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Light Gun Collection as of March 29, 2015

I apologize for the lighting of this set. I am not in Osaka anymore so I have less space to be able to take pictures of collections like this. 

These are all my boxed Light Guns or Limited Edition Light Gun sets. These are all 100% complete (minus one of the Virtua Cop doubles). The bottom picture is what a complete Sega Saturn Light Gun collection looks like. I am very proud to have all of those and it is definitely one of the highlights. When I get my own permanent place I will have those front and center.

The Lethal Enforcers set above is without a doubt the rarest. The 2nd player (pink) Justifier was a mail away and is extremely hard to come by now days. I lucked out and found it at a Hard-off when I first moved to Japan. I bought that set for myself as a reward for scoring my first tutoring position. I didn’t realize how lucky I was picking them up for 1,000 yen.

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For years I’ve lived a double life.
In the day I do my job,
I ride the bus,
Roll up my sleeves with the hoi polloi.
But at night I live a life of exhilaration,
Of missed heartbeats and adrenaline,
And, if the truth be known,
A life of dubious virtue.

I won’t deny I’ve been engaged in violence,
Even indulged in it.
I have maimed and killed adversaries,
And not merely in self defence.
I have exhibited disregard for life,
And property,
And savoured every moment.

You may not think it to look at me,
But I have commanded armies,
And conquered worlds.
And though in achieving these things
I have set morality aside,
I have no regrets.
For though I’ve led a double life
At least I can say,
I have lived.


Sega Saturn Magazine Vol. 28

August 15, 1997

Biohazard, Ad & Hint Section

I said I wasn’t going to get into magazines when I completed my Biohazard Saturn Collection…but I did anyways once I confirmed that it was for sure complete.

These took quite a bit of time to edit and restore. A lot of wear and other things were edited/fixed due to age and other damages outside of my control. I apologize for the glare from the scanner as the magazine was in a bit of rough condition and wouldn’t lay flat. I really didn’t want to cut these out and ruin the entire issue to do this. Big thanks to Family Mart for letting me hog the scanner at 4 in the morning to do this.

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