[ i am just sitting giffing and trying not to sob over these two idiots who i love too much. ]

That Makes Six

“Here she is. Y/N, your little sister. Isn’t she beautiful?” Your mother says as she shows you to your siblings.

“Is Dad going to be around for this one?” Tommy says angrily from his place next to Arthur at the table. They were 21 and 24 respectively, and since their Dad left, they’ve been having to pick up the slack. They were young men with too much on their shoulders; and it didn’t help when the country was in distress and there was already speculation that war was coming soon.

John was a ripe 16, a teenage boy who could kind of careless about you, but Ada held you the moment she could, happy to not be the only girl anymore. She talked to you even though you couldn’t understand her.

“She’s your sister, you’ll love her just the same” Your mom says. “I’m tired, I’m going to go rest.” She says leaving you in Ada’s hands as she goes upstairs.

“Great, another baby for us to take care of.” John says, about to lit a cigar. Tommy slaps him upside the head.

“Don’t smoke around the baby.”

“She’s kind of cute.” Arthur says, looking at you for the first time.

“She’s a Shelby, we’ll take care of her no matter what.” Tommy says, takes you from his sister. Finn, only 2 years old, waddles over to look at you, planting a kiss on your head. You two have been close ever since.

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