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i just… i see some wank going around and it honestly just slides off because i am so happy and smiley and literally nobody can touch me rn…. both carol and daryl healed so much from being around each other for even just a small amount of time, she laughed…smiled beatifically as he ate and you could seeee his attitude change to a less erratic one on his second conversation with morgan. 

this otp has been so frustrating but it is on episodes like tonight’s where i just realize how completely futile resistance is. carol loves daryl, daryl loves carol, and i am forever going to be a sucker for that no matter how terribly this show abuses me. 

songs that remind me of you [ao3]

Summary: Vilde and Eva fall in love (with a little help from Isak Valtersen) and it’s all set the the fresh tunes of female Australian musicians!

aka Vilde thinks she has an unrequited crush and and accidentally befriends Isak in the process

Pairing: Eva/Vilde

Chapters: 1/3

Words: 2830

Notes: This is my first attempt at writing actual fanfic but it went well I think!! I love these two with all my heart and we always need more evilde content in the fandom (chapter 2 is already on the way). Massive thanks to @peggimartinelli and @icky-trump for being my betas you are angels <33

“I think that people are just confused because kosegruppa hasn’t been in the revue before, so they don’t really know what to expect, you see.” Vilde’s face glowed as she animatedly explained her newest plan to gain popularity for kosegruppa. She was sitting up at the head of her bed, a notebook full of neat sketches and carefully detailed notes laying in her lap. Eva lay beside her sprawled across the bed on her stomach, engrossed in her phone.

“That’s why we need to spread more information about the group, I think,” Vilde rambled, her voice climbing up in pitch ever so slightly as Eva remained focused on her phone, “Our goal is to spread love and kos to the other revue groups, and they need to know what that looks like so they don’t feel uncomfortable. I was thinking maybe some kosegruppa posters, or we could do an announcement at school. What do you think about that, Eva?”

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Motivation Monday: Motivational Women

Gillian Anderson - her continued fight to end sex trafficking and human slavery across the world was the inspiration behind The Subject Woman Project and my desire to learn as much as I can to help in that endevour. It’s in our backyards, and there is so much that still needs to be done.

Hillary Clinton - She deserved better, but her legacy continues in us and our renewed desire to resist and fight back against the injustice that we see. We won’t stop fighting because we KNOW it’s worth it.

Women’s March Marchers - I was there. I marched. I will continue to march, and our voices will be heard.

What motivates you?

Bruce abruptly waking up in the morning because there’s something in his bed and it has his legs pinned, so he sits up quickly and he’s ready to fight and… 

there is Ace, The Bat-Hound™, sitting on his legs, with a stupid puppy look on her face, and when she sees that is awake she leaps at him and starts kissing his face. And it’s like 6 in the morning and he just got back 3 hours ago but he pets Ace behind her ears as her tail thumps agains the bed.

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Ok so I have always thought that calicos, torbies and cats like that were really rare???? Because I ADORE those types of pelts and when I look for them at my local shelter I only see black cats and brown tabbys????

omg no calicos/torties/torbies are actually pretty common. it may be because the cats you get are from the local population, which are all interbred (obv) 

red is a neat trait because males only need 1 parent (their mom) to be red, while females need both parents to be red. if a female has 1 red and 1 black parent, she will be a tortie/torbie, and she can pass on her red genes to her own son in return. red can be kinda infectious that way haha. also torbies can sometimes be hard to identify because the colors can mottle and mix really well or they may only have a small patch of red somewhere

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it's annoying to see her face but things are finally moving 👀

i mean we’ve been there like 300 times so i am not even thinking about it, maybe it’s just an article she paid for because she wasn’t getting any attention with the eleanor thing coming back, or maybe it’s his team since they need promo for the Brits were Louis is likely going in two days and since they don’t know any other way to promote him they get these people back on the press hoping people care. Another amazing stunt from the wonderful team. 

Yall really need to experience @wiseandfeisty seeing a corgi in public. Shit is WILD. I was driving us to Pips, and she see’s a fucking corgi (that I didn’t see, because I was trying to avoid all the huge pot holes caused by the snowstorms) and she damn near screams “OH  MY GOD!” I stg.. I thought death was imminent. I thought she saw something that was going to cause an accident. But no. She says “DID YOU SEE THAT CORGI! JUST OUT! IN THE WILD!” And I just……. God dammit Briana. 

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I'm honestly really excited to see Beth and Maggie's reunion that's going to happen really soon! When Sasha and Tyreese had their reunion back in Season 5A, I can tell the look on Maggie's face that she really want to find and see her sister again. When Michonne confirmed that Beth is alive and is at the Grady hospital, it proved Maggie wrong that Beth is strong enough to survive on her own. Now, to see Beth again, it's going to be so emotional for me omg because she hasn't Beth in a long time!

It would be so beautiful. Maggie and Beth need each other, and Maggie will need her sister now more than ever.

Don't take you hazmat suits off yet, ladies. The fuckticity factor is still at 100%.  We've still got ECCC (yeahhhhh), and I predict that....

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C is going, although I suspect that she clearly hates these things, but has to go, because she needs to perpetuate the continued con at the Con. I predict that Shamzie and Tait will be in tow. Why, because it’s Seattle, and this  goldfish has family in Seattle…and a con.  What I could hope for, though, is a right firey cat fight between a certain goldfish and a cat. We won’t see it, though, because the black cat is a Queen, and the goldfish….is just that. A small, common goldfish,  in a small, limited tank, with a verra short lifespan…and it’s just a Lil niblet for a cat! 

I and Love and You

Sherlock and Molly have a much needed conversation about the strange phone call in The Final Problem.

Rated G

Molly looked up when the doorbell to her flat rang.  Sherlock Holmes was standing on her stoop, his collar turned up against the wind, or possibly just because he liked it that way. She didn’t want to answer, but it appeared he was going to stand at her door patiently until she answered. The sooner she answered, the sooner he would leave.

“Why are you here, Sherlock?” she asked wearily. 

“Context,” he replied quickly. “There is emotional context to everything we do.” He was using the tone he normally reserved for solving cases. “I have recently been forcibly reminded that even the most logical actions have emotional context. And you deserve the context for the phone call from yesterday. It’s quite a long story, but the short version was that I had reason to believe that your life was in danger unless I could get you to say those words. I apologize for what I put you through but I believed at the time that it was necessary.”

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Why be upset with the Anon? She's trying to protect you. It's not about writing Lucifer, people can do that. It's about trying to be all about Pellegrino. That's your blog. People sending her Asks saying when they see Pellegrino they think of her.... I bet anon thinks they should be thinking of you. Toni needs to move on and things will be fine.

I don’t need protecting. 

And do you know how many Pellegrino blogs there are out there? I don’t WANT to be the only one. I spend so much time scrolling through other Pellegrino blogs because they are all individually awesome!

I am thrilled that Toni is so amazing that when people see Pellegrino they think of her. I think that’s fucking great and a huge accomplishment for her as a blogger and a writer! It’s amazing to see how much she’s grown since she started here and I am so freaking proud of her!

Toni does not need to move on. You anons need to grow up. She is doing nothing wrong, that blame falls on you guys for starting this shit in the first place.

Seriously, please. I am literally begging you, stop. Stop this nonsense now. It’s gone on way too long and you are literally ruining Tumblr for so many people, me included.

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In defense of Rosita Espinosa

I get it.  Her insistence on going off half-cocked is one-note, irresponsible, insensitive, and even just goddamn stupid, not to mention annoying.  But it’s part of a longer game. 

Consider what she was when we first met her–attached to Abraham with little else to define her, which I do think this was a problem with the writing.  But then he leaves her, and Denise lampshades it by pointing out that Rosita herself was using Abraham to define who she was. 

This seems like a signal that the writers recognized Rosita was two-dimensional and recognized a need to explain why she had come across that way because they wanted to address it.

With Abraham gone, Rosita is forced to face herself, and what she sees is nothing.  She defined herself through Abraham for so long that without him, she doesn’t know what’s left.  She convinces herself she didn’t survive; she thinks Abraham survived for her.  She doesn’t think she has any value, and what’s the point of someone who is nothing in a post-apocalyptic world?  She has to offer something.

So she–notably, just like Abraham–becomes mission driven.  Instead of getting Eugene to DC, she’s going to kill Negan, by any means necessary.

But she fails in that–and that’s all she sees, when she sees herself.  Failure.  And it makes her furious.  The point of Rosita’s wrath is that it’s the first thing she’s had that feels like hers.  She needs to express it, to define herself by pushing others away, rather than conforming to them. 

She explicitly tells Spencer that she’s using him.  She wants to use him as another definition, but knows that’s not what she is.  She’s just still trying to find out who she is in all the ways she used to do it.

Her anger and her hatred are necessary to buy the time and space to understand who she is and what she might have to offer, and I think she–and we–might discover something surprising, when she finally learns what her value is.

So many characters on this show have searched for themselves and ultimately redefined themselves in different ways–Morgan through madness and then compassion.  Carol through violence and then escape.   Gabriel through rejection and then faith.  Rosita through rage–and what will come out on the other side?  I think it’s worth some patience and understanding to find out.

Though obviously they might just kill her off, who knows.  I love her anyway.  She’s trying.  It’s not pretty and it’s a little bit infuriating, but she’s trying.

I’m so in love with Lauren Jauregui like how is that even possible? 😩 she looks so soft and and hot and ugh I can practically smell the scent of heaven just by looking at her pictures, and seriously how is it possible that one person could be so attractive? 😭 her eyes are like a whole galaxy of beauty and mystery, like you could see her depth and her passion in them, and you could see the glint of mischief and yet there’s this hint of innocence.

Like she’s so precious because of her sophisticated self-awareness that makes you respect her, but mixed with a childlike innocence that makes you wanna hug her and protect her.

Save me. I need rehab. 😢

Brilliance of Caryl 02/19/17

Alright sit back and lets talk about Caryl you beautiful little bunnies! (Because how can you not?)

First of all that tear filled and heart wrenching moment (I cried, we all cried, the cry heard around the world.) Carol, crying, heart breaking because there is the person that always brings her back from her edge, from the brink of losing herself… who she never thought she would see again let alone standing on her doorstep, eyes filled with tears. She goes in for that beautiful hug in the beginning but Daryl, Daryl can’t just let her skirt around what he /NEEDS/ to hear, he has to break that hug and ask her why? why she had to go? why she left home? why she left the family? and why she left /HIM./

She invites him in because just as much as Daryl needs answers she /NEEDS/ him. Again, unlike others, she opens up to him because the trust and love between these two exceeds that of them and any one else. She wants to be left alone which she tells everyone no matter the circumstance but she just can’t bring herself to even think about telling him to leave. Carol explains why she had to go, tells Daryl that she couldn’t lose anyone, the family, and then we get more. Carol specifically singles him out by telling him that she couldn’t lose him. 

Now we come to him lying about the brutality that had come to their group. He lied out of love, to keep Carol from falling off the bank of that cliff that she could never come back from. Daryl wanted her to come back but he wants her to come back on her own terms, when she chooses to come back and not out of obligation. To put your own wants (Carol returning to their home) and put someone else’s happiness before that is /TRUE LOVE./

That end, where he goes to leave but he can’t just go without turning back. Turning back is a big deal, it is a sign of not wanting to go, wanting to hold on to the moment, to hold on to the feelings, the love, and to set that memory for the rest of your life. Not only did he turn back to look but he went back to hug her, to hold her and he was holding her.

Best wishes and Caryl kisses xoxoxoxo

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Any advice for someone that would love drawing your incredible Demetra,but... uuuuuh... they're not very talent and they're scared to offend you /her?

DRAW HER!!!! DRAW MY BABE, PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!! I’d be delighted to see her in your style, nonny friend! Absolutly! It’d be an honor, as always when someone gifts me with something about her. Because you people spent your time and your energies to do that and I’m so grateful!

The only tips I could give you are:

1- She’s fat! So, do not be scared to show it, because that’s her body! She has rolls on her tummy, stretch marks on her thighs, totally not thigh gap. She is big. If you need references, you can find Demetra’s Pinterest Board in my tumblr’s menu.

2 - Same if you need directions for the colors. Her hair is red, but dark red, and she has pale skin and freckles, when she stays under the sun for a long time (she also burns her skin in a lovely shade of lobster - red totally not inspired to personal events). Her eyes are azure golden.

3- She loves fashion. So she’s always dressed impeccably, even in the battlefield. She hates black, and loves bright colors.

4 - Basically she’s a happy person, who loves good food, good chats, good books, good friends, and Cullen (you don’t say?).

I hope this can help you, write me again if you need more informations, if you want of course!!!


Teaching Myself to Draw: February 19, 2017

Did some work on the Lavellan portrait today. I tweaked her lips, painted her ear, added some texture to her scarf, worked on her shirt, and started on the vallaslin. I think I need to add clothes and fabrics to my list of things to do studies of. Not that what I’ve done looks bad (especially since it’s predominately done without references), but it could be better. I’d really like to figure out how to emulate different kinds of fabric, because I think a lot of my fabric ends up looking velvety when it shouldn’t.

My hand always cramps up when I work on vallaslin, so I thought it would be a good idea to split it up. I got about half of it’s base done today. Tomorrow I’ll need to finish the base and then work on the highlighting and shading. Also will hopefully do the hair tomorrow. Then she’ll be finished! I’m waiting to see if her owner will notice before I post the final version. XP

And I did some more hair sketches. It’s starting to get easier to break down the hair in refs into different sections, at least in my mind. The execution of that still needs work, but being able to visualize it in my mind is a good first step.

Neurus headcanon

Because of the realization that we just need more Adlock in the Adlock tag, and Eurus became my 2nd favourite female character in Sherlock, so why don’t I just add some headcanons to the tag?

-Nero became Eurus’s favourite family member after his father. Just look at him, the intellect, the passions, emotions, and the ability to see through emotions.

-When Nero grew up, he became the closest Holmes reaching Eurus’s level.

-Eurus taught Nero the violin.

-After some years the family was rest assured to let Eurus and Nero have times alone, because Eurus loves Nero so much that she doesn’t want Nero experience what she had. 

-Yes Eurus loves Nero. She finally can experience love, and the ability to love.

AU where Maggie and Kara bond over liking girls and talk about it all the time but Alex has no idea Kara’s dated girls because Kara just didn’t see the need to come out? Like on Krypton maybe it didn’t matter who you loved and Kal-El was the first natural birth in years so maybe as long as they stayed with their co-parent it didn’t matter who you loved? So it doesn’t occur to Kara that she needs to actually tell anyone. In fact, she assumes they all know because she’s brought her girlfriends to Thanksgiving and Christmas and so on before, but Alex always assumed they were just close friends. (Eliza knows). So when Maggie says Alex needs to come out to Kara, she knows Kara will be surprised but supportive. And Kara’s “It kinda sounds like you’re coming out to me” is surprise that she had no idea she had this in common with her sister. 

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Fanfic Trope: Fake Dating/Married AU!

I looooove fake dating. I just, yes, this is my favorite.

There are a lot of directions I could see going on this, but since it’s you asking, I went toward the Percy/Vex. I’m just imagining that instead of Percy telling Vex’s father to be polite to her because she’s titled, he tells him in no uncertain terms to watch his tongue around his wife, the lady of Whitestone. Vex would be shocked, but she’d quickly play along (because she’s always quick to catch on to Percy’s plots). Keyleth would almost ruin it until she got elbowed in the side and realized OH HEY she needed to play along too.

Scanlan, of course, would try to make them miserable the whole rest of the trip, making a big thing of it. Which is how fake married could totally be mixed with have to share a bed for these two, as I can really see Scanlan pushing the issue. And then, of course, real confessions and smooches and happily ever afters.

34week update

34week appt didn’t go to plan. Iv been busy today and hadn’t felt any movements and explained I’ll monitor it properly when I’m home as he moves most at night- she wasn’t happy about his as despite hearing him on the Doppler he still didn’t kick…

She sent us to the assessment center and again despite feeling a couple kicks, because it was so difficult to locate him due to my placenta, I was rushed downstairs to scan my waters and cord! Everything came back absolutely fine!

Midwife has drilled it into me that because of my placenta they’re going to be extra precautous and now need weekly appt and if the recused movements continue possibly weekly scans as baby can’t be monitored just by seeing how much he’s moving!

Really scared me how serious she was talking but I fully understand and appreciate it as it’s better to be safe than sorry! I’m 34 weeks but measuring 38 so she thinks I’ll be even earlier than last time!

👉🏻very tired and drained suddenly in the last week
👉🏻loose bowel movements vs constipation
👉🏻 VERY angry and upset very easily
👉🏻 leaking fluids every day without the urge to pee
👉🏻 cravings much more of a struggle
👉🏻 all in all a difficult week this past week but given how far ahead he’s measuring it’s not a surprise!