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Ok but Cardan deciding he has no shame anymore and using the fact he can’t lie to his advantage to mess with Jude. Like just randomly telling her small compliments (normally about bizarre things like ‘I like the shape of your ankles’) to throw her off and stop her from arguing with him. Only she decided to do the same, with the added edge of possibly lying. They escalate this until all they do is compliment one another, before an outsider of the court is like “oh you two really like each other!”

Ohohohohohohoh, I think Cardan would be really sneaky about it, like we actually saw in the book, where he was like “Did I tell you how ugly you look today?” and when Jude said, “No, tell me” and he couldn’t, because it wasn’t true! :D

He’d totally continue doing that, like “Did I mention how little this dress suits you?” “Have I told you, how ridiculous you look in those pants?” “Has anyone told you, your hair looks worse than a bird’s nest?”

Jude would pick up fairly quick on it and challenge him to actually say it, but at some point, she’d just be “Thanks Cardan. You look really nice too!” and then he’d be all flustered, because he wouldn’t know whether she was lying or not :D


They’d grow so comfortable doing that, that is becomes part of their normal conversation and they just don’t notice anymore. 

And then, some evening at a state dinner, Cardan would look over to Jude and be like “has your father’s wife never told you the way you eat is terribly unsightly? I thought she used to life at court and knew proper manners? Has she not taught you?” Their guests of honor, some King or Queen of the lower courts, would gasp over the insult, but Jude just rolls her eyes and be like “Really? Table manners? That is your kink?” Everyone would be terribly confused, Cardan embarrassed and sulky and Jude horribly smug, making sure to hold her cutlery veeeeeeeeeeeeery delicately when shoving a huge piece of still bloody venison into her mouth.


Someone needs to write a fic about that!