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if you don’t think this is one of the cutest lil Drarry moments ever captured for our eyes to admire, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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for the expression meme, could you do inigo in 3d (lol) to lucina in 4c, and papa chrom looking on at all of this in 4d?? I married lucina and inigo in awakening, and I always think about what a shame it is that chrom and inigo never have any resulting supports because of it- you KNOW chrom would die and be so done to know his daughter married the playboy 😂 (even though inigo has the biggest heart of gold!!)

“i cannot believe this”

from this expression meme


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goin thru ur b99 tag and i noticed u don't ship dianetti?? so jake can be bi and since he's with amy that's ok but as soon as there's an actual f/f or m/m pairing ur not havin it?? lmfao sounds pretty homophobic to me


that’s me

I’m super duper homophobic 

just…so homophobic 

the worst, most homophobic person ever

I just….hate the gays


fucking christ 

  • Sarada: Boruto!(Stomps towards him)
  • Boruto: What?!(glances annoyed )
  • Sarada: I found something of yours!
  • Boruto: Like what? (Confused stare)
  • Sarada: This!(Shoves diary in his face)
  • Boruto: Hey! You stole my diary! Thats personal! (Glaring)
  • Sarada: I didn't! You left it laying around on the train from our last mission idiot!
  • Boruto: So What! Doesn't make sense you're so work up over it!
  • Sarada: Oh yes it does! You wrote how much you adore my father, to the point of falling for him!
  • Boruto: Ew, What? No! ( gags)
  • Sarada: Don't deny it!
  • Boruto: I'm not denying anything! ( throws hands up in the air)
  • Sarada: I'll refresh your memory! (Opens diary)
  • Boruto: Hey! don't open it! ( reaches for the diary)
  • Sarada: Dear diary a certain someone in my life has unexpectedly made feel butterflys. The way their dark raven hair blows in the wind, how their pitch black eyes turn a bloody red when angry. Its so wrong but I can't help feeling this way.
  • Boruto: ................ (sweat drops, blushes)
  • Sarada: You can't feel that way about my dad!
  • Boruto: I don't! Dattebasa!
  • Sarada: Who else would you be talking about!
  • Boruto: Ugh, just drop it you weird girl!
  • Sarada: No!(Steps closer)
  • Boruto: (grabs her shoulders)
  • Sarada: (Sharingan activated)
  • Boruto: Its you! You dumb raven haired, pitch black eyed, sharingan welding freak!
  • Sarada: ...................... ( widened eyes & blushes)
  • Extra
  • Chocho: I knew it! (Hiding in the bushes eating chips)
  • Mitsuki: So did I.
  • Chocho: Ah! You scared me!
  • Mitsuki: Sorry.
  • Chocho: Yeah you should be! Their feelings are out in the open, ours should be as well!
  • Mitsuki: You still have that sickness I see. Focus on getting that fix.
  • Chocho: I Know you love me, you're just playing hard to get. (Winks & flips hair)