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  • I'm trying to write an essay, so obviously my brain goes nope instead
  • Neil: Andrew dance with me
  • Andrew: Ew no
  • Neil: Matt dance with me
  • Andrew: Move out of the way fucker

this sherlock episode, tfp, was the best sherlock ep, the best season finale, that i have ever seen, the layers and layers of dept in each scene, drawing from such intricate personality details, keeping me at the edge of my seat, it was damn fantastic. and above all, the ending scene was so beautifully done, such a worthy end of such a great series, to remind everyone that the story was always there, and will always continue to be there for us

221b baker street: sherlock holmes & dr john watson (&rosie): always ready to solve the world’s mysteries

ToG 6 Theory: Why two people don’t have to die to remake a Lock and seal the Wyrdgate.

(I’m sorry. I know I post a lot about the multi heir theory of the Lock! I just can’t turn my brain off.)

Originally, TWO people had to die to seal Erawan away for good. 

Mala had to give up her “essence” and “mortal body” so that Rhiannon could somehow channel it into the witch mirror/Eye of Elena (forge it). THEN, Brannon was going to lock Erawan away and seal the Wyrdkeys back into the gate. To do this, Brannon would have to give every last drop of his life force.

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hey everyone! i feel like I neglected to mention that I’ve been out of town all for the past ten days for the holidays. But last night I spent a couple hours fiddling with redbubble to test out all the new items they’ve added! 

It took a lot longer than I expected. And the mug and travel cup are still iffy designs on my part. But yeah! You can now get the ‘waterver’ design on any item. The new ones are listed above but you can still get it on pillows and shirts etc like before. 

I go back home tomorrow, so ill stop being distracted by extended family. The plan is more texts and finally creating a masterpost of where all the references for the designs originally came from. 

to buy any of these things click here (dont feel pressured tho! its ok)

ok that is all

love y'all

-admin gay sama


Como me habéis preguntado una cantidad absurda de veces cómo hago los gifs mierdosos (LOS COOL NO OS IMPORTAN EH¿?¿?) pues voy a hacer un micro tutorial porque sois tós muy mancos como pa no haber visto esto antes pero os quiero ok

Os vais al dash y le dais a nueva foto

En vez de subir una foto, le dais a la carita creepster de abajo :) y pondrá: take a selfie (porque son mu modernos yunou).

Ahí te da opción de foto normal o de CHANCHANCHANNNN…GIF! Hace 4 fotos y lo convierte en gif! FUCKING MAGIC. WOW (FANTASTIC BABY).


ya podéis dormir tranquilos el resto de vuestra vida

ahora hacéis un gif y me taggeais xDDDDDD