I love Queen because half of their songs are mind-blowing pieces about life and death and love and humanity’s inability to live together without destroying ourselves, and the other half are like “I love my bike”

if you’ve never been to pride before, this pride season i want to encourage you to give it a chance if you can and not be deterred by whatever scary things you may have heard on the internet. for example, i’m bi and i’ve been to dozens of prides, in big cities and small towns, and have never once had anyone demand to know my identity or suggest that i shouldn’t be there. god knows pride celebrations have their share of problems, but being out in public surrounded by other lgbt people having fun and being themselves is an incredible thing that you deserve to experience for yourself before you decide it’s too good to be true.

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Would you post a picture of you in a croptop?I think you'd rock it

Oh! Hmmmm never thought about that hahah, the closest thing I got to one was the Halloween costumes vine haha

nintendo e3 conference

reggie fils-aime walks on stage and clears his throat into the microphone for approximately 10 seconds. the audience sits quietly at the edge of their seats, sweat beading off their foreheads eagerly but patiently waiting for the nintendo man to use his words. the silence is broken when reggie looks up from writing on his hand, smiles charismatically, and says; “super monkey ball 2. for nintendo switch virtual console.” nothing more, and nothing less. the audience absolutely loses it. as they applaud and clamor, crying tears of absolute joy, reggie waves good-bye, stepping into a limousine which would shuttle him off-site to go play pretend in the empty back of a walmart parking-lot with his best friends - miyamoto, bill trinen, and their favorite amiibo figures.

  • Far Cry 1-4: Shoot at brown people.
  • Far Cry 5: Shoot at white people.
  • Far Cry 6: Shoot your parents.
  • Far Cry 7: Shoot nobody.
  • Far Cry 8: Stay home and have a nice pepsi.

you wanna know something that’s just, a shameful capitalist hellscape??


my eyeglass prescription has not changed in over 10 years so a.) i do not need an eye exam every year and b.) the way eye clinics treat you when you try to get a copy of your prescription (to which you are legally entitled if you live in the US) is anywhere on the scale from downright horrible to actually criminal

it seems to be universal that America’s Best is particularly awful about this. I buy from there once in a while because I haven’t found anywhere with a better price (yes, you really can get 2 complete pairs of single-vision eyeglasses + eye exam for $70 if you pick from their narrow selection of frames at that price point and don’t let them convince you that you have to upgrade your lenses or coating). when i asked for a copy of my prescription the associate checking me out told me they weren’t allowed to give it to me. when i told her that was an FTC violation she rolled her eyes and scrawled it sloppily on a scrap piece of receipt paper, to where it was completely illegible, and then wrote VOID all over it so it was unreadable. from reading online reviews, this seems to be how they handle it when people insist on a copy of their prescription. one review said they eventually allowed her to see the printout of her prescription, but wouldn’t hand it to her and would cover the relevant information with their hands. they refuse to give your PD, which you need to order properly fitting glasses online.

and every clinic will guilt-trip you for buying your glasses online, and imply that this is somehow detrimental to your health. like, glasses are an absolute necessity for so many people, how can you justify forcing someone to pay hundreds of dollars a pair when you can get them for ten bucks from a site like zennioptical

anyway, y’all, it’s against the law for an eye clinic to withhold your prescription, according to the FTC they’re actually required to GIVE you a copy whether you ask for it or not, but they will fuck you on your PD. I’ve heard of people getting their PD measured by saying they need it for a Google Cardboard or something, and the clinics are a lot more chill about it if they don’t think you’re using it to buy glasses elsewhere. but it still shouldn’t be such a goddamn ordeal to get your PERSONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION from A DOCTOR.

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Sometimes I'm scared to tell people that I'm a heterosexual Christian because I'm afraid they'll automatically assume I'm unaccepting and homophobic when really I'm actually very accepting and willing to learn and correct any mistakes or misunderstandings I might have or make and I just want everyone to know that people like that are out there

Lol well just say that, and let them determine that on their own. If you’re willing to accept people for who they are, that’s best shown through your actions and through your future words. Automatic assumption and judgment is exactly the thing many people in the LGBTQIA+ community deal with allllllll the time.