[ can u believe ]

can u believe 2jae just laid there in soft gayness singing to each other????

can u believe jaebum smiled every time youngjae breathed?????

can u believe my bitch ass sat through that whole hour and fourteen minutes wishing they would stop giving subtle hints that they wanted to cuddle?????????


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I lov how like... in this video... you can actually physically see Dan falling more in lov w/ Phil.... it's sickening :/

as if thats even possible.. i mean can u believe that video was just 40 minutes of dan praising phil’s creativity

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can we please have some more kaneko au life? btw, your OCs. your OCs are HOT. so hot my face burned when I looked at them

omg..THANK U so much! ;0; and yES here u go..a lil doodle! i can’t believe kanekos almost a year old. (prayin we get another doodle this year :”D esp if it’s w tsukiyama!) 

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so skull kid yeah goood job amiga srsly so um emmm wcif their teeth pls???? also yeah pls do more zelda charies that'd be the bomb diggity also can u imagine tt in the middle of all those charas hnestly that nerd would fREAk. PS ily. PPS drink some water and keep hydrated frend

o shoot thanks kid!!!!!!!! the teeth is like…….this SiCk NaStY combo of EA teeth/this overlay/n these fangs!!!!!! i would love 2 do more zelda sims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zelda is my thing guys like……its zelda then its sims can u even believe tht ok anyway!!!!! tt would die tt is a dumbass but um anyway again love u 2 and ok ill go slam some water later dork xoxo