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|| Funny Anime Moments That Get Me All The Time ||

ok, so I’m doing this instead of Inktober this year, (you can tell my editing skills are lacking in comparison to my art skills, might I add) and I dunno if anyone else will do this, but if you want to I’d be fine with that. Anti-tober is nothing but evil mahou shoujos everyday, so be prepared for the endless onslaught of weeaboo posts. 

I noticed something.

My OTPs, always (well the most of them) have: 

Pink/Red/Orange  x   Blue/Black/Purple hair.

-Sakura and Sasuke 

-Ichigo and Rukia 

-Robin and Starfire 

-Hinata and Yui 

-Erza and Jellal

-Ariel and Prince Eric

-Wendy and Robbie 

-Orihime and Ulquiorra

-Himeno and Hayate

-Lucy and Kouta

-Yuno and Yuki

-Luka and Kaito

-Amu and Ikuto

-Tokaku and Haru 

-Utena and Anthy

-Nami and Luffy

-Marceline and Bubblegum

Except this: