[ teen verse ]

don’t check to see if he opened your message. don’t look through her picture’s likes, searching for his name. he saw your snapchat story, i can already tell you. don’t wait around for him.

if he wants you he wants you. any guy that plays games with you like this will never satisfy you in the end. you deserve happiness, and a man that makes your emotions a priority in his life. so don’t give yourself up for someone who tears you down every time they leave you on read.
—  words i needed to hear
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It wasn’t often in Dean’s line of work that he got a ‘day off’. Or a few days to be precise. Hitting twenty fairly recently, his dad had allowed him to do a few hunts himself. Not always, but a few hauntings here and there and other minor creatures.

With his authentic fake ID he managed to get himself into the local bar of the town he’d arrived in not that long ago, the name already forgotten. At this time of night, the place was busy, so he had to push his way to the bar.


@heartarrxw || CLOSED Starter 

Cas had to get out of her house for the day. Her mother had been driving her crazy with college applications and big future questions that the blonde didn’t want to answer, and she just needed some space to breathe. Even if it was only a few hours. 

She made her way down the sidewalk, finishing off an icecream cone she’d picked up at the gas station, reflecting on her dilemma. The main problem was that Cas knew exactly where she wanted to go after highschool. She’d been keeping the brochures carefully hidden in her desk this whole time, because her mom would definitely freak out, but her path was pretty much decided. She wanted to take a job at Jurassic World. Of course, her mom would never be open to that option so she just…hadn’t told her yet. Which was getting pretty hard to hide now that the woman had taken it upon herself to research colleges for her daughter. 

So she’d tell her soon enough, but right now Cas had an urge to do something…not so adult to comabt all that growing up crap and as she turned the corner to see a weird, huge aircraft parked in the forest, she decided trespassing might just be that thing. Climbing over the tall chain link fence, she ventured closer to the mouth of the machine, ice cream cone forgotten. 

It was easily the coolest thing she’d ever seen. 

As quiet as she could, Cas walked up the large ramp to enter the back of the vehicle, looking around with wide eyes. What the hell was this?



Teen Wolf AU: Dystopia Verse [Part 1/?] Stiles knows better than to go into the woods alone. Every human child has been warned time and time again not to get too close to wolf territory: Crossing enemy lines means certain death. He knows. He just got lost in thought and got himself captured, and now all he can do is hope his stupidity doesn’t turn out to be fatal. 

Preparing for Halloween

more wee!stiles and teen!derek for my babysitter!verse (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

long time no see…8ㅁ8?

weh i miss drawing bb stiles and i did promise more of this verse so have some stiles awing over derek’s realistic ‘werewolf costume’ 

AU - Demon Child

  • Name: Genos
  • Alias: Subject 91, Demon Child
  • Rank: None
  • Age:  12 years old
  • Goal: To learn to control himself and find where he belongs.

Genos was ten years old when his village was decimated by a Monster. The lone survivor of the attack and severely wounded, he was found by Doctor Genus and taken to the House of Evolution. Originally, the doctor’s goal was to simply observe how long his body could last under such grievous conditions, but the boy’s immense intellect and his refusal to just die grabbed the Doctor’s attention. He healed Genos, and offered him a chance to evolve, to become stronger and take revenge for his village and family. The child latched on to the offer, thus becoming a willing test subject for Genus to mold.

That initial willingness wavered over time, not due to lack of commitment, but because somewhere along the many experiments performed on him, Genos’s mind began failing, memories blurring through filters of pain, fear, and hatred. The itch for revenge began fading along with the memories of time before the House of Evolution, yet even when Genos’s reluctant respect for Dr. Genus turned into fits of rage at the mere sight of him, the man refused to stop the experiments

In time, the experiments produced results, though not the ones Dr. Genus expected. It seemed the mix of serums applied to the child, coupled with the high levels constant anxiety, had somehow managed to weaken the limiter that kept a human from becoming a monster. During times of high emotional strain or great physical pain, Genos would partially transform into a monster: a chaotic, instinct-driven being of great power. It would’ve been worrying were the House of Evolution not prepared for beings stronger than him. As it was, Genus would merely lock the child into a reinforced room until he tired himself out and returned to normal.

It was obvious the unforeseen results were not going to put a stop to the man’s experimentation, leaving Genos with only one option: escape. His mind might’ve been duller than before the experiments started, but he was still agile and resourceful enough to use a moment of crisis in the laboratory to make a breakout.

Now Genos focuses on staying out of Dr. Genus’s grasp while trying to find out who he once was, and where he belongs. He’d worry about learning to control his own aggressive tendencies later.

I don’t have an attitude problem, your face has an attitude problem.

This should be the last Genos-centric one. I wanted to try out non-cyborg/androind, mildly non-human, coupled with smol Genos.

I’m not really sure how Saitama would figure in this yet, but he’d still be 25 years old in this AU, while Genos is 12.

Why did I fall?

Why did I fall for you?
A question that has
No one direct answer.
I think it could be your
Corny jokes you make
And how you never take
Life so serious.
Or maybe how you have
A heart for others.
Maybe it was all vanity.
From the way your hair
Was so beautiful
But alway tucked in a hat.
Or your rich Carmel eyes,
That have magnetic properties.
Or the way your lips turn up
When your smiling that
Uncensored smile.
Maybe I fell for you voice
That is way too loud,
And always have to state
Your opinion to the world.
Maybe it was the way
You talked to me
Just one on one.
How you asked about me
And my life.
How you noticed if I wasn’t
My upbeat self.
How you were sometimes
A little awkward around me
And I with you.
So, I don’t know why I fell for you.
But I did.
And now it seems impossible
To forget all the reasons
You make me so happy.
I can say I hate you
Or that some traits annoy me.
But when it’s not around,
When your not around,
Life seems dull and lack luster.
There’s no loud voice
Or random questions.
No little bickering
Or sarcastic one liners.
There’s a little less joy.
You still make my day
By shooting me a message back.
And I just wish I knew why
I fell for you at this
Time and place.
And I wish I could just
See you as a friend,
But you make me feel.
You make me happy.
And letting go of someone
Who makes me so happy,
Is killing me.
I’m sorry for falling.

A Little Help||Closed

John struggled with a lot of things. He struggled with zits breaking out at ridiculous times, with his father who refused to understand him. He struggled with math, and he struggled most of all his feelings, particularly towards other boys. His whole life, the teen had been told that being gay was wrong, that something was wrong with him for feeling like this. But yet here he was, blushing and stammering over the man that was approaching just that moment, his math tudor. “O-oh, hey, Mister-Mister Jefferson..”


Okay, I was very bored this afternoon, so I created my own Hale family (with the canon actors, minus Laura who I change with Meghan Ory). In my headcanon, Talia was married with a badass human (Marc Johnson) and was the leader of the Hale pack because she was the oldest and most powerful of the pack. Between Talia and Peter, we have their brother Cadell who wasn’t a werewolf for his part and was married with a Dulluhan (because I love to explored the folklore of Teen Wolf). They had two daughter, one with Dulluhan power (Solen Hale) and the other (Alice Hale) too young to know if she was human or something else. Unlike Peter, Talia and Cadell were closed. However, his wife Annie was in constant disagreement with Talia (Dulluhan doesn’t really like werewolf in my headcanon). Solen and Derek were closed in age and good friend (she was also closed to Peter), Cora was more close to Alice in age (I know, I choose a young actor for alice, but she died young so…). They all die obviously in the fire Hale beside Laura, Peter, Derek and Cora.  I have written a little more about their characters and the dynamic of the family, but it would too long for this post, I think. xD

I made the same things for the Stilinski and the Miller (True Jackson family :D). It’s my little fan universe of TW and I guess maybe I will write a fanfiction about it (a bad fiction xD).  I will post the two others families soon I think :D 

Sneak Peek Weekends

There is a room in this school no one knows about but me. If I could teleport, I’d be there now.

Author: Robin Roe

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Published: January 10, 2017

For People Who Liked: Perks of Being a Wallflower, All the Bright Places, We Are the Ants, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Target Audience: Teens or family members of teens with mental illness (specifically ADHD), LGBT readers, teenage boys.

If I were an agent/acquisitions editor, would I select this for publication based on the opening chapter?:

I think I would! For a debut author, the writing is solid, with some nice, well-thought out descriptive language while still maintaining a realistic narration for a high school setting. The protagonist is sympathetic, going through very real high school situations. You immediately feel for and relate to him. Obviously bullying is not a new concept for teen stories, but it’s one that should continue to be portrayed as accurately as possible, because it still is a persistent issue in schools that probably won’t ever go away so long as kids don’t get along.

I don’t know where it’s going based on the opening chapter alone, but the synopsis is definitely intriguing. I’d pick it up to finish in the future and recommend it to teenagers going through similar ordeals.


Four letters,

one silent.

A single syllable

pregnant with meaning.

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Published: January 24, 2017

For People Who Liked: Sarah Crossan, All the Bright Places, Perks of Being a Wallflower

Target Audience: fans of poetry and novels in verse, LGBT teens, readers looking for ethnic diversity in YA.

Would I select this for publication based on the opening chapter?:

Absolutely without hesitation. I’m not a fan of reading poetry often, but this grabbed me right away. It’s got personality. It’s not a huge info dump, nor is it saying anything too new, but it’s doing it in a unique format. Within the first twenty pages, we get a good sense of diversity, discussions of sexuality, and hints of the protagonist’s broken home. It sounds like a lot, but Hopkins drops these little seeds of shocking details in such subtle ways. If you’re not used to reading poetry, Hopkins presents it in an accessible way, so don’t let that intimidate you!

His Opinion

I have a problem with my body

He says I am beautiful 

But it doesn’t really matter because that’s not what I think

His opinions are not my thoughts 

And I’m not going to apologize 

Because life may be wonderful but not mine

I am not perfect nor will I ever be

And I have accepted my fate

Fate to become nothing more than skin and bones.

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Could you do 11, please?

11. partners in crime au

Derek rolls over with a groan when his phone blares to life, the specifically set tune demanding his attention when he’d usually just shut off the ringer and bury himself back under his pillow.

  “What?” he asks, forcing his voice to lilt at the end so that it sounds like a question rather than an aggressive statement.

  “Derek–shit, oh, fuck–” Stiles’ breathing is heavy and Derek’s eyes snap open.

  “Stiles, it’s three in the morning, I don’t think now’s the best time for–”

  “Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Stiles says frantically. “I’m not–that’s not why I’m calling–I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble, because I tripped a silent fucking alarm and I think they have dogs? I’m kind of–shit!” There’s a bark in the background and a sound like Stiles has just full-body collided with something. “Okay, they definitely have dogs.”

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