop.
  • Out of universe because Bioware overreached themselves in Inquisition and needed to simplify the scenario in a hurry. They therefore pretended that the mages had no option but to negotiate with their oppressors. I genuinely do not think the Conclave should have happened, but I understand why Bioware really needed to ‘end’ the conflict by blowing most of these people up.

So … I think it’s possible the Conclave might have created a ‘compromise’ that lasted decades or centuries, depending on how badly the mages’ spirits were crushed by its results. But an unjust system will always lead to anger and despair, and as long as Templars have power over mages, another conflict is inevitable. As long as the ‘compromise’ persists, the mages will continue to suffer.


Ṣ̟̫̲̜̝̜̻́A̛͕͔̫Y͇̦͙͕̘ ̷̰͇͎͔͡G̷̘̻͔̺͜͢O̶̰̜̼͓̫̲̪͞O̵̱͙͔̪̟̥̮̳D̨҉̱̮̕B̝̕͠Y̴̤̜̟̱̱͓͓͢E̴̶̱̠͚͙̯͕

So this is what I spent my time doing last night. Not very often I make this kind of thing. But the last drawing sort of sparked this idea that wouldn’t leave my head. So I drew it. >>; If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. But when you gotta draw…ya gotta draw.

At this point I’m really hoping @therealjacksepticeye will see this because I am so proud of it. If anything, I hope the community enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. =)
Team Bonding

-The Paladins find themselves in a planet that resembles earth
- It’s winter so they go to the closest spot where it hasn’t snowed
-Lance keeps bitching that his Hispanic ass wasn’t made for these conditions which prompts Keith to state that if anyone should complain it’s him who spent time living in A LITERAL DESERT LANCE
-Meanwhile Allura starts asking what snow is because????
- So Pidge and Hunk go on to explain snow
-Pidge being very technical while Hunk states “its beautiful, white, and cold” and then keeps interrupting Pidge (he doesn’t mean to be rude but Pidge is just being oh so technical) and brings up snow angels, snowmen, SNOW BALL FIGHTS, etc.
-So now Allura’s like I need to see this snow you speak of to determine if it’s a threat or not
-Shiro smiles and complies by telling the others to be prepared to travel again
-After every paladin tells their stories with snow(yes even Keith and Lance, especially the big snowball fight, the one where Keith knew who Lance was for .2 seconds and then forgot again) they decide to camp for the night
-Because of how distant the castle is Allura gets to sleep in one of the lions and Shiro tells the others that wherever she decides is hers, you evacuate and give her the space she deserves with a look
-For some reason she’s been bonding with red lately, forcing Keith to sleep somewhere else
-He automatically disqualified Pidge because they aren’t that close, Hunk is out because he would probably force Keith to take the cot and then proceed to sleep on the floor, and Shiro is just a big giant nope, the man either goes to sleep at 9pm sharp or doesn’t sleep at all
-So that only leaves Lance, who sure, will give him grief but in the end won’t really mind
-Once he reaches Lance, he finds him trying to hide his tears and sniffles
-After some time of awkward comforting Lance tells him how the last time he saw snow it was with his family and he’s just homesick
-Keith then proceeds to tell Lance that it’s okay, that if it weren’t because he’s an orphan he would also be homesick… it takes him a while to realize how that came across, and then starts trying to backtrack and just becomes a stuttering mess, all red in the face
-Lance the starts to laugh which stops Keith in his tracks
-Lance goes on to explain that he can count in one hand the amount of times Keith has lost his cool
-They fall asleep cuddling with identical goofy smiles on their faces
-They both wake up with a start when they hear a roar and when they finally scramble outside they find that it had snowed during the night
-Pidge screamed (read as squealed) that there had to be at least 8 inches of snow
-When Allura came out she squealed in delight and proceeded to run out into the snow only to yelp and run back to the lion
-She had made the mistake of going into the snow without shoes
-After everyone woke up and put on the proper clothes they began to play in the snow
-It then escalated to a huge snow ball fight that included captains, strategies, and bases
-By the end of the fight (which Allura was wining tbh) they found that no one knew where Keith and Lance were, only to later find them kissing under blue
-And that is the story of the first Snow day they had as a team

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I had to quit my job, because managers were rude. They didn't train me for two things and assigned me to both, criticizing me for needed help/ expressing that I couldn't do it. I disappointed myself, but I'm trying to believe my well-being is more important than a job.

Don’t feel disappointed, you did the right thing! Despite what the Internet says, you’re supposed to for the most part, enjoy your job. How are you supposed to get up and go there every day when you’re not getting the support/positive leadership you need? You’re well being is the most important thing and I am so proud of you for enforcing that. There will always be job opportunities and you would not of been happy keeping that position, so don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll find a new job in no time :) xoxo

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I had this cute thought that Susan and Bendy dance together all time when music is on and just laugh. Which it's basically their thing to do. Henry and Darlene thinks it's really funny and cute. I don't know, I couldn't help it, it's an adorable image. Let 'em boogie lol.


Susan initially has two left feet and is thus awkward and shy about dancing. Bendy will have NONE OF IT and proceeds to make it a mission to teach her how to dance.

Cute little tapdancing lessons between set dressing/in the corner of the dressing room at the theatre, dorky swing lessons all over the living room, the works.

They are adorable and I love them.

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27 A taunt... For Royai (Riza @ Roy but if you think it would come out better the other way then of course do that!) Good luck writing!

I had way too much fun writing this… I hope you guys enjoy!


Hayate’s soft growl echoed in the empty, moonlight-splashed alley. Riza, who was two steps ahead, froze in her tracks. When she turned, he was facing the emptiness of the alley behind them, the black fur on his back bristling. Riza slowly set down her bag of groceries and stuck her hand out towards her agitated dog.

“What is it, boy?” she asked in the sweetest voice she could muster, “Do you see something?”

Hayate didn’t budge, his growl ever intensifying. Riza stiffened and gently placed her hand over the handgun hidden beneath her long violet skirt. Hayate was known for his calm demeanor. It was the only reason he was ever allowed into Central headquarters or accompany the Colonel’s team on missions. She trusted his instincts. If he sensed danger, she didn’t think twice.

“What is it, boy?” she asked again, her voice growing slow and even as she noticed the dull scrape of shoes on cobblestone growing closer.

Hayate bared his teeth as Riza’s worked her fingers beneath her skirt to tighten around the gun. A dark figure rounded a corner into the alley. In a flash, Riza entered full combat mode and aimed her firearm at the imposing stranger.

“Halt! I’m armed!” she cried.

As the figure came into view, he revealed himself to be none other than her commanding officer, Colonel Roy Mustang.

“Evening, Lieutenant! How are you…” his cheery voice faded as he realized he was staring down the barrel of a gun.

He leapt back and raised his arms, “WHAT’S WITH THE GUN?!”

Riza sighed and lowered her weapon, “Colonel, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t follow me without my knowledge. It was only natural that Hayate would become alarmed and I would react in a way to guarantee my safety.”

“Okay, for starters, I wasn’t following you, and secondly, you relied on the dog?!”

Riza grinned, “Of course! He possesses keener senses than I and is incredibly loyal. When he senses danger, he’s usually right. Too bad his track record was ruined by thinking you were a threat.”

Roy’s jaw dropped, “BUT I’M THE FLAME ALCHEMIST!!”

“I’m well aware of that, sir,” she replied.

Roy folded his arms, “Well, you’re still lucky it was me and not somebody who intended harm you.”

Riza laughed and held up her gun, “Have you forgotten I can handle myself alone just fine?”

Roy couldn’t help but smile. She was the Hawk’s Eye after all.

“– And judging by how you look at the moment,” she said while gesturing to his wrinkled white button-down and crooked red tie, “It seems you are in no condition to protect me even if you wanted to.”

Roy frowned and straightened his tie, “You know I was out collecting intelligence from some informants tonight! I have to look the part…”

Riza gave him a devilish grin, and suddenly, Roy realized that she, Riza Hawkeye, was teasing him.

“Any other excuses you’d like to make?” she asked coyly.

Roy ran his fingers through his disheveled hair as he tried to think of a way to beat her at her own game.

He gestured towards the gun Riza still held in her right hand, “Aren’t you going put that away?”

She shook her head, “Not in front of you.”

“Why not?”

“With the holster I’m using, there’s no way I could do it discretely,” she explained.

Roy grinned, “I wouldn’t mind.”

Riza laughed and shook her head as she bent down to pick up her groceries, “I believe there is a law you’re forgetting about, sir.”

She waved to the small black and white dog sniffing absentmindedly at a small daisy blossoming between some cobblestones nearby.

“Come along, Hayate,” she said.

Roy watched Riza’s receding form as she headed for home. Suddenly, she stopped, turned around, and gave him a small wave.

“Have a good evening, Roy!”

Before he could react, she was gone. He turned and started home himself, his head slightly bowed and his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

‘God, I love that woman…’

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Hey, sorry to be a bother but I'm really unsure of what to do. I was sexually abused as a child and have trust issues with guys. I went on my first dat a few nights ago, 5 years after everything and the guy seemed nice but he kissed me and I froze. I wasn't ready. He held my neck tight so I couldn't move. He tried shoving his tongue in my mouth and eventually managed to bc I froze with fear. I feel gross. Was this my fault? Was is sexual assault? Please help? I'm stuck. Thank you in advance

PLEASE DONT GO ON ANOTHER DATE WITH HIM!!!! This was wrong. It is NEVER ok for someone to push you into something you don’t want to do. And from what I’m hearing, he knew you were not into it and should have stopped.

I understand where you are at. I’ve had the same situation. Things can be going great until something like this happens and it is game over. And it is hard as fuck to deal with.

As far as your question about sexual assault, technically yes this was. Any form of sexual contact that you did not consent to would qualify. Kissing forcefully like this is part of that. Rarely would you find any legal actions against it since it is hard to prove, but in the definition of sexual assault, yes this is.

But listen close because this is the main point: IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER WAS THIS YOUR FAULT!!!!!! Going on dates is normal. But just because you go on a date does not give anyone permission to force you into something you do not want to do. It doesn’t matter if you froze, in fact, it is an EXTREMELY common response. He had no right to act the way he did and the blame is entirely on him.

I know things like this are really hard to deal with. Please reach out again if you need me! 💖

I have now left my mark on the training program at work.

While I’ve been orienting for my new job, I’ve been using a training version of the software that I’ll be using once I’m actually talking to members over the phone. Using a training version makes complete sense, of course, because then it’s impossible for us to break anything in the process of learning.

One of the things we might have to do is change the name of a member’s doctor. There’s a whole database of doctors’ names, some of them real, some of them created by previous orientees.

Today I had a sudden impulse that I couldn’t ignore.

Yes, there is now a listing in the training provider database for a neurosurgeon by the name of Stephen V. Strange.

anonymous asked:

So I know that when Colin was filming the musical, he had a broken foot. But I couldn't really tell in the video? Am I not looking closely enough? Because I saw some people saying that you could tell and you usually know best on these things, so... do you mind helping me out? Thanks!

It’s most noticeable, to me, when he’s stepping up and down from the tables. Watch his left foot closely enough when he does that, and you’ll likely catch him favoring it a bit (though he hides it well and it probably wouldn’t be noticeable at all if we didn’t have the information prior to the scene - I actually didn’t even think to look and notice the first time I watched… it wasn’t until the second or third rewatch that I started to see it). Also, the fact that the knowledge was there from the start might be coloring what I’m seeing. 

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I love classic Vader,but I wish Anakin had killed Obi-Wan in Mustafar and got out of the planet. The guy'd be so powerful and badass... Besides,I think Obi-Wan deserves some shit...

i actually think suitless!vader is a lot more interesting than people give it credit for - usually, it’s turned into, “vader, but pretty,” and that has a lot of terrible connotations, so i usually loathe suitless!vader on principle. 

the pain vader experienced because of the support system is usually at the forefront of people’s minds - but it runs far, far deeper than that. there’s a lot of symbolism behind people wearing masks; there’s a lot of identity issues tied to mask motifs and characters that wear suits of armor. think: tony stark.

but vader’s not willingly wearing his suit of armor - it was forced on him, through a painful, invasive surgery that he was forced to stay awake for. it’s an armor that was purposely customized to palpatine’s needs, not his.

and vader can’t take it off. he can’t override the system, can’t pull it off, can’t escape from it. a lot of the suit is wired directly into his body; i know everyone wants redeemed!vader to loose the suit, but you have to wonder if that’s actually possible - and, to be brutally honest, it’s probably not. (i know in legends that there’s a scene - i’m specifically thinking of lost command - where it’s taken off, but it’s not practical. and, you know, lost command had vader running around helmetless like he can suddenly breathe again - so i take the medical scenarios in that one with a grain - no, bucket - of salt.)

when people are like, “vader should’ve just left!” how? even if vader were in a place to consider it, the suit’s still there. he needs the facilities only the empire can provide, and even more, where is he going to go? how do you hide a 7ft special-order murderbot? 

that suit, truly, reduced vader’s options to one: sith apprentice. even if vader wanted to overthrow the emperor, he couldn’t. even if vader wanted to leave, he couldn’t. he’s stuck.

and what’s even worse is that the suit is a symbol of his transhumanity - there’s actually a song, in legends, that the imperials sang: lord vader’s many mechanical parts. tagge, in the darth vader comics, literally calls him a weapon, equates him to a lightsaber, and tells vader that he needs to be wielded. recently, it was revealed that vader has a literal off-button, like a real droid. it’s easy to dehumanize someone who looks inhuman - and that’s exactly what palpatine wants, because he doesn’t want anyone considering that vader’s human and fallible. he doesn’t want people taking his apprentice.

if that’s not enough, vader’s senses were tampered with. he doesn’t feel a sensation other than pain, doesn’t see a color other than red, the helmet distorts sounds like they’re coming through water - it’s all very isolating. and it’s constant - vader never gets to really get out of his own head, because he barely experiences the world around him. nothing exists other than what vader has to do - it’s a very fucked up way to live. 

the suit is entrenched in every aspect of vader’s life; so deeply that it became entwined with his self-perception. he’s not just wearing the suit, he is the suit. and that’s exactly how palpatine wanted it, because he wanted an apprentice he could control - so he took away vader’s opportunities, put people off of communicating with vader, and shut off vader’s environment. think of a horse with blinkers; vader’s only goal, only purpose, is the empire, and nothing outside of that should be allowed to exist. 

essentially, palpatine has done more than systematically destroy vader’s life - he’s destroyed vader’s potential life. he’s destroyed everything, so vader becomes unreachable in his isolation and pain. 

and vader thanks him for it. there’s a scene in the old canon where vader thanks palpatine for making him stronger - because palpatine pulled his card and said, don’t you like all i’ve done for you? like he’s given vader a gift. 

the suit is so, so important to palpatine’s subjugation of anakin that it’s hard to imagine darth vader without it - and i don’t think there would be a darth vader without it. 

without the suit, there’s nothing keeping him in the empire - other than palpatine. in a suitless!vader situation, palpatine and vader’s relationship is going to be even more insidious, even more disgusting, because palpatine’s relying on solely his wit to keep is apprentice in line. and anakin doesn’t stay in line for long - i highly doubt palpatine could keep a suitless vader for long. 


Guess who! @cosmiipu! (I rhymed yess *finger guns*)

Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)


i wasn’t sure if you meant farewell adrian or stolen adrian so i did both because she’s wonderful and double the adrian is double the fun

signs as shit from the secret history
  • Aries: 'A week or two before the paper was due, he had started showing up in my room about two or three in the morning, looking as if he had just narrowly escaped some natural disaster, his tie askew and his eyes wild and rolling. “Hello, hello,” he would say, stepping in, running both hands through his disordered hair. “Hope I didn’t wake you, don’t mind if I cut on the lights, do you, ah, here we go, yes, yes.…” He would turn on the lights and then pace back and forth for a while without taking off his coat, hands clasped behind his back, shaking his head. Finally he would stop dead in his tracks and say, with a desperate look in his eye, “Metahemeralism. Tell me about it. Everything you know. I gotta know something about metahemeralism.”
  • “I’m sorry. I don’t know what that is.”
  • “I don’t either,” Bunny would say brokenly. “Got to do with art or pastoralism or something. That’s how I gotta tie together John Donne and Isaac Walton, see.” He would resume pacing.
  • “Bunny, I don’t think ‘metahemeralism’ is even a word.”'
  • Taurus: 'Late that night—two a.m.—my house chairperson pounded on my door and yelled that I had a phone call. Dazed with sleep, I put on my bathrobe and stumbled downstairs. It was Francis. “What do you want?” I said.
  • “Richard, I’m having a heart attack.” I looked with one eye at my house chairperson —Veronica, Valerie, I forget her name —who was standing by the phone with her arms folded over her chest, head to one side in an attitude of concern. I turned my back. “You’re all right,” I said into the receiver. “Go back to sleep.”
  • “Listen to me.” His voice was panicky. “I’m having a heart attack. I think I’m going to die.”
  • “No you’re not.”
  • “I have all the symptoms. Pain in the left arm. Tightness in chest. Difficulty breathing.”
  • “What do you want me to do?”
  • “I want you to come over here and drive me to the hospital.”
  • “Why don’t you call the ambulance?” I was so sleepy my eyes kept closing.
  • “Because I’m scared of the ambulance,” said Francis, but I couldn’t hear the rest because Veronica, whose ears had pricked up at the word ambulance, broke in excitedly.
  • “If you need a paramedic, the guys up at the security booth know CPR,” she said eagerly. “They’re on call from midnight to six. They also run a van service to the hospital. If you want me to I’ll—”
  • “I don’t need a paramedic,” I said. Francis was repeating my name frantically at the other end.
  • “Here I am,” I said.
  • “Richard?” His voice was weak and breathy. “Who are you talking to? What’s wrong?”
  • “Nothing. Now listen to me—”
  • “Who said something about paramedic?”
  • “Nobody. Now listen. Listen,” I said, as he tried to talk over me. “Calm down. Tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “I want you to come over. I feel really bad. I think my heart just stopped beating for a moment. I—”
  • “Are drugs involved?” said Veronica in a confidential tone.
  • “Look,” I said to her, “I wish you’d be quiet and let me hear what this person is trying to say.”
  • “Richard?” said Francis. “Will you just come get me?Please?”
  • There was a brief silence.
  • “All right,” I said, “give me a few minutes,” and I hung up the phone.'
  • Gemini: 'Access to the snail's interior was gained by a child-sized tunnel.[...] From this tunnel, I was extremely startled to see protruding a pair of adult male feet, shod in some oddly familiar brown-and-white spectator shoes. I caught and shook a bony kneecap. 'Charles.'
  • He began to flounder wildly, as if he had waked to find himself in ten feet of water. At length, and after repeated assurances that I was who I said I was, he fell on his back again, breathing hard.
  • 'Richard,' he said thickly. 'Thank God. I though you were some kind of creature from space.''
  • Cancer: '"Richard old Man
  • are you Frozen? it is quite warm here. We live in a Penscione (sp.) I ordered Conche by mistake yesterday in a restaurant it was awful but Henry ate it. Everybody here is a damn Catholic."'(Bunny's letter)
  • Leo: The barmaid- in her fifties, with turquoise eye shadow and lots of turquoise rings to match- looked us over, our suits and ties. She seemed startled by Charles's order of two double whiskeys and a club sandwich. [...] When his sandwich came he picked it apart, ate the bacon and left the rest, while I drank my drink and watched the Lakers.
  • Virgo: ''Now,' he said. 'A single cap, roughly this size, of A. phalloides is enough to make a healthy seventy-pound dog quite ill. [...]'
  • 'Henry, how do you know this?'
  • He was silent for a moment. Then he said, 'Do you know those two horrible boxer dogs who belong to the couple who live upstairs?'
  • It was dreadful but I had to laugh, I couldn't help it. 'No' I said. 'You didn't.'
  • 'I’m afraid I did,'he said dryly, mashing out his cigarette.'
  • Libra: ''The poison doesn't take effect for at least twelve hours,'he said. 'So even if I overdose I'll have a certain advantage, a grace period. With an antidote on hand for myself, just in case...'
  • 'An antidote?' I said, jarred, leaning back in my chair. 'Is there such a thing?'
  • 'Atropine. It's in deadly nightshade.'
  • 'Well, Jesus, Henry. If you don't finish yourself off with one you will with the other.''
  • Scorpio: 'We went through a brief spate of target practice, shooting at mason jars that were lined on a wicker tea-table we'd dragged into the yard. But that came to a quick end when Henry, who was very nearsighted, shot and killed a duck by mistake. He was quite shaken by it and we put the pistol away.'
  • Sagittarius: 'The guard turned quickly, and somehow his gaze landed not on Henry but on Francis, who was standing staring into space. "So it's you, is it?" he said with venom. "Mr Off-Campus who thinks he can park in the faculty parking lot."
  • Francis started, a wild look in his eye.
  • "Yes, you. You know how many unpaid violations you're carrying? Nine. I turned your registration in to the Dean just last week. They can put you on probation, hold your transcripts, what have you. Suspend your library priveledges. If it was up to me they'd put you in jail."
  • Francis gaped at him. Henry caught him by the sleeve and pulled him away. [...]
  • "Why the hell haven't you paid those parking tickets?" Henry whispered to him.
  • "Leave me alone."'
  • Capricorn: 'What I did experience when alone was a sort of general neurotic horror, a common attack of nerves and self-loathing magnified to the power of ten. Every cruel or fatuous thing I’d ever said came back to me with an amplified clarity, no matter how I talked to myself or jerked my head to shake the thoughts away; old insults and guilts and embarrassments stretching clear back to childhood—the crippled boy I’d made fun of, the Easter chick I’d squeezed to death—paraded before me one by one, in vivid and mordant splendor.'
  • Aquarius: '"Well, if you wake up intending to murder someone at two o'clock, you hardly think what you're going to feed the corpse for dinner."
  • "Asparagus is in season," said Francis helpfully.'
  • Pisces: 'Once, over dinner, Henry was quite startled to learn from me that men had walked on the moon. 'No,' he said, putting down his fork. 'Its true,' chorused the rest, who had somehow managed to pick this up along the way. "I don't believe it."
  • “I saw it,” said Bunny. “It was on television."
  • 'How did they get there? When did this happen?'

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How would the karasuno babies comfort their SO if they found out that their SO was told by their college prep teacher that they shouldn't even bother entering into college because they don't have the brains for it? (Ps. I adore your blog, continue on being perfect lovely creatures!)

(Thank you! You’re too kind, dear anon. ;.;)

His face lined with grim determination, Sawamura would look them straight in the face as he placed his hands on their shoulders and said: “That’s complete nonsense! Of course you will get into college. From now on, I’ll help you study and prepare for entrance exams. If you encounter any problem, we’ll give our best to solve it together. You’ll definitely make it!”

Sugawara would pull his partner into a hug and let them cry as much as they needed. When they had calmed down again, he’d wipe the last tears from their cheeks and touch his forehead to theirs. “Don’t give up just because your teacher said those things. I know you can do it and we both know you’re a smart cookie! Don’t let those words discourage you from giving it your all and if you ever need help in any way, I’ll do my best to provide you with it!”

It would break Asahi’s glass heart to see his significant other so upset and his arms would tremble slightly as he let them fall against him, but as they buriedtheir head in his chest and sobbed into his shirt, he’d take a few deep breaths to collect himself. He’d place his chin on top of their head and say in a serious voice: “I firmly believe that you can make it and I will support you as best as I can!

Ennoshita would shake his head in disbelief – why would a teacher say something so horrible to a hard-working student? Taking his partner’s hands in his and and giving them a firm squeeze, he’d look them in the eyes. Worry about their well-being would be palpable on his face, but his voice would be steady when he said: “Don’t let those cruel words get to you! You do have the brains to make it into college. Let’s revise your notes together and work hard to show him just how wrong he is!

Tanaka would be hella upset upon hearing what the teacher had said to his significant other. Knowing there was nothing he could do – it’s not like he could pick a fight with a teacher after all – he’d clench his hands into fists and let out a string of curses, so that his partner might even have to calm him down again. Eventually, he’d let out a last puff of angry air before turning towards them again. “What the hell, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Of course you have the brains to make it! You’ll definitely make it, rub it so hard in that bastard’s face and see what they have to say then!

Much like Tanaka, Nishinoya would be extremely angry and need some time to calm down his temper before he could even think about offering any kind of comfort to his partner. With a grim look still chiseled on his face, he’d grab them by the shoulders and say heatedly: “You’re not getting discouraged over something like that, right? I know you’ve got more than enough brains to prove them wrong! I may not be able to help you with your studies, but I’ll cheer you on and support you in any way I can! That person is not gonna get away with saying something like that! Let’s show them how wrong they are!” A wild grin would slowly spread on his features and his eyes would practically be burning with determination.

Hinata could clearly see they were upset and it wasn’t that he didn’t think they had all reason to be, yet genuine surprise would line his face as he tilted his head and uttered: “I don’t understand why they would say something like that, but what I do know is that they’re dead wrong.” He’d blink a few times, before grabbing their hands and finally offering them one of his brightest smiles. “You’re smart and have enough determination to achieve your goals and as long as you give it your best I know you can do everything so don’t let that drag you down!

Kageyama’s face would set into a frown, his whole mien becoming so livid in a matter of seconds it was almost scary. “The only one without brains is your teacher! You won’t let someone like that talk you down, will you?” He’d shout, startling his partner with the intensity of his outburst. Yet, as Kageyama kept glowering, they could feel the will to fight, to prove their teacher wrong spark to life.

Worry would be lining Yamaguchi’s face, but at the same time he’d feel a wave of anger surge through him. He couldn’t believe the teacher had said such a horrible thing! Hugging his significant other tightly, he’d let them cry their heart out, feeling his own lips tremble slightly at seeing them so upset. Eventually, he’d pull back just enough so he could look them in the eyes. “I understand how upsetting this must have been for you, but you shouldn’t give up now. I know you can do it and I-I’ll make sure to help you in any way I can!

Tsukishima would feel bad for them, but it wasn’t like he could do anything about what had happened. So he’d let out a small sigh and lift his partner’s chin up to look them straight in the eyes. “You really are an idiot if you let this get to you. Instead,” he said, before his exasperated expression slowly turned into a smirk, “let’s make sure you’ll prove them wrong!

~ Bekki

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okay so I was positive I had this fic downloaded but when I went to look for it I couldn't find it for the life of me. It's set during the war and steve and bucky get trapped in an abandoned house during a flood and bucky is freezing so they do skin to skin cuddling to warm him up but steve gets hard and confessions and other things ensue. pls help a friend out.

I’ve looked but I couldn’t find anything, anyone know of it?


thephdftw said it was

5+1: Five times Bucky turned somebody on without realizing… and One time he finally noticed by amerasu1013 (amerasu_1013)

Five times Bucky turned somebody on without realising or even planning to do it. And: One time he finally noticed.
From Steve to women, from Steve again to German scientists and back to Steve, because Steve is the only one that really counts.