[ dlc ] mark of the assassin

My favorite part of DA, hands down
  • Gauntlet slab: Cast off the trappings of worldly life and cloak yourself in the goodness of spirit. King and slave, lord and beggar; be born anew in the Maker's sight.
  • The Warden: We gotta strip.

i just really love that despite actual familial relationships, teagan just. adopts alistair and connor. alistair only refers to teagan as his uncle, never eamon (except in one letter to eamon that he never sent). there’s cut content of teagan helping connor get away from the circle and asking hawke for help. in the mark of the assassin dlc, when someone asks teagan “how is your nephew” he says “which one” and talks about both of them (and how both of them are annoying eamon on purpose)

teagan is the human embodiment of that post going around “if you have an awful father i am your dad now” and i love him

A Game of Wicked Grace

Some interesting things I’ve found with the Wicked Grace game scene in Inquisition, just for fun (and please add to it if you noticed something I didn’t list).

  • It seems the attendance of characters depend on it you have completed their personal quests before the game of cards (but may also depend on approval).
  • Solas, Leliana, and Vivienne never attend.
  • If you are romancing Josephine, she lets you undress Cullen and win the game.
  • Everyone I talk to (in real life) is pretty sure it was Alistair who is the recruit who walks out in nothing but his small clothes and salutes the Templars and Mages, in Cullen’s story.
  • If the Inquisitor asks Varric to tell a story, he’ll tell the tale of Chateau Haine (from the Mark of the Assassin DLC).
  • Inquisitor Adaar tells a story about job their mercenary band completed in Southern Nevarra with donkeys.
  • Inquisitor Noble Trevelyan spins a tale about their aunt making the family attend an Antivan Opera, which led to them shaming their aunt and having her refuse to speak with them for 3 months.
  • Inquisitor Mage Trevelyan will talk about how their Harrowing got them put in the Ostwick history book and the event was never spoken of again.
  • Inquisitor Lavellan will tell the story of their clan camping near a well and hearing noises, ending with humans running back to their village bare naked.
  • Cadash Inquisitor will tell them about the time they were collecting Carta protection money and ultimately had to deal with this old seamstress.

random thought i had during a skype-convo:

Sebastian (during the DLC Mark of the Assassin): The Chantry has failed the elves. If we made them more welcome, they would not have to run.
Orlais/the Chantry: Oh noes! All elfs have turned to Fen'Harel’s side and want war on us! How could that have happened!?
Sebastian: -looks into the camera as if in the office-

dondrinkscoffee  asked:

hiii!! i was hoping to get into dragon age but as you know i dont have a console to play games so i was wondering if you knew where I could start? and a few things i need to know and how many games there are and stuff it would be alot of help thank you!! 😊😊✨💕

HOO BOY okay here we go. :D

Dragon Age is a flawed but at times masterful experience; it’s a huge (and not always internally consistent) universe, but if you like fantasy, or deconstructions of fantasy, it will probably be up your alley!

I’m happy to warn for particular triggers, without spoilers, if you (or anyone reading this!) would like to know.

First up is Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O). It’s the first game chronologically, and takes place during the Fifth Blight, a period of chaos where demon-like forces known as darkspawn spill out from underground and lay waste to the surface world. You play a character (customized from three possible races and several backstories) who is inducted into the Grey Wardens, an order of warriors dedicated to fighting the darkspawn, but things get very complicated and very murky, very fast, and surprise! It’s up to you to save the world, along with your lovable band of misfit companions!

DA:O has a lot of downloadable content (DLCs) that add on to the base game, and bring with them new missions/story content, and/or new characters. You can still get a complete experience from just playing DA:O, but some of the DLC content is referenced in later games, so it’s always fun to explore what they offer.

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakenings is an expansion for DA:O, where you can either import your character from DA:O, or create a new Grey Warden. You adventure with a brand-new cast of characters, also all misfists, and kill a lot of darkspawn (and learn a great deal about your enemies at the same time).

Then we jump ahead to Dragon Age 2 (my personal favorite), which begins at the same time as DA:O, and follows the Hawke family as they try to escape the Fifth Blight. They cross the sea and end up in Kirkwall, a massively-screwed up city with a billion more problems than the Blight, and yet somehow everything keeps getting worse. You play as Hawke (male or female, with a customizable character class), and basically spend the game trying to stop things from becoming a true disaster, along with a bunch of companions who manage to be even more screwed up (but still lovable! SO LOVABLE! HI FENRIS! HI MERRILL!) than any that came before.

There are a bunch of DLC for DA2 as well, and some are really great (and one comes with an extra romanceable character for female Hawkes).

After that, there’s Dragon Age: Inquisition (DA:I), which is a HUGE GAME (I’m doing a completionist playthrough, and I’m at 160 hours and I’m still not done) that takes place about four years after the end of DA2. You play the Herald of Andraste/the Inquisitor (customizable from four possible races/backgrounds and three classes), who is the only survivor of a hugely destructive event that ends hope for peace between two warring factions, and who is now both blessed and cursed with the power to close the rifts – a new and terrifying way for darkspawn and demons to enter the real world.

Also: there is a whole new pile of lovable misfits and weirdos for you to hang out with (along with some familiar faces – HI VARRIC! I LOVE YOU!)! 

There are three main DLC for DA:I (The Descent, Jaws of Hakkon, and Trespasser). Trespasser takes place after the main game, and ties up most of the loose ends (as well as setting up DA4, if that ever comes out).

You can import your decisions from one game into the next one (so your Grey Warden from DA:O and their decisions can influence Hawke’s world in DA2, and both your Grey Warden and your Hawke will influence DA:I), but you can also play each game individually – though playing them as a series is so fulfilling.

There are also a bunch of mobile games, novels, and comics that tie into the game (though they follow a specific canon, to keep things consistent), as well as a so-bad-it’s-good anime about one of the characters (Dawn of the Seeker).

That is…a lot of material, and I don’t blame you if you just want to go through the games! To do that, I recommend these Let’s Plays:

Dragon Age: Origins (human female warrior Warden)

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (human female warrior Warden)

Dragon Age 2 (female rogue Hawke)

Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC (female rogue Hawke)

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC (female rogue Hawke)

Dragon Age: Inquisition (female rogue Dalish elf)

Warnings for MASSIVE SPOILERS for all the games behind those links!

(Also guys aren’t you proud of me for not posting mage playthroughs? I’m growing as a person!)

If you work through those videos in order, you should be good to go! Like I said, I’m happy to warn for triggers/squicks without spoiling anything. Oh! And if you have access to a Mac laptop, you can play DA2! It’s usually about $10, through Origins. You won’t get most of the DLC, but you’ll get the base game.

I love Dragon Age only slightly less than I love Mass Effect, which tells you a LOT about how much I love both. :D

Thank you for the ask! I hope you enjoy the walkthroughs, and that you get to play the games for yourself someday! <3


Tallis: The sooner we get the hunt over with, the sooner we’ll be at the chateau to finish this.
Hawke: Just how long has this wyvern hunt been going on?
Tallis: It’s an annual tradition the Montforts began to keep the population down. They breed quickly.
Fenris: Elves, too. We’re plucky that way.

Fenris… omg… I don’t even… ( ≧▽≦ ) Seriously, DLC party banter is THE BEST.


(from Leliana’s Song DLC from DA:O) Leliana: The usual moaning about charity. This board needs… something. (chooses “Nail Bann Perrin’s suspect underthings to the [Chantry] board.”)

(from Mark of the Assassin DLC from DA2) Teagan: A pleasure to meet you. If you speak to Bann Perrin, I don’t advise you to bring up the Chantry. Or… knickers.

this game is a gift sometimes

dragonmune  asked:

FENHAWKE please.... pls... 11. “I almost lost you” kiss and 7.

  • 11. “I almost lost you” kiss
  • Hawke/Fenris - Dragon Age 2

“You frightened me.”


“Before we found you, there was a moment where I… Don’t do that again.”

When the commotion starts, Fenris is still in the courtyard. He’s aware of something being wrong before Varric is, the instincts of a runaway slave kicking in when the security loosens around the area. It shouldn’t mean anything, but he knows it does, because security would not grow weaker at a party unless guards were needed elsewhere. And with Hawke nowhere to be seen, Fenris knows full well what the guards must have left for.

He finds Varric near the drink table, a glass of champagne in his hand as he regales a group of women around him with tales of his and Hawke’s adventures. One look at Fenris, though, and he excuses himself. It doesn’t take them any time to get into the mansion; a door was left unlocked, and from the sight of the unconscious guard lying on the concrete inside, Fenris knows Hawke must have come this way. He picks up his pace almost subconsciously as more bodies appear, most merely unconscious, but then there’s one…

Blood. The first sight of it Fenris has had since entering the mansion.

It gives him pause, his breath catching in his throat at the sight of dark splotches on the wall leading to a body that lies just out of sight. It is not Hawke, he assures himself, but the dread lingers in his veins until he’s able to see with his own two eyes that it isn’t Hawke lying there in a pool of his own blood. And even then, Fenris is tempted to use abilities that he ought to save for battle, to slip through the walls in an attempt to get out of this labyrinth of a mansion, to get to Hawke.

He doesn’t, but Varric is still barely able to keep up with him.

It would be a lie to say they reach Hawke and Tallis “just in time.” On the contrary, Fenris all but collides with the other elf as he rounds a corner. He isn’t gentle when he pushes her to the side, because Hawke is there, he’s fine. His fancy clothes are stained with tiny drops of blood, but the fabric is untorn, and his expression is one of mere confusion when Fenris grabs ahold of the collar of his shirt and pulls the bear of a man into a kiss. Hawke stiffens at the suddenness, but he melts into it like always does. He eases into the contact like he belongs that way, pressed against Fenris like a perfect puzzle piece.

Fenris isn’t aware he’s shaking until Hawke’s hands are at his waist, kneading against the small of his back in an obvious attempt to calm him. When he leans back slightly, all that he’s aware of is the warmth of Hawke’s skin and the bright of his eyes, the gentle curves of his cheeks and the inquisitive tilt of his head. He doesn’t speak; thank the Maker he doesn’t speak. Knowing Hawke, it would be some smart remark about Fenris missing him.

Tallis, unfortunately, does. “You’re a lucky man,” she sighs, and Hawke laughs at that, his mouth falling into an easy grin. He sets a hand on Fenris’s head and ruffles up his hair affectionately before glancing over at the woman.

“I am indeed,” he agrees, and although Fenris says nothing, he thinks the comment was made for him.


Dragon Age: Party Banter, The Complete Collection

Confession:  i like to play the DA2 Mark of the Assassin DLC late in Act 2, as a little extra levelling/more skill points before the Act 2 finale. Since Hawke is not yet the Champion, I headcanon that they were invited to Orlais more as curiosities for the *real* guests to gawk and titter at. Sort of a “look at the poor unfortunate/strange jumped-up peasants, isn’t it such a scandal the Amells have come to this?”