[ gif: ahs ]


“If you’re reminded of something you have to do, do it now. The sky may be clear today, but it might me cloudy tomorrow. Yesterday is no longer yours. So do it now. If you wish to say something kind, say it now. There might not be a tomorrow. The person you love… won’t always be next to you. If you wish to show affection, show it now. If you wish to smile, smile right now. Do it… right now. Do it… before your friend disappears.”



Now i’m gonna work on the scenes for Bending Arts’s animation/ video/ manip/ trailer thingy finished :D

(Lance, Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Coran, Allura)

Lance = Water bender
Keith = Fire bender
Shiro = Air bender
(The last living from a small family that survived the genocide 100 years ago)
Pidge and Hunk = Earth benders (Pidge will become a metal bender)
Coran = Non-bender
Allura = Avatar, Air bender

Fire Nation = Galra