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everyone who portrays the amis as 100% white owes me a dollar

“You can’t please everybody. God knows, I thought they were way too critical of the prequels and a lot of it was because it wasn’t what they wanted. And people become very possessive of it. It’s their story so God forbid you do something that doesn’t fit the preconceived notion of what they want.”

Mark Hamill on fans who hated the prequels, SciFiNow Magazine

Delirious doesn't want Evan to leave
  • Evan: Guys I'm gonna end this game I'm gonna go right now so-
  • Delirious: NOOOOO
  • Evan: I'm kidding!
  • Delirous: NOO You're not ending this game!
  • Evan: I'm joking! I'm joking!