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Be ready to go on a journey as the planted seeds of this new moon will begin to manifest!
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Just to clarify there are 21 WORKOUTS between these pictures, not literal days. There are like 26-28 actual days I think.
And I think a 4lb difference?? Maybe 3lb??? Something like that. What gets me is that today (day 70) I’m actually really bloated.
I’m starting to rely more and more on photos because after dropping the first 22lbs my weightloss has slowed a LOT. BUT CLEARLY I KEEP CHANGING SO SUCK IT BITCH ASS SCALE.
I’ve had some people ask me what I do. I work out almost every single day. If I really need a rest day I’ll take it- and I’ve been taking pretty much one a week since school started back up. But working out every single day doesn’t work for everyone. I do it because I love it and my body is loving it.
Nutrition? I don’t cut calories. I did my first month, but now that I’ve exchanged a couple pounds of fat for muscle I /NEED/ my calories even if I’m losing fat. I eat 2,000+ calories every day. 90% healthy. I love it. I’m never hungry. My body is like thank you thank you thank you. And it’s burning like a hot furnace.
Strong is sexy, strong is powerful. 💕

“I’ve learned that secrets make you sick. I’m learning how to be a voice and not a victim. I’ve learned that sex is natural. I’ve learned that love is necessary, heartbreak is unavoidable, and loneliness is brutal. I’ve learned the key to being happy is to tell your truth, and be okay without all the answers.”

Demi Lovato (Simply Complicated)