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Sorry that I haven’t been so active since my ask blog opened. I thought I might as well post this little thing for you guys that I forgot I did. Would you guys believe that these originally were my designs for Bendy and Alice? I decided to change them for my fanart as an exercise to draw outside of my comfort zone and it’s really helped me improve. I personally think I made the right choice to go with the rubber-hose look.

Anyways I’ve decided to make a schedule that may or may remain for the rest of the summer (if I get that job). I have commissions and that Benlice comic that I want to finish so I can focus solely on the ask blog. Which has been a blast so far you guys are awesome! I’m planning out how the comic will wrap up - with two more parts. As for my askblog I’ll say more on the actual blog.

Totally not trying to push any ships. Nope. Not. At. All. 

Seriously though this was going to be a joke gift for @alice-angel-ask and @thesmoking-devil, but both blogs seem to be going through harsh times with anon hate. So my stupid doodle became a nice picture that I hope lightens up their days a bit. Both these blogs are amazing and you should definitely check them out and show them some love!! 


Not witchcraft, ~*~MAGIC~*~

I could combine BATIM with SPG for stupid comics all day xD I’ll also stay up until 3 AM making said comics and be exhausted - WORTH IT THOUGH.

edit from the following morning - help im dead inside

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Alice in Wonderland!VoltronAu

“ If you don’t care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation! ”

Hunk is a faithful member of the Tea party Club (which only count two other member : Pidge and Lance) but don’t underestimate Them! When it come to tea, it can become dangerous.

Lance / Keith / Shiro / Coran / Hunk / Allura

Sorry that I’ve been absent as of late! My computer has been crashing and I might have to take it in, which will delay my posting even further! I managed to finish this though! This concept was inspired by the Indigo Gos from Majora’s Mask. I couldn’t come up with my own Henry concept, but he probably would’ve been a real swinging lead guitarist, you know, with his “ax…” no? Oh well. Bendy’s having a blast on the drums though it took some convincing…