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To everyone who is waiting for a reply, whether on this blog or on my side blogs ( thesarcasmofasoldier, thelastorgana and flyboyinthegarbagechute ):

Thank you so so much for being patient. I keep forgetting how much writing comes along with literature classes, and it’s only week 3.

Anyway, my Star Wars club is meeting tomorrow all day, so I’m going to try and power through my drafts tonight. What I don’t get done tonight will be set aside for either tomorrow night or sunday.

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-wants to hear the headcannons-

Their relationship thrives on them constantly challenging and trying to one up each other on pranks/trying to get more attention from their respective ‘tubers audience, and fighting with each other.

Anti stealing Darkiplier’s tie and using it as a belt because it pisses him off and then Dark has to tear it off to get it back (and he rarely stops there)
Darkiplier holding Anti’s favourite knife to ransom, returned only if Anti answers three questions/riddles/performs funny tasks that make Darkiplier laugh.

But then like they only ever allow themselves to vulnerable around each other. Anti being drained after he takes over Jack’s channel and while he recovers he spends most of his time asleep, curled up with Darkiplier sat next to him, reading a book having draped his suit jacket over Anti and attacking anyone who gets too close. Darkiplier becoming enraged by Mark or the other egos and destabilising (like in Date with Markiplier) so Anti restrains him so he doesn’t hurt himself or get hurt by anyone else and lets him rage it out.

And just, I have a need for Dark and Anti insult-flirting to the point they’re stood nose to nose and they just stop to kind of nuzzle each other with giant grins because god this guy is an asshole but he’s my asshole.

So today has super Host vibes swimming around everywhere.

Guys. What if this is a story written by the Host with characters inspired by Darkiplier, and Wilford, inspired by the guys interactions when they were the only two egos the fandom really knew about. Also the chef and Tyler’s indistinct character from the Date with Markiplier videos.

Colonel (Wilford) is angry because despite being one of the first properly established egos, he was left by the wayside in favour of experimenting/having fun with Mayor Damien (Darkiplier) who is the mayor/most popular ego. All this despite the fact that Colonel (Wilford) is clearly the more fun. And when Mark’s popularity was lesser, and Colonel (Wilford) was more important to Mark and the channel, he lived in the mansion only to be kicked out when more egos were created.

Colonel (Wilford) and Mayor Damien (Darkiplier) have been friends as long as they can remember (since their first conception) and have big time friendship/respect for each other (”I respect you Wil. I always have”)

ALTERNATIVE THEORY: This is just speculation, but what if Markiplier isn’t just Mark and we are in fact seeing the inception of the Host? What if this Markiplier becomes the Host? His eyes are scratched out in the first video and Colonel evens refers to him as their host which felt like a big flag to me. And of course the audio of the scribblings made me think, what if the Host got up and hid away to continue telling the story?



The Alternate Egos
Alternate Egos Masterlist. Penned by Jak [mun fc: Andrew Garfield]

So I made a blog masterlist which will only be properly visible if you view it on a computer by physically going to the blog page.

If you are viewing on mobile or checking posts, all that is on there is a reblog of all my current Meet the Muse pages. Unfortunately Wilford doesn’t have one yet.