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#443-Gible, The Land Shark Pokemon

Gible is a pokemon that lives in the dryest of habitats, making it a dweller of the deserts in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. It is still semi-rare, as it is a dragon type Pokemon, but through searching sand dunes, sand pits, or by luck, you could come across one in these areas.

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Maps by pokeprofessor-blue
Images by amparhos

anonymous asked:

Can I request Pokèmon Go hcs for the Straw Hats?

hahaha, sure, sure



  • dammit dont let him play poke go
  • hes gonna get lost everywhere
  • gonna catch a Eevee! Well shit were was the bus stop again?
  • At first he’s reluctant to play because, he’s embarassed
  • He somehow only gets Rattatas


  • Catches Bulbasaur at first
  • I swear she doesn’t even play often
  • sometimes she hears the ringtone at the mall but she’s too busy with other things to care
  • Usopp once spotted that it signalized a Pikachu nearby and almost lost it, how could she not care????


  • gets the rarest pokemon
  • He’s in love with this damn game
  • no one knows how
  • was a gymn leader for a short amount of time


  • thinks it’s pretty dumb
  • Like Nami doesn’t really care for the game, just installed it because everyone else has it
  • He thinks Psyduck is kinda cute


  • Nobody loves this game more than him
  • Maybe Usopp and Luffy
  • played too long into the night and got lost in the woods


  • Team Mystic
  • one of these ladies who get excited when they catch a Zubat
  • ‘Oh Luffy, look I got a Gastly, it’s so cute!”, Robin excitedy says


  • quite excited
  • finds some ways to cheat himself through the game to get some nice rare pokemon
  • gives them all ridiculous names
  • Team Valor


  • like Robin very excited about catching pokmeon 
  • even if its just the ass pokemon that are everywhere and not really cool
  • He’s the cute old dude that points at a Squirtle and asks what kind of Pikachu that is
Speculation: Pokemon Go Plus

Out of all the Pokemon related things I’ve ever owned, this is the accessory that catches my eye the most. It’s mysterious, its sleek and shiny,and it’s obvious to the mainstream world that this represents pokemon. Back in the day, when Red and Blue (and Green) were released, it was the Nintendo Gameboy that owned that throne.

We know next to nothing about this device other than that it is a bluetooth device that helps the user to play the game without constantly looking at their phone, possibly to lower the battery usage.

We also know that they will posses multiple colors in the led, such as so:

But how many colors will they have? What does blue mean? What does purple mean? Does one color represent a pokemon found, or in range? Does the other mean a trainer is nearby and wants to battle?

If Nintendo, and the Pokemon company are willing to create and market a physical item for a free app, that leads me to believe that this simple looking device is actually much more complex than we have been informed.

Imagine, there will be a Pokemon app on the Android and Apple App store in early 2016. That is also free to download. Yes there will be possibility to microtransactions, but I believe that is only implemented to help foot the bill for bringing pokemon into the foreground of next gen gaming.

Now what about other variations to the Pokemon Go Plus, like different icons such as this:

or this:

Not only could this be a great fashion accessory, but this could be a way to distinguish trainers. Each different Pokeball could distinguish a team. The community could lay down factions, and teams. Heck the Masterball could be a prized icon, only given to those that complete the Pokedex, or win Official Pokemon tournaments designated by the pokemon company.

Another thing I’d like to know is, will these be available to beta testers. And if so, Nintendo, please, tell us how we can sign up for beta testing. I’d imagine they’d need numerous beta testers from different areas, not just metropolitan cities.

Either way, we’ll know, hopefully, in the next coming weeks.

So everyone, pick your trainer gear and get ready for possibly the next greatest thing.